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Multiple Ascent List for Michael Sullivan

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Cowles Mountain1591USA-CA15152011-02-272016-02-074 Years, 345 Days Later
Monserate Mountain1567USA-CA14142011-02-072018-06-16 c7 Years, 129 Days Later
San Jacinto Peak10839USA-CA772011-07-242014-05-18 a2 Years, 298 Days Later
Black Mountain1552USA-CA552011-06-132017-01-085 Years, 209 Days Later
Iron Mountain2696USA-CA442009-05-312012-07-193 Years, 49 Days Later
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA442011-10-092013-07-07 b1 Year, 271 Days Later
Cronomer Hill720USA-NY3300002014-06-21Unknown
Woodson Mountain2894USA-CA332010-06-132012-11-112 Years, 151 Days Later
Kwaay Paay1194USA-CA332010-06-282016-02-135 Years, 230 Days Later
Fortuna Mountain1291USA-CA332011-02-202018-11-04 c7 Years, 257 Days Later
Boucher Hill5438USA-CA332011-03-132015-04-054 Years, 23 Days Later
Double Peak1644USA-CA332011-04-282019-01-197 Years, 266 Days Later
Stelzer Summit1181USA-CA332011-05-222014-01-132 Years, 236 Days Later
Peak 13801380USA-CA332011-05-292016-02-074 Years, 254 Days Later
Denk Mountain1040USA-CA332011-06-162013-06-061 Year, 355 Days Later
Bernardo Mountain1150USA-CA332011-07-032012-07-221 Year, 19 Days Later
Cerro de la Calavera513USA-CA332011-07-282016-02-144 Years, 201 Days Later
Mount Baden-Powell9399USA-CA332011-10-162013-07-14 f1 Year, 271 Days Later
Corte Madera Mountain4657USA-CA332011-12-042015-05-24 b3 Years, 171 Days Later
Monument Peak6271USA-CA332012-04-292018-03-115 Years, 316 Days Later
Little Black Mountain1370USA-CA332012-05-142018-01-12 a5 Years, 243 Days Later
Peak 11901190USA-CA332013-11-04 aP2016-06-052 Years, 214 Days Later
Peak 11631163USA-CA332013-11-04 bP2016-06-052 Years, 214 Days Later
Torrey Pines State Reserve High Point407USA-CA332014-05-05 P2019-01-204 Years, 260 Days Later
South Beacon Mountain1600USA-NY2200002012-09-12Unknown
Breakneck Ridge1280USA-NY2200002012-09-12Unknown
Stonewall Peak5730USA-CA222009-05-242012-11-223 Years, 182 Days Later
Ramona Overlook2280USA-CA222010-05-02 P2013-09-15 g3 Years, 136 Days Later
Ditch Benchmark3127USA-CA222010-07-112018-11-11 c8 Years, 123 Days Later
El Cajon Mountain3675USA-CA222011-04-102013-01-201 Year, 285 Days Later
Cuyamaca Peak6512USA-CA222011-04-172013-04-28 a2 Years, 11 Days Later
Wooded Hill6223USA-CA222011-04-242014-06-013 Years, 38 Days Later
South Fortuna Mountain1094USA-CA222011-05-082016-02-134 Years, 281 Days Later
Pyles Peak1379USA-CA222011-05-292016-02-074 Years, 254 Days Later
Rock Mountain1108USA-CA222011-05-302012-09-301 Year, 123 Days Later
Twin Peaks SE1250USA-CA222011-06-122017-11-056 Years, 146 Days Later
Twin Peaks1306USA-CA222011-06-122017-11-056 Years, 146 Days Later
San Bernardino Peak10649USA-CA222011-08-282013-07-28 b1 Year, 334 Days Later
Washington Monument10290USA-CA222011-08-282013-07-28 a1 Year, 334 Days Later
San Gorgonio Mountain11499USA-CA222011-09-182013-08-111 Year, 327 Days Later
Sitton Peak3273USA-CA222011-10-102016-05-22 a4 Years, 225 Days Later
