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Multiple Ascent List for Brandon Girard

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Morrow Mountain900USA-NC17172017-09-252023-02-20 g5 Years, 148 Days Later
Bluff Mountain3720USA-NC13132017-07-072023-01-21 d5 Years, 198 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain858USA-NC13132017-09-252023-02-20 e5 Years, 148 Days Later
Mount Mitchell6684USA-NC12122017-06-032023-03-05 c5 Years, 275 Days Later
Moores Knob2579USA-NC12122017-10-022022-12-10 g5 Years, 69 Days Later
The Pinnacle5665USA-NC12122019-11-162023-01-01 g3 Years, 46 Days Later
Tennent Mountain6040USA-NC11112017-07-012022-10-09 e5 Years, 100 Days Later
Black Balsam Knob6214USA-NC11112017-07-012022-10-09 f5 Years, 100 Days Later
Little Long Mountain925USA-NC11112018-03-312022-12-24 d4 Years, 268 Days Later
Stone Mountain2305USA-NC992017-07-052022-11-28 c5 Years, 146 Days Later
Wolf Rock2024USA-NC992017-07-052022-12-10 b5 Years, 158 Days Later
Wolf Rock2041USA-NC992017-08-152022-11-28 d5 Years, 105 Days Later
Pilot Mountain5080USA-NC992020-01-012023-02-18 b3 Years, 48 Days Later
Winter Star Mountain6203USA-NC882017-08-052022-07-17 f4 Years, 346 Days Later
Hattaway Mountain830USA-NC882017-09-292023-02-20 b5 Years, 144 Days Later
Cooks Wall2380USA-NC882018-01-012022-12-10 d4 Years, 343 Days Later
Crowders Mountain1580USA-NC882018-01-122023-03-115 Years, 58 Days Later
Little Pisgah Mountain5280USA-NC882020-01-122022-12-29 b2 Years, 351 Days Later
Candler Knob4548USA-NC882020-01-122022-12-29 d2 Years, 351 Days Later
Cattail Peak6600USA-NC772017-06-032022-04-02 b4 Years, 303 Days Later
Balsam Cone6600USA-NC772017-06-032022-07-17 d5 Years, 44 Days Later
Grassy Cove Top6040USA-NC772017-07-012023-02-18 e5 Years, 232 Days Later
Bell Knob2600USA-NC772017-07-072023-01-21 h5 Years, 198 Days Later
Flat Rock Knob2965USA-NC772017-07-072023-01-21 g5 Years, 198 Days Later
Potato Hill6475USA-NC772017-08-052022-07-17 e4 Years, 346 Days Later
Hanging Rock2160USA-NC772017-08-152022-12-10 a5 Years, 117 Days Later
Fall Mountain740USA-NC772017-09-292023-02-20 a5 Years, 144 Days Later
Sam Knob6040USA-NC772017-10-062022-06-04 f4 Years, 241 Days Later
Blackstock Knob6320USA-NC772017-11-112023-01-01 a5 Years, 51 Days Later
Graybeard Mountain5360USA-NC772018-06-042022-11-23 c4 Years, 172 Days Later
Rocky Knob South5240USA-NC772019-02-242022-08-07 g3 Years, 164 Days Later
Mill Mountain525USA-NC772019-04-062023-02-20 c3 Years, 320 Days Later
Mount Pisgah5721USA-NC772019-06-302022-12-29 c3 Years, 182 Days Later
Little Bald Mountain5280USA-NC772019-06-302022-12-29 e3 Years, 182 Days Later
Chestnut Mountain3680USA-NC772020-01-012023-02-18 c3 Years, 48 Days Later
Sassafras Knob4938USA-NC772020-01-012023-02-18 a3 Years, 48 Days Later
Big Tom6560USA-NC662017-06-032022-07-17 b5 Years, 44 Days Later
Mount Craig6647USA-NC662017-06-032022-07-17 a5 Years, 44 Days Later
Round Bald5800USA-NC/TN662017-06-182022-09-26 c5 Years, 100 Days Later
