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Multiple Ascent List for Paolo Colleoni

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Monte la Gallinola6309Italy882016-01-302021-02-065 Years, 7 Days Later
La Meta7356Italy662016-03-202020-07-05 b4 Years, 107 Days Later
Monte Mutria5981Italy552015-12-132021-01-305 Years, 48 Days Later
Monte Forcellone6660Italy552015-12-272018-08-25 b2 Years, 241 Days Later
Monte Raione -Accellica Sud5269Italy552016-01-262020-06-02 b4 Years, 128 Days Later
Monte Accellica5446Italy442016-05-23 A2020-06-214 Years, 29 Days Later
Corno Grande9554Italy442016-06-052020-09-19 a4 Years, 106 Days Later
Monte Calagna7113Italy442016-10-30 A2020-09-30 d3 Years, 336 Days Later
Monte Marsicano-Cima Ovest7365Italy442016-10-30 B2020-09-30 c3 Years, 336 Days Later
Monte Marsicano7392Italy442016-10-30 C2020-09-30 b3 Years, 336 Days Later
Monte Miletto6726Italy442018-05-012020-09-202 Years, 142 Days Later
Pizzone3629Italy442020-05-052020-12-15224 Days Later
Monte Sirente7707Italy332015-08-30 A2019-04-273 Years, 240 Days Later
Monte Greco7497Italy332015-09-122020-10-185 Years, 36 Days Later
Monte Cavallo6690Italy332015-10-172018-08-25 a2 Years, 312 Days Later
Monte Terminio5925Italy332016-02-062020-05-314 Years, 115 Days Later
Pizzo san Michele5141Italy332016-02-28 A2019-12-263 Years, 301 Days Later
Tuppo Dell'Uovo5003Italy332016-02-28 B2017-04-01 B1 Year, 32 Days Later
Monte Mai5272Italy332016-02-28 C2018-08-052 Years, 158 Days Later
Monte Amaro9163Italy332016-06-262018-05-201 Year, 328 Days Later
Monte Forcone7310Italy332016-10-30 D2020-09-30 a3 Years, 336 Days Later
Cima dello Scalone7257Italy332017-12-08 A2020-01-012 Years, 24 Days Later
Monte Prena8402Italy332018-06-242020-07-11 a2 Years, 17 Days Later
Punta Macerola7408Italy222015-08-30 B2017-01-02 B1 Year, 125 Days Later
Monte Secine6178Italy222015-10-25 A2019-02-093 Years, 107 Days Later
Colle Tamburo6503Italy222015-11-082019-06-08 A3 Years, 212 Days Later
Monte San Ángelo a Tre Pizzi4738Italy222015-11-292016-04-02125 Days Later
Monte Viglio7073Italy222016-08-072018-09-15 f2 Years, 39 Days Later
Monte Amaro di Opi6109Italy222016-09-172017-09-241 Year, 7 Days Later
Monte Bellaveduta6762Italy222016-11-12 A2018-09-231 Year, 315 Days Later
Rocca Altiera6621Italy222016-11-12 B2018-09-231 Year, 315 Days Later
Monte Taburno4573Italy222016-12-032018-09-161 Year, 287 Days Later
Monte Metuccia7090Italy222016-12-18 A2017-05-27 B160 Days Later
Monte a Mare7087Italy222016-12-18 B2017-05-27 C160 Days Later
Monte Velino8156Italy222017-04-222018-06-10 a1 Year, 49 Days Later
Monte Mare6627Italy222017-05-27 F2020-10-25 B3 Years, 151 Days Later
Serra Dolcedorme7438Italy222017-06-02 a2020-02-232 Years, 266 Days Later
Monte Focalone8780Italy222017-06-112020-07-26 d3 Years, 45 Days Later
Monte Cafornia7953Italy222017-08-19 b2018-06-10 b295 Days Later
Favaracchi3999Italy222017-10-012019-10-062 Years, 5 Days Later
Serra Rocca Chiarano7421Italy222017-12-08 B2018-12-26 b1 Year, 18 Days Later
Monte Sirino6578Italy222018-02-172018-11-03 A259 Days Later
Monte Brancastello7825Italy222018-07-08 A2020-08-062 Years, 29 Days Later
Torri di Casanova7749Italy222018-07-08 B2020-09-122 Years, 66 Days Later
Monte Infornace8100Italy222018-07-08 C2020-07-11 b2 Years, 3 Days Later
Monte Camicia8412Italy222018-07-08 E2019-07-07 E364 Days Later
La Vedetta6585Italy222019-03-24 A2020-02-02 b315 Days Later
Monte Tartaro7188Italy222019-03-24 B2019-11-10231 Days Later
La Meta-Anticima Orientale7169Italy222019-03-312020-07-05 a1 Year, 96 Days Later
Pizzo Cefalone8310Italy222019-06-16 B2020-07-31 c1 Year, 45 Days Later
Faliesi3130Italy222020-05-122020-12-31233 Days Later
Cima Venacquaro7799Italy122018-07-152018-07-15 CSame Day

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