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Multiple Ascent List for Janice Schmidt

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Reynolds Jeffco O.S. Park High Point8440USA-CO1211222020-04-222022-05-262 Years, 34 Days Later
Legault Mountain9074USA-CO35352015-04-132022-04-217 Years, 8 Days Later
Bergen Peak9708USA-CO19192015-01-172022-04-017 Years, 74 Days Later
Mount Falcon7851USA-CO12122011-11-162022-04-15 f10 Years, 150 Days Later
Hobbs Peak8200USA-CO12122020-05-142022-05-272 Years, 13 Days Later
Berrian Mountain9147USA-CO10102012-06-162021-04-118 Years, 299 Days Later
Rosalie Peak13575USA-CO771996-082019-11-1923 Years, 110 Days Later
Goliath Peak12216USA-CO772016-02-212022-01-175 Years, 330 Days Later
Chief Mountain11709USA-CO662011-12-162019-02-107 Years, 56 Days Later
Mount Morrison7881USA-CO662012-11-16 c2019-11-247 Years, 8 Days Later
Russell Peak12280USA-CO662014-01-18 a2021-05-29 a7 Years, 131 Days Later
Mount Russell12391USA-CO662014-01-18 b2021-05-29 b7 Years, 131 Days Later
Peak 1242412424USA-CO662014-01-18 c2021-05-29 c7 Years, 131 Days Later
Peak 1250712507USA-CO662014-01-18 d2021-05-29 d7 Years, 131 Days Later
Stanley Mountain12521USA-CO662014-01-18 e2021-05-29 e7 Years, 131 Days Later
Mount Sniktau13234USA-CO662014-11-042021-05-20 d6 Years, 197 Days Later
White House Point 76137613USA-CO662020-03-262022-04-15 b2 Years, 20 Days Later
Loveland Pass11990USA-CO552006-07-30 a2021-06-02 a14 Years, 307 Days Later
Bison Peak12431USA-CO552013-10-062018-04-294 Years, 205 Days Later
Manitou Incline8600USA-CO552013-10-102021-05-127 Years, 214 Days Later
Plymouth Mountain7295USA-CO552014-01-122021-01-317 Years, 19 Days Later
Mount Falcon - North Summit7760USA-CO552020-03-262022-04-15 a2 Years, 20 Days Later
Mount Flora13142USA-CO462015-03-142021-08-28 d6 Years, 167 Days Later
Mount Evans14264USA-CO451995-082021-07-12 d25 Years, 345 Days Later
Mount Hood11239USA-OR441983-06-011989-05-015 Years, 334 Days Later
Three Fingered Jack7841USA-OR441986-09-011991-09-295 Years, 28 Days Later
Mount Bierstadt14060USA-CO441994-102020-09-2025 Years, 355 Days Later
East Loveland Pass Peak12915USA-CO442006-07-30 b2021-06-02 b14 Years, 307 Days Later
Carpenter Peak7160USA-CO442014-02-022019-05-195 Years, 106 Days Later
Catamount Overlook9462USA-CO442019-06-02 a2021-05-07 a1 Year, 339 Days Later
Pikes Peak Overlook9560USA-CO442019-06-02 c2021-05-07 b1 Year, 339 Days Later
Devil's Elbow7720USA-CO442020-03-262022-04-15 d2 Years, 20 Days Later
James Newton Park High Point8770USA-CO442020-04-222022-04-23 b2 Years, 1 Day Later
Falcon-Ute Peak7760USA-CO442020-10-17 d2022-04-15 e1 Year, 180 Days Later
Middle Sister10047USA-OR331981-06-011992-06-2811 Years, 27 Days Later
Mount Defiance4960USA-OR331983-031986-053 Years, 61 Days Later
Mount Ellinor5920USA-WA331992-06-072014-10-1322 Years, 128 Days Later
Torreys Peak14267USA-CO331995-072016-08-1621 Years, 46 Days Later
Mount Lincoln14286USA-CO331995-082016-08-1821 Years, 17 Days Later
Mount Cameron14238USA-CO331995-082016-08-1821 Years, 17 Days Later
Mount Bross14172USA-CO331995-082016-08-1821 Years, 17 Days Later
Fletcher Mountain13951USA-CO331996-06-022002-06-236 Years, 21 Days Later
San Luis Peak14014USA-CO3319972018-06-2021 Years, 170 Days Later
