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Multiple Ascent List for Dave Bourque

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
High Point Cliff1299USA-NY50502000-03-042021-03-2121 Years, 17 Days Later
Hang Gliders Cliff1320USA-NY36372013-02-09 a2021-03-09 a8 Years, 28 Days Later
West Brother1366USA-NY353519742020-05-24 a46 Years, 144 Days Later
Stevens Mountain2174USA-NY343419692020-09-2651 Years, 269 Days Later
Bozen Kill Preserve High Point760USA-NY12122016-10-272018-11-212 Years, 25 Days Later
Giant Mountain4626USA-NY10101976-05-172015-08-2939 Years, 104 Days Later
Cotton Hill2114USA-NY10102017-02-282021-04-144 Years, 45 Days Later
Cascade Mountain4098USA-NY991976-06-06 b2016-07-0840 Years, 32 Days Later
Mount Colden4715USA-NY881976-04-04 b2018-08-23 b42 Years, 141 Days Later
Swede Mountain1893USA-NY8819822021-06-0239 Years, 152 Days Later
Number 81946USA-NY881985-07-142012-06-2026 Years, 342 Days Later
First Brother1667USA-NY881993-05-29 b2020-05-24 b26 Years, 361 Days Later
Mount Colden-North Peak4560USA-NY771976-04-04 a2018-08-23 a42 Years, 141 Days Later
Noonmark Mountain3491USA-NY771978-08-262014-08-2435 Years, 363 Days Later
Vromans Nose1240USA-NY772007-02-182017-12-0410 Years, 289 Days Later
Little Haystack4692USA-NY661975-07 a2018-09-19 b43 Years, 80 Days Later
Mount Haystack4961USA-NY661975-07 b2018-09-19 a43 Years, 80 Days Later
Saddleback Mountain4528USA-NY661975-07 d2016-08-19 b41 Years, 49 Days Later
Dix Mountain4823USA-NY661976-06-02 g2019-07-29 b43 Years, 57 Days Later
Porter Mountain4068USA-NY661976-06-06 a2011-09-19 b35 Years, 105 Days Later
Big Slide Mountain4199USA-NY661976-07-252018-06-22 d41 Years, 332 Days Later
Buck Mountain2334USA-NY662000-06-242017-01-1916 Years, 209 Days Later
Fifth Peak1813USA-NY662004-06-11 e2019-08-06 a15 Years, 56 Days Later
Pharaoh Mountain2556USA-NY5519732017-09-2844 Years, 270 Days Later
Basin Mountain4826USA-NY551975-07 c2016-08-19 a41 Years, 49 Days Later
Gothics4734USA-NY551975-07 e2013-08-23 a38 Years, 53 Days Later
Beck-horn4823USA-NY551976-06-02 f2019-07-29 a43 Years, 57 Days Later
Phelps Mountain4160USA-NY551976-06-09 a2010-09-0834 Years, 91 Days Later
Lower Wolfjaw Mountain4173USA-NY551977-03-122013-08-1936 Years, 160 Days Later
Balsam Mountain3600USA-NY551980-11-02 a2012-12-0132 Years, 29 Days Later
Mount Jo2877USA-NY551999-06-252017-10-2318 Years, 120 Days Later
Plotter Kill High Point1050USA-NY552007-11-182021-03-1513 Years, 117 Days Later
Tippecanoe Environmental Park High Point7USA-FL552020-04-152020-04-194 Days Later
Mount Marcy5344USA-NY441974-072016-11-0742 Years, 129 Days Later
Armstrong Mountain4429USA-NY441975-07 f2013-08-23 b38 Years, 53 Days Later
Upper Wolfjaw Mountain4203USA-NY441975-07 g2013-08-23 c38 Years, 53 Days Later
Boundary Peak4829USA-NY441975-08-19 a2015-05-23 b39 Years, 277 Days Later
Iroquois Peak4843USA-NY441975-08-19 b2015-05-23 c39 Years, 277 Days Later
Algonquin Peak5115USA-NY441975-08-19 c2015-05-23 a39 Years, 277 Days Later
Wright Peak4587USA-NY441975-08-19 d2010-03-0634 Years, 199 Days Later
Macomb Mountain4370USA-NY441976-06-02 a2013-07-22 a37 Years, 50 Days Later