Jane Bald5800USA-NC/TN662017-06-182022-09-26 c5 Years, 100 Days Later
Shortoff Mountain3000USA-NC662017-07-152022-10-155 Years, 92 Days Later
Pine Mountain5526USA-VA662017-12-032022-10-23 c4 Years, 324 Days Later
Rainbow Mountain3320USA-NC662018-06-042022-02-21 o3 Years, 262 Days Later
Big Slaty5240USA-NC662018-06-042022-08-07 b4 Years, 64 Days Later
Brushy Mountain3879USA-NC662018-06-042022-02-21 l3 Years, 262 Days Later
Lookout Mountain3760USA-NC662018-06-042022-02-21 n3 Years, 262 Days Later
Buzzard Rock5080USA-VA662018-11-232023-03-304 Years, 127 Days Later
Snooks Nose3640USA-NC662019-03-102023-03-05 f3 Years, 360 Days Later
Green Knob5080USA-NC662019-03-102023-03-05 e3 Years, 360 Days Later
Balsam Mountain - Elk Garden Knob4604USA-VA662019-08-312023-03-303 Years, 211 Days Later
Devils Chimney2396USA-NC662019-10-262022-12-10 e3 Years, 45 Days Later
House Rock2139USA-NC662019-10-262022-12-10 c3 Years, 45 Days Later
Wildcat Rock3760USA-NC662019-11-252023-01-21 b3 Years, 57 Days Later
Potato Knob6400USA-NC662019-11-292022-08-27 c2 Years, 271 Days Later
Scott Ridge3762USA-NC662019-12-212022-10-302 Years, 313 Days Later
John Rock Peak3320USA-NC662020-01-012022-07-23 a2 Years, 203 Days Later
Rich Mountain3574USA-NC662020-01-012022-07-23 c2 Years, 203 Days Later
Sassafras Mountain3554USA-NC/SC662020-01-192023-02-05 e3 Years, 17 Days Later
Chestnut Knob2291USA-NC552017-05-272021-12-19 e4 Years, 206 Days Later
Maple Camp Bald5613USA-NC552017-06-032022-07-17 c5 Years, 44 Days Later
Commissary Hill5782USA-NC552017-06-032023-03-05 d5 Years, 275 Days Later
Shining Rock6000USA-NC552017-06-072022-10-09 a5 Years, 124 Days Later
Cloudland Mountain6200USA-NC/TN552017-06-182022-09-26 e5 Years, 100 Days Later
Brooks Knob3310USA-NC552017-07-072022-02-06 f4 Years, 214 Days Later
Tablerock3920USA-NC552017-07-152022-03-05 e4 Years, 233 Days Later
The Chimneys3557USA-NC552017-07-152021-07-10 c3 Years, 360 Days Later
Celo Knob6327USA-NC552017-08-052022-04-02 h4 Years, 240 Days Later
Percys Peak6200USA-NC552017-08-052022-04-02 g4 Years, 240 Days Later
Devils Courthouse5720USA-NC552017-10-062022-06-04 c4 Years, 241 Days Later
The Pinnacle1690USA-NC552018-01-122022-09-11 g4 Years, 242 Days Later
Dennis Mountain732USA-NC552018-03-042023-02-11 c4 Years, 344 Days Later
Stomping Knob4320USA-NC552018-06-042022-08-07 e4 Years, 64 Days Later
Little Slaty4840USA-NC552018-06-042022-08-07 c4 Years, 64 Days Later
Brushy Knob4160USA-NC552018-06-042022-08-07 f4 Years, 64 Days Later
Forked Ridge Knob4560USA-NC552018-06-042022-08-07 d4 Years, 64 Days Later
Walker Knob4760USA-NC552018-06-042021-07-17 h3 Years, 43 Days Later
Rocky Head4000USA-NC552018-06-042022-02-21 k3 Years, 262 Days Later
King Mountain1020USA-NC552018-06-092021-06-06 b2 Years, 362 Days Later
Hawksbill Mountain4020USA-NC552018-12-182022-12-04 c3 Years, 351 Days Later
Grandfather Mountain5946USA-NC552019-01-062022-10-28 a3 Years, 295 Days Later
Benn Knob2880USA-NC552019-03-162022-12-18 b3 Years, 277 Days Later
