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Progressive Peak Lists for Jude N

Personal Superlative Climbs over Time

Progressive Highest Point Reached

Includes unsuccessful attempts and non-summit goal hikes.

DatePeak NameElev-ftLocation
2007Mount Hotham6109Australia-VIC
2011-10-10Gunung Rinjani (Attempt)8914Indonesia
2014-12-27Mardi Himal-High Camp11667Nepal


Progressive Highest Peak Climbed

DatePeak NameElev-ftLocation
2007Mount Hotham6109Australia-VIC
2014-12-29Kot Danda7690Nepal


Progressive Most Prominent Peak Climbed

DatePeak NameProm-ftLocation
2007Mount Hotham400Australia-VIC
2012Mount Wellington2329Australia-TAS
2012-04-29Mount Buffalo-The Horn2438Australia-VIC
2014-09-23Mount William2930Australia-VIC
2015-09-22Mount Kosciuszko7310Australia-NSW


Progressive Most Isolated Peak Climbed

DatePeak NameIso-MiLocation
2007Mount Hotham1.95174Australia-VIC
2012Mount Wellington29.172Australia-TAS
2014-09-23Mount William171.042Australia-VIC
2015-09-22Mount Kosciuszko1177.04Australia-NSW


Progressive Furthest North Ascent

DatePeak NameLatitudeLocation
2007Mount Hotham-36.975195Australia-VIC
2014-12-27Mardi Himal-High Camp28.47328Nepal
2018-06-26Brandon Hill51.454084UK-England
2018-07-12Goat Fell55.625831UK-Scotland
2018-07-14 aThe Cobbler56.213037UK-Scotland
2018-07-14 bThe Cobbler-North Peak56.214934UK-Scotland
2018-07-15Ben Nevis56.79683UK-Scotland


Progressive Furthest South Ascent

DatePeak NameLatitudeLocation
2007Mount Hotham-36.975195Australia-VIC
2012Mount Wellington-42.896016Australia-TAS
2013-01-24Fluted Cape-43.360352Australia-TAS
2016-01-23Mount Ollivier (Attempt)-43.725437New Zealand
2016-01-24 aMount Sutton (Attempt)-44.229419New Zealand


Progressive Furthest East Ascent

May not be accurate due to around-the-world effects. See note below.

DatePeak NameLongitudeLocation
2007Mount Hotham147.128281Australia-VIC
2012Mount Wellington147.237393Australia-TAS
2013-01-24Fluted Cape147.374339Australia-TAS
2015-09-20Mount Piper148.417826Australia-NSW
2016-01-17Mount Tongariro175.635609New Zealand
2016-01-17Red Crater175.650616New Zealand


Progressive Furthest West Ascent

May not be accurate due to around-the-world effects. See note below.

DatePeak NameLongitudeLocation
2007Mount Hotham147.128281Australia-VIC
2014-12-27Mardi Himal-High Camp83.928205Nepal
2014-12-29Kot Danda83.810452Nepal
2018-06-26Brandon Hill-2.607181UK-England
2018-07-04 aShower Tor-4.616684UK-England
2018-07-04 cLittle Rough Tor-4.618014UK-England
2018-07-04 dRough Tor-4.621499UK-England
2018-07-06The Island-Pen Diu-4.762273UK-England
2018-07-12Goat Fell-5.191881UK-Scotland



  • For all the eight lists on this page, the first entry will be the first ascent chronologically for this climber.
  • The last entry will be the current superlative ascent for the category.
  • Each list shows all the ascents that set a new record for highest, most prominent, furthest north, etc.
  • Ascents logged without a date are not counted for these lists, obviously.
  • Isolation number is approximate for most peaks in the database, and Provisional Peaks are not counted for Most Isolated Peak list.
  • If two ascents have the same date, they are sorted randomly. Ideally, climbers should add a suffix (e.g. the letter "a" in "2003-08-12 a") to distinguish ascents on the same day.
  • For globe-trotting climbers that have crossed oceans many times, the furthest east and west lists will break down and become meaningless towards the end.  This is because the direction of travel from peak to peak is not recorded when a climb is logged. If a climber travels from the USA to Kilimanjaro, it is not possible to tell if that represents eastbound or westbound travel. The lists above try make an intelligent guess but will often "wrap around" the wrong way.

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