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Multiple Ascent List for Dean Taylor

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Rose4301USA-WA882010-11-212022-07-0411 Years, 225 Days Later
Mount Si4180USA-WA772007-10-292019-03-0211 Years, 124 Days Later
Mount Ellinor5920USA-WA442011-10-232020-10-158 Years, 358 Days Later
Crystal Peak6595USA-WA442013-07-142019-06-015 Years, 322 Days Later
First Burroughs Mountain7160USA-WA332000-09-162022-10-0722 Years, 21 Days Later
Gobblers Knob5485USA-WA332003-09-072018-07-2214 Years, 318 Days Later
Mount Washington6255USA-WA332008-08-232018-08-019 Years, 343 Days Later
Palisades Peak7040USA-WA332008-10-122012-09-093 Years, 333 Days Later
Florence Peak5508USA-WA332009-05-172012-04-152 Years, 334 Days Later
Mount Ararat6010USA-WA332009-09-272020-10-2611 Years, 29 Days Later
First Mother Mountain6480USA-WA332012-08-042019-09-217 Years, 48 Days Later
Meany Crest7280USA-WA332014-09-062022-08-247 Years, 352 Days Later
Crystal Mountain6998USA-WA332014-10-182021-05-226 Years, 216 Days Later
Chinook Peak6904USA-WA332015-05-012019-06-014 Years, 31 Days Later
The Castle6440USA-WA332015-05-242021-06-196 Years, 26 Days Later
Andrew Benchmark6716USA-WA332015-07-282022-10-147 Years, 78 Days Later
Mount Teneriffe4788USA-WA332015-12-262019-03-303 Years, 94 Days Later
Camelback Mountain2704USA-AZ222007-02-252008-02-05345 Days Later
Rattlesnake Ledge2040USA-WA222007-12-012015-04-197 Years, 139 Days Later
Capitol Peak2659USA-WA222008-01-262008-10-26274 Days Later
Foss Peak6524USA-WA222008-06-222012-06-173 Years, 361 Days Later
Pinnacle Peak6562USA-WA222008-07-262012-07-083 Years, 348 Days Later
Plummer Peak6370USA-WA222008-07-262022-08-0614 Years, 11 Days Later
Mount Stone6612USA-WA222008-08-312011-08-212 Years, 355 Days Later
Fay Peak6492USA-WA222008-09-122014-10-126 Years, 30 Days Later
Mount Pleasant6454USA-WA222008-09-122018-07-219 Years, 312 Days Later
Hessong Rock6385USA-WA222008-09-122018-07-219 Years, 312 Days Later
Eagle Peak5958USA-WA222009-07-192021-07-1711 Years, 363 Days Later
Yakima Peak6226USA-WA222009-08-222016-05-076 Years, 259 Days Later
Bandera Mountain - West Peak5157USA-WA222010-01-172017-08-277 Years, 222 Days Later
Chutla Peak6000USA-WA222010-02-212015-01-034 Years, 316 Days Later
Iron Mountain6283USA-WA222010-07-032013-07-203 Years, 17 Days Later
Marcus Peak6962USA-WA222010-08-222021-08-2911 Years, 7 Days Later
Tamanos Mountain6790USA-WA222010-09-052011-06-12280 Days Later
Fremont Middle Peak7291USA-WA222010-09-122022-10-0712 Years, 25 Days Later
Mount Fremont Lookout7181USA-WA222010-09-122022-10-0712 Years, 25 Days Later
Pyramid Peak6937USA-WA222010-10-082011-07-17282 Days Later
Lightning Peak - East Summit4600USA-WA222010-11-042020-06-14 a9 Years, 223 Days Later
Silver Peak5605USA-WA222010-12-192020-10-04 c9 Years, 290 Days Later
Norse Peak6856USA-WA222011-04-092016-10-285 Years, 202 Days Later
Double Peak6199USA-WA222011-06-162018-06-116 Years, 360 Days Later
Governors Ridge6600USA-WA222011-07-022019-08-168 Years, 45 Days Later
Skyscraper Mountain7078USA-WA222011-09-112013-08-021 Year, 325 Days Later
Mailbox Peak4841USA-WA222011-12-032019-01-137 Years, 41 Days Later
Tumtum Peak4678USA-WA222011-12-262022-03-0610 Years, 70 Days Later
Boundary Peak6760USA-WA222012-05-272016-06-124 Years, 16 Days Later
