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Multiple Ascent List for Thompson John

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Pawtuckaway980USA-NH881998-05-032005-08-137 Years, 102 Days Later
North Pack Monadnock Mountain2276USA-NH771992-10-302015-07-1322 Years, 256 Days Later
Mount Starr King3898USA-NH441996-09-162017-01-3020 Years, 136 Days Later
Mount Chocorua3480USA-NH331994-07-222019-09-0525 Years, 45 Days Later
Mount Hale4054USA-NH331994-10-012008-09-0513 Years, 340 Days Later
Mount Washington6288USA-NH331994-12-032001-09-306 Years, 301 Days Later
Mount Israel2620USA-NH331995-09-252018-05-2122 Years, 238 Days Later
North Tripyramid4160USA-NH331995-10-202005-06-199 Years, 242 Days Later
Mount Monadnock3150USA-NH331996-04-262001-05-135 Years, 17 Days Later
Mount Jefferson5712USA-NH331996-07-222015-11-2919 Years, 130 Days Later
Carr Mountain3453USA-NH331997-03-032001-08-054 Years, 155 Days Later
Belknap Mountain2382USA-NH331998-07-222008-05-119 Years, 294 Days Later
Slide Mountain4180USA-NY331999-10-102012-02-1112 Years, 124 Days Later
Great Blue Hill640USA-MA332002-03-242015-09-1813 Years, 178 Days Later
Pack Monadnock Mountain2280USA-NH332003-04-192006-03-192 Years, 334 Days Later
Big Spencer Mountain3206USA-ME332004-10-072018-09-2913 Years, 357 Days Later
West Bond4520USA-NH231995-07-162000-09-095 Years, 55 Days Later
Stillwater Mountain2264USA-NY2219602016-09-0356 Years, 246 Days Later
Blue Mountain3740USA-NY221992-10-042001-08-308 Years, 330 Days Later
New Ipswich Mountain1880USA-NH2219931999-04-116 Years, 100 Days Later
Mount Lincoln5089USA-NH221994-07-261999-08-295 Years, 34 Days Later
Mount Moosilauke4802USA-NH221994-10-242002-10-197 Years, 360 Days Later
Mount Jackson4052USA-NH221994-11-132005-03-0510 Years, 112 Days Later
Blue Job Mountain1357USA-NH221994-12-242020-10-0825 Years, 289 Days Later
Mount Tecumseh4003USA-NH221995-05-072017-02-1921 Years, 288 Days Later
Cannon Mountain4080USA-NH221995-05-122001-08-126 Years, 92 Days Later
Mount Tom4051USA-NH221995-05-262004-02-298 Years, 279 Days Later
Mount Field4320USA-NH221995-05-262004-02-298 Years, 279 Days Later
Mount Willey4255USA-NH221995-05-261998-08-223 Years, 88 Days Later
Wildcat Mountain4422USA-NH221995-06-022001-10-216 Years, 141 Days Later
Wildcat D4062USA-NH221995-06-022013-07-1318 Years, 41 Days Later
Wildcat E4046USA-NH221995-06-022013-07-1318 Years, 41 Days Later
Mount Carrigain4680USA-NH221995-06-162007-08-1812 Years, 63 Days Later
Mount Osceola4320USA-NH221995-07-112001-07-035 Years, 357 Days Later
North Twin4761USA-NH221995-07-151996-10-071 Year, 84 Days Later
South Twin4902USA-NH221995-07-151996-10-071 Year, 84 Days Later
Galehead Mountain4024USA-NH221995-07-151998-09-193 Years, 66 Days Later
Zealand Mountain4240USA-NH221995-07-152000-09-095 Years, 56 Days Later
Mount Guyot4560USA-NH221995-07-152000-09-095 Years, 56 Days Later
Mount Osceola - East Peak4156USA-NH221995-07-212002-02-176 Years, 211 Days Later
