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Multiple Ascent List for Earl Beam

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Bergen Peak9708USA-CO18181995-03-162018-03-2023 Years, 4 Days Later
Mount Falcon7851USA-CO13131994-12-102023-02-2828 Years, 80 Days Later
Chief Mountain11709USA-CO10101997-02-152019-05-3122 Years, 105 Days Later
Mount Galbraith7240USA-CO10102002-11-232020-10-1617 Years, 328 Days Later
Evergreen Mountain8536USA-CO991995-05-132021-06-1326 Years, 31 Days Later
Mount Bierstadt14060USA-CO881994-09-102003-09-068 Years, 361 Days Later
Dinosaur Ridge6660USA-CO882011-12-202021-12-13 b9 Years, 358 Days Later
Carpenter Peak7160USA-CO772013-03-312021-06-088 Years, 69 Days Later
Mount Sherman14036USA-CO671995-07-162002-06-086 Years, 327 Days Later
Bear Peak8461USA-CO661994-03-122004-04-0410 Years, 23 Days Later
Green Mountain8144USA-CO551994-04-102004-03-209 Years, 345 Days Later
Dakota Ridge Peak6560USA-CO552017-11-06 b2022-12-275 Years, 51 Days Later
James Peak13294USA-CO441994-01-021998-06-134 Years, 162 Days Later
South Boulder Peak8549USA-CO441994-03-121999-05-235 Years, 72 Days Later
Long Scraggy Peak8812USA-CO441994-11-132002-11-027 Years, 354 Days Later
Elephant Butte8405USA-CO442014-03-022018-02-023 Years, 337 Days Later
Mount Lincoln14286USA-CO341987-09-011998-10-0311 Years, 32 Days Later
Pettingell Peak13553USA-CO341994-10-301997-06-212 Years, 234 Days Later
Grays Peak14270USA-CO331981-06-011997-07-2616 Years, 55 Days Later
Mount Cameron14238USA-CO331987-09-011998-10-0311 Years, 32 Days Later
Mount Sniktau13234USA-CO331993-11-131995-07-301 Year, 259 Days Later
Plymouth Mountain7295USA-CO331996-02-192021-05-0125 Years, 71 Days Later
Square Top Mountain13794USA-CO331996-07-062013-06-2416 Years, 353 Days Later
Quandary Peak14265USA-CO331996-08-101998-06-061 Year, 300 Days Later
Mount Carbon5772USA-CO332010-06-102021-01-0410 Years, 208 Days Later
High Point1803USA-NJ221961-05-301968-07-037 Years, 34 Days Later
Lookout Mountain7374USA-CO221977-05-072023-03-2145 Years, 318 Days Later
Torreys Peak14267USA-CO221981-06-011997-07-2616 Years, 55 Days Later
Devils Head9748USA-CO221983-07-041995-04-2911 Years, 299 Days Later
Mount Democrat14148USA-CO221987-09-011994-06-186 Years, 290 Days Later
Mount Bross14172USA-CO221987-09-011996-10-069 Years, 35 Days Later
Mount Morrison7881USA-CO221993-12-192017-02-2523 Years, 68 Days Later
Mount Eva13130USA-CO221994-01-291999-07-105 Years, 162 Days Later
Chair Rocks8000USA-CO221994-04-091995-08-221 Year, 135 Days Later
Goat Mountain7797USA-CO221994-05-151996-04-181 Year, 339 Days Later
Mount Spalding13842USA-CO221994-06-041996-07-142 Years, 40 Days Later
Argentine Peak13738USA-CO221994-06-261996-06-151 Year, 355 Days Later
Hassell Peak13215USA-CO221994-10-011997-06-212 Years, 263 Days Later
Woods Mountain - East Peak12940USA-CO221994-11-201999-06-294 Years, 221 Days Later
Mount Machebeuf12805USA-CO221994-11-201999-06-294 Years, 221 Days Later
Mount Sniktau - South Peak13152USA-CO221994-11-261995-07-30246 Days Later
Parry Peak13391USA-CO221994-12-041997-05-312 Years, 178 Days Later
Mount Bancroft13250USA-CO221994-12-041997-05-312 Years, 178 Days Later
Centennial Cone8640USA-CO221995-06-242002-10-267 Years, 124 Days Later
Gemini Peak13951USA-CO221995-07-291996-06-22329 Days Later
Bard Peak13641USA-CO221995-09-231997-08-231 Year, 334 Days Later
Mount Evans14264USA-CO221996-07-142014-07-0417 Years, 355 Days Later
Mount Flora13142USA-CO221996-08-041999-07-102 Years, 340 Days Later
Fox Mountain10921USA-CO221997-06-151998-06-13363 Days Later
Kingston Peak12147USA-CO221997-06-151998-06-13363 Days Later
Mount Chiquita13069USA-CO221997-08-082015-07-2917 Years, 355 Days Later
Mount Chapin12454USA-CO221997-08-082015-07-2917 Years, 355 Days Later
Stanley Mountain12521USA-CO221999-07-172003-06-213 Years, 339 Days Later
Peak 74007400USA-CO222002-11-232005-02-052 Years, 74 Days Later
Peak 1242412424USA-CO222003-06-212021-09-03 c18 Years, 74 Days Later
Mount Russell12391USA-CO222003-06-212021-09-03 b18 Years, 74 Days Later
Russell Peak12280USA-CO222003-06-212021-09-03 a18 Years, 74 Days Later
Genesee Mountain8284USA-CO222006-06-212021-06-2315 Years, 2 Days Later
Colorow Hill7560USA-CO222010-05-172016-12-316 Years, 228 Days Later
The Brother7833USA-CO222011-04-122018-12-277 Years, 259 Days Later
Three Sisters - South Peak7800USA-CO222011-04-122016-10-115 Years, 182 Days Later
Three Sisters - Middle Peak7840USA-CO222011-04-122016-10-115 Years, 182 Days Later
Three Sisters - North Peak7760USA-CO222011-04-122016-10-115 Years, 182 Days Later
Estes Cone11006USA-CO222014-03-252015-08-291 Year, 157 Days Later
Green Mountain6855USA-CO222014-04-042022-12-09 c8 Years, 249 Days Later
Legault Mountain9074USA-CO222016-03-082016-04-0225 Days Later
Toll Memorial Lookout12310USA-CO222016-07-092019-07-18 a3 Years, 9 Days Later
Huffers Hill12005USA-CO222016-07-092019-07-19 c3 Years, 10 Days Later
Mushroom Rock12303USA-CO222016-07-092019-07-18 b3 Years, 9 Days Later
Peak 80808080USA-CO222017-04-072022-05-31 a5 Years, 54 Days Later
Two Dog Tag7600USA-CO222018-01-262022-05-064 Years, 100 Days Later
Bandimere Ridge6283USA-CO222018-01-262018-04-05 b69 Days Later
North Table Mountain6570USA-CO222018-11-102021-01-15 c2 Years, 66 Days Later
Devil's Elbow7720USA-CO222020-11-222023-02-282 Years, 98 Days Later
Green Mountain Radio Tower6680USA-CO222021-05-142022-12-09 b1 Year, 209 Days Later

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