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Multiple Ascent List for Andy Boos

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Pilchuck5340USA-WA54541986-07-202022-07-1335 Years, 358 Days Later
Three Fingers6850USA-WA36361986-09-202022-08-1635 Years, 330 Days Later
Dickerman Mountain5723USA-WA23231986-07-192019-10-2433 Years, 97 Days Later
Cowboy Mountain5854USA-WA12121989-04-302020-03-1930 Years, 324 Days Later
Mount Sawyer5501USA-WA12121996-08-092019-09-1823 Years, 40 Days Later
Mount Persis5464USA-WA11111988-07-162021-12-0533 Years, 142 Days Later
Mount Townsend6280USA-WA10101987-05-102019-04-2031 Years, 345 Days Later
Green Mountain6500USA-WA10101987-06-132020-05-0832 Years, 330 Days Later
Sauk Mountain5541USA-WA10101992-03-022019-07-1427 Years, 134 Days Later
Noble Knob6011USA-WA10102002-07-282022-07-3020 Years, 2 Days Later
Snoqualmie Mountain6278USA-WA991988-07-232014-03-1225 Years, 232 Days Later
Amabilis Mountain4560USA-WA881988-04-032019-01-2430 Years, 296 Days Later
Guye Peak5168USA-WA881988-07-232014-01-0425 Years, 165 Days Later
Mount Baker10781USA-WA881989-05-222001-07-1112 Years, 50 Days Later
Glacier Peak10520USA-WA881990-07-212022-07-2732 Years, 6 Days Later
Mount Rainier14411USA-WA881991-06-232001-07-2610 Years, 33 Days Later
Winchester Mountain6510USA-WA881996-06-132018-08-1722 Years, 65 Days Later
Evergreen Mountain5587USA-WA771989-07-182022-08-1933 Years, 32 Days Later
Plummer Peak6370USA-WA771989-08-052016-09-2827 Years, 54 Days Later
Park Butte5440USA-WA771990-09-072017-09-2427 Years, 17 Days Later
Beckler Peak5073USA-WA772011-10-252021-06-029 Years, 220 Days Later
Huntoon Point5247USA-WA772015-03-012022-03-277 Years, 26 Days Later
Rock Mountain6840USA-WA661990-04-012018-07-1428 Years, 104 Days Later
Little Si1560USA-WA661997-04-062012-03-2514 Years, 354 Days Later
Hex Mountain5034USA-WA661999-03-072022-11-2523 Years, 263 Days Later
Dock Butte5239USA-WA661999-10-192014-09-0614 Years, 322 Days Later
Second Burroughs Mountain7402USA-WA662000-08-092019-07-3018 Years, 355 Days Later
Mount Ellinor5920USA-WA551987-05-092013-09-1026 Years, 124 Days Later
Mount Zion4278USA-WA551987-05-092015-06-2328 Years, 45 Days Later
Granite Mountain5629USA-WA551987-06-232005-12-1518 Years, 175 Days Later
Tolmie Peak5920USA-WA551987-08-022016-07-1428 Years, 347 Days Later
Vesper Peak6214USA-WA551988-10-082012-09-1423 Years, 342 Days Later
Lookout Mountain5699USA-WA551989-12-252016-10-0126 Years, 281 Days Later
Kendall Peak5784USA-WA551990-09-272018-06-1027 Years, 256 Days Later
Slate Peak7440USA-WA551991-09-012020-06-29 b28 Years, 302 Days Later
South Early Winter Spire7807USA-WA551994-07-212013-06-2718 Years, 341 Days Later
Hidden Lake Lookout6890USA-WA551995-10-222013-09-1517 Years, 328 Days Later
Mount Higgins Lookout Site4849USA-WA551996-02-182001-08-195 Years, 182 Days Later
Hurricane Hill5757USA-WA551997-09-042015-06-1617 Years, 285 Days Later
Iron Peak6510USA-WA552000-07-042009-06-218 Years, 352 Days Later
Mailbox Peak4841USA-WA552001-02-092018-02-2217 Years, 13 Days Later
Mount McCausland5747USA-WA552001-03-212019-03-1717 Years, 361 Days Later
West Tiger Mountain #32522USA-WA552001-06-032021-12-21 a20 Years, 201 Days Later
