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Multiple Ascent List for Jacek Czyz

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Quandary Peak14265USA-CO19192009-01-31 b2019-06-1110 Years, 131 Days Later
El Capitan7569USA-CA16171995-092005-1010 Years, 30 Days Later
Buffalo Mountain12777USA-CO16162009-03-12 i2019-06-1610 Years, 96 Days Later
Ptarmigan Peak12498USA-CO13132013-09-172019-05-195 Years, 244 Days Later
Red Peak13189USA-CO11112009-03-12 a2019-07-1610 Years, 126 Days Later
Koscielec7070Poland6819791987-078 Years, 181 Days Later
Góra Mnich6791Poland661980200020 Years, 0 Days Later
Żabi Mnich7041Poland/Slovakia55197919878 Years, 0 Days Later
Żabi Szczyt Niżni6883Poland/Slovakia551980-0719887 Years, 184 Days Later
Kazalnica7083Poland5519841988-074 Years, 182 Days Later
Mount Victoria11785USA-CO552007-11-24 b2018-03-26 f10 Years, 122 Days Later
Peak 1 North12360USA-CO552007-11-24 c2018-03-26 e10 Years, 122 Days Later
Peak 112805USA-CO552007-11-24 d2018-03-26 d10 Years, 122 Days Later
Point 13,146'13146USA-CO552009-01-31 a2018-02-18 ac9 Years, 18 Days Later
Tenderfoot Mountain11441USA-CO552014-052014-07-17 1a77 Days Later
Grizzly Peak13427USA-CO452009-03-16 c2017-06-05 3k8 Years, 81 Days Later
Golden Bear Peak13010USA-CO4400002017-06-04 2hUnknown
Giewont6217Poland4419791983-024 Years, 31 Days Later
West Red Point13005USA-CO442009-03-12 b2018-12-10 ac9 Years, 273 Days Later
Tunnel Pass12517USA-CO442013-05-182017-06-04 2i4 Years, 17 Days Later
1225412254USA-CO4420162019-02-25 a3 Years, 55 Days Later
Ute Peak12303USA-CO4420162019-02-25 c3 Years, 55 Days Later
Pink Peak aka East Red Peak12945USA-CO442016-01-292019-04-01 c3 Years, 62 Days Later
West Partner Peak13041USA-CO442016-09-102018-09-29 a2 Years, 19 Days Later
East Loveland Pass Peak12915USA-CO3300002017-06-05 3hUnknown
Swinica7549Poland/Slovakia3319791990-0211 Years, 31 Days Later
Kozi Wierch7516Poland3319791987-078 Years, 181 Days Later
Mengusovský štít7999Poland/Slovakia331980-061995-0114 Years, 214 Days Later
Gerlachovský štít8707Slovakia331984-021988-024 Years, 0 Days Later
Wheeler Mountain13690USA-CO332009-02-152017-10-15 e8 Years, 242 Days Later
Mount Democrat14148USA-CO332009-02-22 c2017-11-12 d8 Years, 263 Days Later
Eccles Peak12313USA-CO332009-03-12 g2017-12-10 c8 Years, 273 Days Later
Sacred Buffalo12769USA-CO332009-03-12 h2017-12-19 a8 Years, 282 Days Later
Torreys Peak14267USA-CO332009-03-16 d2013-02-173 Years, 338 Days Later
Grays Peak14270USA-CO332009-03-17 a2013-02-173 Years, 337 Days Later
Royal Mountain10502USA-CO332011-10-162015-05-223 Years, 218 Days Later
Point 1275612756USA-CO33201320174 Years, 0 Days Later
Cupid13117USA-CO332013-02-172017-06-05 3i4 Years, 108 Days Later
Peak 1270112701USA-CO332013-06-20 g2017-06-05 3a3 Years, 350 Days Later
Clear Creek-Grand-Summit Triple Point12800USA-CO332013-06-20 j2017-06-04 2g3 Years, 349 Days Later