Dogwood Stamp Mountain2520USA-NC552019-03-162022-12-18 a3 Years, 277 Days Later
Table Rock3124USA-SC552019-03-302022-07-313 Years, 123 Days Later
Tater Top Mountain650USA-NC552019-04-062023-02-20 d3 Years, 320 Days Later
Waterrock Knob6292USA-NC552019-09-152022-07-08 c2 Years, 296 Days Later
Mount Sterling5842USA-NC552019-12-152022-05-28 c2 Years, 164 Days Later
Seniard Mountain5052USA-NC552020-03-21 c2022-06-04 h2 Years, 75 Days Later
Bald Knob3495USA-NC552020-05-02 b2023-01-07 a2 Years, 250 Days Later
Lane Pinnacle5230USA-NC552020-05-16 a2022-09-18 d2 Years, 125 Days Later
Wolfden Knob4960USA-NC552020-05-16 b2022-09-18 e2 Years, 125 Days Later
Bull Mountain4840USA-NC552020-05-16 c2022-09-18 f2 Years, 125 Days Later
Buck Mountain845USA-NC552020-07-262022-12-24 e2 Years, 151 Days Later
Cold Mountain6030USA-NC442017-06-072022-10-09 d5 Years, 124 Days Later
Stairs Mountain5880USA-NC442017-06-072022-10-09 b5 Years, 124 Days Later
Old Butt Knob5525USA-NC442017-08-202021-05-31 b3 Years, 284 Days Later
Dog Loser Knob5761USA-NC442017-08-202021-05-31 a3 Years, 284 Days Later
Chestnut Bald6000USA-NC442017-10-062021-05-31 g3 Years, 237 Days Later
Silvermine Bald5960USA-NC442017-10-062021-06-19 f3 Years, 256 Days Later
Point Misery5715USA-NC442017-11-112023-01-01 c5 Years, 51 Days Later
Little Butt5600USA-NC442017-11-112023-01-01 d5 Years, 51 Days Later
Brush Fence Ridge5480USA-NC442017-11-112023-01-01 b5 Years, 51 Days Later
Mount Rogers5729USA-VA442017-12-032022-06-12 a4 Years, 191 Days Later
Pilot Mountain2421USA-NC442018-01-062021-03-12 a3 Years, 65 Days Later
Coolers Knob Mountain945USA-NC442018-04-082020-11-08 c2 Years, 214 Days Later
Boggs Bunion3887USA-NC442018-06-042022-02-21 m3 Years, 262 Days Later
Gingercake Mountain4120USA-NC442018-12-182022-12-04 a3 Years, 351 Days Later
Sitting Bear Mountain4095USA-NC442018-12-182022-12-04 b3 Years, 351 Days Later
Bald Knob2858USA-NC442019-03-302021-11-06 b2 Years, 221 Days Later
Pinnacle Mountain3425USA-SC442019-03-302022-07-313 Years, 123 Days Later
Big Bald5280USA-NC442019-06-302022-12-29 f3 Years, 182 Days Later
Horse Ridge2646USA-NC442019-07-132022-12-18 d3 Years, 158 Days Later
Kings Mountain Boulder Peak1180USA-NC442019-07-272023-03-11 b3 Years, 227 Days Later
Stone Mountain4940USA-VA442019-08-312022-10-23 b3 Years, 53 Days Later
Hump Mountain5587USA-NC442019-09-222022-09-27 a3 Years, 5 Days Later
Little Hump Mountain5440USA-NC/TN442019-09-222022-09-27 b3 Years, 5 Days Later
Yellow Mountain5400USA-TN442019-09-22 c2022-09-26 c3 Years, 4 Days Later
Commissary Ridge6640USA-NC442019-11-11 c2022-03-19 d2 Years, 128 Days Later
Flat Rock Ridge3120USA-NC442019-11-252023-01-21 f3 Years, 57 Days Later
Mount Gibbes6520USA-NC442019-11-292023-03-05 b3 Years, 96 Days Later
Cammerer Ridge5042USA-NC/TN442019-12-152022-05-28 b2 Years, 164 Days Later
Cove Mountain - Dragons Tooth3050USA-VA442019-12-242022-05-19 a2 Years, 146 Days Later
McAfee Knob3197USA-VA442019-12-242022-05-18 d2 Years, 145 Days Later