South Dix4068USA-NY441976-06-02 b2013-07-22 b37 Years, 50 Days Later
Grace Mountain4026USA-NY441976-06-02 c2013-07-22 c37 Years, 50 Days Later
Hough Peak4409USA-NY441976-06-02 e2014-08-29 a38 Years, 88 Days Later
Table Top Mountain4413USA-NY441976-06-09 b2015-06-2039 Years, 11 Days Later
Cliff Mountain3944USA-NY441976-06-102015-09-15 a39 Years, 97 Days Later
Gray Peak4826USA-NY441976-06-11 a2015-09-15 b39 Years, 96 Days Later
Mount Skylight4925USA-NY441976-06-11 b2015-09-15 c39 Years, 96 Days Later
Blake Peak3970USA-NY441976-06-12 a2014-07-24 b38 Years, 42 Days Later
Mount Colvin4035USA-NY441976-06-12 c2014-07-24 a38 Years, 42 Days Later
Noonmark Shoulder3068USA-NY441976-06-13 a2014-08-16 a38 Years, 64 Days Later
Bear Den Mountain3399USA-NY441976-06-13 b2014-08-16 b38 Years, 64 Days Later
Dial Mountain4003USA-NY441976-06-13 c2014-08-16 c38 Years, 64 Days Later
Dial Mountain-South Peak4003USA-NY441976-06-13 d2014-08-16 d38 Years, 64 Days Later
Nippletop4593USA-NY441976-06-13 e2014-08-16 e38 Years, 64 Days Later
Santanoni Peak4606USA-NY441976-08-07 a2015-09-18 a39 Years, 42 Days Later
Couchsachraga Peak3793USA-NY441976-08-07 b2015-09-18 b39 Years, 42 Days Later
Seward Mountain4331USA-NY441976-08-12 a2016-09-09 a40 Years, 28 Days Later
Donaldson Mountain4108USA-NY441976-08-12 b2016-09-09 b40 Years, 28 Days Later
Mount Emmons4039USA-NY441976-08-12 c2016-09-09 c40 Years, 28 Days Later
Seymour Mountain4091USA-NY441976-08-132016-09-0240 Years, 20 Days Later
Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain2165USA-NY4419772019-09-0342 Years, 245 Days Later
Sawteeth4134USA-NY441977-06-23 a2015-05-30 a37 Years, 341 Days Later
Sawteeth-Southeast Peak4108USA-NY441977-06-23 b2015-05-30 b37 Years, 341 Days Later
Panther Peak4442USA-NY441977-07-302015-09-18 c38 Years, 50 Days Later
Rocky Peak Ridge4390USA-NY441977-08-09 e2014-06-28 b36 Years, 323 Days Later
Marble Mountain2753USA-NY441977-08-21 a2014-08-02 a36 Years, 346 Days Later
Lookout Mountain4085USA-NY441977-08-21 b2014-08-02 b36 Years, 346 Days Later
Esther Mountain4239USA-NY441977-08-21 c2014-08-02 c36 Years, 346 Days Later
Whiteface Mountain4865USA-NY441977-08-21 d2010-05-28 d32 Years, 280 Days Later
Mount Redfield4606USA-NY441977-08-292015-09-1438 Years, 16 Days Later
Allen Mountain4347USA-NY441977-08-302016-09-1639 Years, 17 Days Later
Street Mountain4134USA-NY441977-09-28 a2014-03-08 c36 Years, 161 Days Later
Nye Mountain-South Peak3806USA-NY441977-09-28 b2014-03-08 a36 Years, 161 Days Later
Nye Mountain3839USA-NY441977-09-28 c2014-03-08 b36 Years, 161 Days Later
Mount Marshall4364USA-NY441977-09-30 b2015-08-0837 Years, 312 Days Later
Mount Adams3520USA-NY441978-09-242015-09-0536 Years, 346 Days Later
Panther Mountain3720USA-NY441980-10-122013-02-16 b32 Years, 127 Days Later
Black Dome3980USA-NY441980-10-19 b2013-03-09 a32 Years, 141 Days Later
Blackhead3940USA-NY441980-10-19 c2013-03-09 c32 Years, 141 Days Later
Hurricane Mountain3678USA-NY441983-05-142020-06-0137 Years, 18 Days Later
Fir Mountain3620USA-NY441983-10-082012-02-1128 Years, 126 Days Later
Hadley Mountain2680USA-NY441999-11-202014-03-1514 Years, 115 Days Later
Mount Adams5799USA-NH442001-09-06 d2016-09-3015 Years, 24 Days Later
