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Multiple Ascent List for Ralph Thornton

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Wind Mountain6917USA-MT424320002019-06-1019 Years, 160 Days Later
Mount Oberlin8180USA-MT14141986-08-012018-07-2431 Years, 357 Days Later
Reynolds Mountain9125USA-MT111119772019-07-2642 Years, 206 Days Later
Mount Wright8875USA-MT11112002-07-012019-06-1516 Years, 349 Days Later
Flattop Mountain6840USA-MT10102002-01-042009-03-137 Years, 68 Days Later
Choteau Mountain8398USA-MT9101999-10-102013-05-2513 Years, 227 Days Later
Hurricane Ridge Peak 71157115USA-MT882002-05-272008-05-276 Years, 0 Days Later
Elk Mountain7835USA-MT7720012010-04-249 Years, 113 Days Later
Chief Lodgepole Peak7682USA-MT772001-06-232017-07-2416 Years, 31 Days Later
Scalplock Mountain6919USA-MT772002-04-142010-06-068 Years, 53 Days Later
Cave Mountain7542USA-MT772002-06-052016-06-1514 Years, 10 Days Later
Ear Mountain8560USA-MT6620002010-08-2410 Years, 235 Days Later
Peak 82808280USA-MT662003-04-182013-06-0910 Years, 52 Days Later
Scenic Point7522USA-MT662003-09-202010-04-176 Years, 209 Days Later
Boulder Peak8528USA-MT5519752004-07-3129 Years, 212 Days Later
Triple Divide Peak8020USA-MT551979-08-052013-08-1434 Years, 9 Days Later
Mount Logan9239USA-MT551979-08-082013-08-1934 Years, 11 Days Later
Mount Stimson10142USA-MT551979-08-152005-07-2825 Years, 347 Days Later
Mount Henkel8770USA-MT551983-08-102013-07-2229 Years, 346 Days Later
Divide Mountain8665USA-MT551995-07-232007-06-0311 Years, 315 Days Later
Elk Calf Mountain7607USA-MT5520012006-09-185 Years, 260 Days Later
Mount Frazier8315USA-MT552001-05-242007-06-176 Years, 24 Days Later
Old Baldy9156USA-MT552001-05-302019-06-3018 Years, 31 Days Later
Appistoki Peak8164USA-MT552001-06-022006-04-294 Years, 331 Days Later
Otokomi Mountain7935USA-MT552002-05-172011-07-249 Years, 68 Days Later
Mount Merritt10004USA-MT451980-08-102006-07-1925 Years, 343 Days Later
Altyn Peak7947USA-MT4419762013-07-2637 Years, 206 Days Later
Mount Cleveland10466USA-MT4419772005-09-0428 Years, 246 Days Later
Mount Siyeh10014USA-MT4419772005-07-2228 Years, 202 Days Later
Mount Jackson10052USA-MT4419772008-07-2831 Years, 209 Days Later
Pollock Mountain9190USA-MT441982-08-072012-08-1730 Years, 10 Days Later
Peak 9430 West9430USA-MT441985-07-311997-08-1112 Years, 11 Days Later
Grinnell Point7600USA-MT441985-08-142012-08-1627 Years, 2 Days Later
Swiftcurrent Mountain8436USA-MT442001-08-312013-07-2411 Years, 327 Days Later
Arches Mountain-Peak 73767376USA-MT442003-04-182006-05-203 Years, 32 Days Later
Singleshot Mountain7926USA-MT442003-05-212007-07-184 Years, 58 Days Later
South Iceberg Peak8800USA-MT442007-09-132017-08-099 Years, 330 Days Later
Prairie Reef8868USA-MT442008-09-262015-06-276 Years, 274 Days Later
Scarlet Mountain8164USA-MT442014-09-252016-06-071 Year, 256 Days Later
Lincoln Peak7440USA-MT3319742016-08-1142 Years, 223 Days Later
Norris Mountain8882USA-MT331979-08-062013-08-1534 Years, 9 Days Later
Goat Peak8579USA-MT331979-08-072013-08-1634 Years, 9 Days Later
Mount Custer8883USA-MT331981-09-042001-08-0319 Years, 333 Days Later
Mount Wilbur9321USA-MT331982-08-102006-08-1024 Years, 0 Days Later
Crowfeet Mountain8914USA-MT331983-08-102013-07-2229 Years, 346 Days Later
