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Multiple Ascent List for Jobe Wymore

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Walker2804USA-WA5538232016-08-242022-01-185 Years, 147 Days Later
Malans Peak6960USA-UT4736002012-06-022014-11-202 Years, 171 Days Later
Angels Rest1600USA-OR2842872015-05-162018-12-29 a3 Years, 227 Days Later
Grandeur Peak8299USA-UT2022051995-02-042014-09-14 a19 Years, 222 Days Later
Devils Rest2400USA-OR72752015-05-172017-09-03 b2 Years, 109 Days Later
Brasstown Bald4784USA-GA881995-06-24 a2019-06-02 a23 Years, 343 Days Later
Sturgeon Rock4120USA-WA882014-08-06 a2018-06-03 b3 Years, 301 Days Later
Sturgeon Rock-West Ridge4080USA-WA882014-08-06 b2018-06-03 c3 Years, 301 Days Later
Silver Star Mountain4360USA-WA882014-08-06 c2018-06-03 d3 Years, 301 Days Later
Mount Olympus9026USA-UT771995-02-232012-10-06 b17 Years, 226 Days Later
Black Mountain4139USA-KY771995-06-24 c2019-10-25 a24 Years, 123 Days Later
Mount Mitchell6684USA-NC661995-06-25 b2021-11-02 a26 Years, 130 Days Later
Sassafras Mountain3554USA-NC/SC661995-06-25 c2019-06-04 a23 Years, 344 Days Later
Bergen Peak9708USA-CO662004-10-302005-01-3092 Days Later
Magazine Mountain2753USA-AR551995-07-02 c2019-11-11 a24 Years, 132 Days Later
High Point1803USA-NJ551995-08-21 a2020-09-30 d25 Years, 40 Days Later
Ebright Azimuth450USA-DE551995-08-21 b2020-09-29 d25 Years, 39 Days Later
Taum Sauk Mountain1772USA-MO551996-01-09 a2021-11-03 e25 Years, 298 Days Later
Panorama Point5429USA-NE551996-01-11 b2020-04-04 b24 Years, 84 Days Later
Timms Hill1951USA-WI551996-05-042017-10-13 b21 Years, 162 Days Later
Reynolds Peak9422USA-UT551998-08-012013-10-05 a15 Years, 65 Days Later
Brian Head11307USA-UT551999-11-052014-05-31 a14 Years, 207 Days Later
Cobabe Peak9004USA-UT552012-07-02 a2013-10-23 g1 Year, 113 Days Later
James Peak9421USA-UT552012-07-02 b2013-10-23 h1 Year, 113 Days Later
Powell Butte620USA-OR552015-09-272017-10-302 Years, 33 Days Later
Pyramid Rock3480USA-WA552017-10-08 a2018-06-03 a238 Days Later
Guadalupe Peak8749USA-TX441995-05-022019-04-0323 Years, 336 Days Later
Clingmans Dome6643USA-NC/TN441995-06-24 b2017-04-16 c21 Years, 296 Days Later
Mount Rogers5729USA-VA441995-06-25 a2017-04-20 c21 Years, 299 Days Later
Cheaha Mountain2405USA-AL441995-07-02 a2017-04-22 e21 Years, 294 Days Later
Mount Davis3213USA-PA441995-08-17 c2020-09-27 b25 Years, 41 Days Later
Jerimoth Hill812USA-RI441995-08-20 b2020-10-01 e25 Years, 42 Days Later
Campbell Hill1549USA-OH441995-09-19 a2021-11-04 c26 Years, 46 Days Later
Mount Sunflower4039USA-KS441996-01-11 c2020-03-26 c24 Years, 75 Days Later
Mount Aire8621USA-UT441999-07-222013-08-19 b14 Years, 28 Days Later
Deseret Peak11031USA-UT441999-07-252014-10-2615 Years, 93 Days Later
Bridger Peak9255USA-UT441999-07-31 a2012-07-3012 Years, 365 Days Later
Kane County High Point10080USA-UT441999-11-062014-06-01 b14 Years, 207 Days Later