Sleeping Beauty Lookout2242USA-NY442007-01-272019-01-2511 Years, 363 Days Later
Bahia Honda Key High Point8USA-FL442016-03-26 m2016-04-02 a7 Days Later
Christman High Point965USA-NY442018-12-062020-01-291 Year, 54 Days Later
Pough Peak4068USA-NY331976-06-02 d2010-09-06 c34 Years, 96 Days Later
Blueberry Cobbles2034USA-NY331977-08-09 a2010-08-20 f33 Years, 11 Days Later
Mason Mountain2264USA-NY331977-08-09 b2010-08-20 e33 Years, 11 Days Later
Bald Peak3035USA-NY331977-08-09 c2010-08-20 d33 Years, 11 Days Later
Rocky Peak Ridge-East Peak4029USA-NY331977-08-09 d2010-08-20 c33 Years, 11 Days Later
Prospect Mountain2020USA-NY3319782006-01-0728 Years, 6 Days Later
Slide Mountain4180USA-NY331980-01-03 c2012-03-16 c32 Years, 73 Days Later
Thomas Cole Mountain3940USA-NY331980-10-19 a2013-03-09 b32 Years, 141 Days Later
West Kill Mountain-East Peak3720USA-NY331980-12-17 a2011-01-16 a30 Years, 30 Days Later
West Kill Mountain3880USA-NY331980-12-17 b2011-01-16 b30 Years, 30 Days Later
Kaaterskill High Peak3655USA-NY331981-01-042012-02-2531 Years, 52 Days Later
Windham High Peak3524USA-NY331981-01-092017-02-1836 Years, 40 Days Later
Pamola Peak4919USA-ME331981-06-28 a2006-09-30 a25 Years, 94 Days Later
Katahdin5268USA-ME331981-06-28 d2006-09-30 d25 Years, 94 Days Later
Doubletop Mountain3860USA-NY331983-10-01 b2006-03-1822 Years, 168 Days Later
Table Mountain3847USA-NY331983-10-29 a2002-01-27 b18 Years, 90 Days Later
Lone Mountain3721USA-NY331983-10-29 c2013-03-15 c29 Years, 137 Days Later
Balsam Cap3623USA-NY331983-10-29 e2013-03-15 a29 Years, 137 Days Later
Friday Mountain3694USA-NY331983-10-29 f2013-03-15 b29 Years, 137 Days Later
Bearpen Mountain3600USA-NY331983-11-19 a2012-01-14 b28 Years, 56 Days Later
Vly Mountain3529USA-NY331983-11-19 b2012-01-14 a28 Years, 56 Days Later
Giant Ledge3200USA-NY331984-01-07 a2013-02-16 a29 Years, 40 Days Later
Treadway Mountain2244USA-NY331984-072020-06-1335 Years, 348 Days Later
Goat Island Highpoint560USA-NY331988-06 a2014-10 a26 Years, 122 Days Later
Terrapin Point525USA-NY331988-06 b2014-10 b26 Years, 122 Days Later
First Brother2986USA-NY331988-07-23 a2018-06-22 a29 Years, 334 Days Later
Second Brother3156USA-NY331988-07-23 b2018-06-22 b29 Years, 334 Days Later
Third Brother3720USA-NY331988-07-23 c2018-06-22 c29 Years, 334 Days Later
Crane Mountain3240USA-NY331992-08-082012-06-18 a19 Years, 315 Days Later
Overlook Mountain3140USA-NY332002-12-292015-04-2412 Years, 116 Days Later
Goodnow Mountain2690USA-NY332003-03-222008-09-205 Years, 182 Days Later
Black Mountain2640USA-NY332003-05-302018-01-1414 Years, 229 Days Later
Cook Mountain1220USA-NY3320042006-03-112 Years, 69 Days Later
First Peak1586USA-NY332004-06-11 a2019-08-06 e15 Years, 56 Days Later
French Point Mountain1756USA-NY332004-06-11 b2019-08-06 d15 Years, 56 Days Later
Third Peak1601USA-NY332004-06-11 c2019-08-06 c15 Years, 56 Days Later
Fourth Peak1404USA-NY332004-06-11 d2019-08-06 b15 Years, 56 Days Later
Hopkins Mountain3150USA-NY332005-06-182019-08-13 b14 Years, 56 Days Later
Pilot Knob2163USA-NY332005-11-192020-01-0214 Years, 44 Days Later
Second Brother1854USA-NY332007-02-10 c2020-05-24 c13 Years, 104 Days Later
