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Multiple Ascent List for Sebastien L

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Montagne à Tremblay1890Canada-QC50502003-07-122020-06-0316 Years, 327 Days Later
Mont Écho1211Canada-QC47472000-10-142020-07-01 a19 Years, 261 Days Later
Montagne des Trois Sommets1880Canada-QC41422004-12-302020-04-2915 Years, 121 Days Later
Mont Saint-Louis1749Canada-QC38382006-02-252020-06-1714 Years, 113 Days Later
Station Stoneham1905Canada-QC28292003-11-082020-06-10 a16 Years, 215 Days Later
Station Stoneham Secteur des 401949Canada-QC28282003-11-082020-06-10 c16 Years, 215 Days Later
Mont Wright1585Canada-QC24242002-07-062020-01-08 b17 Years, 186 Days Later
Le Deltaplane1693Canada-QC23242005-06-11 a2020-01-02 c14 Years, 205 Days Later
Mont Saint-Castin1361Canada-QC23232004-08-122019-11-2015 Years, 100 Days Later
Montagne à Deux Têtes2050Canada-QC23232005-06-11 b2020-01-02 b14 Years, 205 Days Later
Cap Rouge207Canada-QC22222003-06-162020-07-12 c17 Years, 26 Days Later
Falaises de Totem1575Canada-QC16162013-08-102020-06-12 a6 Years, 307 Days Later
Mont du Lac des Cygnes3182Canada-QC14141998-07-112020-06-2621 Years, 351 Days Later
Mont du Lac à Thibault - Sommet sud2592Canada-QC14142015-06-032019-03-063 Years, 276 Days Later
Mont du Lac à l'Empêche (North Peak)2835Canada-QC11112005-06-042014-04-138 Years, 313 Days Later
Mont du lac à l'Empêche3051Canada-QC11112005-06-042014-04-138 Years, 313 Days Later
Montagne des Trois Sommets Est1868Canada-QC10112012-02-212020-01-29 b7 Years, 342 Days Later
Mont du Curé-Gravel2106Canada-QC10102001-01-132020-02-23 b19 Years, 41 Days Later
Mont du Lac à l'Empêche (Middle Peak)3077Canada-QC10102005-06-042014-04-138 Years, 313 Days Later
Mont Stoneham1946Canada-QC10102011-10-25 a2019-12-23 a8 Years, 59 Days Later
Falaises du Dôme3018Canada-QC992005-10-052019-10-1314 Years, 8 Days Later
Mont Rossignol2182Canada-QC992012-02-182020-02-23 a8 Years, 5 Days Later
Montagne Thomassin1470Canada-QC992013-01-042020-03-087 Years, 64 Days Later
Hill 104341Canada-QC992014-08-022020-01-125 Years, 163 Days Later
Montagne des Ormes1404Canada-QC881998-07-252019-09-25 b21 Years, 62 Days Later
Mont des Morios3084Canada-QC882005-07-172015-09-1210 Years, 57 Days Later
Mont du Four3215Canada-QC882006-09-02 b2012-06-025 Years, 274 Days Later
Mont Wright (sommet est)1690Canada-QC882011-07-052020-01-08 a8 Years, 187 Days Later
Montagne des Érables3438Canada-QC771997-072005-07-238 Years, 22 Days Later
Montagne Brûlé3576Canada-QC772005-10-012011-07-305 Years, 302 Days Later
Mont du lac à Moïse3150Canada-QC772009-03-07 a2017-02-18 b7 Years, 348 Days Later
Cassino - Sommet sud1519Canada-QC772019-06-052020-07-081 Year, 33 Days Later
Cap Diamant331Canada-QC6619972020-01-0423 Years, 3 Days Later
Mont Bélair1591Canada-QC662006-05-062020-05-06 a14 Years, 0 Days Later
Le Rocher781Canada-QC662019-02-13 b2020-07-12 b1 Year, 150 Days Later