Lane Peak6012USA-WA222012-07-082022-08-0610 Years, 29 Days Later
Denman Peak6006USA-WA222012-07-082022-08-0610 Years, 29 Days Later
Wahpenayo Peak6231USA-WA222012-07-082013-06-22349 Days Later
Castle Peak6120USA-WA222012-08-042019-09-217 Years, 48 Days Later
Banshee Peak7400USA-WA222012-08-182016-08-274 Years, 9 Days Later
Barrier Peak6521USA-WA222012-11-022015-11-083 Years, 6 Days Later
Buell Peak5756USA-WA222012-11-022015-11-083 Years, 6 Days Later
Cowlitz Rocks7450USA-WA222013-02-022021-01-167 Years, 349 Days Later
Old Baldy Mountain5796USA-WA222013-05-052020-11-017 Years, 180 Days Later
Goat Island Mountain - West Peak7218USA-WA222013-06-302022-06-208 Years, 355 Days Later
Observation Rock8364USA-WA222013-09-082021-08-087 Years, 334 Days Later
Echo Rock7870USA-WA222013-09-082021-08-087 Years, 334 Days Later
Bald Rock5409USA-WA222013-11-012017-10-153 Years, 348 Days Later
Anvil Rock9584USA-WA222013-11-242022-05-228 Years, 179 Days Later
Sweet Peak4560USA-WA222014-01-242016-01-312 Years, 7 Days Later
Antler Peak7017USA-WA222014-08-162017-10-243 Years, 69 Days Later
Whitman Crest9323USA-WA222014-09-062022-08-247 Years, 352 Days Later
Peak 75737573USA-WA222014-09-062016-07-151 Year, 313 Days Later
Bearhead Mountain6089USA-WA222014-09-142022-10-198 Years, 35 Days Later
Bearhead Mountain - East Peak6041USA-WA222014-09-142022-10-198 Years, 35 Days Later
Mount Fremont North7317USA-WA222014-09-212022-10-078 Years, 16 Days Later
Paul Peak4800USA-WA222014-10-122020-12-056 Years, 54 Days Later
Three Way Peak6796USA-WA222014-10-182018-09-293 Years, 346 Days Later
Satulick Mountain5577USA-WA222014-11-162018-03-183 Years, 122 Days Later
Arthur Peak5465USA-WA222014-12-072021-05-026 Years, 146 Days Later
Dixon Mountain5134USA-WA222015-01-252020-11-295 Years, 309 Days Later
Unicorn Peak6971USA-WA222015-06-102018-05-262 Years, 350 Days Later
Mount Ruth8690USA-WA222015-06-202017-07-052 Years, 15 Days Later
Brown Peak6322USA-WA222015-07-182020-07-11 a4 Years, 359 Days Later
South Slide Mountain6620USA-WA222015-07-182020-07-11 b4 Years, 359 Days Later
Second Mother Mountain6375USA-WA222015-07-242019-10-064 Years, 74 Days Later
Aurora Peak6094USA-WA222015-07-272018-07-232 Years, 361 Days Later
Tokaloo Rock7684USA-WA222015-07-282018-07-232 Years, 360 Days Later
Shriner Peak5834USA-WA222015-08-152016-11-041 Year, 81 Days Later
Seymour Peak6337USA-WA222015-09-052019-05-263 Years, 263 Days Later
Tahtlum Peak6567USA-WA222015-09-052019-09-294 Years, 24 Days Later
Second Burroughs Mountain7402USA-WA222015-10-242022-10-076 Years, 348 Days Later
Burroughs Mountain7828USA-WA222015-10-242022-10-076 Years, 348 Days Later
Stevens Peak6560USA-WA222016-06-122022-09-306 Years, 110 Days Later
Little Tahoma11138USA-WA222016-07-162019-06-152 Years, 334 Days Later
Mineral Mountain6500USA-WA222016-08-132020-08-17 a4 Years, 4 Days Later
Dewey Peak6710USA-WA222016-08-172019-09-023 Years, 16 Days Later
Old Desolate7137USA-WA222016-09-102020-08-17 b3 Years, 342 Days Later
Mount Washington4400USA-WA222017-01-072020-03-073 Years, 60 Days Later
Mount Walker2804USA-WA222019-10-122019-12-2877 Days Later
Granite Mountain5629USA-WA222019-11-162021-12-032 Years, 17 Days Later
Pinto Rock5123USA-WA222022-08-132022-08-141 Day Later

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