Denver High Point5680USA-CO442000-06-13 a2016-04-03 b15 Years, 295 Days Later
Bluebell Knoll11320USA-UT442000-06-272014-06-22 c13 Years, 360 Days Later
Mount Ogden9570USA-UT442002-06-162013-10-23 d11 Years, 129 Days Later
Brasstown Wilderness High Point4720USA-GA442005-04-14 b2019-06-02 b14 Years, 49 Days Later
High Point520USA-WA442014-08-10 a2018-07-223 Years, 346 Days Later
Larch Mountain4055USA-OR442014-09-112015-09-05 c359 Days Later
Woodall Mountain806USA-MS331995-07-02 b2021-11-05 a26 Years, 126 Days Later
Driskill Mountain535USA-LA331995-07-03 a2017-01-06 b21 Years, 187 Days Later
Britton Hill345USA-FL331995-07-03 b2016-01-10 b20 Years, 191 Days Later
Spruce Knob4861USA-WV331995-08-17 a2017-04-18 f21 Years, 244 Days Later
Backbone Mountain3360USA-MD331995-08-17 b2017-04-19 e21 Years, 245 Days Later
Mount Greylock3487USA-MA331995-08-182015-09-13 b20 Years, 26 Days Later
Mount Mansfield-Upper Lip3964USA-VT331995-08-19 b2015-09-22 e20 Years, 34 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT331995-08-19 c2014-09-22 c19 Years, 34 Days Later
Mount Frissell-South Slope2382USA-CT/MA331995-08-20 c2016-05-15 d20 Years, 269 Days Later
Hoosier Hill1257USA-IN331995-09-19 b2021-11-04 a26 Years, 46 Days Later
Mount Hood11239USA-OR331998-04-262018-04-2219 Years, 361 Days Later
Circle-All Peak8707USA-UT331998-07-11 a2003-06-22 a4 Years, 346 Days Later
Angels Landing5790USA-UT331999-02-282012-11-11 a13 Years, 257 Days Later
Observation Point6507USA-UT331999-03-142012-11-11 b13 Years, 242 Days Later
Red Top11360USA-UT331999-07-11 a2014-10-25 e15 Years, 106 Days Later
American Fork Twin Peaks11489USA-UT331999-07-11 b2014-10-25 d15 Years, 106 Days Later
American Fork Twin Peaks-East Peak11433USA-UT331999-07-11 c2014-10-25 b15 Years, 106 Days Later
Point 1139111391USA-UT331999-07-11 d2014-10-25 c15 Years, 106 Days Later
Naomi Peak9979USA-UT331999-07-31 c2011-07-1511 Years, 349 Days Later
Willard Peak9763USA-UT331999-08-08 b2012-10-11 a13 Years, 64 Days Later
Monument Peak10452USA-UT331999-09-04 a2014-06-29 b14 Years, 298 Days Later
Mount Tuscarora10640USA-UT331999-11-07 a2013-08-24 a13 Years, 290 Days Later
Mount Wolverine10735USA-UT331999-11-07 b2013-08-24 b13 Years, 290 Days Later
Fish Lake Hightop11633USA-UT332000-06-28 a2012-08-1112 Years, 44 Days Later
Gilbert Peak13442USA-UT332000-08-262013-08-16 a12 Years, 355 Days Later
Lassen Peak10457USA-CA332001-07-01 a2015-07-1314 Years, 12 Days Later
Buffalo Point4785USA-UT332013-10-30 a2014-04-05 b157 Days Later
Panecillo9895Ecuador332013-12-292014-01-1012 Days Later
Portland High Point1180USA-OR332014-07-17 a2016-10-302 Years, 105 Days Later
Mount Tabor640USA-OR332014-08-09 b2018-12-29 b4 Years, 142 Days Later
Carpenter Benchmark828USA-CA332015-03-012015-06-07 c98 Days Later
Russell Mountain1726USA-MO332016-03-12 b2021-11-03 d5 Years, 236 Days Later
Vail Mountain1440USA-MO332016-03-12 c2021-11-03 c5 Years, 236 Days Later