Buckwheat Knob4009USA-NC442020-01-052022-06-26 b2 Years, 172 Days Later
Coontree Mountain3488USA-NC442020-01-052022-06-26 c2 Years, 172 Days Later
Clawhammer Mountain4120USA-NC442020-01-052022-11-13 a2 Years, 312 Days Later
Craggy Gardens5680USA-NC442020-01-26 b2022-04-10 h2 Years, 74 Days Later
Mount Ambler6120USA-NC/TN442020-02-23 a2021-08-21 a1 Year, 179 Days Later
Hickorynut Mountain3483USA-SC442020-03-072023-02-05 d2 Years, 335 Days Later
carroll gap mountain3560USA-NC442020-04-11 f2023-03-262 Years, 349 Days Later
Beacon Heights4360USA-NC442020-04-26 b2023-01-282 Years, 277 Days Later
Dobson Knob3680USA-NC442020-05-02 a2023-01-07 c2 Years, 250 Days Later
Pinnacle2800USA-NC442020-05-02 c2023-01-07 b2 Years, 250 Days Later
Dark Mountain953USA-NC442020-05-20 c2022-12-24 c2 Years, 218 Days Later
Snowball Mountain5360USA-NC442020-05-23 f2022-09-18 b2 Years, 118 Days Later
Calloway Peak - East Summit5945USA-NC442020-09-26 d2022-10-28 b2 Years, 32 Days Later
Cedar Rock1763USA-NC442020-10-242021-11-21 f1 Year, 28 Days Later
Ravens Call5174USA-NC442020-12-062022-09-18 c1 Year, 286 Days Later
One Tree Hill3760USA-NC442021-09-112023-01-21 c1 Year, 132 Days Later
Glass Rock Knob4880USA-NC442021-11-24 a2023-01-01 f1 Year, 38 Days Later
Mount Washington6288USA-NH332016-05-032017-05-231 Year, 20 Days Later
Roan High Knob6285USA-NC/TN332017-06-182022-09-26 f5 Years, 100 Days Later
Grassy Ridge Bald6160USA-NC332017-06-182021-05-02 c3 Years, 318 Days Later
Roan High Bluff6267USA-NC332017-06-182019-09-212 Years, 95 Days Later
Wilburn Ridge5520USA-VA332017-12-032022-06-12 c4 Years, 191 Days Later
Gibbs Mountain6200USA-NC332018-04-302022-04-02 f3 Years, 337 Days Later
Whitetop Mountain5520USA-VA332018-11-232021-06-05 c2 Years, 194 Days Later
Rocky Knob3572USA-VA332019-06-232021-11-07 a2 Years, 137 Days Later
Grassy Knoll3480USA-VA332019-06-232021-11-07 b2 Years, 137 Days Later
Fryingpan Mountain5320USA-NC332019-06-302022-12-29 g3 Years, 182 Days Later
Kings Mountain1327USA-NC332019-07-272021-09-26 b2 Years, 61 Days Later
Mount Lyn Lowry6240USA-NC332019-09-152021-12-26 c2 Years, 102 Days Later
Browning Knob6240USA-NC332019-09-152021-12-26 b2 Years, 102 Days Later
Yellow Face6032USA-NC332019-09-152022-07-08 b2 Years, 296 Days Later
Fork Ridge5960USA-NC332019-09-152021-12-26 d2 Years, 102 Days Later
Little Rock Knob4920USA-NC/TN332019-09-212022-09-26 c3 Years, 5 Days Later
Beartown Mountain5480USA-NC/TN332019-09-212022-09-26 d3 Years, 5 Days Later
Grey Rock2790USA-NC332019-10-062022-11-26 a3 Years, 51 Days Later
Eagle Rock3440USA-NC332019-10-062022-11-26 b3 Years, 51 Days Later
Huckleberry Ridge2440USA-NC332019-10-262022-12-10 f3 Years, 45 Days Later
Rattlesnake Mountain3490USA-NC332019-11-162021-10-10 b1 Year, 328 Days Later
Mout Hardy BM Elevation 61106110USA-NC332019-11-242022-06-04 d2 Years, 192 Days Later
Mount Hardy6120USA-NC332019-11-242022-06-04 e2 Years, 192 Days Later
Fodder Stack3615USA-NC332019-11-252023-01-21 a3 Years, 57 Days Later