Thunder Mountain8587USA-CA222011-10-232015-08-303 Years, 311 Days Later
Telegraph Peak8985USA-CA222011-10-232015-08-303 Years, 311 Days Later
Tecate Peak3885USA-CA222011-11-272015-06-213 Years, 206 Days Later
Viejas Mountain4187USA-CA222011-12-052013-11-171 Year, 347 Days Later
McGinty Mountain2183USA-CA222011-12-192015-12-274 Years, 8 Days Later
Peak 17541754USA-CA222012-01-08 P2013-04-29 P1 Year, 111 Days Later
Guatay Mountain4885USA-CA222012-01-092012-12-16342 Days Later
Soledad Mountain822USA-CA222012-01-222012-06-24154 Days Later
Oakzanita Peak5054USA-CA222012-01-302014-04-272 Years, 87 Days Later
Boundary Monument 2314510USA-CA222012-02-122015-02-16 bP3 Years, 4 Days Later
Blue Angels Peak4548USA-CA222012-02-122015-02-16 a3 Years, 4 Days Later
Los Pinos Mountain4805USA-CA222012-02-192015-05-243 Years, 94 Days Later
Tooth Rock1167USA-CA222012-02-272012-04-0134 Days Later
Inaja Hill 34183418USA-CA222012-03-112013-05-191 Year, 69 Days Later
Cerro de las Posas1340USA-CA222012-03-192019-01-196 Years, 306 Days Later
San Marcos Peak1220USA-CA222012-03-192019-01-196 Years, 306 Days Later
Santiago Peak5687USA-CA222012-04-152015-04-122 Years, 362 Days Later
Garnet Peak5880USA-CA222012-04-222014-06-012 Years, 40 Days Later
Foster Point5640USA-CA222012-04-222014-12-282 Years, 250 Days Later
Garnet Mountain5680USA-CA222012-04-292014-06-012 Years, 33 Days Later
Pinon Point6000USA-CA222012-04-292014-06-012 Years, 33 Days Later
Mount Helix1373USA-CA222012-04-302015-11-153 Years, 199 Days Later
Otay Mountain3566USA-CA222012-05-072014-11-162 Years, 193 Days Later
Carmel Mountain427USA-CA222012-05-142013-07-111 Year, 58 Days Later
West Baldy9988USA-CA222012-05-202013-07-07 c1 Year, 48 Days Later
Etiwanda Peak8662USA-CA222012-06-032013-08-04 b1 Year, 62 Days Later
Cucamonga Peak8859USA-CA222012-06-032013-08-04 a1 Year, 62 Days Later
Mount Wilson5710USA-CA222012-07-082014-08-032 Years, 26 Days Later
Bighorn Peak8441USA-CA222012-10-282013-08-04 c280 Days Later
Ontario Peak8693USA-CA222012-10-282013-08-04 d280 Days Later
Mount Burnham8997USA-CA222012-11-252013-07-14 e231 Days Later
Throop Peak9138USA-CA222012-11-252013-07-14 d231 Days Later
Peak 35203520USA-CA222012-12-302013-12-29364 Days Later
Coyote Mountain3192USA-CA222013-02-102017-03-04 c4 Years, 22 Days Later
Kumeyaay Promontory920USA-CA222013-02-18 a2014-01-13329 Days Later
Quail Mountain5813USA-CA222013-04-152017-12-10 b4 Years, 239 Days Later
Loma Alta Mountain482USA-CA222013-06-032016-02-142 Years, 256 Days Later
Breeze Hill382USA-CA222013-06-032016-02-142 Years, 256 Days Later
San Francisco Peak540USA-CA222013-06-092016-02-142 Years, 250 Days Later
Coxey Hill560USA-CA222013-06-092016-02-142 Years, 250 Days Later
Peak 390390USA-CA222013-06-09 aP2017-01-013 Years, 206 Days Later
Simmons Park Hill780USA-CA222013-06-102017-01-013 Years, 205 Days Later
Rock Ridge Viewpoint1741USA-CA222013-09-09 a2019-01-275 Years, 140 Days Later
Peak 18761876USA-CA222013-09-09 bP2019-01-275 Years, 140 Days Later
False Gower3095USA-CA222013-11-03 cP2018-02-18 a4 Years, 107 Days Later
Peak 510510USA-CA222013-11-04 cP2016-06-052 Years, 214 Days Later
