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Multiple Ascent List for Timothy Hutchings

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Buck Mountain2334USA-NY11112006-05-282016-05-209 Years, 358 Days Later
Mount Sanitas6863USA-CO772014-09-032019-06-204 Years, 290 Days Later
Sleeping Beauty Lookout2242USA-NY552007-06-102019-12-13 a12 Years, 186 Days Later
Pilot Knob Ridge1000USA-NY442006-06-142016-01-019 Years, 201 Days Later
Green Mountain8144USA-CO442016-02-102018-03-232 Years, 41 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain8917USA-CO442016-02-272019-01-262 Years, 333 Days Later
Algonquin Peak5115USA-NY332010-09-022014-08-103 Years, 342 Days Later
Giant Mountain4626USA-NY332011-07-092016-09-185 Years, 71 Days Later
Rocky Peak Ridge4390USA-NY332011-07-092016-09-185 Years, 71 Days Later
South Dix4068USA-NY332012-04-282015-07-113 Years, 74 Days Later
Fifth Peak1813USA-NY332014-02-162019-10-13 a5 Years, 239 Days Later
South Boulder Peak8549USA-CO332016-02-202018-04-15 b2 Years, 54 Days Later
Bear Peak8461USA-CO332016-02-202018-04-15 a2 Years, 54 Days Later
Lily Mountain9786USA-CO332016-02-212019-05-043 Years, 72 Days Later
Sanitas Mountaineer Top6800USA-CO332016-12-282018-06-231 Year, 177 Days Later
Rattlesnake Cobble1224USA-NY222002-06-302018-10-2916 Years, 121 Days Later
Crane Mountain3240USA-NY222005-07-232014-02-028 Years, 194 Days Later
Hadley Mountain2680USA-NY222006-04-142015-12-199 Years, 249 Days Later
Saint Regis Mountain2881USA-NY222006-06-172010-08-314 Years, 75 Days Later
Black Mountain2640USA-NY222006-09-162010-10-094 Years, 23 Days Later
Treadway Mountain2244USA-NY222007-08-122011-06-193 Years, 311 Days Later
Wright Peak4587USA-NY222010-09-022014-08-103 Years, 342 Days Later
Little Haystack4692USA-NY222011-07-162015-06-073 Years, 326 Days Later
Mount Haystack4961USA-NY222011-07-162015-06-073 Years, 326 Days Later
Basin Mountain4826USA-NY222011-07-162014-08-303 Years, 45 Days Later
Mount Marshall4364USA-NY222011-08-262015-02-283 Years, 186 Days Later
First Brother2986USA-NY222012-04-062016-01-023 Years, 271 Days Later
Big Slide Mountain4199USA-NY222012-04-062016-01-023 Years, 271 Days Later
Grace Mountain4026USA-NY222012-04-282015-07-113 Years, 74 Days Later
Macomb Mountain4370USA-NY222012-04-282015-07-113 Years, 74 Days Later
Dix Mountain4823USA-NY222012-07-052015-07-113 Years, 6 Days Later
Hough Peak4409USA-NY222012-07-052015-07-113 Years, 6 Days Later
Pough Peak4068USA-NY222012-07-052015-07-113 Years, 6 Days Later
Beck-horn4823USA-NY222012-07-052015-07-113 Years, 6 Days Later
Bear Den Mountain3399USA-NY222012-07-292014-05-251 Year, 300 Days Later
Dial Mountain4003USA-NY222012-07-292014-05-251 Year, 300 Days Later
Dial Mountain-South Peak4003USA-NY222012-07-292014-05-251 Year, 300 Days Later
Nippletop4593USA-NY222012-07-292014-05-251 Year, 300 Days Later
Indian Head2657USA-NY222012-07-292014-05-251 Year, 300 Days Later
Couchsachraga Peak3793USA-NY222012-08-062015-03-292 Years, 235 Days Later
Moxham Mountain2464USA-NY222012-12-152015-05-172 Years, 153 Days Later
Mount Jo2877USA-NY222013-03-302018-12-08 b5 Years, 253 Days Later
Bald Peak3035USA-NY222013-09-072016-09-183 Years, 11 Days Later
Rocky Peak Ridge-East Peak4029USA-NY222013-09-072016-09-183 Years, 11 Days Later
Mason Mountain2264USA-NY222013-09-072016-09-183 Years, 11 Days Later
Mount Williams2953USA-MA222013-11-232014-09-28309 Days Later
Saddleback Mountain4528USA-NY222014-03-182014-08-30165 Days Later
Inspiration Point7200USA-WY222014-07-092019-07-09 b4 Years, 365 Days Later
Jay Mountains3576USA-NY222015-05-242017-09-14 b2 Years, 113 Days Later
Huntoon Point5247USA-WA222015-08-032017-08-14 b2 Years, 11 Days Later
Pilot Knob2163USA-NY222015-10-182016-11-051 Year, 18 Days Later
Camels Hump4080USA-VT222016-01-082020-01-033 Years, 360 Days Later
Prospect Mountain2020USA-NY222016-01-132018-10-29 b2 Years, 289 Days Later
Table Mountain6200USA-CO222016-03-052019-02-242 Years, 356 Days Later
Fox Mountain10921USA-CO222016-04-022016-10-23 d204 Days Later
Toll Memorial Lookout12310USA-CO222016-06-122016-08-1463 Days Later
Mount Olympus8808USA-CO222016-10-162018-11-232 Years, 38 Days Later
Niwot Mountain11471USA-CO222017-01-222019-02-012 Years, 10 Days Later
Mount Flora13142USA-CO222018-05-16 a2019-07-26 a1 Year, 71 Days Later
Rooster Comb2789USA-NY222019-03-162019-12-26 b285 Days Later

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