Mont du Lac du Pioui3215Canada-QC552003-06-282012-03-17 c8 Years, 263 Days Later
Mont Delaney1460Canada-QC552003-08-022014-04-1210 Years, 253 Days Later
Mont du Lac Joncas3251Canada-QC552004-03-062013-12-309 Years, 299 Days Later
Le Massif de Charlevoix2359Canada-QC552005-01-012019-10-1314 Years, 285 Days Later
Mont Sainte-Anne2650Canada-QC552007-05-262012-11-185 Years, 176 Days Later
La Citrouille131Canada-QC552017-08-192020-05-282 Years, 283 Days Later
Mount Washington6288USA-NH441997-10-042000-07-082 Years, 278 Days Later
Mont Jacques-Cartier4186Canada-QC441998-08-022008-08-0710 Years, 5 Days Later
Montagne de la Sautauriski2500Canada-QC442003-06-212006-07-313 Years, 40 Days Later
Mont Gosford3875Canada-QC442003-08-302007-09-224 Years, 23 Days Later
Mont du Lac Hibou1673Canada-QC442004-08-182010-10-246 Years, 67 Days Later
Montagne à l'épaule1509Canada-QC442006-05-132017-08-1511 Years, 94 Days Later
Mont Saint-Hilaire1339Canada-QC442007-08-152019-06-29 a11 Years, 318 Days Later
Colline Brûlée1010Canada-QC442007-08-152019-06-29 b11 Years, 318 Days Later
Montagne des Trois Sommets Ouest1503Canada-QC442007-12-272019-04-03 b11 Years, 97 Days Later
Mont de la Tourterelle Triste3176Canada-QC442008-02-092017-02-24 b9 Years, 15 Days Later
Mont Snow3114Canada-QC442008-02-09 b2017-02-24 a9 Years, 15 Days Later
Mont du Barbeau3609Canada-QC442012-07-012017-03-19 c4 Years, 261 Days Later
Montagne a Coton492Canada-QC442014-08-152020-05-31 e5 Years, 290 Days Later
Cap au Diable174Canada-QC442018-06-142020-05-17 c1 Year, 338 Days Later
Mont Roland-J.-Auger1122Canada-QC442018-12-022020-03-181 Year, 107 Days Later
Mont Xalibu3740Canada-QC331999-06-242006-06-257 Years, 1 Day Later
Mont Logan3773Canada-QC331999-07-252002-06-242 Years, 334 Days Later
Mont Matawees3520Canada-QC331999-07-252002-06-232 Years, 333 Days Later
Mont Collins3399Canada-QC331999-07-252002-06-232 Years, 333 Days Later
Mont Nicol-Albert2920Canada-QC331999-07-272013-09-0614 Years, 41 Days Later
Cap Gribane2195Canada-QC332004-05-292007-06-16 a3 Years, 18 Days Later
Mont Ham2323Canada-QC332004-08-202017-08-2413 Years, 4 Days Later
Montagne Art1903Canada-QC332004-10-092008-03-153 Years, 158 Days Later
Camp Boule2631Canada-QC332005-01-012019-08-15 b14 Years, 226 Days Later
Mont Gibraltar2300Canada-QC332005-09-252009-10-314 Years, 36 Days Later
Mont Andante2625Canada-QC332005-10-082011-08-275 Years, 323 Days Later
Colline Kerr1621Canada-QC332005-10-292010-01-304 Years, 93 Days Later
Pic Sterling3051Canada-QC332006-01-142008-03-312 Years, 77 Days Later
Vallières 53018Canada-QC332006-01-142008-03-312 Years, 77 Days Later
Vallières 32920Canada-QC332006-01-142008-03-312 Years, 77 Days Later
Vallières 12789Canada-QC332006-01-142008-03-312 Years, 77 Days Later
Mont Ernest-Laforce2700Canada-QC332006-06-232019-08-05 b13 Years, 43 Days Later
Mont Belle Fontaine3780Canada-QC332006-09-022017-09-28 c11 Years, 26 Days Later