Third Brother1998USA-NY332007-02-10 d2020-05-24 d13 Years, 104 Days Later
Severance Hill1634USA-NY332008-10-0420123 Years, 89 Days Later
The Crossings320USA-NY332010-06-222012-072 Years, 9 Days Later
Thomas Mountain2031USA-NY332012-04-28 b2017-06-085 Years, 41 Days Later
Moxham Mountain2464USA-NY332012-09-012016-07-273 Years, 330 Days Later
Bartonville Mountain1388USA-NY332016-06-182018-07-11 b2 Years, 23 Days Later
Sand Beach1393USA-NY2219752019-12-1244 Years, 345 Days Later
Codfish Point2512USA-NY221975-011981-04-11 e6 Years, 100 Days Later
Indian Head2657USA-NY221976-06-13 f1999-08-1023 Years, 58 Days Later
Terrace Mountain2360USA-NY221980-01-021980-01-03 d1 Day Later
Wittenberg Mountain3780USA-NY221980-01-03 a2012-03-16 a32 Years, 73 Days Later
Cornell Mountain3860USA-NY221980-01-03 b2012-03-16 b32 Years, 73 Days Later
Hunter Mountain4040USA-NY221980-01-082002-03-09 b22 Years, 60 Days Later
Haynes Mountain3420USA-NY221980-11-02 b2000-03-11 a19 Years, 130 Days Later
Eagle Mountain3600USA-NY221980-11-02 c2000-03-11 b19 Years, 130 Days Later
Plateau Mountain3840USA-NY221981-04-102001-01-0719 Years, 272 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain3800USA-NY221981-04-11 a2001-01-2119 Years, 285 Days Later
Twin Mountain3640USA-NY221981-04-11 b2000-02-1218 Years, 307 Days Later
Indian Head3573USA-NY221981-04-11 d2000-02-1918 Years, 314 Days Later
Chimney Peak4900USA-ME221981-06-28 b2006-09-30 b25 Years, 94 Days Later
Katahdin-South Peak5260USA-ME221981-06-28 c2006-09-30 c25 Years, 94 Days Later
North Brother4151USA-ME221981-06-30 a2006-10-03 a25 Years, 95 Days Later
Rusk Mountain3680USA-NY221982-07-312000-01-0817 Years, 161 Days Later
East Schoolhouse Mountain3480USA-NY221982-08-04 a2000-03-18 b17 Years, 227 Days Later
Graham Mountain3868USA-NY221982-08-04 b2000-03-18 a17 Years, 227 Days Later
Balsam Lake Mountain3720USA-NY221982-08-04 c2000-03-18 c17 Years, 227 Days Later
North Dome3610USA-NY221983-09-04 a2001-01-14 a17 Years, 132 Days Later
Mount Sherrill3540USA-NY221983-09-04 b2001-01-14 b17 Years, 132 Days Later
Halcott Mountain3520USA-NY221983-09-242000-01-2216 Years, 120 Days Later
Big Indian Mountain3700USA-NY221983-10-01 a2000-03-11 c16 Years, 162 Days Later
Peekamoose Mountain3843USA-NY221983-10-29 b2002-01-27 a18 Years, 90 Days Later
Rocky Mountain3508USA-NY221983-10-29 d2002-01-19 a18 Years, 82 Days Later
Rogers Slide1083USA-NY221985-07-211986164 Days Later
Belfry Mountain1864USA-NY221986-09-022018-05-24 a31 Years, 264 Days Later
Pyramid Peak4596USA-NY221990-07-06 e2006-10-07 c16 Years, 93 Days Later
Short Job2822USA-NY221990-091999-088 Years, 334 Days Later
Mount Eisenhower4760USA-NH221994-09-17 d1994-09-18 c1 Day Later
Mount Pierce4310USA-NH221994-09-17 e1994-09-18 b1 Day Later
Mount Pierce-South Peak4185USA-NH221994-09-17 f1994-09-18 a1 Day Later
Blue Mountain3740USA-NY221997-062008-09-1311 Years, 104 Days Later
Camels Hump4078USA-VT221997-10-18 a2014-03-0116 Years, 134 Days Later
Owls Head2133USA-NY221999-10-022008-06-078 Years, 249 Days Later
South Twin4902USA-NH222000-09-27 d2000-09-28 b1 Day Later
Mount Jefferson5712USA-NH222001-09-06 a2001-09-071 Day Later