Mount Hallback6329USA-NC332019-11-292022-03-19 b2 Years, 110 Days Later
Mount Cammerer4928USA-NC/TN332019-12-152022-05-28 a2 Years, 164 Days Later
Mahogany Rock Mountain3800USA-NC332019-12-212022-03-15 b2 Years, 84 Days Later
Tinker Mountain Peak 24402440USA-VA332019-12-242022-05-18 b2 Years, 145 Days Later
Tinker Cliffs2980USA-VA332019-12-242022-05-18 a2 Years, 145 Days Later
The Narrows5320USA-NC332019-12-282022-10-09 c2 Years, 285 Days Later
Rich Mountain4090USA-NC332020-01-052022-01-15 c2 Years, 10 Days Later
Pine Mountain Middle3680USA-NC332020-01-122022-05-08 f2 Years, 116 Days Later
Pine Mountain West3640USA-NC332020-01-122022-05-08 e2 Years, 116 Days Later
Double Head, East3700USA-NC332020-01-122022-05-08 i2 Years, 116 Days Later
Double Head, West3700USA-NC332020-01-122022-05-08 h2 Years, 116 Days Later
Cold Knob3560USA-NC332020-01-122022-05-08 d2 Years, 116 Days Later
Ferrin Knob4064USA-NC332020-01-122022-05-08 c2 Years, 116 Days Later
Pine Mountain3720USA-NC332020-01-122022-05-08 g2 Years, 116 Days Later
Craggy Dome6080USA-NC332020-01-26 c2022-09-18 a2 Years, 235 Days Later
Lick Mountain820USA-NC332020-02-01 a2023-02-11 b3 Years, 10 Days Later
Clingmans Dome6643USA-NC/TN332020-02-092021-08-28 b1 Year, 200 Days Later
The Jumpoff6105USA-TN332020-02-23 b2021-08-21 c1 Year, 179 Days Later
Mount Kephart6217USA-NC/TN332020-02-23 b2021-08-21 b1 Year, 179 Days Later
Green Knob5056USA-NC332020-03-21 a2022-11-13 b2 Years, 237 Days Later
Fork River Bald5520USA-NC332020-03-21 d2022-06-04 g2 Years, 75 Days Later
Mount Jefferson Overlook3730USA-NC332020-04-04 b2023-01-16 a2 Years, 287 Days Later
The Lump3520USA-NC332020-04-04 c2023-01-16 e2 Years, 287 Days Later
Jumpinoff Rock3341USA-NC332020-04-04 d2023-01-16 b2 Years, 287 Days Later
Thunder Hill3840USA-NC332020-04-18 a2021-06-26 a1 Year, 69 Days Later
Woods Mountain3645USA-NC332020-05-09 a2022-11-202 Years, 195 Days Later
Walker Knob5482USA-NC332020-05-23 c2021-11-01 c1 Year, 162 Days Later
Hawkbill Rock4960USA-NC332020-05-23 g2021-11-01 g1 Year, 162 Days Later
North Daniel876USA-NC332020-06-02 a2023-01-14 a2 Years, 226 Days Later
Beauty Spot4437USA-NC/TN332020-06-15 a2022-09-25 a2 Years, 102 Days Later
Unaka Mountain5180USA-NC/TN332020-06-15 b2022-09-25 b2 Years, 102 Days Later
Hemphill Bald5520USA-NC332020-08-01 a2022-04-24 b1 Year, 266 Days Later
Sheepback Knob5480USA-NC332020-08-01 c2022-04-24 c1 Year, 266 Days Later
Shortoff Mountain - Peak 31613161USA-NC332020-11-29 d2022-10-151 Year, 320 Days Later
Sugarloaf-West766USA-NC332020-12-19 b2023-02-20 f2 Years, 63 Days Later
Catawba Mountain - Peak 23722372USA-VA332020-12-27 a2022-05-18 c1 Year, 142 Days Later
Stone Mountain - South Peak4800USA-VA332021-06-05 g2023-03-301 Year, 298 Days Later
Mount Monadnock3150USA-NH222016-04-132017-05-151 Year, 32 Days Later
Wachusett Mountain1998USA-MA222016-05-072016-07-2579 Days Later
Mount Lafayette5240USA-NH222016-06-042016-06-1814 Days Later
Mount Lincoln5089USA-NH222016-06-042016-06-1814 Days Later
