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Multiple Ascent List for Bob Packard

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Humphreys Peak12633USA-AZ27271968-072008-09-0940 Years, 70 Days Later
Mount Baldy11403USA-AZ551975-03 a31992-11 a217 Years, 245 Days Later
Kendrick Peak10418USA-AZ441969-04 a12010-11-0541 Years, 218 Days Later
SP Mountain7021USA-AZ441973-06 a52017-04-0243 Years, 305 Days Later
East Pocket Knob7196USA-AZ441976-02 a12002-01-2125 Years, 354 Days Later
Promontory Lookout7931USA-AZ441994-052008-09-1114 Years, 133 Days Later
Peak 21102110USA-AZ442000-03-042015-11-0415 Years, 245 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT331961-061995-08 a534 Years, 61 Days Later
Hochderffer Hills9160USA-AZ331971-071977-015 Years, 184 Days Later
Wilson Mountain7122USA-AZ331972-11 a11978-01 a15 Years, 61 Days Later
Mount Baldy - North Peak11400USA-AZ331975-03 a31992-1017 Years, 214 Days Later
White Mountain Peak14246USA-CA331982-07 a42005-11-0223 Years, 124 Days Later
Black Mesa4973USA-OK331985-08 a12013-05-1027 Years, 282 Days Later
Mount Sunflower4039USA-KS331985-08 a22002-09-1717 Years, 47 Days Later
Panorama Point5429USA-NE331987-07 e42002-06-2914 Years, 363 Days Later
Baker Butte8077USA-AZ331992-11 c92008-09-1115 Years, 315 Days Later
Hoosier Hill1257USA-IN331993-06 a92006-06-2513 Years, 24 Days Later
Timms Hill1951USA-WI331993-06 b22008-06-1515 Years, 14 Days Later
Myrtle Point7920USA-AZ331994-052008-09-1114 Years, 133 Days Later
Bull Mountain9934USA-UT331998-09 a82008-06-249 Years, 297 Days Later
Peak 26802680USA-AZ331999-02-012001-02-172 Years, 16 Days Later
Peak 61606160USA-AZ331999-03-252005-04-136 Years, 19 Days Later
Peak 23272327USA-AZ332000-03-042005-02-274 Years, 360 Days Later
Peak 26202620USA-AZ332003-02-202017-04-1814 Years, 57 Days Later
Richman Mountain7640USA-TX2200002015-04-01Unknown
Northeast Cicero Peak6240USA-SD2200002017-08-23Unknown
Peak 719719USA-CA2200002019-07-22Unknown
Navajo Point Benchmark7498USA-AZ2200002016-12-26Unknown
Mount Greylock3487USA-MA221944-081995-06 c650 Years, 304 Days Later
Katahdin5268USA-ME221958-061985-08 a627 Years, 61 Days Later
Mount Washington6288USA-NH221961-072016-07-1955 Years, 18 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain4240USA-ME221964-09 a11993-06 a428 Years, 273 Days Later
Spaulding Mountain4000USA-ME221964-09 a21993-06 a528 Years, 273 Days Later
Killington Peak4235USA-VT221967-05 a11998-06 a131 Years, 31 Days Later
Sunset Crater8039USA-AZ221968-09 a21971-082 Years, 334 Days Later
Elden Mountain9299USA-AZ221968-09-011988-1120 Years, 61 Days Later
Mount Eolus14084USA-CO221970-081986-08 a616 Years, 0 Days Later
Agassiz Peak12356USA-AZ221970-10 a21972-12 a22 Years, 61 Days Later
Casner Mountain6836USA-AZ221971-02 a41975-12 a84 Years, 303 Days Later
Loy Butte5680USA-AZ221971-02 a51987-1216 Years, 303 Days Later
Slate Mountain8215USA-AZ221971-06 a21990-07 d419 Years, 30 Days Later
Fremont Peak11969USA-AZ221971-12 a11978-076 Years, 212 Days Later
Doyle Peak11460USA-AZ221971-12 a21976-07 a74 Years, 213 Days Later
Fossil Mountain6729USA-AZ221974-051989-0314 Years, 304 Days Later
Mount Wilson14246USA-CO221974-071976-07 a42 Years, 0 Days Later