Hunter Mountain-Southwest Peak3740USA-NY222002-03-09 a2014-01-1811 Years, 315 Days Later
Bald Mountain2349USA-NY222003-03-012019-01-04 c15 Years, 309 Days Later
Vanderwhacker Mountain3409USA-NY222003-06-272011-06-187 Years, 356 Days Later
Saint Regis Mountain2881USA-NY222003-08-152017-07-0613 Years, 325 Days Later
Pillsbury Mountain3602USA-NY222003-08-292011-08-197 Years, 355 Days Later
Snowy Mountain3898USA-NY222004-01-182010-01-236 Years, 5 Days Later
Fivemile Mountain2256USA-NY222004-06-11 f2019-07-08 a15 Years, 27 Days Later
Huckleberry Mountain2232USA-NY222004-06-11 g2019-07-08 b15 Years, 27 Days Later
Brown Mountain1966USA-NY222004-06-11 h2019-07-08 c15 Years, 27 Days Later
Round Mountain3084USA-NY222005-03-202014-05-31 a9 Years, 72 Days Later
Catamount Mountain3169USA-NY222006-05-062019-10-11 a13 Years, 158 Days Later
Jay Mountain-West Peak3373USA-NY222006-07-01 a2010-07-02 b4 Years, 1 Day Later
Jay Mountains3576USA-NY222006-07-01 b2010-07-02 a4 Years, 1 Day Later
Ampersand Mountain3314USA-NY222006-08-162017-08-0210 Years, 351 Days Later
Scarface Mountain3058USA-NY222006-08-172017-06-2210 Years, 309 Days Later
Big Crow Mountain2815USA-NY222007-07-22 b2009-07-23 a2 Years, 1 Day Later
McKenzie Mountain3832USA-NY222009-09-05 a2017-08-10 b7 Years, 339 Days Later
East Pitchoff3323USA-NY222010-12-04 a2018-09-07 a7 Years, 277 Days Later
Middle Pitchoff3478USA-NY222010-12-04 b2018-09-07 b7 Years, 277 Days Later
Pitchoff Mountain3497USA-NY222010-12-04 c2018-09-07 c7 Years, 277 Days Later
Balanced Boulders2986USA-NY222010-12-04 d2018-09-07 d7 Years, 277 Days Later
Knob 24632463USA-NY222010-12-04 e2018-09-07 e7 Years, 277 Days Later
Hackensack Mountain1357USA-NY222011-06-042016-07-055 Years, 31 Days Later
Haystack Mountain2874USA-NY222011-08-052017-08-10 a6 Years, 5 Days Later
Cat Mountain2267USA-NY222012-04-28 a2015-04-04 a2 Years, 341 Days Later
Nubble2772USA-NY222012-07-19 b2012-11-10114 Days Later
Sleeping Beauty High Point2347USA-NY222013-11-10 b2016-03 b2 Years, 112 Days Later
Key Largo High Point15USA-FL222016-03-26 a2016-04-02 m7 Days Later
Plantation Key High Point15USA-FL222016-03-26 b2016-04-02 l7 Days Later
Windley Key Quarry16USA-FL222016-03-26 c2016-04-02 k7 Days Later
Upper Matecumbe Key High Point10USA-FL222016-03-26 d2016-04-02 j7 Days Later
Lower Matecumbe Key High Point6USA-FL222016-03-26 e2016-04-02 i7 Days Later
Long Key High Point12USA-FL222016-03-26 f2016-04-02 h7 Days Later
Grassy Key High Point7USA-FL222016-03-26 g2016-04-02 g7 Days Later
Long Point Key High Point7USA-FL222016-03-26 h2016-04-02 f7 Days Later
Fat Deer Key High Point8USA-FL222016-03-26 i2016-04-02 e7 Days Later
Marathon Key High Point6USA-FL222016-03-26 j2016-04-02 d7 Days Later
Pigeon Key High Point28USA-FL222016-03-26 k2016-04-02 c7 Days Later
Little Duck Key High Point17USA-FL222016-03-26 l2016-04-02 b7 Days Later
Solares Hill18USA-FL222016-03-292016-03-312 Days Later
Kipp Mountain1612USA-NY222016-05-14 a2016-08-31109 Days Later
Swiftcurrent Hill5138USA-MT222017-08-192017-08-212 Days Later
Viminal Hill250Italy222019-05-11 a2019-05-12 a1 Day Later
Fox Hill1505USA-NY222019-06-192019-06-289 Days Later

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