Tye Peak5476USA-WA552002-03-012021-05-0819 Years, 68 Days Later
Dege Peak7006USA-WA552004-08-222022-08-2117 Years, 364 Days Later
Mount Fremont Lookout7181USA-WA441986-08-022013-09-1827 Years, 47 Days Later
Shriner Peak5834USA-WA441986-08-032020-08-05 b34 Years, 2 Days Later
Mount Pugh7201USA-WA441987-07-122017-07-1830 Years, 6 Days Later
Elk Mountain West6750USA-WA441987-08-302016-09-0429 Years, 5 Days Later
Mount Saint Helens8333USA-WA441988-05-082012-05-1424 Years, 6 Days Later
Mount Angeles6454USA-WA441989-02-112012-07-2123 Years, 161 Days Later
Mount Shuksan9131USA-WA441989-07-092014-06-0524 Years, 331 Days Later
Pinnacle Peak6562USA-WA441989-08-052020-07-1830 Years, 348 Days Later
White Chuck Mountain6989USA-WA441989-08-192005-09-2216 Years, 34 Days Later
Silver Peak5605USA-WA441989-11-182019-09-0729 Years, 293 Days Later
Trappers Peak5966USA-WA441991-07-202015-07-2524 Years, 5 Days Later
Lichtenberg Mountain5844USA-WA441992-01-112018-07-0526 Years, 175 Days Later
Labyrinth Mountain6376USA-WA441992-09-172020-09-1728 Years, 0 Days Later
Arrowhead Mountain6030USA-WA441993-03-142016-03-1723 Years, 3 Days Later
Ruth Mountain7115USA-WA441994-05-222011-08-0917 Years, 79 Days Later
The Tooth5604USA-WA441995-02-092010-06-2215 Years, 133 Days Later
Goat Peak7001USA-WA441997-08-112020-06-29 a22 Years, 323 Days Later
Thorp Mountain5854USA-WA441998-07-192014-07-2916 Years, 10 Days Later
Hannegan Peak6187USA-WA441999-06-232018-07-1919 Years, 26 Days Later
Windy Mountain5386USA-WA442001-01-212021-05-0920 Years, 108 Days Later
Skyscraper Mountain7078USA-WA442006-09-032015-07-198 Years, 319 Days Later
North Mountain Lookout3824USA-WA442006-10-172021-12-0315 Years, 47 Days Later
Patterson Mountain3511USA-WA442010-04-202019-02-188 Years, 304 Days Later
Bandera Mountain5241USA-WA331987-05-312003-11-0116 Years, 154 Days Later
Carne Mountain7080USA-WA331988-07-042019-10-0531 Years, 93 Days Later
Mount Adams12276USA-WA331988-07-092007-07-2919 Years, 20 Days Later
Hidden Lake Peaks7088USA-WA331988-07-301998-07-09 19 Years, 344 Days Later
Baring Mountain6124USA-WA331989-06-251998-06-028 Years, 342 Days Later
Mount Stuart9415USA-WA331990-09-261999-09-138 Years, 352 Days Later
Mount Olympus7969USA-WA331991-07-271996-08-175 Years, 21 Days Later
Gothic Peak6213USA-WA331991-08-242016-09-2925 Years, 36 Days Later
Sourdough Mountain - Lookout Site5985USA-WA331991-10-052022-07-1630 Years, 284 Days Later
Bald Mountain - East Peak4851USA-WA331992-10-072006-09-0413 Years, 332 Days Later
Chikamin Peak7000USA-WA331992-11-142019-07-0426 Years, 232 Days Later
Desolation Peak6102USA-WA331993-02-142018-08-1125 Years, 178 Days Later
Eldorado Peak8868USA-WA331993-06-132010-07-2317 Years, 40 Days Later
Liberty Bell Mountain7720USA-WA331994-09-162000-06-205 Years, 278 Days Later
Sahale Peak8680USA-WA331994-09-182012-08-0317 Years, 320 Days Later
Dome Peak8920USA-WA331995-05-282012-07-1017 Years, 43 Days Later
Chutla Peak6000USA-WA331997-12-062002-12-014 Years, 360 Days Later
Dirtyface Mountain - Lookout Site5989USA-WA331998-04-042020-02-2521 Years, 327 Days Later
High Rock5685USA-WA331998-09-042020-07-2321 Years, 323 Days Later
Earl Peak7036USA-WA331999-05-302011-07-2112 Years, 52 Days Later