Uncompahgre Peak14309USA-CO221974-08 a21977-07 a72 Years, 334 Days Later
Mount Sneffels14150USA-CO221975-07 a21988-08 b313 Years, 31 Days Later
Dry Lake Hills8843USA-AZ221975-12 a61992-0716 Years, 213 Days Later
Culebra Peak14047USA-CO221977-07 a81990-07 d312 Years, 365 Days Later
Blanca Peak14345USA-CO221977-07 b11996-08 d319 Years, 31 Days Later
Little Bear Peak14037USA-CO221977-07 b21996-08 d519 Years, 31 Days Later
Crestone Peak14294USA-CO221977-07 b61996-08 a219 Years, 31 Days Later
Mount Princeton14197USA-CO221977-07 c21994-08 c417 Years, 31 Days Later
Mount Elbert14433USA-CO221977-08 a21994-08 b916 Years, 365 Days Later
Mount Sherman14036USA-CO221977-08 a81987-07 b59 Years, 334 Days Later
Whites Butte4871USA-AZ221977-091988-0410 Years, 213 Days Later
Mount Yale14196USA-CO221978-08 a11994-08 c616 Years, 0 Days Later
Pico de Orizaba18491Mexico-Pue/Ver221978-12 a31979-12 a1365 Days Later
Capitol Peak14130USA-CO221979-07 a11993-08 b814 Years, 31 Days Later
Mount Spalding13842USA-CO221979-08 a51987-07 e27 Years, 334 Days Later
Mount Massive14421USA-CO221979-08 a71990-07 c210 Years, 334 Days Later
Apache Maid Mountain7307USA-AZ221979-092011-02-1531 Years, 167 Days Later
San Luis Peak14014USA-CO221981-07 a41997-07 c316 Years, 0 Days Later
Sierra Blanca Peak11973USA-NM221982-08 a51998-10 b816 Years, 61 Days Later
Mount Graham10720USA-AZ221983-111992-06 c38 Years, 213 Days Later
Horseshoe Mesa5246USA-AZ221984-061988-033 Years, 274 Days Later
Oza Butte8068USA-AZ221984-06 b81995-0610 Years, 365 Days Later
Cheaha Mountain2405USA-AL221985-08 b12002-04-0916 Years, 251 Days Later
Black Diamond Peak7146USA-AZ221985-112000-04-0714 Years, 158 Days Later
Mount Rainier14411USA-WA221986-07 a81988-07 a82 Years, 0 Days Later
Monte Vista Peak9357USA-AZ221987-01 a71993-03 a76 Years, 59 Days Later
Greenlee County High Point9441USA-AZ221987-061994-06 b27 Years, 0 Days Later
Escudilla Mountain10912USA-AZ221987-06 a92016-10-0829 Years, 129 Days Later
Black Elk Peak7231USA-SD221987-07 e52002-06-0214 Years, 336 Days Later
Lassen Peak10457USA-CA221987-08 a42000-08-0113 Years, 0 Days Later
Black Mesa High Point8168USA-AZ221987-08 b22001-11-0314 Years, 94 Days Later
Peak 80988098USA-AZ221987-08 b32001-11-0314 Years, 94 Days Later
Grand Canyon National Park High Point9179USA-AZ221987-092003-10-2716 Years, 56 Days Later
Doe Mountain5067USA-AZ221987-12 a12011-03-1023 Years, 99 Days Later
Signal Peak4877USA-AZ221988-01 a21998-02 b210 Years, 31 Days Later
Table Mountain6158USA-AZ221988-04 a22002-12-2514 Years, 268 Days Later
Dinwoody Peak13480USA-WY221988-07 b62005-08-1117 Years, 41 Days Later
Peak 61206120USA-AZ221988-102000-04-0111 Years, 183 Days Later
Mount Kenya - Point Lenana16335Kenya221989-01 5b1989-01 6aSame Day
White Butte3506USA-ND221989-07 a61995-06 b95 Years, 335 Days Later
Bald Mountain11943USA-UT221989-08 a71997-08 d58 Years, 0 Days Later
Grizzly Peak13738USA-CO221989-09 b91997-08 b47 Years, 334 Days Later
Rice Peak - North Ridge7280USA-AZ221989-12 b32000-11-1310 Years, 348 Days Later
Mount Lemmon9157USA-AZ221989-12 b52000-11-1410 Years, 349 Days Later
Peak 90629062USA-AZ221992-101995-11 c83 Years, 31 Days Later
Peak 90629062USA-AZ221992-10 b21995-113 Years, 31 Days Later