Sublette Park Hill614USA-MO332016-03-13 d2021-11-06 c5 Years, 238 Days Later
High Knob4223USA-VA332016-10-22 c2019-10-26 a3 Years, 4 Days Later
Blyn Lookout Site1966USA-WA332018-02-142019-05-09 a1 Year, 84 Days Later
Mount Marcy5344USA-NY221995-08-19 a2015-09-17 a20 Years, 29 Days Later
Charles Mound1235USA-IL221996-01-09 b2001-04-225 Years, 103 Days Later
Hawkeye Point1670USA-IA221996-01-102004-10-018 Years, 265 Days Later
Black Elk Peak7231USA-SD221996-01-11 a2003-09-26 b7 Years, 258 Days Later
Black Mesa4973USA-OK221996-04-06 a2003-02-026 Years, 302 Days Later
White Butte3506USA-ND221996-07-272002-05-045 Years, 281 Days Later
Point 1229712297USA-AZ221996-10-20 a2012-10-21 a16 Years, 1 Day Later
Humphreys Peak12633USA-AZ221996-10-20 b2012-10-21 b16 Years, 1 Day Later
Boundary Peak13140USA-NV221997-06-262013-06-1515 Years, 354 Days Later
Mount Elbert14433USA-CO221997-07-192005-07-248 Years, 5 Days Later
Wheeler Peak13161USA-NM221997-07-27 a2000-09-08 a3 Years, 43 Days Later
Mount Walter13133USA-NM221997-07-27 b2000-09-08 b3 Years, 43 Days Later
Eagle Mountain2301USA-MN221997-08-292004-09-27 a7 Years, 29 Days Later
Mount Arvon1979USA-MI221997-08-30 b2004-09-21 b7 Years, 22 Days Later
Mauna Kea13796USA-HI221998-02-26 a2014-09-07 a16 Years, 193 Days Later
Puu Kea13760USA-HI221998-02-26 b2014-09-07 b16 Years, 193 Days Later
Mount Democrat14148USA-CO221998-07-04 a2004-05-055 Years, 306 Days Later
Gobblers Knob10246USA-UT221998-07-11 b2003-06-22 b4 Years, 346 Days Later
Mount Raymond10241USA-UT221998-07-11 c2003-06-22 c4 Years, 346 Days Later
Wheeler Peak13063USA-NV221998-07-182013-06-1614 Years, 333 Days Later
Borah Peak12662USA-ID221998-07-222013-07-0714 Years, 350 Days Later
Sunset Peak10648USA-UT221998-08-16 b2012-09-29 e14 Years, 44 Days Later
Devil's Castle10920USA-UT221998-08-16 c1999-09-18 b1 Year, 33 Days Later
Kings Peak13528USA-UT221998-08-282013-08-1714 Years, 354 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain11051USA-UT221998-09-071999-09-18 a1 Year, 11 Days Later
Cadillac Mountain1528USA-ME221998-09-152009-10-10 a11 Years, 25 Days Later
Mount Bachelor9065USA-OR221998-10-17 a2015-07-23 b16 Years, 279 Days Later
Black Butte6436USA-OR221998-10-17 b2014-07-15 b15 Years, 271 Days Later
Signal Peak10365USA-UT221999-03-072013-08-0914 Years, 155 Days Later
AF Twin 1100711007USA-UT221999-07-11 e2012-09-02 e13 Years, 53 Days Later
Francis Peak9520USA-UT221999-07-18 a2001-10-14 a2 Years, 88 Days Later
Thurston Peak9706USA-UT221999-07-18 b2001-10-14 b2 Years, 88 Days Later
Murdock Mountain-West Slope10840USA-UT221999-07-24 a2011-07-1711 Years, 358 Days Later
Bull Mountain9934USA-UT221999-08-012013-07-1313 Years, 346 Days Later
Eccentric Benchmark12276USA-UT221999-08-07 a2003-07-073 Years, 334 Days Later
Ben Lomond9712USA-UT221999-08-08 a2003-05-24 a3 Years, 289 Days Later
Dinwoody Peak11610USA-WY221999-08-121999-08-164 Days Later