Peak 412866USA-CO332014-07-272018-03-26 a3 Years, 242 Days Later
Peak 312676USA-CO332014-07-272018-03-26 b3 Years, 242 Days Later
Tenmile Peak12933USA-CO332014-07-272018-03-26 c3 Years, 242 Days Later
Drift Peak13880USA-CO332014-09-03 3a2017-10-15 g3 Years, 42 Days Later
Uneva Peak12522USA-CO3320152017-03-092 Years, 67 Days Later
Vista Peak13075USA-CO3320162019-07-28 d3 Years, 208 Days Later
Point 1286012860USA-CO3320162018-09-10 bf2 Years, 252 Days Later
Bighorn Pass12340USA-CO3320162018-09-10 ag2 Years, 252 Days Later
Point 1267012670USA-CO3320162017-09-21 f1 Year, 263 Days Later
East East Red12885USA-CO332016-01-292019-05-063 Years, 97 Days Later
Mount Silverthorne13357USA-CO332016-08-16 m2018-01-19 b1 Year, 156 Days Later
Point 1283512835USA-CO332016-08-16 s2017-09-21 c1 Year, 36 Days Later
Mount Powell13560USA-CO332016-09-29 d2018-09-22 g1 Year, 358 Days Later
West Deming12736USA-CO332016-11-112017-03-09118 Days Later
Keller Mountain13085USA-CO332017-09-172018-09-10 d358 Days Later
K213664USA-CO232009-06-23 a2013-01-21 23 Years, 212 Days Later
Mount Neva12814USA-CO2200002013-08-18Unknown
Skyscraper Peak12383USA-CO2200002013-08-18Unknown
Peak 1264012640USA-CO2200002013-08-18Unknown
Mount Jasper12923USA-CO2200002013-08-18Unknown
Zadni Kościelec7093Poland2219791980-061 Year, 152 Days Later
Beskid6601Poland/Slovakia22197919812 Years, 0 Days Later
Kasprowy Wierch6519Poland/Slovakia2219791981-022 Years, 31 Days Later
Pośredni Wierch Goryczkowy6148Poland/Slovakia2219791981-022 Years, 31 Days Later
Ciemniak6877Poland/Slovakia2219791981-022 Years, 31 Days Later
Kopa Kondracka6575Poland/Slovakia2219791986-027 Years, 31 Days Later
Malolaczniak6877Poland/Slovakia2219791986-027 Years, 31 Days Later
Skrajna Turnia6877Poland/Slovakia22197919812 Years, 0 Days Later
Mały Kościelec6122Poland22197919812 Years, 0 Days Later
Szpiglasowy Wierch7126Poland/Slovakia2219801981-071 Year, 181 Days Later
Żabi Szczyt Wyżni7411Poland/Slovakia22198119831 Year, 365 Days Later
Ostrva6509Slovakia221981-011984-023 Years, 31 Days Later
Mięguszowiecki Szczyt Pośredni7851Poland/Slovakia221981-0619853 Years, 214 Days Later
Wołowa Turnia7785Poland2219821990-028 Years, 31 Days Later
Cubryna7795Poland/Slovakia22198219908 Years, 0 Days Later
Niżnie Rysy7972Poland/Slovakia22198219853 Years, 0 Days Later
Hińczowa Turnia7799Poland/Slovakia22198319852 Years, 0 Days Later
Higher Cathedral Spire6000USA-CA221999-0620033 Years, 214 Days Later
Half Dome8840USA-CA222000-06-102007-05-286 Years, 352 Days Later
Glacier Point7214USA-CA2220012007-106 Years, 273 Days Later
Leaning Tower5880USA-CA2220012008-06-027 Years, 153 Days Later
Red Mountain13229USA-CO222009-01-182009-02-21 f34 Days Later
Point 12,814'12814USA-CO222009-01-30 a2009-02-21 a22 Days Later
Point 12,953'12953USA-CO222009-01-30 b2009-02-21 b22 Days Later
Mount Lincoln14286USA-CO222009-02-22 a2011-10-15 a2 Years, 235 Days Later