Horseshoe Hill8269USA-AZ221992-11 c22016-09-2623 Years, 330 Days Later
Fern Mountain8772USA-AZ221992-11 c52003-10-1910 Years, 352 Days Later
Peak 81608160USA-AZ221993-03 a51998-10 b15 Years, 214 Days Later
Jerimoth Hill812USA-RI221993-05 b21995-06 c72 Years, 31 Days Later
North Brother4151USA-ME221993-05 b31993-05 b4Same Day
Mount Arvon1979USA-MI221993-06 b32008-06-1415 Years, 13 Days Later
Mount Curwood1978USA-MI221993-06 b42008-06-1415 Years, 13 Days Later
Eagle Mountain2301USA-MN221993-06 b52008-06-1315 Years, 12 Days Later
Hawkeye Point1670USA-IA221993-06 b61995-06 c21 Year, 365 Days Later
Peak 1296812968USA-CO221993-09 a91995-08 b91 Year, 334 Days Later
Lambertson Peak13209USA-CO221993-09 b42003-09-1810 Years, 17 Days Later
West Mountain Peak7680USA-UT221993-10 b62012-11-2519 Years, 55 Days Later
McCracken Mountains High Point3926USA-AZ221993-11 b11998-034 Years, 120 Days Later
Black Mountain3008USA-AZ221993-12 d22005-12-2212 Years, 21 Days Later
Santan Mountains High Point3104USA-AZ221994-012000-01-206 Years, 19 Days Later
Peak 91809180USA-AZ221994-051995-11 d41 Year, 184 Days Later
Peak 79937993USA-AZ221994-05 c51995-01 c1245 Days Later
Peak 92519251USA-AZ221994-05 e21994-07 a461 Days Later
Peak 1312313123USA-CO221994-071999-09-045 Years, 65 Days Later
Hermit Peak13350USA-CO221994-07 b42002-09-168 Years, 77 Days Later
Boskoff Peak13123USA-CO221994-07 c71999-09-045 Years, 65 Days Later
Peak 1315313153USA-CO221994-07 d32003-09-149 Years, 75 Days Later
Peak 31323132USA-AZ221995-031995-0431 Days Later
Aubrey Peak2953USA-AZ221995-03 b41995-04 a731 Days Later
Sheep Mesa3132USA-AZ221995-03 b51995-04 a931 Days Later
Taum Sauk Mountain1772USA-MO221995-06 c42003-05-047 Years, 337 Days Later
Goat Hill2526USA-AZ221995-112016-12-2821 Years, 57 Days Later
Guadalupe Mountains Peak 51785178USA-AZ221995-12 b42018-11-1922 Years, 353 Days Later
Peak 32353235USA-AZ221996-01 a72014-03-1118 Years, 69 Days Later
East End4067USA-AZ221996-01 c22011-02-0515 Years, 35 Days Later
Sierra Estrella High Point4512USA-AZ221996-05 b51996-05 b6Same Day
Peak 1301013010USA-CO221996-07 a52007-09-1911 Years, 80 Days Later
Peak 1316213162USA-CO221996-07 b12006-09-1310 Years, 74 Days Later
Peak 1323213232USA-CO221996-08 f21998-08 b71 Year, 365 Days Later
Red Peak13189USA-CO221996-08 f52007-09-2311 Years, 53 Days Later
Peak 26602660USA-AZ221997-03 a21999-01-201 Year, 325 Days Later
Peak 65736573USA-AZ221997-03 a71998-04 d51 Year, 31 Days Later
Peak 22362236USA-AZ221997-042005-04-268 Years, 25 Days Later
Peak 17411741USA-AZ221997-04 a62013-12-2916 Years, 272 Days Later
Peak 22362236USA-AZ221997-04 a72005-04-268 Years, 25 Days Later
Peak 20942094USA-AZ221997-04 a92013-12-0916 Years, 252 Days Later
Peak 30923092USA-AZ221997-04 b72021-11-1024 Years, 223 Days Later
Murdock Mountain - West Slope10840USA-UT221997-08 d31997-08 d4Same Day
Kane County High Point10080USA-UT221997-10 a11997-10 a4Same Day
Peak 78407840USA-AZ221998-01 a41998-11 a1304 Days Later
Peak 41604160USA-AZ221998-02 a62009-01-0510 Years, 339 Days Later
Peak 42004200USA-AZ221998-02 a82009-01-0510 Years, 339 Days Later
Peak 28002800USA-AZ221998-02-202009-12-2311 Years, 306 Days Later
Peak 35403540USA-AZ221998-032000-03-032 Years, 2 Days Later