Mount Nebo11928USA-UT221999-08-21 c2013-06-26 b13 Years, 309 Days Later
East Benchmark10743USA-UT221999-09-04 b2014-06-29 c14 Years, 298 Days Later
North Tent Mountain11230USA-UT221999-09-04 c2014-06-29 d14 Years, 298 Days Later
South Tent Mountain11285USA-UT221999-09-04 d2014-06-29 e14 Years, 298 Days Later
Mount Whitney14498USA-CA221999-09-11 b2003-10-224 Years, 41 Days Later
Sandia Crest10678USA-NM222000-05-312000-09-09101 Days Later
Castle Mountain12044USA-UT222000-06-20 a2013-06-23 b13 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Waas12331USA-UT222000-06-20 b2013-06-23 a13 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Peale12721USA-UT222000-06-21 a2013-06-22 c13 Years, 1 Day Later
Mount Peale-Northwest Peak12240USA-UT222000-06-21 b2013-06-22 b13 Years, 1 Day Later
Mount Ellen11522USA-UT222000-06-222014-06-22 a13 Years, 365 Days Later
Mine Camp Peak10222USA-UT222000-06-28 b2014-06-30 a14 Years, 2 Days Later
Rainbow Point9115USA-UT222000-06-292012-10-22 a12 Years, 115 Days Later
Delano Peak12169USA-UT222000-06-30 a2013-06-2112 Years, 356 Days Later
Ibapah Peak12087USA-UT222000-07-222014-06-2813 Years, 341 Days Later
Mount Lemmon9157USA-AZ222000-11-122019-03-30 a18 Years, 138 Days Later
Chiricahua Peak9759USA-AZ222001-06-032019-04-01 a17 Years, 302 Days Later
Flys Peak9667USA-AZ222001-06-032019-04-01 b17 Years, 302 Days Later
Star Peak9836USA-NV222001-08-252014-10-17 a13 Years, 53 Days Later
Rib Mountain1924USA-WI222001-09-282014-05-25 b12 Years, 239 Days Later
Taylor County High Point1840USA-WI222001-09-282014-05-25 d12 Years, 239 Days Later
Perkins Hill-South Summit7491USA-UT222002-04-132013-10-12 a11 Years, 182 Days Later
Mount Rose10776USA-NV222002-06-22 a2014-10-17 c12 Years, 117 Days Later
Bunker Hill11473USA-NV222002-07-072002-08-2448 Days Later
Washakie County High Point9600USA-WY222002-08-062002-08-09 a3 Days Later
Broomfield County High Point5840USA-CO222002-08-31 b2003-04-15227 Days Later
Rankin Ridge5013USA-SD222002-10-132003-09-26 a348 Days Later
Desolation Peak9990USA-UT222002-11-02 a2012-09-29 n9 Years, 332 Days Later
Silver Benchmark10006USA-UT222002-11-02 b2012-09-29 m9 Years, 332 Days Later
Mount Galbraith7240USA-CO222003-04-162003-04-171 Day Later
Blue Mountain2205USA-VA222003-05-102019-10-22 a16 Years, 165 Days Later
Hawksbill4050USA-VA222003-05-102018-04-30 c14 Years, 355 Days Later
Wellsville Cone9356USA-UT222003-09-01 a2013-11-13 b10 Years, 73 Days Later
Box Elder Peak9372USA-UT222003-09-01 b2013-11-13 a10 Years, 73 Days Later
Discovery Peak3846USA-CA222003-12-052019-05-04 a15 Years, 150 Days Later
Mount Tamalpais-East Peak2572USA-CA222003-12-062015-06-08 a11 Years, 184 Days Later
Mount Davidson925USA-CA222003-12-062015-06-08 c11 Years, 184 Days Later
Copernicus Peak4360USA-CA222003-12-072015-04-11 c11 Years, 125 Days Later
Hill 882882USA-AK222004-08-18 a2004-08-191 Day Later
