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Multiple Ascent List for Julie Ann Gregg

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
El Escorpion Park High Point1639USA-CA30301974-07 b2021-10-07 b47 Years, 98 Days Later
Pass Point 18401840USA-CA30301976-072021-12-2045 Years, 172 Days Later
Castle Peak1550USA-CA29291971-092021-10-07 a50 Years, 36 Days Later
Rindge Dam Overlook538USA-CA20201990-03-042021-12-12 a31 Years, 283 Days Later
Corriganville Park Point1214USA-CA19191973-052021-05-2148 Years, 20 Days Later
Vasquez Rock2640USA-CA18181977-042017-03-2139 Years, 354 Days Later
Simi Peak2403USA-CA14141993-10-09 b2021-02-24 b27 Years, 138 Days Later
Bell Canyon Peak1842USA-CA11111975-04-13 c2021-04-1346 Years, 0 Days Later
San Jacinto Peak10839USA-CA11111980-04-13 b2014-05-1734 Years, 34 Days Later
Rocky Peak2714USA-CA11111995-10-292019-10-2523 Years, 361 Days Later
Topanga Lookout2469USA-CA10101982-04-172017-01-14 b34 Years, 272 Days Later
Ladyface2036USA-CA10101991-10-192021-02-01 a29 Years, 105 Days Later
Mount Lowe5603USA-CA10101999-09-122021-04-2121 Years, 221 Days Later
Laskey Mesa Point1439USA-CA10102012-07-182021-12-239 Years, 158 Days Later
Mount Deception5796USA-CA992003-05-032020-04-02 c16 Years, 335 Days Later
Lizard Rock931USA-CA992015-04-192021-03-045 Years, 319 Days Later
Mulholland Corridor Overlook778USA-CA882003-08-172021-12-12 b18 Years, 117 Days Later
Landfill Hill1440USA-CA882013-11-12 b2021-05-30 a7 Years, 199 Days Later
eagle peak2440USA-CA882015-01-22 a2021-02-18 c6 Years, 27 Days Later
Angel Vista Point1603USA-CA771991-05-12 b2021-02-23 a29 Years, 287 Days Later
Mount Disappointment5960USA-CA772002-12-072020-04-02 b17 Years, 117 Days Later
Colby Point5445USA-CA772004-04-042012-08-158 Years, 133 Days Later
Strawberry Peak6164USA-CA772004-04-10 b2016-03-2911 Years, 354 Days Later
Peak 49104908USA-CA772004-06-19 a2019-07-09 b15 Years, 20 Days Later
Sandstone Peak3111USA-CA772013-05-29 a2020-05-126 Years, 349 Days Later
Morrison Ranch Lookout1437USA-CA772013-11-12 c2021-05-30 b7 Years, 199 Days Later
Inspiration Point4520USA-CA772014-02-082019-07-08 b5 Years, 150 Days Later
Marco Polo Hill780USA-CA661983-06-112020-10-25 a37 Years, 136 Days Later
Brents Mountain1713USA-CA661990-06-162013-03-1322 Years, 270 Days Later
Cornell Peak9750USA-CA662001-04-082011-06-0610 Years, 59 Days Later
Red Rock Canyon Overlook1766USA-CA662002-11-292017-01-14 a14 Years, 46 Days Later
Palo Comado Peak1926USA-CA662015-02-28 b2021-09-196 Years, 203 Days Later
Conejo Mountain1814USA-CA662016-07-23 a2020-08-084 Years, 16 Days Later
Calabasas Peak2163USA-CA662016-07-24 a2020-06-133 Years, 325 Days Later
Stoney Point1243USA-CA551972-062009-03-2936 Years, 301 Days Later
Top of Topanga Overlook1490USA-CA551979-06-232019-11-29 c40 Years, 159 Days Later
Twelve Apostles Peak1991USA-CA551985-04-172018-10-1433 Years, 180 Days Later
Mount Whitney14498USA-CA552001-06-072013-08-23 a12 Years, 77 Days Later
Wildwood Peak2991USA-CA552012-12-182019-11-30 c6 Years, 347 Days Later
Inspiration Point2800USA-CA552013-05-29 b2014-12-221 Year, 207 Days Later
Stone Canyon Overlook1342USA-CA552016-08-29 o2020-03-06 b3 Years, 190 Days Later
Peak 481481USA-CA552018-09-13 a2021-12-113 Years, 89 Days Later
Minooka Sledding Hill1030USA-WI441967-011970-023 Years, 31 Days Later