Kintla Peak10101USA-MT331984-08-142004-07-2819 Years, 349 Days Later
Clements Mountain8760USA-MT331985-08-062008-07-2522 Years, 354 Days Later
Flinsch Peak9225USA-MT331988-08-122006-06-1317 Years, 305 Days Later
Mount Peabody9216USA-MT331991-08-102004-07-2912 Years, 354 Days Later
Angel Wing7430USA-MT331992-07-262017-07-2825 Years, 2 Days Later
Goat Mountain8826USA-MT3320002010-06-1310 Years, 163 Days Later
Rocky Mountain9392USA-MT3320002008-06-218 Years, 172 Days Later
Mount Werner West8091USA-MT3320012005-05-214 Years, 140 Days Later
Mount Werner8090USA-MT3320012005-05-214 Years, 140 Days Later
Old Baldy-East Summit9150USA-MT3320012007-06-106 Years, 160 Days Later
Grizzly Mountain9067USA-MT332001-06-232017-07-2416 Years, 31 Days Later
East Flattop Mountain8356USA-MT332002-07-072004-06-041 Year, 333 Days Later
McClintock Peak8285USA-MT332002-09-282017-09-0314 Years, 340 Days Later
Bear Mountain8841USA-MT332003-09-272010-08-176 Years, 324 Days Later
Mount James9375USA-MT332005-06-052019-07-2214 Years, 47 Days Later
Baldhead Mountain7794USA-MT332006-06-092008-05-031 Year, 329 Days Later
Volcano Reef-North Summit6758USA-MT332008-06-092011-06-223 Years, 13 Days Later
Volcano Reef-South Summit6892USA-MT332008-06-092011-06-223 Years, 13 Days Later
Peak 7416 - Lonesome Ridge7416USA-MT332013-06-052015-06-051 Year, 365 Days Later
Mount Gould9553USA-MT2219772002-07-2225 Years, 202 Days Later
Rising Wolf Mountain9513USA-MT221977200124 Years, 0 Days Later
Citadel Mountain9030USA-MT221979-08-092004-08-0424 Years, 361 Days Later
Medicine Triangulation Point8446USA-MT221981-08-28200119 Years, 126 Days Later
Mount Henry8847USA-MT221981-08-282001-06-0219 Years, 278 Days Later
Split Mountain8792USA-MT221982-07-302007-08-0225 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Stanton7750USA-MT221982-08-062005-06-1422 Years, 312 Days Later
Piegan Mountain9220USA-MT221982-08-072012-08-1730 Years, 10 Days Later
Going-to-the-Sun Mountain9642USA-MT221982-08-081999-07-2116 Years, 347 Days Later
Bishops Cap9127USA-MT221983-07-292002-09-1319 Years, 46 Days Later
Clyde Peak8610USA-MT221983-08-011994-07-2910 Years, 362 Days Later
Apikuni Mountain9068USA-MT221983-08-102002-07-1318 Years, 337 Days Later
Parke Peak9038USA-MT221984-08-051991-08-026 Years, 362 Days Later
Mount Cannon8952USA-MT221985-08-061997-07-2111 Years, 349 Days Later
Ahern Peak8749USA-MT221987-08-072009-09-1622 Years, 40 Days Later
Ipasha Peak9572USA-MT221987-08-082009-09-1622 Years, 39 Days Later
Mount Kipp8839USA-MT221993-07-292011-08-1718 Years, 19 Days Later
Liberty Bell8017USA-MT221994-07-282013-08-1619 Years, 19 Days Later
Dusty Star Mountain High Point8573USA-MT221994-07-312004-08-0410 Years, 4 Days Later
Trapper Peak7702USA-MT221996-08-092011-08-1415 Years, 5 Days Later
Mount Geduhn8375USA-MT221996-08-091999-08-072 Years, 363 Days Later
Wynn Mountain8404USA-MT221997-07-252005-07-227 Years, 362 Days Later
Cracker Benchmark9833USA-MT221998-07-242005-07-226 Years, 363 Days Later
Reuter Peak8763USA-MT221998-07-282001-08-263 Years, 29 Days Later
Trapper Ridge6770USA-MT221999-08-042011-08-1412 Years, 10 Days Later
Guthrie Peak8413USA-MT222000-05-132003-06-213 Years, 39 Days Later
Castle Reef8330USA-MT2220012005-06-114 Years, 161 Days Later
