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Eastern USA 5000-foot Peaks - Multiple Ascents Grid

Ranked Peaks have 160 feet of Clean Prominence

Showing all of Jonathan Blackwell's ascent dates (max 10 rounds) (Overall: 51 out of 207, or 24.64%)

RankPeak Elev-Ft  Prom-Ft TotalRound 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
1.Mount Mitchell668460894 2002-11-26  2008  2016-04-23  2016-07-09 a 
2.Mount Craig66472872 2002-11-26  2016-07-09 b   
3.Whitetop Mountain552010402 2008-02  2017-06-17 d   
 Linville Peak5280402 2009  2011-04-23   
5.Round Bald58001602 2011-05  2016-05-07   
 Jane Bald5800402 2011-05  2016-05-07   
7.Grassy Ridge Bald61606482 2011-05  2016-05-07   
8.Three Top Mountain500012692 2016-04-08  2019-09-08 d   
9.Little Hump Mountain54404402 2016-04-09  2016-09-23 a   
10.Bluff Mountain510016202 2016-09-25  2019-09-08 a   
 Pine Mountain55261261 1997    
 Wilburn Ridge5520801 1997    
 Thomas Knob5520801 1997    
14.Beech Mountain548014401 2010-10-05    
15.Mount Rogers572924491 2012    
16.Elk Knob552010001 2016-03-12    
 Snake Mountain-North Peak5518381 2016-03-12 a    
18.Snake Mountain556022401 2016-03-12 b    
19.Clingmans Dome664345031 2016-04-01    
20.Big Yellow Mountain54401601 2016-04-09    
21.Green Knob50807601 2016-04-23    
22.Roan High Knob628534851 2016-05-07    
 Roan High Bluff62671471 2016-05-07    
 Grassy Ridge6120401 2016-05-07    
 Cloudland Mountain6200401 2016-05-07    
26.Haw Orchard Mountain50804001 2016-05-28    
 Big Pinnacle5040801 2016-05-28    
28.Sugar Mountain520010801 2016-05-29    
29.Balsam Cone66003601 2016-07-09 d    
 Cattail Peak66001201 2016-07-09 e    
 Potato Hill64751151 2016-07-09 f    
32.Hump Mountain55879071 2016-09-23 b    
33.The Pinnacle56654651 2016-09-24 a    
34.Rocky Knob South52401601 2016-09-24 b    
35.Rich Mountain Bald53729321 2017-01-21    
 Tater Hill5194741 2017-01-21 b    
37.Mount Pisgah572113611 2017-05-25 a    
38.Little Pisgah Mountain52801601 2017-05-25 b    
39.Little Bald Mountain52803201 2017-05-25 c    
40.Fryingpan Mountain53203601 2017-05-26 a    
41.Big Bald52803201 2017-05-26 b    
 Bearpen Knob5288481 2017-05-26 c    
43.Craggy Gardens56801601 2017-05-26 d    
44.Craggy Pinnacle58922331 2017-05-26 e    
 Monticello Lawn Peak5407131 2017-06-28    
46.Mount Washington628861481 2017-06-28 a    
 Mount Clay55331391 2017-06-28 b    
48.Mount Jefferson57127531 2017-06-28 e    
49.Point Misery57153551 2017-07-22    
 Little Butt5600401 2017-07-22 b    
 Brush Fence Ridge54801201 2017-07-22 b    
52.Big Butt59206801 2017-07-22 c    
53.Grandfather Mountain594624261 2017-08-05    
54.Big Bald551625561 2017-09-09    
55.Graybeard Mountain53603201 2018-01-15 b    
56.The Peak51608401 2018-03-31    
57.Hanging Rock520010001 2018-06-09    
58.Shining Rock60002401 2018-06-23 a    
59.Grassy Cove Top60403201 2018-06-23 b    
60.Chestnut Bald60001601 2018-06-23 e    
 Tennent Mountain60401201 2018-06-23 g    
62.Black Balsam Knob62149891 2018-06-23 h    
63.Sam Knob60403601 2018-06-23 j    
64.Waterrock Knob629219471 2018-06-29 a    
65.Yellow Face60323121 2018-06-29 b    
66.Blackrock Mountain58101701 2018-06-29 c    
67.Albert Mountain52002001 2018-06-30 a    
68.Wine Spring Bald544016801 2018-06-30 b    
 Wayah Bald53421421 2018-06-30 c    
 Three Top Mountain-Big Rock50001201 2019-09-08 e    
71.Sandymush Bald51524721 2019-12-15 a    
 Peak 496049602401 2019-12-15 b    
