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Multiple Ascent List for Vic Hanson

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Lowe5603USA-CA121200002020-11-20 cUnknown
Iron Mountain8007USA-CA772002-01-012018-10-2716 Years, 299 Days Later
Pilot Knob874USA-CA772011-01-122017-02-026 Years, 21 Days Later
Mount Disappointment5960USA-CA6600002020-11-20 bUnknown
San Gabriel Peak6161USA-CA662012-05-092020-11-20 a8 Years, 195 Days Later
Inspiration Point4520USA-CA562016-05-102020-11-20 d4 Years, 194 Days Later
Mount Wilson5710USA-CA5500002018-10-29Unknown
Mount Baden-Powell9399USA-CA552006-05-232018-10-2112 Years, 151 Days Later
Echo Mountain3207USA-CA552016-05-102020-11-20 e4 Years, 194 Days Later
Tahquitz Peak8846USA-CA552020-05-292020-06-08 b10 Days Later
Throop Peak9138USA-CA4400002018-10-21Unknown
Cucamonga Peak8859USA-CA4400002020-11-30Unknown
Brown Mountain4466USA-CA4400002018-11-05Unknown
San Jacinto Peak10839USA-CA442001-11-042020-06-19 f18 Years, 228 Days Later
The Flatiron4860USA-AZ442015-02-132021-03-196 Years, 34 Days Later
Inspiration Point751USA-CA442016-05-022020-08-214 Years, 111 Days Later
Mount Islip8250USA-CA3300002012-11-06Unknown
Timber Mountain8303USA-CA3300002012-10-19Unknown
Mount Markham5742USA-CA3300002018-10-31Unknown
Sandstone Peak3111USA-CA3300002020-10-30 bUnknown
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA332002-10-142018-10-22 c16 Years, 8 Days Later
Volcán El Misti19101Peru332004-08-072008-10-074 Years, 61 Days Later
Mount Burnham8997USA-CA332012-05-112018-10-216 Years, 163 Days Later
Ironview Peak5024USA-AZ332015-02-132021-03-19 c6 Years, 34 Days Later
Klothos Temple1665USA-AZ332017-02-102017-02-144 Days Later
San Bernardino Peak10649USA-CA332020-06-27 a2020-07-08 b11 Days Later
San Bernardino East Peak10691USA-CA332020-06-27 b2020-07-08 c11 Days Later
Green Peak1937USA-CA332020-08-22 b2020-08-24 a2 Days Later
Koenig Overlook820USA-CA2200002018-12-10 bUnknown
Thunder Mountain8587USA-CA2200002012-06-19Unknown
Telegraph Peak8985USA-CA2200002012-06-19Unknown
Mount Whitney14498USA-CA221999-08-012001-08-042 Years, 3 Days Later
San Gorgonio Mountain11499USA-CA222001-10-062020-06-23 a18 Years, 261 Days Later
Huayna Picchu8835Peru222004-04-122008-11-284 Years, 230 Days Later
Nevado Coropuna21014Peru222005-10-152007-12-122 Years, 58 Days Later
Nevado Chachani19872Peru222007-12-042008-07-18227 Days Later
Mount Diablo3849USA-CA222010-09-272010-09-281 Day Later
Cardigan Peak2922USA-AZ222011-02-172012-03-121 Year, 24 Days Later
Mount Hawkins8850USA-CA222012-05-112012-11-06179 Days Later
Ontario Peak8693USA-CA222012-06-182012-10-18122 Days Later
Mount Eddy9025USA-CA222012-08-272016-08-023 Years, 341 Days Later
Stud Mountain2130USA-CA222013-02-052017-01-313 Years, 361 Days Later
Quartz Peak2160USA-CA222013-02-072019-01-105 Years, 337 Days Later
Signal Peak4877USA-AZ222013-02-252017-02-16 b3 Years, 357 Days Later
Ten Ewe Mountain4720USA-AZ222013-02-252017-02-16 b3 Years, 357 Days Later
Black Mesa3639USA-AZ222013-03-012019-02-015 Years, 337 Days Later
Dripping Springs Benchmark3402USA-AZ222013-03-012014-03-151 Year, 14 Days Later
The Pinnacles5737USA-CA222013-05-142020-07-317 Years, 78 Days Later
Pine Mountain9648USA-CA222013-05-202018-10-22 b5 Years, 155 Days Later
Dawson Peak9575USA-CA222013-05-202018-10-22 e5 Years, 155 Days Later
Olancha Peak12123USA-CA222013-06-102021-05-137 Years, 337 Days Later
Granite Chief9006USA-CA222013-06-282018-07-135 Years, 15 Days Later
Dos Picachos2695USA-AZ222014-03-172019-01-29 a4 Years, 318 Days Later
Superstition Benchmark5057USA-AZ222015-02-142016-04-111 Year, 57 Days Later
Casa Grande Peak7325USA-TX222016-03-172018-03-242 Years, 7 Days Later
Emory Peak7825USA-TX222016-03-182018-03-232 Years, 5 Days Later
Browns Peak7657USA-AZ222016-04-032016-04-074 Days Later
Jacks Peak7980USA-NM222018-03-292020-03-261 Year, 363 Days Later
Cougar Rocks4318USA-CA222018-10-042018-10-05 d1 Day Later
Rattlesnake Peak5826USA-CA222018-10-252019-04-12169 Days Later
Peak 26502650USA-AZ222019-02-16 a2021-03-29 b2 Years, 41 Days Later
Peak 26302630USA-AZ222019-02-16 b2021-03-29 a2 Years, 41 Days Later
Top Hat Hill2600USA-AZ222019-02-172021-03-202 Years, 31 Days Later
Dome Mountain3381USA-AZ222019-02-19 a2021-03-312 Years, 40 Days Later
Peak 32393239USA-AZ222019-02-19 b2021-03-30 a2 Years, 39 Days Later
Peak 32693269USA-AZ222019-02-19 b2021-03-30 b2 Years, 39 Days Later
Picketpost Mountain4375USA-AZ222019-03-102020-04-281 Year, 49 Days Later
Battleship Mountain2797USA-AZ222019-03-142021-03-051 Year, 356 Days Later
Peak 25802580USA-AZ222019-03-18 b2021-03-091 Year, 356 Days Later
Vanderbilt Peak6773USA-NM222020-04-152020-04-161 Day Later
Santa Rosa Mountain8070USA-CA222020-05-08 a2020-05-11 a3 Days Later
Peak 80588058USA-CA222020-05-08 b2020-05-11 b3 Days Later
Lion Peak6868USA-CA222020-05-252020-05-27 b2 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain9952USA-CA222020-07-16 b2020-07-23 D7 Days Later
High Peak (Goat Peak)1729USA-CA222020-08-22 d2020-08-23 b1 Day Later
Eagle Rock1957USA-CA222020-08-25 a2020-08-261 Day Later
Mesa Peak1844USA-CA222020-08-29 b2020-08-312 Days Later
Montecito Peak3214USA-CA222020-09-042020-09-051 Day Later
Nordhoff Peak4485USA-CA222020-10-122020-10-131 Day Later
Murray Hill2200USA-CA222020-12-222020-12-275 Days Later
Cahuilla Peak1522USA-CA222020-12-232020-12-263 Days Later
Spruce Mountain7605USA-CO222021-06-162021-06-171 Day Later
Black Elk Peak7231USA-SD122021-06-26 a2021-06-26 cSame Day

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