Mount Hancock4400USA-NH221995-08-252004-03-078 Years, 195 Days Later
Mount Hancock - Middle Peak4280USA-NH221995-08-252004-03-078 Years, 195 Days Later
South Hancock4319USA-NH221995-08-252004-03-078 Years, 195 Days Later
Middle Carter Mountain4600USA-NH221995-09-082017-10-1522 Years, 37 Days Later
South Carter Mountain4420USA-NH221995-09-082017-01-2721 Years, 141 Days Later
Imp Face3165USA-NH221995-09-082017-10-1522 Years, 37 Days Later
Mount Islip8250USA-CA221995-09-132000-08-134 Years, 335 Days Later
Mount Liberty4459USA-NH221995-10-132001-11-046 Years, 22 Days Later
Middle Tripyramid4120USA-NH221995-10-202005-06-199 Years, 242 Days Later
Mount Passaconaway4043USA-NH221995-11-172000-07-144 Years, 240 Days Later
Mount Whiteface - Ledges4000USA-NH221995-11-172001-10-285 Years, 345 Days Later
Mount Agamenticus691USA-ME2219962007-02-1111 Years, 41 Days Later
Mount Lafayette5240USA-NH221996-07-011999-08-293 Years, 59 Days Later
North Kinsman Mountain4293USA-NH221996-07-142017-02-2020 Years, 221 Days Later
South Kinsman Mountain4358USA-NH221996-07-142017-02-2020 Years, 221 Days Later
The Bulge3940USA-NH221996-07-162002-06-035 Years, 322 Days Later
Mount Cabot4160USA-NH221996-07-162002-06-035 Years, 322 Days Later
Mount Madison5366USA-NH221996-07-222001-09-235 Years, 63 Days Later
Mount Moriah4049USA-NH221996-08-182001-10-115 Years, 54 Days Later
Mount Garfield4480USA-NH221996-09-091998-09-192 Years, 10 Days Later
Mount Waumbek4006USA-NH221996-09-162017-01-3020 Years, 136 Days Later
Mount Eisenhower4760USA-NH221996-09-262019-09-2022 Years, 359 Days Later
Mount Pierce4310USA-NH221996-09-261998-01-301 Year, 126 Days Later
North Brother4151USA-ME221997-07-232004-09-157 Years, 54 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT221997-08-262012-08-0914 Years, 349 Days Later
Baldpate Mountain3780USA-ME221997-09-172008-10-0411 Years, 17 Days Later
Mahoosuc Arm3765USA-ME221997-09-302012-07-2914 Years, 303 Days Later
Hunter Mountain4040USA-NY221997-12-052015-01-1317 Years, 39 Days Later
Hedgehog Mountain2532USA-NH221997-12-122019-09-2121 Years, 283 Days Later
Peekamoose Mountain3843USA-NY221998-04-032015-01-1516 Years, 287 Days Later
Mount Tremont3371USA-NH221998-07-112001-12-023 Years, 144 Days Later
Mount Hibbard2920USA-NH221998-09-262016-03-3017 Years, 186 Days Later
Upper Wolfjaw Mountain4203USA-NY221998-10-062005-09-306 Years, 359 Days Later
Armstrong Mountain4429USA-NY221998-10-062005-09-306 Years, 359 Days Later
Gothics4734USA-NY221998-10-062005-09-306 Years, 359 Days Later
Potash Mountain2680USA-NH221999-03-142016-07-0217 Years, 110 Days Later
Algonquin Peak5115USA-NY221999-10-072006-08-056 Years, 302 Days Later
Iroquois Peak4843USA-NY221999-10-072006-08-056 Years, 302 Days Later
Goose Eye Mountain3860USA-ME222000-09-032001-09-161 Year, 13 Days Later
Mount Pemigewasset2557USA-NH222001-02-182020-02-0518 Years, 352 Days Later
Mount Megunticook1385USA-ME222002-02-242005-02-052 Years, 347 Days Later
