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Progressive Peak Lists for Daniele Cameli

Personal Superlative Climbs over Time

Progressive Highest Point Reached

Includes unsuccessful attempts and non-summit goal hikes.

DatePeak NameElev-ftLocation
2018-08-10Monte Rosa15203Switzerland


Progressive Highest Peak Climbed

DatePeak NameElev-ftLocation
2018-08-10Monte Rosa15203Switzerland


Progressive Most Prominent Peak Climbed

DatePeak NameProm-ftLocation
2018-08-10Monte Rosa7103Switzerland
2018-10-10Corno Grande8124Italy


Progressive Most Isolated Peak Climbed

DatePeak NameIso-MiLocation
2018-08-10Monte Rosa48.6221Switzerland
2018-10-10Corno Grande276.716Italy


Progressive Furthest North Ascent

DatePeak NameLatitudeLocation
2018-08-10Monte Rosa45.93692Switzerland


Progressive Furthest South Ascent

DatePeak NameLatitudeLocation
2018-08-10Monte Rosa45.93692Switzerland
2018-10-10Monte Bove Sud42.914521Italy
2018-10-10Cima Lepri42.651979Italy
2018-10-10Monte Gorzano42.618255Italy
2018-10-10Monte San Franco42.4653Italy
2018-10-10Cima Delle Malecoste42.457446Italy
2018-10-10Cima Giovanni Paolo II42.453161Italy
2018-10-10Pizzo Cefalone42.45087Italy
2018-10-10Monte Portella42.44757Italy
2018-10-10Monte di Scindarella - Anticima Nord-Ovest42.432042Italy
2018-10-10Monte di Scindarella42.428851Italy
2018-10-10Monte Velino42.147284Italy
2018-10-10Monte Cafornia42.142978Italy
2018-10-10Monte Della Magnola42.142479Italy
2018-10-10Cima di Fondo di Majella42.056208Italy
2018-10-10Cima di Fondo di Femmina Morta42.037959Italy
2018-10-10Femmina Morta42.034188Italy
2018-10-10Tavola Rotonda42.029997Italy


Progressive Furthest East Ascent

May not be accurate due to around-the-world effects. See note below.

DatePeak NameLongitudeLocation
2018-08-10Monte Rosa7.86676Switzerland
2018-10-10Monte Bove Sud13.19931Italy
2018-10-10Pizzo Berro13.22285Italy
2018-10-10Monte Priora13.240563Italy
2018-10-10Cima Lepri13.36859Italy
2018-10-10Monte Gorzano13.395441Italy
2018-10-10Monte Pelone Meridionale13.406968Italy
2018-10-10Cima Delle Malecoste13.500172Italy
2018-10-10Cima Giovanni Paolo II13.514609Italy
2018-10-10Pizzo Cefalone13.52467Italy
2018-10-10Monte Portella13.54605Italy
2018-10-10Cima 242213.554601Italy
2018-10-10Corno Grande13.565593Italy
2018-10-10Corno Grande-Torrione Cambi13.568083Italy
2018-10-10Corno Grande-Vetta Centrale13.569762Italy
2018-10-10Corno Grande-Vetta Orientale13.570679Italy
2018-10-10Corno Grande-Anticima Nord alla Vetta Orientale13.571506Italy
2018-10-10Monte di Scindarella - Anticima Nord-Ovest13.57408Italy
2018-10-10Monte di Scindarella13.582995Italy
2018-10-10Pizzo San Gabriele13.628926Italy
2018-10-10Monte Brancastello13.64003Italy
2018-10-10Torri di Casanova13.65931Italy
2018-10-10Monte Infornace13.677464Italy
2018-10-10Monte Prena13.68316Italy
2018-10-10Monte Camicia13.718369Italy
2018-10-10Monte Tremoggia13.733843Italy
2018-10-10Cima di Fondo di Majella14.090266Italy
2018-10-10Monte Macellaro14.100384Italy
2018-10-10Femmina Morta14.103848Italy
2018-10-10Cima Dell'Altare14.119887Italy
2018-10-10Cima Delle Murelle14.133041Italy


Progressive Furthest West Ascent

May not be accurate due to around-the-world effects. See note below.

DatePeak NameLongitudeLocation
2018-08-10Monte Rosa7.86676Switzerland



  • For all the eight lists on this page, the first entry will be the first ascent chronologically for this climber.
  • The last entry will be the current superlative ascent for the category.
  • Each list shows all the ascents that set a new record for highest, most prominent, furthest north, etc.
  • Ascents logged without a date are not counted for these lists, obviously.
  • Isolation number is approximate for most peaks in the database, and Provisional Peaks are not counted for Most Isolated Peak list.
  • If two ascents have the same date, they are sorted randomly. Ideally, climbers should add a suffix (e.g. the letter "a" in "2003-08-12 a") to distinguish ascents on the same day.
  • For globe-trotting climbers that have crossed oceans many times, the furthest east and west lists will break down and become meaningless towards the end.  This is because the direction of travel from peak to peak is not recorded when a climb is logged. If a climber travels from the USA to Kilimanjaro, it is not possible to tell if that represents eastbound or westbound travel. The lists above try make an intelligent guess but will often "wrap around" the wrong way.

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