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Multiple Ascent List for Colin Gregory

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Maisie's Peak1163USA-CA552012-06-052017-04-22 b4 Years, 321 Days Later
Saint Joseph's Hill1253USA-CA552015-05-312021-05-205 Years, 354 Days Later
Priest Rock1762USA-CA552016-05-302017-09-29 a1 Year, 122 Days Later
Goat Rock2920USA-CA552016-07-092020-03-253 Years, 260 Days Later
Black Mountain2800USA-CA552016-07-302021-11-045 Years, 97 Days Later
Mount Umunhum3486USA-CA552017-09-23 a2022-06-204 Years, 270 Days Later
Hunters Point945USA-CA442006-03-282018-01-21 a11 Years, 299 Days Later
Windy Hill1930USA-CA442016-09-032021-06-274 Years, 297 Days Later
Borel Hill2572USA-CA442016-09-24 a2022-01-02 a5 Years, 100 Days Later
Mindego Hill2143USA-CA442016-09-24 b2022-01-02 b5 Years, 100 Days Later
Mine Hill1728USA-CA442017-01-31 b2022-01-184 Years, 352 Days Later
Eagle Rock795USA-CA332000-04-252017-02-1016 Years, 291 Days Later
Clark Point5535USA-CA332002-10-062019-08-15 c16 Years, 313 Days Later
Table Mountain1852USA-CA332012-06-122021-03-168 Years, 277 Days Later
Mission Peak2517USA-CA332013-05-032022-04-30 a8 Years, 362 Days Later
Elephant Mountain1200USA-CA332016-06-052022-03-09 b5 Years, 277 Days Later
Nob Hill1126USA-CA332016-06-122016-08-3079 Days Later
Coyote Peak1155USA-CA332016-06-192021-03-144 Years, 268 Days Later
Sugarloaf Hill586USA-CA332016-12-28 g2021-11-214 Years, 328 Days Later
Bald Mountain2387USA-CA332017-02-052022-03-01 b5 Years, 24 Days Later
Teague Hill2000USA-CA332017-02-19 b2021-11-134 Years, 267 Days Later
Redwood Peak1619USA-CA332017-07-09 e2021-05-223 Years, 317 Days Later
Wolf Ridge960USA-CA222001-04-11 b2020-04-26 a19 Years, 15 Days Later
La Corona456USA-CA222006-06-252022-01-2015 Years, 209 Days Later
Summit Rock3076USA-CA222011-06-062016-10-085 Years, 124 Days Later
Twin Peaks - North Peak910USA-CA222014-05-292016-07-102 Years, 42 Days Later
Stateline Lookout7017USA-CA222014-08-152015-03-12209 Days Later
Church Hill1459USA-CA222016-05-292021-06-235 Years, 25 Days Later
Jacques Ridge1560USA-CA222016-05-292017-01-31 a247 Days Later
El Sereno2560USA-CA222016-07-062018-04-041 Year, 272 Days Later
The Peak3003USA-CA222016-07-092017-09-101 Year, 63 Days Later
Indian Rock2931USA-CA222016-07-092017-06-25 a351 Days Later
Peak 600600USA-CA222016-07-192022-02-075 Years, 203 Days Later
El Sombroso3000USA-CA222016-09-102021-03-114 Years, 182 Days Later
Yerba Benchmark2457USA-CA222016-10-012021-11-07 b5 Years, 37 Days Later
Peak Mountain1825USA-CA222016-10-22 a2020-03-21 b3 Years, 151 Days Later
Montara Mountain1898USA-CA222016-10-22 b2017-07-23 a274 Days Later
Santa Rosalia Mountain2629USA-CA222016-11-132021-09-094 Years, 300 Days Later
Bald Knob2102USA-CA222016-11-19 a2021-05-164 Years, 178 Days Later
Vista Point2301USA-CA222016-11-24 b2017-08-13262 Days Later
Whale Peak280USA-CA222016-12-042022-10-095 Years, 309 Days Later
Ewing Hill1240USA-CA222016-12-122022-03-09 a5 Years, 87 Days Later