Castle Rock Edinburgh430UK-Scotland441987-06-232014-11-0927 Years, 139 Days Later
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA442002-05-232015-09-04 c13 Years, 104 Days Later
Misery Hill13840USA-CA442002-08-23 b2008-08-22 a5 Years, 365 Days Later
Mount Shasta14162USA-CA442002-08-23 c2008-08-22 b5 Years, 365 Days Later
Mount Wilson5710USA-CA442003-04-20 a2020-06-27 a17 Years, 68 Days Later
Brown Mountain4466USA-CA442004-06-19 c2008-04-28 b3 Years, 314 Days Later
Elden Mountain9299USA-AZ442009-11-092011-07-10 a1 Year, 243 Days Later
Peak 19841984USA-CA442011-09-102018-11-247 Years, 75 Days Later
Mount Baden-Powell9399USA-CA442012-05-122016-10-114 Years, 152 Days Later
Tri Peaks3000USA-CA442012-11-05 a2016-01-203 Years, 76 Days Later
Pop Top2930USA-CA442012-11-05 b2016-01-203 Years, 76 Days Later
Saddle Peak East2786USA-CA442014-03-062021-04-09 b7 Years, 34 Days Later
The Narrows Overlook1250USA-CA442016-08-29 m2020-03-06 d3 Years, 190 Days Later
Charles and Lotte Melhorn Overlook1296USA-CA442016-08-29 n2020-03-06 c3 Years, 190 Days Later
Johnson Overlook1250USA-CA442016-08-29 p2020-03-06 a3 Years, 190 Days Later
22912291USA-CA442016-09-06 e2021-02-24 a4 Years, 171 Days Later
Nottingham M1433UK-England331987-06-191999-06-1611 Years, 362 Days Later
Saddle Rock2132USA-CA331990-022020-01-27 a29 Years, 360 Days Later
Peak 15001500USA-CA331991-05-12 a2021-02-23 b29 Years, 287 Days Later
Burnt Mountain2135USA-CA332002-06-232016-05-2513 Years, 337 Days Later
San Gabriel Peak6161USA-CA332005-09-182020-04-02 a14 Years, 197 Days Later
Hummingbird Peak2298USA-CA332006-03-052020-10-2814 Years, 237 Days Later
Peak 44064406USA-CA332006-12-09 d2008-04-28 c1 Year, 141 Days Later
Peak 42884288USA-CA332006-12-09 e2008-04-28 d1 Year, 141 Days Later
Humphreys Peak12633USA-AZ332008-11-252013-06-294 Years, 216 Days Later
Hill 19181918USA-CA332013-12-172015-02-15 a1 Year, 60 Days Later
Farmer Fire Peak1960USA-CA332014-03-122018-12-05 c4 Years, 268 Days Later
Dun Ringill31UK-Scotland332014-11-052014-11-138 Days Later
Burbank Peak1680USA-CA332015-01-14 a2017-02-12 i2 Years, 29 Days Later
Cahuenga Peak1820USA-CA332015-01-14 b2017-02-12 b2 Years, 29 Days Later
Mount Lee1680USA-CA332015-01-14 c2017-02-12 c2 Years, 29 Days Later
Mount Hollywood1625USA-CA332015-01-14 e2017-02-12 g2 Years, 29 Days Later
Mountclef Ridge1120USA-CA332015-04-222021-04-155 Years, 358 Days Later
Mugu Peak1266USA-CA332015-07-13 a2021-04-125 Years, 273 Days Later
Peak 57055702USA-CA332016-05-20 f2020-06-27 b4 Years, 38 Days Later
Cloudburst Summit7018USA-CA332016-06-13 c2019-07-19 d3 Years, 36 Days Later
San Vicente Mountain1961USA-CA332016-07-10 a2019-08-01 a3 Years, 22 Days Later
Point 27302730USA-CA332016-07-13 b2021-04-09 a4 Years, 270 Days Later
Malibu Creek State Park High Point2739USA-CA332016-07-13 c2021-04-09 c4 Years, 270 Days Later
Saddle Peak West2806USA-CA332016-07-13 d2021-04-09 d4 Years, 270 Days Later
Fossil Ridge 2635USA-CA332016-07-13 e2019-06-07 e2 Years, 329 Days Later
Helen Benchmark1428USA-CA332016-08-01 b2018-10-03 b2 Years, 63 Days Later
Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook1148USA-CA332016-08-29 i2020-03-06 h3 Years, 190 Days Later
Mulholland Scenic Overlook1188USA-CA332016-08-29 j2020-03-06 g3 Years, 190 Days Later
Autry Overlook1186USA-CA332016-08-29 k2020-03-06 f3 Years, 190 Days Later