Mount Catherine5052USA-WA332000-03-052020-10-3120 Years, 240 Days Later
Mount Fremont North7317USA-WA332000-07-152018-08-2418 Years, 40 Days Later
Union Peak5696USA-WA332001-03-212020-02-1018 Years, 326 Days Later
Jolly Mountain6443USA-WA332002-07-162016-09-0914 Years, 55 Days Later
Teanaway Peak6779USA-WA332003-06-132006-09-223 Years, 101 Days Later
Mount Baldy5107USA-WA332003-12-272016-03-1012 Years, 74 Days Later
Maiden Peak6434USA-WA332005-08-202018-09-1913 Years, 30 Days Later
Spinnaker Peak5645USA-WA332005-12-062021-05-0815 Years, 153 Days Later
Poe Mountain6015USA-WA332006-06-282018-08-1412 Years, 47 Days Later
Teanaway Butte4760USA-WA332008-06-132023-01-1514 Years, 216 Days Later
Anderson Butte - Lookout Site5360USA-WA332009-08-142022-08-2913 Years, 15 Days Later
Bullion Peak6479USA-WA332011-11-262017-12-306 Years, 34 Days Later
Excelsior Peak5712USA-WA332012-08-182022-08-039 Years, 350 Days Later
Heather Ridge5440USA-WA332013-03-312021-05-088 Years, 38 Days Later
Tolmie Peak Lookout5920USA-WA332014-03-31 5a2016-07-142 Years, 105 Days Later
Cairn Hill4745USA-WA332015-04-022023-03-117 Years, 343 Days Later
Iron Bear5489USA-WA332015-04-092022-06-30 a7 Years, 82 Days Later
Oyster Dome2085USA-WA332016-10-202022-02-105 Years, 113 Days Later
Mount Constitution2407USA-WA2219862010-05-1424 Years, 133 Days Later
Burroughs Mountain7828USA-WA221986-08-022014-08-1628 Years, 14 Days Later
McClellan Butte5162USA-WA221986-09-012014-12-0228 Years, 92 Days Later
Miners Ridge Lookout6208USA-WA2219872019-06-1632 Years, 166 Days Later
Mount Stone6612USA-WA221988-06-052014-10-0126 Years, 118 Days Later
Pikers Peak11657USA-WA221988-07-091996-07-208 Years, 11 Days Later
Mount Index5991USA-WA221988-07-171999-07-0910 Years, 357 Days Later
Gobblers Knob5485USA-WA221988-09-042013-07-1424 Years, 313 Days Later
Sperry Peak6120USA-WA221988-10-081998-08-199 Years, 315 Days Later
Mount Margaret5560USA-WA221989-02-262019-08-0430 Years, 159 Days Later
Red Mountain5890USA-WA221989-06-042015-08-2526 Years, 82 Days Later
Mount Woodring11590USA-WY221989-06-132003-08-2014 Years, 68 Days Later
Sluiskin Mountain - The Squaw6960USA-WA221989-07-042018-08-29 a29 Years, 56 Days Later
Kaleetan Peak6259USA-WA221989-07-152002-06-1512 Years, 335 Days Later
Mount Maude9040USA-WA221989-07-291995-10-086 Years, 71 Days Later
The Castle6440USA-WA221989-08-051999-09-09 710 Years, 35 Days Later
Kyes Peak7280USA-WA221989-08-131994-07-244 Years, 345 Days Later
Tyler Peak6364USA-WA221989-12-022017-06-3027 Years, 210 Days Later
Mount Hood11239USA-OR221990-06-171995-06-245 Years, 7 Days Later
Tomyhoi Peak7435USA-WA221990-06-202017-09-2727 Years, 99 Days Later
Cathedral Peak8601USA-WA221990-07-062012-09-0522 Years, 61 Days Later
Cashmere Mountain8501USA-WA221990-07-261992-10-042 Years, 70 Days Later
Dragontail Peak8840USA-WA221990-07-28 11998-05-117 Years, 287 Days Later
Little Annapurna8440USA-WA221990-07-28 22008-07-1717 Years, 355 Days Later
Enchantment Peak8520USA-WA221990-07-28 32008-07-1617 Years, 354 Days Later
Mount McLoughlin9495USA-OR221990-09-181991-07-10295 Days Later
Mount Defiance5584USA-WA221991-05-012014-05-0623 Years, 5 Days Later