73.Crabtree Bald532026801 2019-12-15 c    
74.Masa Knob5680166     
75.Boteler Peak50101331     
76.Blue Knob5000560     
77.Yellow Mountain5000659     
78.Lower Hyatt Ridge5020580     
79.Mount Hardy6120760     
80.Cheoah Bald50622357     
81.Soco Gap North5065225     
82.Big Butt5080320     
83.Bearwallow Knob5085285     
84.Pilot Mountain5080521     
85.Shortoff Mountain5000880     
86.Little Bald Knob5040600     
87.Ridgepole Mountain5043683     
88.Becks Bald5053413     
89.Green Knob5056523     
90.Big Scaly5040280     
 Silvermine Bald596040     
92.Potrock Bald5215175     
93.Potato Hill Bald5219328     
94.Lane Pinnacle5230590     
95.Tusquitee Bald52401720     
96.Saddle Tree Gap Peak5249369     
97.Copper Ridge Bald52561020     
98.Yellow Spot5080200     
99.Rich Benchmark5106506     
100.Yellow Mountain51271527     
101.De Armond Bald5136176     
102.Indian Knob5137417     
103.Peak 51495149229     
104.Upper Highland Ridge5166246     
105.Licklog Mountain5160160     
106.Nettle Creek Bald5160578     
107.South Hooper Bald5160400     
108.Beech Mountain-East Summit5160160     
109.Lower Hughes Ridge5188348     
110.Siler Bald52001040     
111.Rocky Bald5320400     
112.Snowball Mountain5360440     
113.Stratton Bald53601040     
114.Sugartree Licks North5360200     
115.Bunches Bald5480984     
 Soco Bald544040     
117.Blockhouse Mountain5470590     
118.Pecks Corner South5490170     
119.Big Junction East5480240     
120.Little Yellow Mountain5504651     
121.Charley Bald5520160     
 Buck Knob5560120     
123.Rich Mountain Bald5583343     
124.Bald Knob5400160     
 Hooper Bald5429149     
126.Breakneck Ridge5440520     
127.Hawk Mountain5440280     
128.Coxcomb Mountain54431163     
129.Ogle Ridge5440240     
130.Spot Knob5800200     
131.Little Sam Knob5862182     
132.Andrews Bald5920160     
133.Rough Butt Bald5920480     
134.Cataloochee Balsam59701547     
135.Chiltoes Mountain5880280     
136.Bullhead Mountain5920320     
137.Graveyard Ridge5600160     
138.Flat Spring Knob5680160     
139.Plott Balsam Mountain6088368     
 Mount Hallback6329129     
141.Mount Gibbes6520400     
142.Blackstock Knob6320440     
 Clingmans Peak652040     
 Potato Knob640040     
145.Craggy Dome60801000     
146.Mount Lyn Lowry6240360     
 Browning Knob6240120     
148.Cold Mountain6030990     
149.Richland Balsam64103010     
150.Reinhart Knob6080200     
151.Celo Knob6327607     
 Percys Peak620080     
 Gibbs Mountain6200120     
154.Winter Star Mountain6203283     
155.Mount Monroe5372254     
 Mount Franklin500020     
157.Algonquin Peak51152096     
158.Mount Marcy53444914     
160.Mount Lafayette52403320     
161.Mount Lincoln5089169     
162.Mount Madison5366466     
163.Mount Adams5799861     
164.Standing Indian54992819     
165.Huckleberry Knob55603400     
166.Haw Knob5472192     
167.Thunderhead Mountain55271087     
168.Mount Squires5070190     
169.Mount Collins6188465     
170.Cold Spring Knob5200320     
171.Silers Bald5607247     
 Jenkins Knob556053     
173.Newton Bald5160560     
174.High Rocks5190710     
175.Cammerer Ridge5042800     
176.Cosby Knob5160466     
177.Old Black6370170     
178.Mount Guyot66211581     
 Tricorner Knob614525     
 Mount Hardison613494     
181.Mount Chapman6417577     
182.Marks Knob6169249     
183.Mount Sequoyah6003163     
184.Laurel Top5907427     
185.Mount Le Conte65931360     
 Charlies Bunion5560120     
187.Mount Kephart6217657     