Little Haystack4760USA-NH222016-06-042016-06-1814 Days Later
North Kinsman Mountain4293USA-NH222016-08-072017-01-27173 Days Later
Mount Garfield4480USA-NH222016-08-222016-09-0312 Days Later
Big Butt5920USA-NC222017-11-112023-01-01 e5 Years, 51 Days Later
Little Pinnacle Mountain2652USA-SC222018-03-182019-11-021 Year, 229 Days Later
Little Piney - Stomping Knob3960USA-NC222018-06-042022-02-21 b3 Years, 262 Days Later
Haw Orchard Mountain5080USA-VA222018-09-282022-06-12 e3 Years, 257 Days Later
Big Pinnacle5040USA-VA222018-09-282022-06-12 d3 Years, 257 Days Later
Bearwallow Mountain4232USA-NC222018-10-212021-02-20 b2 Years, 122 Days Later
Laurel Knob4300USA-NC222019-03-102021-07-31 b2 Years, 143 Days Later
Dunn Mountain1000USA-NC222019-03-312019-05-2555 Days Later
Browns Mountain1045USA-SC222019-07-272023-03-11 a3 Years, 227 Days Later
Gregory Bald4949USA-NC/TN222019-08-092019-08-101 Day Later
Combs Knob1906USA-NC222019-08-172020-10-241 Year, 68 Days Later
Elk Garden Ridge4960USA-VA222019-08-312022-09-03 a3 Years, 3 Days Later
Thomas Knob5520USA-VA222019-08-312021-06-05 e1 Year, 278 Days Later
Hampton Creek Ridge4907USA-NC222019-09-22 c2021-08-111 Year, 323 Days Later
Elk Hollow Ridge5160USA-NC/TN222019-09-22 c2021-05-02 f1 Year, 222 Days Later
Flower Knob5880USA-NC222019-11-092019-12-2849 Days Later
Copperhead Mountain3526USA-NC222019-11-162020-09-07296 Days Later
Buncombe Horse Range Ridge4500USA-NC222019-11-292022-06-18 c2 Years, 201 Days Later
North Mountain3062USA-VA222019-12-242021-03-17 c1 Year, 83 Days Later
Tinker Mountain - Peak 28482848USA-VA222019-12-242021-03-17 b1 Year, 83 Days Later
Cedar Rock Mountain4055USA-NC222020-01-012020-12-13 b347 Days Later
Black Mountain4286USA-NC222020-01-052022-01-15 e2 Years, 10 Days Later
Hickory Knob3563USA-NC222020-01-052022-01-15 h2 Years, 10 Days Later
Whiteoak Mountain3297USA-NC/SC222020-01-192021-11-14 a1 Year, 299 Days Later
Little Table Rock3160USA-NC/SC222020-01-192021-11-14 e1 Year, 299 Days Later
Bursted Rock Mountin3240USA-SC222020-01-192021-11-14 h1 Year, 299 Days Later
Dolves Mountain3280USA-NC/SC222020-01-192021-11-14 d1 Year, 299 Days Later
Bigspring Mountain3200USA-SC222020-01-192021-11-14 c1 Year, 299 Days Later
Charlies Bunion - Tourist Bunion5536USA-NC/TN222020-02-23 c2021-08-21 d1 Year, 179 Days Later
Grassy Knob3400USA-NC222020-03-092021-01-17 a314 Days Later
Big Lost Cove Cliffs3110USA-NC222020-03-152023-01-282 Years, 319 Days Later
Bee Mountain2946USA-NC222020-03-15 b2023-01-28 a2 Years, 319 Days Later
Long Ridge - Little Lost Cove Cliffs3400USA-NC222020-03-15 c2023-01-28 b2 Years, 319 Days Later
Chestnut Ridge4800USA-NC222020-03-21 b2022-02-12 b1 Year, 328 Days Later
Thompkins Knob4080USA-NC222020-04-04 a2023-01-16 c2 Years, 287 Days Later
Luther960USA-NC222020-04-10 a2021-06-06 c1 Year, 57 Days Later
Rich Mountain4360USA-NC222020-04-18 b2021-05-15 f1 Year, 27 Days Later
Green Knob3920USA-NC222020-04-18 d2021-05-15 e1 Year, 27 Days Later
Betsy Ridge3180USA-NC222020-05-09 c2022-04-30 e1 Year, 356 Days Later