Mount Cameron14238USA-CO222009-02-22 b2011-10-15 b2 Years, 235 Days Later
Mount Bross14172USA-CO222009-02-22 e2011-10-15 d2 Years, 235 Days Later
Mount Sherman14036USA-CO222009-03-01 e2013-01-16 a3 Years, 321 Days Later
Mount Elbert-South Peak14134USA-CO222009-03-09 a2018-02-09 c8 Years, 337 Days Later
Mount Elbert14433USA-CO222009-03-09 b2018-02-09 b8 Years, 337 Days Later
Red Buffalo Pass11730USA-CO222009-03-12 c2017-01-29 l7 Years, 323 Days Later
Eccles Peak Far West12054USA-CO222009-03-12 e20133 Years, 295 Days Later
Morgan Peak12474USA-CO222009-03-17 h2015-11-226 Years, 250 Days Later
La Plata Peak14336USA-CO222009-06-172013-01-073 Years, 204 Days Later
Capitol Peak14130USA-CO222009-06-23 b2013-01-21 23 Years, 212 Days Later
Mount Bierstadt14060USA-CO222009-06-29 a2013-01-03 a3 Years, 188 Days Later
The Sawtooth13760USA-CO222009-06-29 b2013-01-03 b3 Years, 188 Days Later
Pikes Peak14110USA-CO222009-12-172010-07-02197 Days Later
Mount Columbia14073USA-CO222010-01-112010-01-121 Day Later
Longs Peak14255USA-CO222010-01-302010-07-03 b154 Days Later
Peak 1293612936USA-CO222013-02-172017-06-05 3j4 Years, 108 Days Later
Loveland Pass11990USA-CO222013-06-20 a2017-06-05 3g3 Years, 350 Days Later
Peak 1258512585USA-CO222013-06-20 b2017-06-05 3f3 Years, 350 Days Later
Peak 1241412414USA-CO222013-06-20 c2017-06-05 3e3 Years, 350 Days Later
Peak 1247912479USA-CO222013-06-20 d2017-06-05 3d3 Years, 350 Days Later
Peak 1275212752USA-CO222013-06-20 e2017-06-05 3c3 Years, 350 Days Later
Peak 1256212562USA-CO222013-06-20 f2017-06-05 3b3 Years, 350 Days Later
Coon Hill12757USA-CO222014-07-18 2a2017-06-04 2f2 Years, 321 Days Later
Point 1241112411USA-CO222014-07-18 2b2017-06-04 2e2 Years, 321 Days Later
Peak 1234612346USA-CO222014-07-18 2c2017-06-04 2d2 Years, 321 Days Later
Peak 1242912429USA-CO222014-07-18 2d2017-06-04 2c2 Years, 321 Days Later
Point 1222112221USA-CO222014-07-18 2e2017-06-04 2b2 Years, 321 Days Later
Peak 512855USA-CO222014-07-272014-09-01 1h36 Days Later
Peak 812987USA-CO222014-09-01 1n2014-09-02 2a1 Day Later
Peak 1013633USA-CO222014-09-02 2d2017-09-09 d3 Years, 7 Days Later
Crystal Peak13852USA-CO222014-09-02 2e2017-09-09 c3 Years, 7 Days Later
Pacific Peak13950USA-CO222014-09-02 2f2017-09-29 b3 Years, 27 Days Later
Atlantic Peak13841USA-CO222014-09-02 2g2017-09-29 c3 Years, 27 Days Later
Rockfountain Ridge13580USA-CO222014-09-02 2h2017-09-29 d3 Years, 27 Days Later
Fletcher Mountain13951USA-CO222014-09-02 2i2017-09-29 e3 Years, 27 Days Later
Clinton Peak13857USA-CO222014-09-03 3d2017-10-15 d3 Years, 42 Days Later
McNamee Peak13760USA-CO222014-09-03 3e2017-11-12 f3 Years, 70 Days Later
Traver Peak13852USA-CO222014-09-03 3f2017-11-12 e3 Years, 70 Days Later
Point X Prime12710USA-CO22201620171 Year, 0 Days Later
Peak W12775USA-CO22201620171 Year, 0 Days Later
Point 1262012620USA-CO22201620171 Year, 0 Days Later
Point 1236112361USA-CO22201620171 Year, 0 Days Later