Peak 50265026USA-AZ221998-03 c62011-11-1513 Years, 259 Days Later
Peak 31653165USA-AZ221998-03 c72021-11-0823 Years, 252 Days Later
Peak 48754875USA-AZ221998-03 c82011-02-0812 Years, 344 Days Later
Peak 18601860USA-AZ221998-04 b52005-02-276 Years, 332 Days Later
Peak 47204720USA-AZ221998-04 c31998-04 c5Same Day
McKnight Mountain10165USA-NM221998-05 b41998-05 b5Same Day
Luciano Mesa5580USA-NM221998-05 c82008-11-3010 Years, 213 Days Later
Carrizo Mountain - East Slope5280USA-CO221998-05 d32002-09-204 Years, 142 Days Later
Two Buttes4711USA-CO221998-05 d42002-09-204 Years, 142 Days Later
Cape Lookoff Mountain3360USA-VT221998-06 e12019-06-2521 Years, 24 Days Later
Mount Horrid3216USA-VT221998-06 e22019-06-2521 Years, 24 Days Later
W Butte4450USA-MT221998-08 c92002-07-103 Years, 343 Days Later
Cement Ridge6674USA-WY221998-08 d21998-08 d3Same Day
Peak 27402740USA-AZ221999-01-222000-11-161 Year, 299 Days Later
Peak 61116111USA-AZ221999-01-292001-10-252 Years, 269 Days Later
Peak 26502650USA-AZ221999-02-032000-03-301 Year, 56 Days Later
Peak 30303030USA-AZ221999-02-042017-11-2918 Years, 298 Days Later
Peak 74197419USA-AZ221999-02-172013-11-0414 Years, 260 Days Later
Peak 41604160USA-AZ221999-03-142009-01-059 Years, 297 Days Later
Peak 77607760USA-AZ221999-03-262002-11-213 Years, 240 Days Later
Phillips County High Point4110USA-CO221999-04-112002-06-283 Years, 78 Days Later
Peak 1352013520USA-CO221999-09-042000-06-30300 Days Later
Peak 1352013520USA-CO221999-09-042000-06-30300 Days Later
Mount Davidson925USA-CA221999-10-072019-07-2319 Years, 289 Days Later
Peak 71207120USA-AZ222000-01-192000-02-1729 Days Later
Peak 71207120USA-AZ222000-01-192000-02-1729 Days Later
Peak 22102210USA-AZ222000-02-082013-02-2213 Years, 14 Days Later
Scarface Mountain2546USA-AZ222000-02-092008-12-248 Years, 319 Days Later
Peak 42094209USA-AZ222000-02-152001-04-101 Year, 54 Days Later
Peak 24342434USA-AZ222000-03-042003-02-212 Years, 354 Days Later
Peak 24342434USA-AZ222000-03-042003-02-212 Years, 354 Days Later
Peak 21002100USA-AZ222000-03-042003-02-212 Years, 354 Days Later
Peak 23262326USA-AZ222000-04-142004-02-183 Years, 310 Days Later
Peak 24252425USA-AZ222000-04-162004-02-193 Years, 309 Days Later
Peak 26512651USA-AZ222000-04-162001-02-17307 Days Later
Peak 21802180USA-AZ222000-04-172005-02-224 Years, 311 Days Later
Porcupine Mountain6525USA-AZ222000-05-192001-01-03229 Days Later
White Pocket6128USA-AZ222000-05-312001-04-21325 Days Later
Garns Mountain9016USA-ID222000-09-082000-09-091 Day Later
Lake of the Woods County High Point1315USA-MN222000-09-172002-07-031 Year, 289 Days Later
Peak 38593859USA-AZ222001-02-122013-03-2612 Years, 42 Days Later
Peak 21442144USA-AZ222001-02-182013-03-0512 Years, 15 Days Later
Peak 21762176USA-AZ222001-02-182015-02-0913 Years, 356 Days Later
Peak 62056205USA-AZ222001-03-032011-10-2410 Years, 235 Days Later
Herkimer County High Point2697USA-NY222001-05-312002-05-10344 Days Later
Grandfather Mountain5946USA-NC222001-06-152002-04-18307 Days Later
Fulton County High Point1280USA-GA222001-06-212002-04-12295 Days Later
Stratford Hill4971USA-MT222001-08-282002-07-15321 Days Later
Peak 72117211USA-AZ222001-10-282011-01-069 Years, 70 Days Later
Peak 17221722USA-AZ222001-12-052004-11-282 Years, 359 Days Later
