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Multiple Ascent List for Mark Butski

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
San Jacinto Peak10839USA-CA772007-08-112010-08-012 Years, 355 Days Later
Santiago Peak5687USA-CA442008-02-162010-05-092 Years, 82 Days Later
Timber Mountain8303USA-CA332007-08-252021-10-2714 Years, 63 Days Later
Mount Baden-Powell9399USA-CA332007-10-072021-10-2214 Years, 15 Days Later
Los Pinos Peak4510USA-CA332007-12-012011-12-284 Years, 27 Days Later
Mount Lowe5603USA-CA332012-10-072015-09-162 Years, 344 Days Later
Wilshire Peak8680USA-CA222007-07-082015-10-078 Years, 91 Days Later
Wilshire Mountain8832USA-CA222007-07-082015-10-078 Years, 91 Days Later
Little San Gorgonio Peak9133USA-CA222007-07-082015-10-078 Years, 91 Days Later
Pallett Mountain7760USA-CA222007-08-032008-10-111 Year, 69 Days Later
Folly Peak10480USA-CA222007-08-112010-08-012 Years, 355 Days Later
Jean Peak10670USA-CA222007-08-112010-08-012 Years, 355 Days Later
Marion Mountain10362USA-CA222007-08-112010-08-012 Years, 355 Days Later
Newton Drury Peak10160USA-CA222007-08-112010-08-012 Years, 355 Days Later
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA222007-09-022007-09-1614 Days Later
Pyramid Peak7035USA-CA222007-09-232008-04-13203 Days Later
Pine Mountain7054USA-CA222007-09-232008-04-13203 Days Later
Ross Mountain7402USA-CA222007-10-072012-06-234 Years, 260 Days Later
Old Mount Emma5063USA-CA222007-12-272011-04-303 Years, 124 Days Later
Mount Emma5273USA-CA222007-12-272011-04-303 Years, 124 Days Later
Granite Mountain6600USA-CA222008-02-022014-11-026 Years, 273 Days Later
Rabbit Peak5307USA-CA222008-02-022014-11-026 Years, 273 Days Later
Round Top6316USA-CA222008-02-022014-11-026 Years, 273 Days Later
Iron Mountain5040USA-CA222008-02-022014-11-026 Years, 273 Days Later
Mayan Peak6108USA-CA222008-02-092013-03-025 Years, 21 Days Later
Jepson Peak11205USA-CA222008-07-052012-07-154 Years, 10 Days Later
San Gorgonio Mountain11499USA-CA222008-07-052012-07-154 Years, 10 Days Later
Dobbs Peak10459USA-CA222008-07-052012-07-154 Years, 10 Days Later
Cornell Peak9750USA-CA222008-07-122010-08-012 Years, 20 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain9952USA-CA222008-08-032015-09-027 Years, 30 Days Later
Mount Burnham8997USA-CA222008-08-092012-06-233 Years, 319 Days Later
Throop Peak9138USA-CA222008-08-092012-06-233 Years, 319 Days Later
Mount Islip8250USA-CA222008-08-092008-12-07120 Days Later
Mount Hawkins8850USA-CA222008-08-092011-09-183 Years, 40 Days Later
Ryan Mountain5457USA-CA222008-12-072010-02-061 Year, 61 Days Later
Sawtooth Mountain5200USA-CA222008-12-132011-03-122 Years, 89 Days Later
Asbestos Mountain5265USA-CA222008-12-282014-03-235 Years, 85 Days Later
Whale Peak5349USA-CA222010-01-312020-01-259 Years, 359 Days Later
Red Tahquitz8720USA-CA222010-06-262010-07-1115 Days Later
Tahquitz Peak8846USA-CA222010-06-262010-07-1115 Days Later
Chief Peak5560USA-CA222010-07-032013-05-182 Years, 319 Days Later
Shields Peak10680USA-CA222010-08-142013-08-042 Years, 355 Days Later
Anderson Peak10840USA-CA222010-08-142013-08-042 Years, 355 Days Later
San Bernardino Peak10649USA-CA222010-08-222010-08-297 Days Later
Washington Monument10290USA-CA222010-08-222010-08-297 Days Later
Mount Whitney14498USA-CA222010-09-072011-07-10306 Days Later
Bedford Peak3800USA-CA222011-02-202017-07-116 Years, 141 Days Later
McPherson Peak5749USA-CA222011-02-262013-02-021 Year, 342 Days Later
Mount McDill5187USA-CA222011-03-122021-10-1310 Years, 215 Days Later
Mint Benchmark5184USA-CA222011-03-122021-10-1310 Years, 215 Days Later
Quail Mountain5813USA-CA222011-04-242014-01-042 Years, 255 Days Later
Bighorn Peak8441USA-CA222011-07-032013-11-102 Years, 130 Days Later
Cucamonga Peak8859USA-CA222011-07-032013-11-102 Years, 130 Days Later
Twin Peaks7761USA-CA222011-07-302014-11-153 Years, 108 Days Later
Middle Hawkins8505USA-CA222011-09-182015-09-093 Years, 356 Days Later
South Mount Hawkins7783USA-CA222011-09-182015-09-093 Years, 356 Days Later
Meeks Mountain6277USA-CA222012-02-042014-02-021 Year, 363 Days Later
Peak 49104908USA-CA222012-10-072020-07-287 Years, 295 Days Later
Sheep Hole Mountains High Point4613USA-CA222012-12-152016-04-243 Years, 131 Days Later
Inspiration Point2800USA-CA222013-02-102015-09-162 Years, 218 Days Later
Inspiration Point4520USA-CA222013-04-142020-07-287 Years, 105 Days Later
Alamo Mountain7367USA-CA222013-10-262016-11-043 Years, 9 Days Later
Sewart Mountain6841USA-CA222013-10-262016-11-053 Years, 10 Days Later
McDonald Peak6870USA-CA222013-10-262016-11-043 Years, 9 Days Later
Mount Hillyer6200USA-CA222013-11-032016-06-052 Years, 215 Days Later
Cerro Pescadores3543Mexico-BCN222014-01-112019-01-074 Years, 361 Days Later
Pacifico Mountain7124USA-CA222014-02-232021-09-297 Years, 218 Days Later
Samon Peak6227USA-CA222014-03-292014-10-24209 Days Later
Big Pine Mountain6800USA-CA222014-04-122014-10-26197 Days Later
Big Pine Mountain-West Peak6490USA-CA222014-04-122014-10-26197 Days Later
Three Sisters8100USA-CA222014-11-222021-08-216 Years, 272 Days Later
Josephine Peak5558USA-CA222015-04-012021-08-266 Years, 147 Days Later

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