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Peak Pairs, First Ascents, and Unique Peaks for Graziano Coppa

Most significant unique peak pairs by key metrics, first ascents, and all uniquely ascended peaks

Highest Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two highest peaks where only Graziano Coppa has climbed both.

PeakElev-ftLocationAscent DateProm-ft
Mount Elbert14433USA-CO2016-05-049073
Pointe de Ronce11850France2017-08-26 e1528


Most Prominent Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two most prominent peaks where only Graziano Coppa has climbed both.

PeakProm-ftLocationAscent DateElev-ft
Mont Chaberton4202France2015-08-1110272


Most Isolated Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two most isolated peaks where only Graziano Coppa has climbed both.

PeakIso-miLocationAscent DateElev-ft
Mount Elbert670.55USA-CO2016-05-0414433
Colline de la Revanche39.53France2019-05-05 a758


First Ascents by Graziano Coppa

There are no first ascents for this climber.


All Peaks Climbed only by Graziano Coppa

These peaks have their single logged ascent by Graziano Coppa. Of course, it is entirely likely that many non-site users have also climbed these peaks.

PeakElev-ftLocationAscent DateProm-ft
Cima Belvedere8688Italy1987-07558
Flaner Jöchl6352Italy2010-06-01 a138
Monte Maddalena2867Italy2012-03-31 a88
Monte Poffa1631Italy2012-03-31 b 
Le Grappe1512Italy2012-03-31 c68
Monte Mascheda1444Italy2012-03-31 d33
Monti di Paio - cima ovest5974Italy2012-06-02 a101
Corna Blacca6578Italy2012-06-02 b1050
Colma di Vivazzo4783Italy2012-06-2442
Monte Sparavera4491Italy2012-08-12187
Monte Olivo3064Italy2012-08-15210
Monte Revellone2759Italy2012-11-03512
Monte della Madonna1470Italy2012-11-24 a89
Corno del Creilì2005Italy2012-11-24 b17
Monte Cognolo2205Italy2012-11-24 c325
Punta Caravina6070Italy2012-12-30 c33
Monte Puria4839Italy2013-03-16 a420
Cima Tignalga4623Italy2013-03-16 b227
Monte Casarole3740Italy2013-03-16 c33
Cima Mutali - Cima sud3609Italy2013-04-07131
Monte Pracalvis3809Italy2013-04-25266
Monte Rondenino6847Italy2013-08-11 b72
Testone del Vajolon8671Italy2013-08-1692
Col de Valvacin7782Italy2013-08-17 a39
Sas Bianch de Roseal8146Italy2013-08-17 e75
Dosso Alto6772Italy2013-09-081313
Serra Santa4669Italy2013-10-15 a466
Serra Santa - Cima Nord4662Italy2013-10-15 b33
Monte Crestoso7241Italy2013-10-18 a578
Dosso Canali5013Italy2013-10-18 b33
Punta Almana4560Italy2013-11-171027
Monte Cialmetta6007Italy2014-04-17 b59
Monte Ucia3832Italy2014-05-031962
Dosso dell'Apice3901Italy2014-05-0495
Gitsch8235Italy2014-07-25 a824
Klein Gitsch7421Italy2014-07-25 b210
Obersteiner Holm7858Italy2014-07-27 a33
Pojerspitz8048Italy2014-07-27 b174
Cima Comer4196Italy2015-03-01 a88
Monte Denervo4787Italy2015-03-01 b1811
Monte Ario5758Italy2015-05-17502
Cima Saler5965Italy2015-05-24 b158
Monte Muffetto6765Italy2015-06-02 a574
Monte Splaza5988Italy2015-06-02 b230
Monte Frerone8770Italy2015-06-21752
Monte Gros Peyron - Cima Nordest9977France/Italy2015-08-06 b69
Großes Degenhorn9665Austria2015-08-21 a872
Kleines Degenhorn9347Austria2015-08-21 b49
Guglia del Mezzodì8599France/Italy2015-10-22331
Mont Chenaille - Anticima Sud10295Italy2015-11-1459
Monte Rimosse3140Italy2015-12-27 a1713
Monte Valmontagnana3051Italy2015-12-27 b318
Punta Catirina3698Italy2016-09-061939