Barbara A. Fine Overlook1240USA-CA332016-08-29 l2020-03-06 e3 Years, 190 Days Later
Torrey Pines Lookout1100USA-CA332016-08-31 c2019-12-19 f3 Years, 110 Days Later
Santa Monica State Beach High Point25USA-CA332016-09-10 e2018-05-16 b1 Year, 248 Days Later
Kanan Overlook1339USA-CA332018-03-26 a2020-10-25 b2 Years, 213 Days Later
The Groves Overlook1348USA-CA332018-04-03 f2019-09-04 k1 Year, 154 Days Later
Peak 12381238USA-CA332018-06-252019-07-17 a1 Year, 22 Days Later
Peak 12371237USA-CA332021-04-04 c2021-09-18167 Days Later
Chatsworth Peak2314USA-CA221976-06-272016-07-1540 Years, 18 Days Later
Odyssey Hill1299USA-CA221976-07-182018-06-14 b41 Years, 331 Days Later
Perry Monument1192USA-WA221977-091980-06-162 Years, 289 Days Later
Torrey Pines Hill 365365USA-CA221978-05-212017-05-10 l38 Years, 354 Days Later
Torrey Benchmark367USA-CA221978-05-212017-05-10 n38 Years, 354 Days Later
Griffith Observatory1135USA-CA221982-02-201983-04-301 Year, 69 Days Later
Lighthouse Field State Beach High Point43USA-CA221984-09-222017-01-19 b32 Years, 119 Days Later
Oat Mountain3747USA-CA221985-03-201991-09-14 a6 Years, 178 Days Later
Alcatraz Island High Point140USA-CA221986-10-131988-09-171 Year, 340 Days Later
Point Dume203USA-CA221988-06-172013-03-1224 Years, 268 Days Later
McGrath State Beach High Point23USA-CA221988-08-202001-04-2112 Years, 244 Days Later
Castro Peak2824USA-CA221989-09-172016-11-02 a27 Years, 46 Days Later
Peak 15011501USA-CA221990-04-082019-08-2729 Years, 141 Days Later
June Point7934USA-CA221990-05-132010-09-2520 Years, 135 Days Later
Mission Point2771USA-CA221991-09-14 b2013-01-30 a21 Years, 138 Days Later
Presidio Hill182USA-CA222000-10-312017-05-10 f16 Years, 191 Days Later
Old Town San Diego State Historic Park High Point66USA-CA222000-10-312017-05-10 e16 Years, 191 Days Later
Legend Rock1552USA-CA222001-11-212006-11-235 Years, 2 Days Later
Wilacre Point1197USA-CA222004-05-162016-08-31 d12 Years, 107 Days Later
Peak 43884833USA-CA222004-06-19 b2006-12-09 b2 Years, 173 Days Later
Huntington State Beach-North Point22USA-CA222005-08-272017-05-08 0211 Years, 254 Days Later
San Clemente State Beach High Point149USA-CA222005-08-272017-05-08 2011 Years, 254 Days Later
Benchmark 33023302USA-CA222005-11-222012-04-22 b6 Years, 152 Days Later
Crystal Cove State Park High Point1033USA-CA222006-10-29 a2018-05-23 g11 Years, 206 Days Later
Peak 10631063USA-CA222006-10-29 b2018-05-23 h11 Years, 206 Days Later
Peak 10341034USA-CA222006-10-29 c2018-05-23 l11 Years, 206 Days Later
Moro Ridge Benchmark1013USA-CA222006-10-29 d2018-05-23 k11 Years, 206 Days Later
Whiskey Hill31USA-CA222008-04-132020-11-29 k12 Years, 230 Days Later
Peak 28002800USA-CA222008-08-092017-03-218 Years, 224 Days Later
Cardiff State Beach High Point41USA-CA222009-02-062017-05-10 q8 Years, 93 Days Later
Red Rock Peak2031USA-CA222009-06-202018-10-089 Years, 110 Days Later
Little Elden Mountain9018USA-AZ222010-07-142015-08-075 Years, 24 Days Later
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve High Point6417USA-CA222010-09-26 c2020-07-30 a9 Years, 308 Days Later
Plateau Point3760USA-AZ222010-11-19 c2011-11-15361 Days Later
Discovery Pinnacle13753USA-CA222011-08-252013-08-23 b1 Year, 363 Days Later
Blue Ridge8480USA-CA222012-05-26 b2017-10-17 d5 Years, 144 Days Later
Frost Benchmark8480USA-CA222012-05-26 c2017-10-17 e5 Years, 144 Days Later