Pic Dubuc3228Canada-QC332007-01-072008-03-151 Year, 68 Days Later
Mont du lac à l'Alouette3478Canada-QC332007-06-022016-04-178 Years, 320 Days Later
Mont du lac à L'écluse2953Canada-QC332007-06-022013-07-076 Years, 35 Days Later
Mont Caribou1831Canada-QC332007-07-072018-09-1511 Years, 70 Days Later
Mont Tourbillon1929Canada-QC332007-10-132010-04-282 Years, 197 Days Later
Mont Gros-Bras2723Canada-QC332009-03-07 b2015-06-206 Years, 105 Days Later
Mont Gabrielle-Roy2329Canada-QC332009-10-032019-07-13 a9 Years, 283 Days Later
La Chouenne2395Canada-QC332010-06-122017-09-097 Years, 89 Days Later
Mont Sainte-Marguerite2251Canada-QC332010-08-202020-05-309 Years, 284 Days Later
Mont Middle Stoneham2070Canada-QC332012-01-102019-03-21 b7 Years, 70 Days Later
Butte aux Mouches2625Canada-QC332012-09-222014-09-201 Year, 363 Days Later
Mont des Perdrix3182Canada-QC332013-08-312015-09-122 Years, 12 Days Later
Mont des Lièvres3166Canada-QC332013-08-312015-09-122 Years, 12 Days Later
Mont du Lac des Roches3353Canada-QC332014-03-012017-02-052 Years, 341 Days Later
Mont Fortin3346Canada-QC221999-07-252002-06-242 Years, 334 Days Later
Mont Blanc3494Canada-QC221999-08-242013-09-0714 Years, 14 Days Later
Mont Pointu3051Canada-QC221999-08-252003-08-10 b3 Years, 350 Days Later
Mont Provencher3525Canada-QC221999-09-022004-09-175 Years, 15 Days Later
Mont Jauffret-Sommet Nord3494Canada-QC221999-09-042004-09-185 Years, 14 Days Later
Mont Jauffret3500Canada-QC221999-09-042004-09-185 Years, 14 Days Later
Pic de l'Aube3018Canada-QC222000-06-232009-08-039 Years, 41 Days Later
Mont des Loupes3530Canada-QC222000-06-242000-06-251 Day Later
Mont Dodge3537Canada-QC222000-06-242000-06-251 Day Later
Mont Louis-Marie-Lalonde3448Canada-QC222000-06-242000-06-251 Day Later
Katahdin5268USA-ME222000-08-262001-06-09287 Days Later
Mount Carleton2690Canada-NB222001-07-012005-08-144 Years, 44 Days Later
Mont Blanc du Grand Lac2723Canada-QC222001-07-142003-03-221 Year, 251 Days Later
Les Rabougris3500Canada-QC222001-08-092006-06-244 Years, 319 Days Later
Mont Albert-Sommet Nord3553Canada-QC222001-08-092006-06-244 Years, 319 Days Later
Pic de la Roche Fendue2136Canada-QC222003-06-242005-08-042 Years, 41 Days Later
Pic de la Roche Fendue - viewpoint2129Canada-QC222003-06-242005-08-042 Years, 41 Days Later
Pic de l'Ours2428Canada-QC222003-06-242005-08-042 Years, 41 Days Later
Petite Colline des Côté1496Canada-QC222003-08-182009-06-065 Years, 292 Days Later
Colline du Lac Piché2461Canada-QC222004-02-28 a2006-12-272 Years, 302 Days Later
Mont Stoneham-Sud 1772Canada-QC222004-05-082006-10-012 Years, 146 Days Later
Mont Blanc1234Canada-QC222004-06-232019-08-0915 Years, 47 Days Later
Ile Bonaventure High Point446Canada-QC222004-06-262009-08-055 Years, 40 Days Later
Mont Sugar Loaf2156Canada-QC222004-07-242019-09-29 a15 Years, 67 Days Later
Boundary Mon 4433773Canada-QC222004-08-282007-09-223 Years, 25 Days Later