 Mount Ambler612086     
189.Mount Sterling5842663     
190.Mount Yonaguska6178218     
 Thermo Knob608040     
192.Luftee Knob6234314     
193.Big Cataloochee Mountain6155635     
194.Balsam High Top5720240     
 Mount Le Conte-West Point6344104     
 Mount Le Conte-Cliff Top6555115     
 Mount Le Conte-Myrtle Point644340     
 Dead Line Ridge5040120     
 Beech Knob516080     
 Cabin Ridge508040     
 The Narrows532040     
 Elk Hollow Ridge516080     
204.Peak 56805680304     
 Maddron Bald521240     
 Brier Ridge524040     
 Elk Garden Ridge496080     
 Matlock Bald501454     
 Grassy Bald561393     
 Little Bearpen North5720120     
 Agiocochook Crag57189     
 Bigelow Lawn Hill551259     
 Hawkbill Rock496080     
214.Pinnacle Lead5960160     
215.Anakeesta Ridge5680240     
216.Peregrine Peak5375175     
217.Brown Lead5600280     
 Leatherwood Top500040     
 Middle Top5160120     
 Spruce Mountain564787     
 Balsam Point582060     
 Little Haw Knob5160120     
 Wolfden Knob4960120     
 Art Stewart Ridge496040     
 Mingus Lead564080     
 Lickstone Ridge4960120     
 Katahdin-South Peak526040     
 Mount Truman500080     
 John Quincy Adams541056     
 Sam Adams558593     
 Adams 5525620     
 Abigail Adams535540     
 Nelson Crag563535     
 Ball Crag610631     
 Boott Spur549298     
 Mount Monroe-West Peak519739     
237.Attic Window Peak5880240     
238.MacRae Peak5845165     
239.Old Bald5760200     
240.Laurel Patch Bald5560280     
241.Lickstone Bald5700806     
242.Steestachee Bald5680520     
243.Little Bald Knob5640512     
244.Buck Knob5600400     
245.Campbell Lick5576216     
246.Hemphill Bald5520320     
247.Whim Knob5501341     
248.Setzer Mountain5480160     
249.Doubletop Mountain5481921     
250.Snaggy Bald5471551     
251.Walker Bald5400640     
252.Peak 54015401321     
253.Pinnacle Bald5400240     
254.Moody Top5320320     
255.Big Bald53071147     
256.Birdstand Mountain5280240     
257.Heintooga Bald5266186     
258.High Top5263383     
259.Coward Bald5187307     
260.Purchase Knob5086326     
261.North Eaglenest Mountain5071511     
262.Perry Top5040320     
263.Eaglenest Ridge5040200     
264.Cataloochee Divide5040240     
 Weatherman Bald4960120     
266.Gage Bald5574174     
267.Yellow Bald52401000     
 Docks Gap East5065145     
269.Fie Top5040200     
 Pinnacle Mountain500040     
271.Herrin Knob5720200     
 Tanasee Bald5560120     
 Lost Knob5467147     
 The Sawteeth545292     
 Devils Courthouse572080     
 Walker Knob5482122     
 Bear Ridge554868     
 Big Pine Mountain553353     
 Beartown Mountain5480120     
 Seniard Mountain505252     
 Parker Knob5400120     
 Stairs Mountain588090     
 Beartrap Knob556080     
 Ross Knob508082     
 Old Butt Knob5525125     
 Dog Loser Knob5761121     
 Green Knob5880120     
 Ledge Bald5184114     
289.Rocky Bald5080200     
 High Knob516383     
291.Sunup Knob5000160     
292.Mount Davis5040320     
293.Unaka Mountain51801420     
294.Brier Knob5215335     
295.Little Bald5200280     
296.Horseshoe Mountain5288248     
297.Sugarland Mountain-Middle Peak5360280     
298.Wooly Tops Mountain5480160     
299.Porters-False Peak5572252     
300.Mount Mingus5802530     
301.Eagle Rocks5849329     
302.Anakeesta Knob5988228     
 Rocky Top544141     
 Flower Knob588080     
305.Cold Spring Knob5920280     
306.Lone Bald5880240     

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