Timber Ridge3440USA-NC222020-05-09 d2022-04-30 b1 Year, 356 Days Later
Rich Knob4920USA-NC222020-05-16 d2022-04-10 c1 Year, 329 Days Later
Bull Mountain2486USA-NC222020-05-16 f2022-04-10 a1 Year, 329 Days Later
Horse Mountain855USA-NC222020-05-20 b2022-12-24 a2 Years, 218 Days Later
Locust Knob5480USA-NC222020-05-23 b2021-11-01 b1 Year, 162 Days Later
West Morris Mountain820USA-NC222020-05-27 h2022-12-24 g2 Years, 211 Days Later
Walker Mountain735USA-NC222020-05-28 b2023-02-11 d2 Years, 259 Days Later
Big Butt Mountain4838USA-NC/TN222020-05-302021-08-08 d1 Year, 70 Days Later
Camp Creek Bald4844USA-NC/TN222020-05-30 a2021-08-08 a1 Year, 70 Days Later
Whiterock Cliff4280USA-NC222020-05-30 b2021-08-08 b1 Year, 70 Days Later
Big Firescald Knob4520USA-NC/TN222020-05-30 c2021-08-08 c1 Year, 70 Days Later
Shingle Trap Mountain915USA-NC222020-06-02 b2023-01-14 d2 Years, 226 Days Later
Dickey Bell Hill700USA-NC222020-06-02 c2023-01-14 e2 Years, 226 Days Later
Cross Mountain900USA-NC222020-06-02 d2023-01-14 b2 Years, 226 Days Later
Hang Glider Hill901USA-NC222020-06-02 e2023-01-14 c2 Years, 226 Days Later
Rich Mountain3670USA-NC/TN222020-06-062021-08-07 a1 Year, 62 Days Later
Big Bald5516USA-NC/TN222020-06-132021-08-09 d1 Year, 57 Days Later
High Rock4440USA-NC/TN222020-06-132021-08-09 a1 Year, 57 Days Later
Lick Rock4579USA-NC/TN222020-06-132021-08-08 f1 Year, 56 Days Later
North Divide Mountain4560USA-NC/TN222020-06-132021-08-08 e1 Year, 56 Days Later
West Street Gap Peak4440USA-NC/TN222020-06-132021-08-09 b1 Year, 57 Days Later
Little Bald5200USA-NC/TN222020-06-142021-08-09 c1 Year, 56 Days Later
High Rocks4280USA-NC222020-06-14 a2021-08-09 f1 Year, 56 Days Later
Temple Ridge3240USA-TN222020-06-14 b2021-08-09 e1 Year, 56 Days Later
Old Black6370USA-NC/TN222020-06-27 b2021-03-06 b252 Days Later
Mount Guyot6621USA-NC/TN222020-06-27 c2021-03-06 a252 Days Later
Wayah Bald5342USA-NC222020-07-032020-11-24144 Days Later
Cheoah Bald5062USA-NC222020-07-042020-11-25 a144 Days Later
Swim Bald4720USA-NC222020-07-042020-11-25 b144 Days Later
Strawberry Knob5460USA-NC222020-08-012022-04-24 e1 Year, 266 Days Later
Whim Knob5501USA-NC222020-08-012022-04-24 d1 Year, 266 Days Later
Rabun Bald4696USA-GA222020-08-08 a2020-11-22106 Days Later
Ruben Mountain1817USA-NC222020-09-12 a2021-04-23 a223 Days Later
Ivestor Gap5689USA-NC222020-09-20 f2021-06-19 i272 Days Later
Grandmother Mountain4640USA-NC222020-09-26 a2022-10-28 e2 Years, 32 Days Later
Rough Ridge - Ship Rock4680USA-NC222020-09-26 b2022-10-28 c2 Years, 32 Days Later
Almost Dark880USA-NC222020-09-27 h2022-12-24 b2 Years, 88 Days Later
Rabbit Mountain732USA-NC222020-10-112023-02-11 a2 Years, 123 Days Later
Twin Tunnels Point 37203720USA-NC222020-11-07 f2022-04-30 a1 Year, 174 Days Later
Linville Gorge3400USA-NC222020-11-29 f2021-07-10 b223 Days Later
Shut-In Ridge3120USA-NC222020-12-13 h2022-06-26 d1 Year, 195 Days Later
Sassafrass Mountain - East Peak3520USA-NC/SC222021-01-10 c2023-02-05 b2 Years, 26 Days Later