Ampersand Mountain3314USA-NY222002-10-072015-11-1513 Years, 39 Days Later
Scar Ridge3774USA-NH222003-08-242007-07-213 Years, 331 Days Later
Caribou Mountain3650USA-ME222003-10-032008-10-035 Years, 0 Days Later
Wittenberg Mountain3780USA-NY222004-09-172015-01-1410 Years, 119 Days Later
Cornell Mountain3860USA-NY222004-09-172015-01-1410 Years, 119 Days Later
Mount Huntington3680USA-NH222004-12-042008-04-023 Years, 120 Days Later
Thomas Cole Mountain3940USA-NY222005-05-092015-03-109 Years, 305 Days Later
Black Dome3980USA-NY222005-05-092015-03-109 Years, 305 Days Later
Blackhead3940USA-NY222005-05-092012-02-116 Years, 278 Days Later
Mount Wolf3480USA-NH222005-09-112010-03-134 Years, 183 Days Later
Mount Hunger3539USA-VT222005-09-162017-10-0712 Years, 21 Days Later
Mount Putnam3642USA-VT222005-09-162017-10-0712 Years, 21 Days Later
North Hunger3583USA-VT222005-09-162017-10-0712 Years, 21 Days Later
Grass Mountain3109USA-VT222005-09-262007-11-262 Years, 61 Days Later
Balsam Mountain3600USA-NY222006-03-142013-10-277 Years, 227 Days Later
Panther Mountain3720USA-NY222006-03-152013-10-267 Years, 225 Days Later
Giant Ledge3200USA-NY222006-03-152013-10-267 Years, 225 Days Later
McKenzie Mountain3832USA-NY222006-08-032015-11-169 Years, 105 Days Later
Mount Kancamagus3762USA-NH222006-11-192008-01-131 Year, 55 Days Later
Mount Bemis3725USA-NH222006-12-172010-06-053 Years, 170 Days Later
Moxie Mountain2920USA-ME222007-09-222018-10-0111 Years, 9 Days Later
Big Indian Mountain3700USA-NY222009-04-192015-03-195 Years, 334 Days Later
Fir Mountain3620USA-NY222009-04-192015-03-195 Years, 334 Days Later
Barker Pond Mountain3060USA-ME222009-05-232009-05-296 Days Later
Blue Ridge Mountain - North Peak3009USA-NH222009-11-292010-03-13104 Days Later
Wilmington Range3458USA-NY222010-10-072012-10-072 Years, 0 Days Later
Round Mountain - North Peak3161USA-ME222010-10-072012-06-071 Year, 244 Days Later
Loon Lake Mountain3320USA-NY222012-09-092016-09-043 Years, 361 Days Later
Windham High Peak3524USA-NY222012-10-202015-03-172 Years, 148 Days Later
Kaaterskill High Peak3655USA-NY222012-10-212015-03-082 Years, 138 Days Later
Plateau Mountain3840USA-NY222012-10-272015-03-182 Years, 142 Days Later
Buck Hill492USA-MA222013-03-302015-09-252 Years, 179 Days Later
Twin Mountain3640USA-NY222013-04-062015-02-201 Year, 320 Days Later
Twin Mountain - South Peak3580USA-NY222013-04-062015-02-201 Year, 320 Days Later
Indian Head3573USA-NY222013-04-062015-02-201 Year, 320 Days Later
North Dome3610USA-NY222013-04-072015-03-091 Year, 336 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain3800USA-NY222013-06-292015-03-181 Year, 262 Days Later
Table Mountain3847USA-NY222013-08-242015-01-151 Year, 144 Days Later
Hunter Mountain - Southwest Peak3740USA-NY222013-10-132015-01-131 Year, 92 Days Later
Eagle Mountain3600USA-NY222013-10-272015-02-281 Year, 124 Days Later
Towns Mountain2203USA-NH222015-06-052015-12-20198 Days Later

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