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Multiple Ascent List for John McHugh

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mont Rigaud - Sommet de la Croix715Canada-QC24242016-11-192022-06-115 Years, 204 Days Later
Mont Royal768Canada-QC23232007-09-012022-10-1015 Years, 39 Days Later
Mount Philo980USA-VT11112010-08-152021-11-1711 Years, 94 Days Later
Mont Saint-Grégoire827Canada-QC992010-06-122018-05-057 Years, 327 Days Later
Westmount Parc Summit669Canada-QC992011-08-132023-01-0711 Years, 147 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT661988-07-092018-06-3029 Years, 356 Days Later
Mont du Loup-Garou1644Canada-QC662014-11-022022-05-147 Years, 193 Days Later
Mont Rougemont1299Canada-QC662015-12-132020-02-014 Years, 50 Days Later
Mont Kaaikop2749Canada-QC552011-11-052016-10-014 Years, 331 Days Later
Owls Head2133USA-NY552013-09-292022-05-258 Years, 238 Days Later
Aldis Hill849USA-VT552017-07-232019-07-282 Years, 5 Days Later
Mont Chauve1955Canada-QC442005-08-062016-06-0410 Years, 303 Days Later
Wantastiquet Mountain1368USA-NH442009-04-112014-12-315 Years, 264 Days Later
Stowe Pinnacle2651USA-VT442009-06-222021-11-2012 Years, 151 Days Later
Mont King1585Canada-QC442010-06-192021-10-1011 Years, 113 Days Later
Sommet d'Outremont709Canada-QC442012-08-192016-04-303 Years, 255 Days Later
Mont Gleason1115Canada-QC442014-03-092022-05-088 Years, 60 Days Later
Dicksons Mountain1230Canada-ON442014-10-112018-03-303 Years, 170 Days Later
Camels Hump4078USA-VT331989-06-032022-09-1233 Years, 101 Days Later
Valahnúkur1526Iceland332006-09-072014-09-047 Years, 362 Days Later
Mont Condor1572Canada-QC332008-10-052017-09-248 Years, 354 Days Later
Haystack Mountain2874USA-NY332011-09-042016-05-074 Years, 246 Days Later
Mont Orford2789Canada-QC332011-09-182022-10-1511 Years, 27 Days Later
Mount Jo2877USA-NY332012-05-202019-02-166 Years, 272 Days Later
Hurricane Mountain3678USA-NY332012-06-092019-06-096 Years, 365 Days Later
Mont Gale1220Canada-QC332012-06-162022-10-1410 Years, 120 Days Later
Baker Mountain2457USA-NY332013-06-152016-11-113 Years, 149 Days Later
Snake Mountain1280USA-VT332013-06-222018-02-234 Years, 246 Days Later
Mont Ham2323Canada-QC332014-08-092021-07-076 Years, 332 Days Later
Parc Centenaire William Cosgrove High Point194Canada-QC332017-02-052020-04-113 Years, 66 Days Later
Jay Peak3858USA-VT221992-07-182013-07-0120 Years, 348 Days Later
Mont Saint-Hilaire1339Canada-QC222006-06-172010-08-214 Years, 65 Days Later
Le Round Top3156Canada-QC222006-08-122013-08-106 Years, 363 Days Later
Mount Marcy5344USA-NY222008-08-162012-08-254 Years, 9 Days Later
Pic de l'Ours2428Canada-QC222008-10-122015-06-066 Years, 237 Days Later
Zabriskie Point713USA-CA222009-12-282015-12-285 Years, 365 Days Later
Colline Rocky1302Canada-QC222010-08-212018-03-107 Years, 201 Days Later
Dieppe1299Canada-QC222010-08-212018-03-107 Years, 201 Days Later
Mont du Lac des Cygnes3182Canada-QC222010-09-202014-06-293 Years, 282 Days Later
La Vache Noire2474Canada-QC222010-10-022016-07-235 Years, 295 Days Later
Mount Hunger3539USA-VT222010-10-102012-09-011 Year, 327 Days Later
Arthur's Seat823UK-Scotland222011-05-222017-10-066 Years, 137 Days Later
Mount Abraham4006USA-VT222011-06-242016-06-245 Years, 0 Days Later
Mont Tremblant3058Canada-QC222011-07-302018-07-146 Years, 349 Days Later
Algonquin Peak5115USA-NY222011-08-062014-08-163 Years, 10 Days Later
Silver Lake Mountain2374USA-NY222011-09-032012-06-10281 Days Later
Mont Brassard2149Canada-QC222011-09-242017-09-165 Years, 357 Days Later
Cascade Mountain4098USA-NY222011-10-092018-08-186 Years, 313 Days Later
Phelps Mountain4160USA-NY222011-11-122022-05-2310 Years, 192 Days Later
Mont Grand Pic1444Canada-QC222012-02-182015-10-123 Years, 236 Days Later
Montagne Noire2910Canada-QC222012-06-172017-08-265 Years, 70 Days Later
Belfry Mountain1864USA-NY222012-06-252022-04-159 Years, 294 Days Later
Cobble Hill2343USA-NY222012-08-262022-05-229 Years, 269 Days Later
Arab Mountain2539USA-NY222013-03-292017-09-074 Years, 162 Days Later
Saint Regis Mountain2881USA-NY222013-06-102019-06-105 Years, 365 Days Later
Mont Owl's Head2451Canada-QC222013-08-172019-10-136 Years, 57 Days Later
Mount Monadnock3150USA-NH222014-04-182016-03-261 Year, 343 Days Later
South Dix4068USA-NY222014-07-122019-10-035 Years, 83 Days Later
Le Calvaire1575Canada-QC222015-01-312015-05-0392 Days Later
Donaldson Mountain4108USA-NY222015-08-082018-09-153 Years, 38 Days Later
Mont Shefford - South Peak1591Canada-QC222016-06-052020-06-184 Years, 13 Days Later
Bald Mountain2349USA-NY222016-08-132017-09-041 Year, 22 Days Later
Mont Saint-Michel1148Canada-QC222017-07-032019-06-011 Year, 333 Days Later
Mont McMaster1519Canada-QC222018-01-282021-10-103 Years, 255 Days Later
Öskjuhlíð207Iceland222018-10-072022-07-163 Years, 282 Days Later
Parc de la Yamaska High Point689Canada-QC222020-06-142021-05-28348 Days Later
Mont Arthabaska1004Canada-QC222021-12-242022-06-05163 Days Later

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