Harmonica Arch Dome9000USA-CO332013-08-182019-05-175 Years, 272 Days Later
Mount Sniktau-South Peak13152USA-CO332014-11-042021-05-20 c6 Years, 197 Days Later
Colorado Mines Peak12493USA-CO332015-03-142021-08-28 a6 Years, 167 Days Later
Eagle Cliffs Overlook9588USA-CO332019-06-02 b2021-05-07 c1 Year, 339 Days Later
Reynolds Ranch JefCo Park HPP 81408140USA-CO332020-04-142021-12-181 Year, 248 Days Later
Mount Falcon - West Peak 77007700USA-CO332020-10-17 b2021-04-18 a183 Days Later
Mount Calvary1081USA-OR332021-10-222022-05-14 a204 Days Later
Mount Washington6288USA-NH242010-11-162016-10-115 Years, 330 Days Later
South Sister10358USA-OR221982-07-011988-07-016 Years, 0 Days Later
Broken Top9175USA-OR221984-07-011988-07-014 Years, 0 Days Later
Mount Saint Helens8333USA-WA221987-09-011989-06-101 Year, 282 Days Later
Sahale Peak8680USA-WA221989-08-011991-08-011 Year, 365 Days Later
Mount Washington7794USA-OR221989-08-011991-09-012 Years, 31 Days Later
Unicorn Peak6971USA-WA221990-07-011991-09-161 Year, 77 Days Later
Mount Delabarre6024USA-WA221990-081991-08365 Days Later
Mount Olympus7969USA-WA221992-09-011993-07-04306 Days Later
Grays Peak14270USA-CO221995-072016-08-1621 Years, 46 Days Later
Mount Democrat14148USA-CO221995-082016-08-1821 Years, 17 Days Later
Mount Sherman14036USA-CO221995-081998-10-243 Years, 84 Days Later
Mount Sheridan13748USA-CO221995-08-121998-10-243 Years, 73 Days Later
Mount Evans Auto Road - Highest Paved Road in America - road highpoint14160USA-CO2219972021-07-12 c24 Years, 192 Days Later
Wilson Peak14017USA-CO2219971997-07181 Days Later
Geneva Mountain12335USA-CO221999-07-312021-07-08 f21 Years, 342 Days Later
North Table Mountain-Quarry Peak6480USA-CO222000-06-02 b2020-06-02 b20 Years, 0 Days Later
Mount Silverheels13822USA-CO222001-06-022007-04-145 Years, 316 Days Later
Evergreen Mountain8536USA-CO2220022020-06-05 b18 Years, 156 Days Later
The Brother7833USA-CO2220022020-05-04 e18 Years, 124 Days Later
Alderfer Hill7902USA-CO2220022020-05-04 f18 Years, 124 Days Later
Crystal Peak13852USA-CO222002-06-022006-02-033 Years, 246 Days Later
Atlantic Peak13841USA-CO222002-06-302007-05-25 a4 Years, 329 Days Later
Mount Spalding13842USA-CO222002-07-142015-08-0813 Years, 25 Days Later
Pettingell Peak13553USA-CO222003-10-262013-08-24 b9 Years, 302 Days Later
Nevado de Toluca15354Mexico-Mex222004-022020-01-06 b15 Years, 339 Days Later
Pasochoa13776Ecuador222005-03-202006-11-181 Year, 243 Days Later
Cupid13117USA-CO222006-07-30 c2021-06-02 c14 Years, 307 Days Later
Grizzly Peak13988USA-CO222007-04-062007-06-0964 Days Later
James Peak13294USA-CO222007-05-122017-05-079 Years, 360 Days Later
Citadel Peak13294USA-CO222007-06-232015-08-308 Years, 68 Days Later
Square Top Mountain13794USA-CO222008-06-222020-06-2011 Years, 364 Days Later
Stewart Peak13983USA-CO222009-05-092020-10-09 b11 Years, 153 Days Later
Revenue Mountain12889USA-CO222010-02-162016-10-026 Years, 229 Days Later
Black Elk Peak7231USA-SD222010-03-152015-10-035 Years, 202 Days Later
White Butte3506USA-ND222010-05-152015-10-055 Years, 143 Days Later
Mount Arvon1979USA-MI222010-10-152015-10-104 Years, 360 Days Later
Timms Hill1951USA-WI222010-11-152015-10-114 Years, 330 Days Later
Hawkeye Point1670USA-IA222010-12-152015-10-124 Years, 301 Days Later
Papoose Mountain11174USA-CO222011-12-162016-11-124 Years, 332 Days Later