Cap Frontière3789USA/Canada222004-08-282007-09-223 Years, 25 Days Later
Montagne à Liguori2703Canada-QC222005-01-012019-08-15 a14 Years, 226 Days Later
Mont Hogs Back2723Canada-QC222005-03-242008-03-303 Years, 6 Days Later
Mont Blanche Lamontagne3084Canada-QC222005-04-092007-03-101 Year, 335 Days Later
La Noyée-Pic Sud2920Canada-QC222005-07-102007-09-012 Years, 53 Days Later
La Noyée2950Canada-QC222005-07-102007-09-012 Years, 53 Days Later
Mont Orford2789Canada-QC222005-08-042008-06-222 Years, 323 Days Later
Mont Mégantic3615Canada-QC222005-08-062015-06-279 Years, 325 Days Later
Mont Royal768Canada-QC222005-08-282018-08-08 a12 Years, 345 Days Later
Sandy Bay Mountain3100USA/Canada222005-09-172016-07-2410 Years, 311 Days Later
Mont Oak1539Canada-QC222005-10-292010-01-304 Years, 93 Days Later
Mont Oak-Sommet Sud1404Canada-QC222005-10-292010-01-304 Years, 93 Days Later
Montagne Grande Coulée2815Canada-QC222006-03-182008-03-121 Year, 360 Days Later
Ernest-Ménard2789Canada-QC222006-09-172009-08-022 Years, 319 Days Later
Pic du Brulé2592Canada-QC222006-09-172009-08-022 Years, 319 Days Later
Montagne du Midi3005Canada-QC222007-02-102015-01-107 Years, 334 Days Later
Pic des Aigles3051Canada-QC222007-06-022013-07-076 Years, 35 Days Later
Mont Tremblant3058Canada-QC222007-06-242010-08-113 Years, 48 Days Later
Pic White2881Canada-QC222007-06-242010-08-113 Years, 48 Days Later
Mont King1148Canada-QC222007-08-052017-08-10 c10 Years, 5 Days Later
Dieppe1299Canada-QC222007-08-152011-10-154 Years, 61 Days Later
Colline Sunrise1280Canada-QC222007-08-152011-10-154 Years, 61 Days Later
Falaises de Dieppe1201Canada-QC222007-08-152011-10-154 Years, 61 Days Later
Saddle Hill3175USA/Canada222007-09-152011-08-073 Years, 326 Days Later
Marble Mountain-Northeast Peak3000USA/Canada222007-09-152011-08-073 Years, 326 Days Later
Saddle Hill East Peak3220USA/Canada222007-09-152011-08-073 Years, 326 Days Later
Mont des Épinettes noires (West Peak)1109Canada-QC222008-04-052009-08-311 Year, 148 Days Later
Mont Hadden1739Canada-QC222008-05-172015-03-14 c6 Years, 301 Days Later
Mont des Méandres1837Canada-QC222008-05-172015-03-14 d6 Years, 301 Days Later
Pic Champlain1115Canada-QC222008-06-242018-06-2910 Years, 5 Days Later
Petit mont de la Galette3461Canada-QC222008-11-082009-01-0356 Days Later
Mont de la Galette3537Canada-QC222008-11-082009-01-0356 Days Later
Mont Namour1811Canada-QC222009-01-242010-04-041 Year, 70 Days Later
Mont du Petit Lac Hibou1706Canada-QC222009-06-062010-10-241 Year, 140 Days Later
Mont Saint-Alban1247Canada-QC222009-08-042019-08-0710 Years, 3 Days Later
Le Button2756Canada-QC222010-06-052014-04-133 Years, 312 Days Later
Mont du Four-Sommet Nord3117Canada-QC222010-07-182011-07-281 Year, 10 Days Later
Montagne Mississipi633Canada-QC222010-07-242017-06-296 Years, 340 Days Later
Mont Elie3406Canada-QC222010-09-182016-10-156 Years, 27 Days Later