Cathedral Spires8560USA-CO222004-12-12 a2005-07-12212 Days Later
Marys Peak4097USA-OR222005-08-152014-09-06 c9 Years, 22 Days Later
Long Mountain2265USA-OR222006-04-292016-05-0210 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Mist2220USA-NH222011-04-30 b2011-05-022 Days Later
Peak 81108110USA-UT222012-06-16 a2012-06-30 a14 Days Later
Eyrie Peak8136USA-UT222012-06-16 b2012-06-30 b14 Days Later
Lewis Peak8030USA-UT222012-06-16 c2012-06-30 d14 Days Later
Floyd Iverson Ridge9322USA-UT222012-07-07 b2013-10-23 c1 Year, 108 Days Later
De Moisy Peak9363USA-UT222012-07-07 c2013-10-23 b1 Year, 108 Days Later
Strawberry Peak9265USA-UT222012-07-07 d2013-10-23 a1 Year, 108 Days Later
Patsy Marley10525USA-UT222012-09-29 b2013-08-24 c329 Days Later
Clayton Peak10721USA-UT222012-09-29 h2014-09-20 d1 Year, 356 Days Later
Mount Venture10420USA-UT222012-09-29 i2014-09-20 c1 Year, 356 Days Later
Guardsman Peak10026USA-UT222012-09-29 j2014-09-20 a1 Year, 356 Days Later
Mount Kosciuszko7310Australia-NSW222013-03-022013-03-03 a1 Day Later
Allen Peak9465USA-UT222013-05-25 b2013-10-23 e151 Days Later
Ashdown Gorge Wilderness High Point10440USA-UT222013-08-10 b2014-05-31 e294 Days Later
Mount Mansfield-The Nose4064USA-VT222013-09-04 a2015-09-22 f2 Years, 18 Days Later
Mount Mansfield-The Forehead3900USA-VT222013-09-04 b2015-09-22 g2 Years, 18 Days Later
Mount Mansfield-Lower Lip4120USA-VT222013-09-04 d2015-09-22 d2 Years, 18 Days Later
Big Mountain8472USA-UT222013-10-19 a2014-09-01 a317 Days Later
Dooly Knob5278USA-UT222013-10-30 b2014-03-23 a144 Days Later
Ensign Peak5414USA-UT222013-11-10 b2014-03-08 a118 Days Later
Cerro de la Gloria3150Argentina222014-01-192014-01-21 b2 Days Later
Blowhard Mountain10680USA-UT222014-05-31 g2014-06-01 a1 Day Later
Mount McKinnon9081USA-UT222014-07-022014-07-26 b24 Days Later
Rocky Butte612USA-OR222014-07-16 c2017-05-06 c2 Years, 294 Days Later
Council Crest1060USA-OR222014-07-17 b2015-01-01 a168 Days Later
Mount Harwood9552USA-CA222014-10-05 a2015-10-17 a1 Year, 12 Days Later
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA222014-10-05 b2015-10-17 b1 Year, 12 Days Later
Bordeaux Mountain1286U.S. Virgin Islands222016-02-012016-02-021 Day Later
Chicago High Point670USA-IL222016-04-17 e2020-02-193 Years, 308 Days Later
Mount Brown6958USA-MT222016-05-242017-08-111 Year, 79 Days Later
Camp Rock4000USA-VA222016-10-22 d2017-04-17 e177 Days Later
Camp Rock-South Slope3900USA-VA222016-10-22 e2017-04-17 f177 Days Later
Tucson High Point3260USA-AZ222016-12-08 b2019-03-30 c2 Years, 112 Days Later
Sassafrass Mountain-East Peak3520USA-NC/SC222017-04-23 b2019-06-04 b2 Years, 42 Days Later
Grassy Hill5240USA-WA222017-06-30 a2017-07-01 c1 Day Later
The Bumper6490USA-WA222017-06-30 b2017-07-01 b1 Day Later
Gateway Arch National Park High Point470USA-MO222019-11-13 b2021-11-06 b1 Year, 358 Days Later

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