Spot Mountain7831USA-MT2220012008-05-187 Years, 138 Days Later
Dancing Lady Mountain7353USA-MT2220012008-06-247 Years, 175 Days Later
Snowslip Mountain7290USA-MT2220012004-05-013 Years, 121 Days Later
Ousel Peak7157USA-MT2220012002-10-051 Year, 277 Days Later
Running Rabbit Mountain7680USA-MT2220012004-05-013 Years, 121 Days Later
Peak 82958295USA-MT222001-05-172004-03-272 Years, 315 Days Later
Peak 83338333USA-MT222001-05-292004-04-172 Years, 324 Days Later
Peak 81348134USA-MT222001-06-082003-01-111 Year, 217 Days Later
Sinopah Mountain8271USA-MT222001-06-202010-08-199 Years, 60 Days Later
Mount Rockwell9272USA-MT222001-07-102002-07-261 Year, 16 Days Later
Mahtotopa Mountain8672USA-MT222001-07-252003-08-102 Years, 16 Days Later
Paul Bunyans Cabin8490USA-MT222001-08-112005-08-154 Years, 4 Days Later
Longfellow Peak8904USA-MT222001-08-112005-08-154 Years, 4 Days Later
Never Laughs Mountain7641USA-MT222002-06-252004-10-052 Years, 102 Days Later
Peak 85608560USA-MT222002-07-102012-06-249 Years, 350 Days Later
Peak 87898789USA-MT222002-07-102012-06-249 Years, 350 Days Later
Bull Head Point7445USA-MT222002-07-242016-07-2914 Years, 5 Days Later
Mount Carter9843USA-MT222002-08-062010-08-068 Years, 0 Days Later
Rainbow Peak9891USA-MT222002-08-092010-08-057 Years, 361 Days Later
Loneman Mountain7181USA-MT222002-10-092006-09-093 Years, 335 Days Later
Peak 82308230USA-MT222003-06-042008-06-295 Years, 25 Days Later
Chief Mountain9080USA-MT222003-08-012010-07-216 Years, 354 Days Later
Bear Mountain Point6280USA-MT222003-08-202003-09-2738 Days Later
Huckleberry Mountain6593USA-MT222004-05-162007-11-033 Years, 171 Days Later
Mount Pinchot9310USA-MT222004-08-192005-08-281 Year, 9 Days Later
Soldier Mountain7320USA-MT222004-09-252006-06-271 Year, 275 Days Later
Sheep Mountain8569USA-MT222004-09-252006-06-271 Year, 275 Days Later
White Calf Mountain8893USA-MT222004-10-022011-08-256 Years, 327 Days Later
Little Plume Peak7044USA-MT222005-05-242005-10-12141 Days Later
Natoas Peak9476USA-MT222005-07-302006-07-19354 Days Later
Mount Poia8275USA-MT222005-10-082006-06-22257 Days Later
Split Mountain6200USA-MT222005-11-222011-07-125 Years, 232 Days Later
Gable Mountain9262USA-MT222006-07-082016-08-2710 Years, 50 Days Later
Haystack Butte7486USA-MT222006-08-132014-07-257 Years, 346 Days Later
Cataract Mountain8180USA-MT222006-09-122007-07-22313 Days Later
Sentinel Mountain8245USA-MT222006-10-022010-08-173 Years, 319 Days Later
Amphitheater Mountain8690USA-MT222007-07-162011-08-074 Years, 22 Days Later
Indian Head Rock5797USA-MT222007-12-112012-04-194 Years, 130 Days Later
Peak 7306 - Baring Point7306USA-MT222008-06-202009-07-201 Year, 30 Days Later
Cathedral Peak9041USA-MT222008-08-252011-08-122 Years, 352 Days Later
Larch Hill8183USA-MT222008-09-282008-09-291 Day Later
Teton Peak8416USA-MT222009-07-072014-06-214 Years, 349 Days Later
West Butte6983USA-MT222010-05-222011-05-22365 Days Later
Red Butte8590USA-MT222010-07-142019-07-118 Years, 362 Days Later
Iceberg Peak9145USA-MT222015-07-212017-08-092 Years, 19 Days Later
Hoadley Reef8360USA-MT222015-09-212016-06-09262 Days Later
Forum Peak7933Canada-AB/BC 22012-07-162012-07-16Same Day

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