Le Pic2625Canada-QC222012-01-03 b2013-12-301 Year, 361 Days Later
Le Pic (South Peak)2579Canada-QC222012-01-03 c2013-12-301 Year, 361 Days Later
Mont René-Richard - Sommet Nord3301Canada-QC222013-01-202017-01-31 b4 Years, 11 Days Later
Mont René-Richard3274Canada-QC222013-01-202017-01-31 c4 Years, 11 Days Later
René Richard Nord #23100Canada-QC222013-01-202017-01-31 a4 Years, 11 Days Later
mont Eudore-Fortin3130Canada-QC222013-09-282014-09-20357 Days Later
Mont Roger-Gosselin3041Canada-QC222014-01-252019-12-225 Years, 331 Days Later
Mont Turmel1772Canada-QC222015-03-14 a2017-01-06 a1 Year, 298 Days Later
Mont Orignal2001Canada-QC222015-03-14 b2017-01-06 b1 Year, 298 Days Later
Mont Roy1575Canada-QC222015-03-14 e2017-01-06 c1 Year, 298 Days Later
Trois-Rivières Area #6230Canada-QC222016-06-302017-07-231 Year, 23 Days Later
Trois-Rivières Area #5230Canada-QC222016-06-302017-07-231 Year, 23 Days Later
Trois-Rivières High Point262Canada-QC222016-06-302017-07-231 Year, 23 Days Later
Mont Adstock2336Canada-QC222016-07-302018-05-21 a1 Year, 295 Days Later
Le Grand Morne1995Canada-QC222016-07-302018-06-231 Year, 328 Days Later
Mont Otis1063Canada-QC222016-08-062017-09-021 Year, 27 Days Later
Mont du lac des Marais3409Canada-QC222017-01-21 a2018-02-251 Year, 35 Days Later
Mont du lac Rétréci3379Canada-QC222017-03-19 a2019-03-02 a1 Year, 348 Days Later
Mont du lac Claire3314Canada-QC222017-03-19 b2019-03-02 b1 Year, 348 Days Later
Mont du Domaine1076Canada-QC222017-03-31 c2020-06-20 a3 Years, 81 Days Later
Mont Irma-Levasseur1030Canada-QC222017-03-31 d2019-06-09 e2 Years, 70 Days Later
Mont du lac Jaune1056Canada-QC222017-04-17 a2020-05-17 b3 Years, 30 Days Later
Mont Rougemont1299Canada-QC222017-07-16 b2019-09-15 c2 Years, 61 Days Later
Mont du petit lac Tristan3412Canada-QC222017-09-28 b2019-08-17 b1 Year, 323 Days Later
Nicolet-Yamaska High Point358Canada-QC222018-07-15 c2019-06-30 b350 Days Later
Montagne de la Croix1247Canada-QC222018-07-22 b2020-05-31 d1 Year, 314 Days Later
La Butte Rouge131Canada-QC222018-12-112020-07-07 b1 Year, 209 Days Later
Montagne du Sixième2589Canada-QC222019-09-29 d2020-06-07 a252 Days Later
Mont des Graines Rouges-Sommet Nord3068Canada-QC 32018-05-06 a2018-05-06 cSame Day
Zeacliff3600USA-NH 22000-09-10 a2000-09-10 eSame Day
Zeacliff Pond Peak4060USA-NH 22000-09-10 b2000-09-10 dSame Day
Sommet de Dakar3350Canada-QC 22017-06-10 a2017-06-10 cSame Day
Mont du Petit Lac à l'Épaule3281Canada-QC 22018-03-25 a2018-03-25 cSame Day
Boundary Peak 414.393020USA/Canada 22018-09-08 a2018-09-08 iSame Day
Joseph Benchmark3160USA/Canada 22018-09-08 b2018-09-08 hSame Day
Boundary Peak 414.133360USA/Canada 22018-09-08 c2018-09-08 gSame Day
Brown Benchmark3540USA/Canada 22018-09-08 d2018-09-08 fSame Day
Liniere Benchmark2540USA/Canada 22019-04-27 a2019-04-27 eSame Day
Boundary Peak 25202520USA/Canada 22019-04-27 b2019-04-27 dSame Day

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