Zastrugi Pass11690USA-CO2220162017-01-29 f1 Year, 28 Days Later
Point 1081010810USA-CO2220162017-01-28 a1 Year, 27 Days Later
Point 1208912090USA-CO2220162017-01-28 c1 Year, 27 Days Later
Point 1190111950USA-CO2220162017-01-28 d1 Year, 27 Days Later
Point 1188511930USA-CO2220162017-01-29 e1 Year, 28 Days Later
Point 1257812570USA-CO2220162017-01-29 h1 Year, 28 Days Later
Deming Pass12050USA-CO2220162017-01-29 i1 Year, 28 Days Later
Point 1243512435USA-CO2220162017-01-29 k1 Year, 28 Days Later
Haystack Mountain9105USA-CO222016-02-26 1a2018-09-04 c2 Years, 190 Days Later
Point 1271512715USA-CO222016-08-16 n2017138 Days Later
Messy Ridge12820USA-CO222016-08-16 p2017138 Days Later
Sleet Peak aka Rock Peak12900USA-CO222016-08-16 r2017138 Days Later
Grand Traverse13041USA-CO222016-09-092017-09-21 g1 Year, 12 Days Later
Mount Valhalla13180USA-CO222016-09-092017-09-21 d1 Year, 12 Days Later
Palomino Point13040USA-CO222016-09-092017-09-21 e1 Year, 12 Days Later
North Traverse13079USA-CO222016-09-102018-09-10 h1 Year, 365 Days Later
Climber's Point13005USA-CO222016-09-102019-07-28 b2 Years, 321 Days Later
Mount Solitude13090USA-CO222016-09-102019-07-28 c2 Years, 321 Days Later
Peak G13240USA-CO222016-09-122018-09-24 l2 Years, 12 Days Later
Peak C Prime13080USA-CO222016-09-12 u2016-09-28 b16 Days Later
Pt 1344813448USA-CO222016-09-29 e2018-09-21 f1 Year, 357 Days Later
East Corner12626USA-CO222016-09-29 f2018-09-21 e1 Year, 357 Days Later
Corner Peak12709USA-CO222016-09-29 g2018-09-21 d1 Year, 357 Days Later
Northwest Corner12663USA-CO222016-09-29 h2018-09-21 c1 Year, 357 Days Later
Cataract Point12420USA-CO222016-09-29 i2018-09-21 b1 Year, 357 Days Later
Meridian Peak12426USA-CO222016-09-29 j2018-09-21 a1 Year, 357 Days Later
East Eagles Nest13099USA-CO222016-10-09 a2018-02-27 b1 Year, 141 Days Later
Eagles Nest13400USA-CO222016-10-09 b2018-02-27 b1 Year, 141 Days Later
Deming Mountain12902USA-CO222017-01-29 j2017-03-0939 Days Later
Peak 1235812358USA-CO222017-06-03 1c2019-02-25 i1 Year, 267 Days Later
Can Surmount Tower12790USA-CO222017-07-09 a2018-01-19 d194 Days Later
East Thorn13333USA-CO222017-07-09 b2018-01-19 c194 Days Later
Rain Peak13130USA-CO222017-07-09 d2018-01-19 a194 Days Later
Snow Peak13024USA-CO222017-09-21 b2018-01-05106 Days Later
Gold Hill11920USA-CO222017-09-29 g2017-10-15 h16 Days Later
Mount Tweto13672USA-CO222017-10-29 j2017-11-12 b14 Days Later
Point 13,865'13865USA-CO222017-10-29 k2017-11-12 c14 Days Later
Booth Mountain12163USA-CO222018-08-31 c2018-09-29 e29 Days Later
Point 1219512195USA-CO222018-08-31 d2018-09-29 f29 Days Later
Peak 1032510325USA-CO222018-09-202018-09-3010 Days Later
Guyselman Mountain13140USA-CO122018-03-07 b2018-03-07 eSame Day
The Fly12550USA-CO122018-09-29 b2018-09-29 dSame Day
Hassell Peak13215USA-CO122018-11-22 e2018-11-22 gSame Day

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