Black Peak8970USA-WA221991-08-042015-09-1124 Years, 38 Days Later
Mount Phelps5535USA-WA221992-02-222021-04-2129 Years, 58 Days Later
North Twin6640USA-WA221992-03-071993-08-251 Year, 171 Days Later
Whistler Mountain7790USA-WA221992-04-191994-05-082 Years, 19 Days Later
Circle Peak5983USA-WA221992-06-172002-10-1710 Years, 122 Days Later
Columbia Peak7172USA-WA221992-08-161998-08-155 Years, 364 Days Later
Bearhead Mountain6089USA-WA221992-08-292015-11-2723 Years, 90 Days Later
Black Tusk7608Canada-BC221992-09-192014-07-0921 Years, 293 Days Later
Denny Mountain5520USA-WA221992-11-081999-05-166 Years, 189 Days Later
Whitehorse Mountain6840USA-WA221993-02-272018-05-0425 Years, 66 Days Later
Mount Redoubt8969USA-WA221993-05-301996-07-133 Years, 44 Days Later
Mount David7420USA-WA221993-07-212015-09-1922 Years, 60 Days Later
Chair Peak6238USA-WA221994-07-261995-02-26215 Days Later
Mount Challenger8207USA-WA221994-08-061999-07-214 Years, 349 Days Later
Cutthroat Peak8050USA-WA221994-10-081996-06-091 Year, 245 Days Later
Unicorn Peak6971USA-WA221995-03-011999-09-09 94 Years, 192 Days Later
Humpback Mountain5174USA-WA221995-03-262019-12-2524 Years, 274 Days Later
Rampart Ridge5870USA-WA221995-06-141997-11-092 Years, 148 Days Later
Mount Mastiff6741USA-WA221995-09-241997-04-071 Year, 195 Days Later
Mount Buckner9114USA-WA221996-08-242012-08-0415 Years, 346 Days Later
Mount Watson6220USA-WA221996-08-272020-08-1323 Years, 352 Days Later
Jim Hill Mountain6765USA-WA221997-02-092003-02-075 Years, 363 Days Later
Stone City Mountain8530Canada-BC221997-07-192003-08-036 Years, 15 Days Later
Tiffany Mountain8245USA-WA221997-08-111999-10-242 Years, 74 Days Later
Tower Mountain8444USA-WA221997-08-172001-08-254 Years, 8 Days Later
Dumbell Mountain8421USA-WA221998-08-012008-09-0910 Years, 39 Days Later
Raven Ridge8572USA-WA221998-09-232019-09-0520 Years, 347 Days Later
Sugarloaf Peak5814USA-WA221998-10-202016-07-0817 Years, 262 Days Later
Lookout Mountain5515USA-WA221998-10-242020-06-1621 Years, 236 Days Later
Miller Peak6402USA-WA221998-10-312007-09-308 Years, 334 Days Later
Round Mountain5320USA-WA221999-01-222017-12-1218 Years, 324 Days Later
Red Top Mountain5361USA-WA221999-082015-08-2916 Years, 28 Days Later
Eagle Peak5958USA-WA221999-09-09 12002-12-023 Years, 84 Days Later
Foss Peak6524USA-WA221999-09-09 82022-01-1722 Years, 130 Days Later
Big Chief Mountain5858USA-WA222000-04-252023-03-0122 Years, 310 Days Later
Loomis Mountain5598USA-WA222000-06-182005-11-225 Years, 157 Days Later
Wallaby Peak7995USA-WA222000-10-072015-10-0414 Years, 362 Days Later
Mount Teneriffe4788USA-WA222001-05-092018-03-0616 Years, 301 Days Later
Baldy6827USA-WA222001-07-202017-06-3015 Years, 345 Days Later
Koppen Mountain6031USA-WA222002-07-142013-05-2810 Years, 318 Days Later
Sunrise Mountain5056USA-WA222002-11-012002-12-0736 Days Later
Scorpion Mountain5540USA-WA222002-11-012002-12-0736 Days Later
Captain Point5724USA-WA222002-11-262020-09-1517 Years, 294 Days Later
Norse Peak6856USA-WA222002-12-082020-03-0717 Years, 90 Days Later
Icicle Ridge7029USA-WA222003-05-152016-04-2112 Years, 342 Days Later
Mount Ann5840USA-WA222003-06-052019-04-0215 Years, 301 Days Later
Navaho Peak7223USA-WA222003-07-042010-08-287 Years, 55 Days Later