Peak 75477546USA-CA222012-05-26 d2017-10-17 g5 Years, 144 Days Later
Carlsbad State Beach High Point52USA-CA222013-02-282017-05-10 v4 Years, 71 Days Later
White Mountain Peak14246USA-CA222013-09-19 a2019-08-18 a5 Years, 333 Days Later
Schulman Hill10163USA-CA222013-09-19 f2019-08-17 f5 Years, 332 Days Later
Triunfo Benchmark2510USA-CA222014-03-04 c2019-06-275 Years, 115 Days Later
McAuley Peak2049USA-CA222014-03-052016-07-27 c2 Years, 144 Days Later
Eagle Rock1957USA-CA222014-03-07 a2017-06-29 b3 Years, 114 Days Later
Cathedral Rock2052USA-CA222014-03-07 d2016-07-17 b2 Years, 132 Days Later
Mars Hill7246USA-AZ222014-05-312016-11-212 Years, 174 Days Later
Peak 47894789USA-CA222014-12-152019-07-09 a4 Years, 206 Days Later
Mount Chapel1600USA-CA222015-01-14 d2017-02-12 d2 Years, 29 Days Later
Peak 18391839USA-CA222015-02-28 a2015-03-13 b13 Days Later
Morro Strand State Beach High Point21USA-CA222015-05-022017-01-20 d1 Year, 263 Days Later
Gray Whale Cove State Beach High Point125USA-CA222015-05-30 f2020-11-24 425 Years, 178 Days Later
Half Moon Bay State Beach High Point48USA-CA222015-05-30 g2020-11-24 405 Years, 178 Days Later
New Brighton State Beach High Point157USA-CA222015-05-30 h2017-01-19 d1 Year, 234 Days Later
Whale Peak280USA-CA222015-05-30 i2017-01-19 o1 Year, 234 Days Later
Mount Lukens5074USA-CA222015-07-09 b2017-05-25 f1 Year, 320 Days Later
Echo Mountain3207USA-CA222015-08-272016-05-28 g275 Days Later
Garden of the Gods High Point1300USA-CA222015-12-092016-01-2951 Days Later
Point 51735173USA-CA222016-02-242016-11-05 b255 Days Later
Peak 43554355USA-CA222016-02-242016-11-05 a255 Days Later
Mount Hawkins8850USA-CA222016-04-14 d2016-10-14 b183 Days Later
Throop Peak9138USA-CA222016-05-03 b2016-10-14 a164 Days Later
Mount Burnham8997USA-CA222016-05-03 c2016-06-04 c32 Days Later
Vetter Mountain5908USA-CA222016-05-11 b2017-07-09 g1 Year, 59 Days Later
Wright Mountain8505USA-CA222016-05-24 a2017-10-17 b1 Year, 146 Days Later
Easter Rock4540USA-CA222016-05-28 d2019-07-08 a3 Years, 41 Days Later
Mount Pickens4223USA-CA222016-05-30 a2017-05-25 d360 Days Later
Peak 37913791USA-CA222016-05-30 c2017-05-25 b360 Days Later
Hawks Peak3726USA-CA222016-05-30 d2017-05-25 c360 Days Later
Bee Flat3256USA-CA222016-05-30 e2017-05-25 a360 Days Later
Winston Peak7502USA-CA222016-06-13 d2019-07-19 a3 Years, 36 Days Later
Benchmark 55615561USA-CA222016-06-13 j2017-10-31 b1 Year, 140 Days Later
Fremont Benchmark2359USA-CA222016-06-18 a2016-11-15150 Days Later
Manzanita Mountain2063USA-CA222016-06-18 b2016-08-26 b69 Days Later
White Face Simi Valley California2235USA-CA222016-06-302016-09-2890 Days Later
Peak 17371737USA-CA222016-07-08 d2018-04-20 b1 Year, 286 Days Later
Charmlee Wilderness Park Overlook1333USA-CA222016-07-08 e2018-04-20 a1 Year, 286 Days Later
Mount McCoy1325USA-CA222016-07-11 a2020-02-05 a3 Years, 209 Days Later
Peak 13401340USA-CA222016-07-11 b2020-02-05 b3 Years, 209 Days Later
Topanga State Park High Point2588USA-CA222016-07-13 f2019-06-07 f2 Years, 329 Days Later
Tarantula Hill1057USA-CA222016-07-18 b2020-10-154 Years, 89 Days Later
Beacon Hill1001USA-CA222016-07-30 a2017-02-12 j197 Days Later
Glendale Peak1200USA-CA222016-07-30 b2017-02-12 a197 Days Later
Hogback Peak1480USA-CA222016-07-30 c2017-02-12 h197 Days Later
Taco Peak1560USA-CA222016-07-30 d2017-02-12 f197 Days Later
