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Multiple Ascent List for Marcus Sierra

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Olympia2946USA-CA31312010-10-22 d2022-11-1312 Years, 22 Days Later
North Peak3557USA-CA29292010-10-22 c2022-03-04 b11 Years, 133 Days Later
Mount Diablo3849USA-CA27272010-10-22 b2022-03-04 c11 Years, 133 Days Later
Eagle Peak2369USA-CA25252010-10-22 a2022-03-04 d11 Years, 133 Days Later
Brushy Peak1702USA-CA24252012-11-212021-03-018 Years, 100 Days Later
Mission Peak2517USA-CA12122010-11-14 a2022-05-01 a11 Years, 168 Days Later
Mount Allison2658USA-CA10102010-11-14 b2022-05-01 b11 Years, 168 Days Later
Monument Peak2600USA-CA992011-10-08 c2020-09-19 e8 Years, 347 Days Later
Devils Pulpit3640USA-CA992011-10-222020-12-12 d9 Years, 51 Days Later
Meyers Mountain7768USA-CA882015-05-302022-08-287 Years, 90 Days Later
Discovery Peak3846USA-CA772011-02-13 a2015-02-07 b3 Years, 359 Days Later
Rose Peak3817USA-CA772011-03-272014-03-15 b2 Years, 353 Days Later
Round Top10381USA-CA552013-06-22 b2020-08-17 a7 Years, 56 Days Later
Round Valley Hill1200USA-CA552021-07-262023-03-271 Year, 244 Days Later
Half Dome8840USA-CA442012-07-032014-10-032 Years, 92 Days Later
Devils Peak7704USA-CA442013-02-172014-03-221 Year, 33 Days Later
Pleasanton Ridge1629USA-CA442014-11-23 b2020-12-05 a6 Years, 12 Days Later
Black Point1791USA-CA332012-06-232013-02-09 a231 Days Later
Clouds Rest9926USA-CA332012-07-212014-04-121 Year, 265 Days Later
Monument Peak North2600USA-CA332014-01-11 d2020-09-19 d6 Years, 252 Days Later
Rocky Ridge2024USA-CA332014-03-30 a2020-12-19 a6 Years, 264 Days Later
Bull Run Peak9495USA-CA332014-05-102018-06-114 Years, 32 Days Later
Bob Walker Ridge1977USA-CA332015-03-222022-02-286 Years, 343 Days Later
Peak 12721272USA-CA332015-11-14 d2022-02-21 b6 Years, 99 Days Later
Vista Grande1840USA-CA332015-11-21 f2020-11-21 c5 Years, 0 Days Later
Peak 15291529USA-CA332017-04-10 b2019-03-23 b1 Year, 347 Days Later
Schlieper Rock3080USA-CA222011-02-13 b2020-03-21 b9 Years, 37 Days Later
Montara Mountain1898USA-CA222011-09-052012-05-12250 Days Later
Table Rock2462USA-CA222011-11-12 b2020-03-07 b8 Years, 116 Days Later
Mount Saint Helena4343USA-CA222011-11-12 d2012-12-30 b1 Year, 48 Days Later
Tioga Peak11526USA-CA222012-08-222013-06-26308 Days Later
Mount Whitney14498USA-CA222012-08-24 a2013-06-28 a308 Days Later
Stanislaus Peak11233USA-CA222012-09-29 b2020-09-05 a7 Years, 342 Days Later
Pyramid Peak9983USA-CA222013-03-022014-03-081 Year, 6 Days Later
Snow Mountain8014USA-CA222013-05-25 a2014-03-22 a301 Days Later
Signal Peak7841USA-CA222013-06-012013-11-09161 Days Later
Red Mountain Lookout7720USA-CA222013-06-012013-11-09161 Days Later
Mount Davidson925USA-CA222013-06-042022-09-17 d9 Years, 105 Days Later
Rose Hill1506USA-CA222013-06-052020-12-26 a7 Years, 204 Days Later
Briones Peak1483USA-CA222013-12-09 a2018-03-24 d4 Years, 105 Days Later
Mott Peak1424USA-CA222013-12-09 b2018-03-24 g4 Years, 105 Days Later
Ralston Peak9235USA-CA222013-12-142015-10-10 d1 Year, 300 Days Later
Red Lake Peak10063USA-CA222013-12-25 a2016-03-19 a2 Years, 85 Days Later
Stevens Peak10059USA-CA222013-12-25 b2016-03-19 b2 Years, 85 Days Later
Mount Sizer3216USA-CA222014-02-012021-10-237 Years, 264 Days Later
Windy Hill1930USA-CA222014-03-01 c2022-08-21 a8 Years, 173 Days Later
Maguire Peak1688USA-CA222014-06-142020-11-28 a6 Years, 167 Days Later