Kofa Butte3247USA-AZ222002-02-142003-02-201 Year, 6 Days Later
Laurel Top - Southwest Ridge5000USA-NC/TN222002-04-152002-04-161 Day Later
Big Junction5360USA-NC/TN222002-04-152002-04-161 Day Later
Gravel Knob4852USA-NC/TN222002-04-202002-04-211 Day Later
Mount Matumbla2688USA-NY222002-05-092002-05-123 Days Later
Pearson Hill1951USA-WI222002-05-252008-06-156 Years, 21 Days Later
Wildcat Hills4940USA-NE222002-06-292003-08-151 Year, 47 Days Later
Pusch Peak5361USA-AZ222002-12-272008-12-095 Years, 348 Days Later
Peak 18801880USA-AZ222003-01-152016-01-1512 Years, 365 Days Later
Peak 21302130USA-AZ222003-02-222014-03-1011 Years, 16 Days Later
Pinnacle Northeast1480USA-MO222003-05-022007-04-233 Years, 356 Days Later
Hare Mountain2393USA-AR222003-05-022019-07-0516 Years, 64 Days Later
Bryson Mountain3129USA-TN222003-05-132003-05-196 Days Later
Cuyahoga Valley National Park High Point1170USA-OH222003-06-052006-06-243 Years, 19 Days Later
Peak 1320313203USA-CO222003-09-112014-09-0310 Years, 357 Days Later
Edmunds County High Point2110USA-SD222003-10-062005-06-021 Year, 239 Days Later
Hughes County High Point2050USA-SD222003-10-072005-06-031 Year, 239 Days Later
Medicine Benchmark2262USA-SD222003-10-072005-06-031 Year, 239 Days Later
Walworth County High Point2230USA-SD222003-10-072005-06-021 Year, 238 Days Later
Bennett County High Point3638USA-SD222003-10-082003-10-091 Day Later
Peak 27992799USA-AZ222004-02-202008-03-044 Years, 13 Days Later
Peak 23212321USA-AZ222004-11-152011-02-226 Years, 99 Days Later
Papago Mountain2141USA-AZ222005-03-242009-01-093 Years, 291 Days Later
Peak 27472747USA-AZ222005-04-252013-02-137 Years, 294 Days Later
Blue Mound1330USA-MO222005-05-222005-05-231 Day Later
Bon Homme County High Point1900USA-SD222005-05-292005-06-046 Days Later
Douglas County High Point1800USA-SD222005-05-292005-06-046 Days Later
Waters Hill2035USA-SD222005-05-302007-04-111 Year, 316 Days Later
Peak 1224412244USA-CO222005-09-162005-09-215 Days Later
Coronado Mountain7503USA-AZ222005-10-102005-12-1465 Days Later
South Sacramento Mountains High Point9695USA-NM222005-11-152006-05-15181 Days Later
Little Cat Mountain3310USA-AZ222006-01-252017-12-0111 Years, 310 Days Later
Red Mountain Lookout6373USA-AZ222006-02-012010-02-014 Years, 0 Days Later
Peak 54665466USA-AZ222006-02-282011-03-265 Years, 26 Days Later
Audrain County High Point950USA-MO222006-06-282007-04-19295 Days Later
Lancaster County High Point1520USA-NE222007-04-102007-04-166 Days Later
Pierce County High Point1910USA-NE222007-04-132007-04-141 Day Later
Thorny Mountain1359USA-MO222007-04-212007-04-221 Day Later
Tom Green County High Point2600USA-TX222007-05-242007-05-251 Day Later
Coke County High Point2609USA-TX222007-05-262008-04-25335 Days Later
Pyramid Peak9983USA-CA222007-08-022008-05-08280 Days Later
Peak 23102310USA-AZ222008-02-132016-01-177 Years, 338 Days Later
Canaan Peak9293USA-UT222008-10-272014-10-155 Years, 353 Days Later
Tortugas Mountain4931USA-NM222014-11-222019-11-295 Years, 7 Days Later
Shepherd Mountain2414USA-AR222015-09-242019-07-053 Years, 284 Days Later
Candler Mountain - North Summit1180USA-AL122002-04-092002-04-09Same Day

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