Mount Allison2658USA-CA222016-12-16 b2022-04-30 b5 Years, 135 Days Later
Van-Sickle Vista Point6640USA-NV222016-12-192018-01-041 Year, 16 Days Later
Round Mound6717USA-NV222016-12-212022-03-195 Years, 88 Days Later
Monument Peak2600USA-CA222016-12-27 a2018-04-28 a1 Year, 122 Days Later
Monument Peak North2600USA-CA222016-12-27 b2018-04-28 b1 Year, 122 Days Later
Monument Peak - Northwest Peak2543USA-CA222016-12-27 c2018-04-28 c1 Year, 122 Days Later
Collords Peak2405USA-CA222016-12-31 b2022-03-045 Years, 63 Days Later
Gossip Rock1080USA-CA222017-01-02 a2022-04-24 a5 Years, 112 Days Later
Garin Peak948USA-CA222017-01-02 c2022-02-05 b5 Years, 34 Days Later
Maguire Peak1688USA-CA222017-02-04 a2018-02-03 a364 Days Later
Scarper Peak1944USA-CA222017-03-04 b2018-08-25 a1 Year, 174 Days Later
Table Mountain2040USA-CA222017-03-122017-04-2847 Days Later
Michaels Summit1800USA-CA222017-03-152021-04-244 Years, 40 Days Later
Pleasanton Ridge1629USA-CA222017-03-252021-08-074 Years, 135 Days Later
Chalk Mountain1609USA-CA222017-03-29 d2018-03-18 b354 Days Later
Willson Peak2651USA-CA222017-04-01 b2018-04-08 b1 Year, 7 Days Later
Sweeney Ridge1240USA-CA222017-04-09 a2021-08-14 a4 Years, 127 Days Later
Cattle Hill800USA-CA222017-04-09 b2021-08-14 b4 Years, 127 Days Later
Mount Diablo3849USA-CA222017-04-29 a2020-04-18 a2 Years, 355 Days Later
Pan Toll Ridge1360USA-CA222017-05-27 b2021-09-05 c4 Years, 101 Days Later
Mount Tamalpais - West Peak2576USA-CA222017-06-04 b2022-01-22 c4 Years, 232 Days Later
Mount Tamalpais - Middle Peak2518USA-CA222017-06-04 c2022-01-22 b4 Years, 232 Days Later
Mount Tamalpais - East Peak2572USA-CA222017-06-04 d2022-01-22 a4 Years, 232 Days Later
Mount Madonna1897USA-CA222017-06-112021-12-184 Years, 190 Days Later
Castle Rock3214USA-CA222017-06-25 b2017-12-26184 Days Later
Table Top1433USA-CA222017-07-01 a2019-03-24 c1 Year, 266 Days Later
Briones Peak1483USA-CA222017-07-01 b2019-03-24 b1 Year, 266 Days Later
Hawk Hill920USA-CA222017-08-20 b2020-08-233 Years, 3 Days Later
Pigeon Point Lighthouse47USA-CA222017-09-03 b2022-01-174 Years, 136 Days Later
Peak 25022502USA-CA222017-09-242018-02-11140 Days Later
Eagle Peak1607USA-CA222017-11-04 a2022-01-304 Years, 87 Days Later
Ollason Peak1799USA-CA222017-11-04 c2022-01-30 b4 Years, 87 Days Later
Bald Ridge2645USA-CA222017-12-232020-04-182 Years, 117 Days Later
Cemetery Hill1609USA-CA222018-02-252021-12-273 Years, 305 Days Later
Clouds Rest9926USA-CA222018-09-022019-08-14346 Days Later
Tolman Peak1080USA-CA222018-11-032022-04-24 c3 Years, 172 Days Later
San Jose City High Point2320USA-CA222018-11-222019-11-28 a1 Year, 6 Days Later
Madrone Knoll2426USA-CA222019-06-222021-04-051 Year, 287 Days Later
Tinker Knob8949USA-CA222019-11-17 c2020-08-29286 Days Later
Devils Peak4158USA-CA222020-02-01 a2022-02-25 a2 Years, 24 Days Later
Granite Chief9006USA-CA222020-08-302021-07-30 a334 Days Later
Cabezo Prieto3560USA-CA222021-04-09 c2021-04-11 a2 Days Later
Bear Mountain892USA-CA222021-08-192021-09-0719 Days Later

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