Andrews Bald5920USA-NC222021-02-21 a2021-08-28 a188 Days Later
Mount Buckley6560USA-NC/TN222021-02-21 b2021-08-28 c188 Days Later
Jenkins Knob5560USA-NC/TN222021-02-21 d2021-08-28 d188 Days Later
Charlies Bunion5560USA-NC/TN222021-03-08 b2021-05-30 d83 Days Later
Green Mountain3880USA-NC222021-03-14 a2022-02-06 a329 Days Later
Upper Mountain3560USA-NC222021-03-14 d2023-01-21 e1 Year, 313 Days Later
Lost Knob5467USA-NC222021-03-20 b2022-02-19 b336 Days Later
Apple Orchard Mountain4225USA-VA222021-03-27 a2022-05-15 c1 Year, 49 Days Later
Thunder Ridge Wilderness High Point4160USA-VA222021-03-27 b2022-05-15 b1 Year, 49 Days Later
Thunder Ridge3683USA-VA222021-03-27 d2022-05-15 a1 Year, 49 Days Later
Black Rock3400USA-VA222021-03-27 g2022-05-15 d1 Year, 49 Days Later
Cataloochee Divide5040USA-NC222021-04-11 a2022-04-24 a1 Year, 13 Days Later
Flat Creek Bald5220USA-NC222021-04-11 g2022-04-24 f1 Year, 13 Days Later
Bald Knob5400USA-NC222021-04-18 c2022-04-17 i364 Days Later
Patton Knob6040USA-NC222021-04-18 d2022-04-17 d364 Days Later
Balanced Rock2509USA-NC222021-04-232022-01-30 h282 Days Later
Blackrock Mountain5810USA-NC222021-05-22 f2022-07-08 a1 Year, 47 Days Later
Soco Bald5440USA-NC222021-05-22 h2021-12-26 i218 Days Later
Bunches Bald5480USA-NC222021-05-22 i2021-12-26 j218 Days Later
Little Tablerock3600USA-NC222021-07-10 f2022-03-05 d238 Days Later
Peak 41804180USA-NC222021-08-10 c2022-09-26 a1 Year, 47 Days Later
Iron Mountain4426USA-NC/TN222021-08-10 d2022-09-26 b1 Year, 47 Days Later
McQueen Knob3885USA-TN222021-09-04 a2022-09-30 b1 Year, 26 Days Later
Locust Knob4000USA-TN222021-09-04 c2022-09-30 a1 Year, 26 Days Later
Iron Mountain4180USA-TN222021-09-05 a2022-09-29 b1 Year, 24 Days Later
Nidever Benchmark3623USA-TN222021-09-05 b2022-09-29 a1 Year, 24 Days Later
Buck Mountain - East Peak3800USA-TN222021-09-06 b2022-09-27 c1 Year, 21 Days Later
Long South650USA-NC222021-09-182022-12-24 h1 Year, 97 Days Later
Garden Benchmark4052USA-VA222021-09-29 a2022-08-22 b327 Days Later
Garden Mountain - Peak 40804080USA-VA222021-09-29 b2022-08-22 a327 Days Later
Chestnut Ridge4409USA-VA222021-09-29 c2022-08-21 a326 Days Later
Brushy Mountain - Knot Mole3160USA-VA222021-09-30 b2022-08-21 b325 Days Later
Glade Mountain4093USA-VA222021-10-01 a2022-08-20 b323 Days Later
Brushy Mountain3840USA-VA222021-10-01 c2022-08-20 a323 Days Later
Bullhead Mountain3862USA-NC222021-11-21 a2022-11-28 a1 Year, 7 Days Later
Little Stone Mountain1693USA-NC222021-11-21 h2022-11-28 b1 Year, 7 Days Later
Shumont Mountain3842USA-NC222021-12-12 c2022-11-26 c349 Days Later
Rumbling Bald Mountain3000USA-NC222021-12-12 e2022-11-26 d349 Days Later
Bald Knob Ridge5020USA-NC222022-03-19 a2023-03-05 a351 Days Later
Roundtop Mountain3040USA-SC222022-03-26 b2023-02-05 a316 Days Later
Hurricane Mountain4440USA-VA222022-10-23 d2023-03-31 b159 Days Later
Chestnut Mountain3320USA-NC222022-12-04 d2023-02-2684 Days Later

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