Maguire Peaks - East Summit1640USA-CA222014-06-142020-11-28 b6 Years, 167 Days Later
Rubicon Peak9183USA-CA222014-07-052020-09-30 a6 Years, 87 Days Later
Thunder Mountain9410USA-CA222014-08-16 a2020-09-07 a6 Years, 22 Days Later
Thunder Mountain - West Peak9408USA-CA222014-08-16 b2020-09-07 b6 Years, 22 Days Later
Jobs Peak10633USA-CA222014-09-272014-10-18 a21 Days Later
Donlan Point1139USA-CA222014-10-12 a2020-10-24 a6 Years, 12 Days Later
Wiedemann Hill1854USA-CA222014-10-12 b2020-10-24 b6 Years, 12 Days Later
Harlan Hill1719USA-CA222014-10-12 c2020-10-24 d6 Years, 12 Days Later
Marsh Benchmark2581USA-CA222014-11-23 a2021-01-02 a6 Years, 40 Days Later
Mount Isabel4230USA-CA222014-12-18 a2021-01-30 a6 Years, 43 Days Later
Pyramid Rock4026USA-CA222014-12-18 d2021-01-30 b6 Years, 43 Days Later
San Bruno State and County Park High Point1270USA-CA222014-12-292022-09-17 c7 Years, 262 Days Later
San Bruno Mountain1314USA-CA222014-12-29 b2022-09-17 b7 Years, 262 Days Later
Scarper Peak1944USA-CA222014-12-29 c2017-05-27 a2 Years, 149 Days Later
Antler Point2999USA-CA222015-01-17 a2020-04-18 a5 Years, 92 Days Later
Poverty Ridge3320USA-CA222015-01-17 b2020-04-18 b5 Years, 92 Days Later
Rocky Ridge2426USA-CA222015-02-07 a2020-03-21 a5 Years, 43 Days Later
Monument Peak - Northwest Peak2543USA-CA222015-03-21 c2020-09-19 a5 Years, 182 Days Later
The Sisters10153USA-CA222015-06-27 b2020-08-17 b5 Years, 51 Days Later
Peak 89978997USA-CA222015-07-18 a2022-10-047 Years, 78 Days Later
Maggies Peaks - South Summit8699USA-CA222015-07-30 a2019-10-12 b4 Years, 74 Days Later
Peak 11281128USA-CA222015-10-24 b2020-03-29 a4 Years, 157 Days Later
Peak 12401240USA-CA222015-10-25 a2020-03-29 b4 Years, 156 Days Later
Doolan 2 Benchmark1224USA-CA222015-10-25 b2020-03-29 c4 Years, 156 Days Later
Flag Hill1360USA-CA222015-11-21 d2020-11-21 e5 Years, 0 Days Later
Sams Peak1423USA-CA222015-11-21 e2020-11-21 d5 Years, 0 Days Later
Peak 21392139USA-CA222015-12-292021-01-02 b5 Years, 4 Days Later
Kreiger Peak1880USA-CA222015-12-312020-12-26 c4 Years, 361 Days Later
Peak 919919USA-CA222016-01-23 a2021-03-20 b5 Years, 56 Days Later
Peak 12091209USA-CA222016-01-23 b2021-03-20 a5 Years, 56 Days Later
Yerba Benchmark2457USA-CA222016-02-14 a2020-05-02 a4 Years, 78 Days Later
Peak 28442844USA-CA222016-02-14 b2020-04-11 a4 Years, 57 Days Later
Peak 29562956USA-CA222016-02-14 c2020-04-11 c4 Years, 57 Days Later
Pulgas Ridge725USA-CA222016-08-20 d2021-07-11 c4 Years, 325 Days Later
Maisie's Peak1163USA-CA222016-12-27 a2022-08-21 c5 Years, 237 Days Later
Abrott Benchmark1012USA-CA222016-12-30 a2023-02-25 b6 Years, 57 Days Later
Peoria Mountain1865USA-CA222017-04-23 a2020-11-24 c3 Years, 215 Days Later
Main Ridge1560USA-CA222017-05-07 b2020-12-05 b3 Years, 212 Days Later
Peak 23892389USA-CA222017-11-04 a2020-04-04 b2 Years, 152 Days Later
Indian Benchmark2384USA-CA222017-11-04 b2020-04-04 c2 Years, 152 Days Later
Mount Madonna1897USA-CA222018-03-03 a2021-01-16 b2 Years, 319 Days Later
Sunol Wilderness High Point2201USA-CA222018-10-29 b2020-11-21 a2 Years, 23 Days Later
Cerro Este Overlook2038USA-CA222018-10-29 c2020-11-21 b2 Years, 23 Days Later
Twin Peaks1733USA-CA222020-07-17 b2020-09-18 a63 Days Later
Peak 44124400USA-CA222021-05-08 c2021-10-02 d147 Days Later
Albany Hill310USA-CA122018-09-22 a2018-09-22 bSame Day

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