Mount Bell1582USA-CA222016-07-30 e2017-02-12 e197 Days Later
Bee Rock1056USA-CA222016-07-30 g2017-12-291 Year, 152 Days Later
Woodland Ridge Knoll1342USA-CA222016-08-01 a2018-10-03 a2 Years, 63 Days Later
Hillcrest Ridge-Peak 16601660USA-CA222016-08-02 a2021-02-23 d4 Years, 205 Days Later
Hillcrest Ridge Knoll 15811581USA-CA222016-08-02 b2021-02-23 c4 Years, 205 Days Later
Barley Flats5600USA-CA222016-08-04 b2016-12-05 d123 Days Later
Point 5466 Benchmark5466USA-CA222016-08-04 c2016-12-05 e123 Days Later
Skull Rock1520USA-CA222016-08-12 c2019-09-09 b3 Years, 28 Days Later
Hollywood Bowl Overlook1020USA-CA222016-08-29 c2019-09-04 a3 Years, 6 Days Later
Runyon West Ridge High Point1218USA-CA222016-08-29 e2021-04-04 b4 Years, 218 Days Later
Universal City Overlook1122USA-CA222016-08-29 g2019-09-04 b3 Years, 6 Days Later
Sheep Corral Peak3077USA-CA222016-09-01 c2019-11-30 d3 Years, 90 Days Later
Verdugo Mountain3120USA-CA222016-09-01 d2019-11-30 b3 Years, 90 Days Later
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook423USA-CA222016-09-05 g2018-06-15 b1 Year, 283 Days Later
Simi Hills Peak 23122312USA-CA222016-09-06 b2016-10-1943 Days Later
Big Mountain2360USA-CA222016-09-132019-04-282 Years, 227 Days Later
Benchmark 51115111USA-CA222016-10-14 D2017-07-09 h268 Days Later
Peak 27492749USA-CA222016-10-17 a2016-10-31 a14 Days Later
Peak 27382738USA-CA222016-10-17 b2016-10-31 b14 Days Later
Yerba Buena Ridge3892USA-CA222016-10-17 c2016-10-31 e14 Days Later
Peak 14701470USA-CA222016-11-12 a2020-01-28 a3 Years, 77 Days Later
Elliott Mountain1063USA-CA222016-11-12 b2017-02-07 b87 Days Later
Little Butte2830USA-CA222017-03-26 j2017-03-30 e4 Days Later
Forest Lawn745USA-CA222017-04-182017-05-0517 Days Later
Two Trees1060USA-CA222017-04-222017-12-04226 Days Later
Coxey Hill560USA-CA222017-05-08 282017-10-23 d168 Days Later
Top O Reseda (13-G-10 Benchmark)1901USA-CA222017-05-19 b2018-12-05 a1 Year, 200 Days Later
Will Rogers State Beach High Point48USA-CA222017-06-01 a2018-05-16 a349 Days Later
Peak 16651665USA-CA222017-06-29 a2021-04-29 d3 Years, 304 Days Later
Benchmark 59115911USA-CA222017-07-09 c2017-09-07 a60 Days Later
Double Peak1644USA-CA222017-10-23 i2018-07-17 a267 Days Later
Loop High Point1588USA-CA222018-03-06 a2020-11-192 Years, 258 Days Later
Point 16301630USA-CA222018-03-12 a2018-10-03 c205 Days Later
Peak 18271827USA-CA222018-04-022018-12-05 b247 Days Later
Peak 19061906USA-CA222018-04-03 a2019-08-01 d1 Year, 120 Days Later
Upper Sullivan Ridge1862USA-CA222018-04-03 b2019-08-01 c1 Year, 120 Days Later
Lower Sullivan Ridge1574USA-CA222018-04-03 c2019-08-01 b1 Year, 120 Days Later
Heartbreak Hill1410USA-CA222018-04-162020-01-28 c1 Year, 287 Days Later
Cooks Station Ridge5000USA-CA222018-05-02 a2019-11-24 a1 Year, 206 Days Later
Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park High Point2598USA-CA222018-05-02 f2019-11-24 b1 Year, 206 Days Later
Peak 72437243USA-CA222018-08-14 a2018-08-29 a15 Days Later
Peak 71907188USA-CA222018-08-14 b2018-08-29 b15 Days Later
Refugio State Beach High Point200USA-CA222019-02-23 a2019-06-12 f109 Days Later
El Capitan State Beach High Point132USA-CA222019-02-23 b2019-06-12 e109 Days Later
Mandalay State Beach High Point24USA-CA222019-03-01 b2019-03-032 Days Later

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