Peak 498498USA-CA222013-11-04 dP2016-06-052 Years, 214 Days Later
Presidio Hill182USA-CA222013-11-11 P2014-01-26 P76 Days Later
Joe West Benchmark936USA-CA222013-12-022014-10-05307 Days Later
Egg Mountain902USA-CA222013-12-152014-03-0984 Days Later
Hosp Grove Overlook190USA-CA222013-12-162017-12-033 Years, 352 Days Later
White Benchmark312USA-CA222014-01-27 P2015-11-261 Year, 303 Days Later
Peak 850850USA-CA222014-02-03 P2014-08-17 dP195 Days Later
Seyer Benchmark2749USA-CA222014-03-09 P2016-10-162 Years, 221 Days Later
Del Cerro Hill829USA-CA222014-04-14 P2015-12-061 Year, 236 Days Later
Moonlight State Beach High Point62USA-CA222014-04-24 P2015-11-261 Year, 216 Days Later
Leucadia State Beach High Point89USA-CA222014-04-24 P2015-11-261 Year, 216 Days Later
South Carlsbad State Beach High Point85USA-CA222014-04-24 P2015-11-261 Year, 216 Days Later
Carlsbad State Beach High Point52USA-CA222014-04-24 P2015-11-261 Year, 216 Days Later
Flinn Peak2258USA-CA222014-04-282017-03-12 b2 Years, 318 Days Later
San Elijo State Beach High Point81USA-CA222014-05-05 P2015-11-261 Year, 205 Days Later
Cardiff State Beach High Point41USA-CA222014-05-05 P2015-11-261 Year, 205 Days Later
Mesquite Benchmark424USA-CA222014-09-29 P2015-11-261 Year, 58 Days Later
Fire Mountain329USA-CA222014-10-16 P2016-02-141 Year, 121 Days Later
Fuzz Benchmark4104USA-CA222014-11-092015-03-15 bP126 Days Later
Quail Hollow325USA-CA222015-02-02 P2015-11-26297 Days Later
Peak 10011001USA-CA222015-03-30 cP2016-06-051 Year, 67 Days Later
Sycamore Ridge1177USA-CA222015-03-30 P2020-01-26 b4 Years, 302 Days Later
Modjeska Peak5496USA-CA222015-04-122017-06-17 l2 Years, 66 Days Later
Elsinore Peak3575USA-CA222015-04-202019-08-17 b4 Years, 119 Days Later
Peak 5300 ft.5300USA-CA222015-05-11 P2016-10-09 a1 Year, 151 Days Later
Little Red Hill1530USA-CA222015-05-31 bP2018-06-16 d3 Years, 16 Days Later
Rock Ridge Error1733USA-CA222015-07-202019-01-273 Years, 191 Days Later
Clyde4695USA-CA222016-03-15 a2020-10-244 Years, 223 Days Later
Chimney Benchmark4640USA-CA222016-03-15 b2020-10-244 Years, 223 Days Later
Fletcher Hills High Point820USA-CA222016-07-172017-03-12238 Days Later
Folsom Ridge745USA-CA222017-05-212017-11-19182 Days Later
Red Butte320USA-CA222017-06-042019-08-252 Years, 82 Days Later
Benchmark 51115111USA-CA222017-07-082018-05-06302 Days Later
San Vicente Mountain1961USA-CA222017-07-23 a2018-11-17 e1 Year, 117 Days Later
Hill 921921USA-CA222017-08-272019-01-261 Year, 152 Days Later
Peak 590590USA-CA222018-01-122019-01-261 Year, 14 Days Later
Los Angeles State Historic Park High Point320USA-CA222018-07-282020-01-111 Year, 167 Days Later
Red Hill1473USA-CA222018-07-292021-04-112 Years, 256 Days Later
Peak 875875USA-CA222018-08-312018-11-04 a65 Days Later
Peak 10801080USA-CA222018-08-312019-01-26148 Days Later
Broken Hill Overlook360USA-CA222018-09-152021-03-282 Years, 194 Days Later
Stonebridge Hill1177USA-CA222019-12-072020-01-26 a50 Days Later
Sunshine Mountain3154USA-CA122014-11-02 b2014-11-02 cSame Day

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