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Multiple Ascent List for The Colonel Butler

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Wilacre Point1197USA-CA1391392014-03-052017-07-073 Years, 124 Days Later
Beacon Hill1001USA-CA31312014-05-062017-05-163 Years, 10 Days Later
Torrey Pines Lookout1100USA-CA29292014-04-042017-06-223 Years, 79 Days Later
Glendale Peak1200USA-CA25252011-02-152017-05-166 Years, 90 Days Later
Mount Hollywood1625USA-CA18182010-12-262017-03-206 Years, 84 Days Later
Bee Rock1056USA-CA16162013-07-302017-02-133 Years, 198 Days Later
Hogback Peak1480USA-CA11112014-01-152017-03-203 Years, 64 Days Later
San Vicente Mountain1961USA-CA662014-04-172018-12-02 4x4 Years, 229 Days Later
Mount Wilson5710USA-CA552011-11-192017-04-07 5x5 Years, 139 Days Later
Mount Hillyer6200USA-CA552012-11-252016-11-01 5x3 Years, 342 Days Later
Keller Peak7882USA-CA552014-09-232017-08-06 5x2 Years, 317 Days Later
Mount Bell1582USA-CA442012-03-242016-12-214 Years, 272 Days Later
Taco Peak1560USA-CA442012-03-242016-12-214 Years, 272 Days Later
Runyon Summit1320USA-CA442013-09-192015-12-022 Years, 74 Days Later
Mount Chapel1600USA-CA442014-04-262016-12-212 Years, 239 Days Later
Cerro Noroeste8280USA-CA442015-06-172016-09-02 3x1 Year, 77 Days Later
Stone Canyon Overlook1342USA-CA442018-08-162018-12-02108 Days Later
Griffith Observatory1135USA-CA332011-012013-012 Years, 0 Days Later
Waterman Mountain8038USA-CA332012-04-292017-04-22 3x4 Years, 358 Days Later
Mount Lowe5603USA-CA332013-01-212014-03-091 Year, 47 Days Later
Mount Lee1680USA-CA332013-10-132016-12-213 Years, 69 Days Later
Cahuenga Peak1820USA-CA332013-10-132016-12-213 Years, 69 Days Later
Mount Pinos8831USA-CA332015-06-172016-09-01 3x1 Year, 76 Days Later
Frazier Mountain8000USA-CA332015-06-172016-09-02 3x1 Year, 77 Days Later
Hollywood Bowl Overlook1020USA-CA332015-10-292018-11-193 Years, 21 Days Later
San Emigdio Mountain7492USA-CA332016-08-182016-09-02 2x15 Days Later
Benchmark 51115111USA-CA332017-07-042018-06-11342 Days Later
Autry Overlook1186USA-CA332018-08-162018-12-02108 Days Later
Johnson Overlook1250USA-CA332018-08-162018-12-02108 Days Later
Charles and Lotte Melhorn Overlook1296USA-CA332018-08-162018-12-02108 Days Later
The Narrows Overlook1250USA-CA332018-08-162018-12-02108 Days Later
Mulholland Scenic Overlook1188USA-CA332018-08-162018-12-02108 Days Later
Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook1148USA-CA332018-08-162018-12-02108 Days Later
The Groves Overlook1348USA-CA332018-11-192018-12-0213 Days Later
Monument Peak5290USA-CA222011-04-242015-06-07 2x4 Years, 44 Days Later
Mount Mooney5840USA-CA222011-11-192015-08-24 2x3 Years, 278 Days Later
Mount Deception5796USA-CA222012-01-162013-10-271 Year, 284 Days Later
Tecuya Mountain7160USA-CA222012-04-072015-09-19 2x3 Years, 165 Days Later
Simi Peak2403USA-CA222012-04-152014-06-18 2x2 Years, 64 Days Later
Santa Rosa Mountain8070USA-CA222012-06-172016-08-28 2x4 Years, 72 Days Later
Throop Peak9138USA-CA222012-12-092015-06-03 2x2 Years, 176 Days Later
San Mateo Peak3591USA-CA222013-04-132017-01-15 2x3 Years, 277 Days Later
Mission Point2771USA-CA222013-04-142017-05-14 2x4 Years, 30 Days Later
Kratka Ridge7515USA-CA222013-06-092016-08-03 2x3 Years, 55 Days Later
Mount Burnham8997USA-CA222013-09-182016-06-15 2x2 Years, 271 Days Later
Burbank Peak1680USA-CA222013-10-132014-12-241 Year, 72 Days Later
Wye Benchmark3690USA-CA222014-03-08 2x2015-03-08365 Days Later
Calabasas Peak2163USA-CA222014-04-232017-03-11 2x2 Years, 322 Days Later
Whitaker Peak4148USA-CA222014-04-262015-04-26365 Days Later
Mount Sally5408USA-CA222014-05-032017-04-07 2x2 Years, 339 Days Later
Hoyt Mountain4404USA-CA222014-05-092014-12-30 2x235 Days Later
Cahuenga Pass Point1000USA-CA222014-05-212015-11-01 2x1 Year, 164 Days Later
Peak 19021902USA-CA222014-06-032016-04-29 2x1 Year, 331 Days Later
Point 18291829USA-CA222014-06-032016-04-29 2x1 Year, 331 Days Later
Sullivan Benchmark1986USA-CA222014-06-032016-04-29 2x1 Year, 331 Days Later
Mount Baden-Powell9399USA-CA222014-08-162016-07-18 2x1 Year, 337 Days Later
Vetter Mountain5908USA-CA222014-08-212017-04-07 2x2 Years, 229 Days Later
Point 69036903USA-CA222014-10-062015-10-24 2x1 Year, 18 Days Later
Inspiration Point4640USA-CA222014-10-192016-08-241 Year, 310 Days Later
Perris Hill1283USA-CA222014-10-302015-03-08 2x129 Days Later
Manzanita Mountain2063USA-CA222015-01-172016-01-17 2x365 Days Later
Mount Williamson8244USA-CA222015-04-052017-07-04 2x2 Years, 90 Days Later
Redlands City High Point2289USA-CA222015-07-162015-07-22 2x6 Days Later
Little Bear Peak7621USA-CA222015-10-252016-09-25 2x336 Days Later
Peak 800800USA-CA222016-01-052016-12-29 2x359 Days Later
Peak 18001800USA-CA222016-02-172016-12-29 2x316 Days Later
Peak 75477546USA-CA222016-08-032016-11-12 2x101 Days Later
Poppy Peak1031USA-CA222016-11-102016-12-29 2x49 Days Later
Peak 13811381USA-CA222016-11-272016-12-2730 Days Later

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