Atalaya Mountain9121USA-NM222012-04-152021-12-23 b9 Years, 252 Days Later
Schoolmarm Mountain11332USA-CO222012-06-14 a2014-12-062 Years, 175 Days Later
Roachaburger10412USA-CO222012-06-14 b2014-12-062 Years, 175 Days Later
Red Peak13215USA-CO222012-08-032016-06-183 Years, 320 Days Later
Trinity Peaks-West Peak13765USA-CO222012-08-042012-08-062 Days Later
Vestal Peak13864USA-CO222012-08-082012-08-102 Days Later
Mount Bailey9089USA-CO222012-09-192019-12-097 Years, 81 Days Later
South Arapaho Peak13397USA-CO222013-07-13 a2015-08-292 Years, 47 Days Later
North Arapaho Peak13502USA-CO222013-07-13 b2015-08-292 Years, 47 Days Later
Eagle Peak9368USA-CO222013-11-242017-02-113 Years, 79 Days Later
Thorodin Mountain10540USA-CO222013-11-282020-07-07 a6 Years, 222 Days Later
Bill Couch Mountain7082USA-CO222014-01-122021-12-137 Years, 335 Days Later
Webster Benchmark10200USA-CO222014-02-092014-05-31111 Days Later
Mount Trelease12477USA-CO222014-08-31 j2020-09-186 Years, 18 Days Later
Guadalupe Peak8749USA-TX222015-02-022016-03-291 Year, 56 Days Later
Black Mesa4973USA-OK222015-02-282016-12-271 Year, 303 Days Later
Rogers Peak13391USA-CO222015-03-222019-11-104 Years, 233 Days Later
Mestaa’ėhehe11486USA-CO222015-04-092019-02-103 Years, 307 Days Later
Raleigh Peak8183USA-CO222015-052020-05-13 b5 Years, 12 Days Later
Mount Rogers5729USA-VA222015-10-192017-04-091 Year, 172 Days Later
Clingmans Dome6643USA-NC/TN222015-10-222018-042 Years, 161 Days Later
South Table Mountain6330USA-CO222016-02-14 a2020-06-01 d4 Years, 108 Days Later
South Table Mtn Jeffco O.S. Park High Point6320USA-CO222016-02-14 b2020-06-01 e4 Years, 108 Days Later
Baldy Peak7872USA-CO222016-02-152020-04-254 Years, 70 Days Later
Tenmile Peak12933USA-CO222016-08-142017-08-06 c357 Days Later
Mount Victoria11785USA-CO222016-08-142017-08-06 a357 Days Later
Windy Peak11970USA-CO222017-08-142019-07-201 Year, 340 Days Later
East Buffalo Peak13300USA-CO222017-08-272019-10-062 Years, 40 Days Later
Pence Point DMP HP 82408240USA-CO222020-04-302020-06-06 d37 Days Later
Lookout Mountain7374USA-CO222020-05-12 e2021-04-22345 Days Later
Peak 71607160USA-CO222020-05-12 f2022-04-16 c1 Year, 339 Days Later
Mount Zion7059USA-CO222020-05-12 g2022-04-16 b1 Year, 339 Days Later
Flying J Ranch Park High Point8548USA-CO222020-05-15 b2020-12-28227 Days Later
Bear Creek Lake State Park High Point5800USA-CO222020-05-26 a2021-04-03312 Days Later
Bald Mountain7988USA-CO222020-06-07 b2020-09-16 a101 Days Later
Denver Mountain Park Site-Peak 80208000USA-CO222020-08-042021-01-28 a177 Days Later
Peak 65356535USA-CO222020-08-102020-10-04 a55 Days Later
Breckinridge Peak12889USA-CO222020-09-14 b2021-08-28 c348 Days Later
Rocky Mountain9250USA-CO222021-03-11 b2021-04-07 b27 Days Later
Mount Logan12870USA-CO122010-05-142010-05-14Same Day
Mount Morrison Stage 1 Scenic Overlook6636USA-CO122012-11-16 a2012-11-16 aSame Day
Elephant Butte8405USA-CO122015-01-182015-01-18Same Day
un 69446944USA-CO122015-052015-05Same Day
Jane Bald5800USA-NC/TN122017-042017-04Same Day
Beeman Point6200USA-CO122020-08-27 b2020-08-27 bSame Day
Mount Eva13130USA-CO122020-09-06 c2020-09-06 eSame Day
Mount Zion12126USA-CO122020-10-23 a2020-10-23 cSame Day

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