Tête Pierre Muret9944Italy2017-04-09364
Punta Adami10394Italy2017-07-1859
Pointe 30189902France2017-08-0182
Monte Maniva6083Italy2018-02-2595
Punta Pala Rusa'7513Italy2018-03-2565
Costa Trecceira8301Italy2018-06-17 a161
Pitre de l'Aigle8304Italy2018-06-17 b217
Monte Conche3796Italy2018-12-08 b495
Colle Barbisone912Italy2019-04-22308
Bois de Galluis640France2019-05-05 b158
Carrefour de Carnelle689France2019-05-05 d 
Corni Setteventi7247Italy2019-07-21 a187
Punta Setteventi7385Italy2019-07-21 b1178
Monte Matto7221Italy2019-07-21 c26
Serra 9883241Italy2019-08-05 a42
Serra 10023287Italy2019-08-05 b269
Monte Zuccarello3343Italy2019-08-05 c203
Monte Creò3629Italy2019-12-30201
Punta del Bert3625Italy2019-12-30 b128
Monte Mandolino3629Italy2019-12-30 C132
Monte Cremona3537Italy2019-12-30 d174
Monte Soresano3156Italy2019-12-30 e39
Monte Faet3156Italy2020-01-04 b 
Dosso Vallero3573Italy2020-05-10 a519
Monte Predosa3533Italy2020-05-10 b108
Punta di Reai4091Italy2020-05-30 a138
Punta Ortosei4173Italy2020-05-30 b393
Monte Brealone7441Italy2020-06-02397
Dosso Trabacù7244Italy2020-06-24 a26
Peak 22517385Italy2020-06-24 b364
Monte Picastello1260Italy2020-07-12217
Monte Bruffione8743Italy2020-08-01 a1138
Monte Boia8474Italy2020-08-01 b216
Monte Cipollara3927Italy2020-08-28400
Monte Canfaito3684Italy2020-08-29 a141
Monte Canfaito3648Italy2020-08-29 b39
Monte Pulcino3668Italy2020-08-29 C59
Monte Vincola2989Italy2020-08-29 e3
Cima Tognola7283Italy2020-09-26 a65
Cima Tognazza7333Italy2020-09-26 b466
Colle San Pietro692Italy2021-05-2346
Bric Cassin - Cima sudest8645Italy2021-07-24 b295
Monte San Vicinello4068Italy2021-08-21 a59
Monte Faldobono4190Italy2021-08-21 b296
Monte La Forcella3770Italy2021-08-21 c118
Monte Selva1299Italy2021-08-31121
Monte San Giuseppe1293Italy2021-10-17210
Monte Campanile3396Italy2022-01-02 b1437
Monte Denno2864Italy2022-06-12 b1063



  • The first three peak pairs on this page show the superlative unique pairs for three key metrics: Elevation, Prominence, and Isolation.
  • Most hikers or climbers that log their ascents on have a number of unique peak pairs--a set of two successfully climbed peaks such that no other registed site user has also climbed both.
  • Since virtually no one can claim to have made the only ascent ever of a peak, these peak pairs are a way to claim some uniqueness--being able to say "I am the only one to ever climb both Peak A and Peak B".
  • Many of a hiker's unique peak pairs will be relatively low, minor, or otherwise insignificant peaks, and therefore climbing both may not be a particularly impressive achievement.
  • So the pairs above represent the most significant of all a climber's unique pairs--the most impressive unique pairs to use as a badge of honor.
  • Mathematically, the pairs listed above maximize the value of the secondary peak in the pair--for example, showing the pair that has the highest elevation for the pair's second-highest peak. Put another way, it shows the two highest-value peaks that only this climber has climbed.
  • The final listing shows the peaks (if any) where the hiker/climber is the only ascender with logged ascents.
  • Of course, all these listings are purely based on the logged climbs in the database, so they should not be taken as completely accurate.

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