Mount Washington4400USA-WA222004-01-182014-06-0810 Years, 141 Days Later
Groat Mountain5581USA-WA222004-03-292020-12-1216 Years, 258 Days Later
Barrier Peak6521USA-WA222004-06-022015-11-0411 Years, 155 Days Later
Sun Top5271USA-WA222004-06-032020-08-05 a16 Years, 63 Days Later
Brown Peak6322USA-WA222004-08-302017-09-03 a13 Years, 4 Days Later
Marcus Peak6962USA-WA222004-08-302005-09-051 Year, 6 Days Later
Yellow Hill5527USA-WA222004-11-282007-06-232 Years, 207 Days Later
North Mountain3840USA-WA222006-10-172017-12-0611 Years, 50 Days Later
Mount Walker2804USA-WA222006-10-272016-06-049 Years, 221 Days Later
Natapoc Mountain4210USA-WA222007-03-192018-01-3010 Years, 317 Days Later
Rattlesnake Mountain3480USA-WA222007-03-292022-02-1914 Years, 327 Days Later
West Tiger Mountain #22757USA-WA222007-04-29 b2021-12-21 b14 Years, 236 Days Later
Tunk Mountain6053USA-WA222007-05-292019-06-0112 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Bonaparte7257USA-WA222007-05-302019-06-0112 Years, 2 Days Later
Abercrombie Mountain7308USA-WA222007-06-032016-08-189 Years, 76 Days Later
Mount Ruth8690USA-WA222007-06-122018-08-2511 Years, 74 Days Later
Park Point Lookout8571USA-CO222008-05-042021-06-1413 Years, 41 Days Later
Angels Landing5790USA-UT222008-05-112013-12-265 Years, 229 Days Later
Malcolm Mountain5480USA-WA222008-06-132017-05-118 Years, 332 Days Later
Philadelphia Mountain4263USA-WA222009-02-032019-01-159 Years, 346 Days Later
Diamond Head5915USA-WA222009-02-142017-04-098 Years, 54 Days Later
Guemes Island High Point688USA-WA222010-02-052013-02-263 Years, 21 Days Later
Peak 35783578USA-WA222010-04-202011-04-301 Year, 10 Days Later
Mount Beljica5475USA-WA222012-05-072017-07-285 Years, 82 Days Later
Cheam Peak6903Canada-BC222012-08-242018-10-276 Years, 64 Days Later
Church Mountain - Old Lookout Site6080USA-WA222012-09-082019-07-286 Years, 323 Days Later
Bettys Jugs6103USA-WA222013-05-202016-04-072 Years, 323 Days Later
Swasey Peak9669USA-UT222013-06-152013-06-161 Day Later
Horse Lake Mountain4640USA-WA222013-10-152015-05-081 Year, 205 Days Later
Strawberry Mountain9040USA-OR222014-10-222014-10-231 Day Later
Old Pass Hill4885USA-WA222015-04-022019-12-304 Years, 272 Days Later
Jester Mountain5520USA-WA222015-04-092022-06-30 b7 Years, 82 Days Later
Little Mountain934USA-WA222015-11-152021-01-125 Years, 58 Days Later
Ugly Duckling5140USA-WA222015-11-222021-07-215 Years, 241 Days Later
Dirty Harrys Peak4720USA-WA222016-04-152019-05-13 a3 Years, 28 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT222016-05-142022-06-196 Years, 36 Days Later
Buck Mountain6135USA-WA222016-12-252021-05-214 Years, 147 Days Later
The Eaglet3802USA-WA222016-12-302019-03-152 Years, 75 Days Later
Cowlitz Rocks7450USA-WA222017-03-232017-06-0877 Days Later
Mount Leecher5020USA-WA222017-12-232020-06-15 b2 Years, 175 Days Later
Mount Erie1273USA-WA222018-01-012022-03-264 Years, 84 Days Later
TOC Rock1440USA-WA222018-12-192020-04-141 Year, 117 Days Later
Monahan Mountain3775USA-WA222019-03-262020-01-04284 Days Later
Maury Island High Point492USA-WA222020-01-202022-12-032 Years, 317 Days Later

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