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A log of the important events in the history of


DateUpdate or Event
2022-04-29Updated the "Others in Party" field when adding ascents. Now users can add buddies, other site users, or non-site users, all using new controls. This allows companions to be added one-by-one in a more robust fashion and will eventually enable new reporting on who is hiking/climbing with whom.
2021-09-24Database update. In addition to promoting many provisional peaks and fixing numerous bugs, all peaks in the USA outside Alaska with over 1000 feet of prominence are now complete and verified in the site’s data--new lists by state and region for these peaks are available in the “List of Lists” page. Also, a new province high point list and background mapping for Belgium are now available.
2021-05-05New database deployed with new data, updates, and bug fixes. Most of the emails sent reporting various data issues over the past five months should be addressed. Thousands of provisional peaks were promoted, and hundreds of other corrections were made, thanks to many dedicated volunteers. In particular, data for high-prominence peaks in Greenland and Central Asia has been updated; many "Ribu" (P>1000m) peaks entered by worldwide researchers have been promoted; and continuing improvements to peak data in Eastern Europe are also part of this update.
2020-12-10New database deployed with new data, updates, and bug fixes. Most of the emails sent reporting various data issues over the past six months should be addressed. Thousands of provisional peaks were promoted, and hundreds of other corrections were made, thanks to many dedicated volunteers. Ten new lists were added to the main listing.
2020-11-20Code Update: The main site search page was given a well-needed update. You can now filter peak name searches by nation and state, and the mountain range search is now separate functionality. Also, added first ascents to a climber's "Unique Peaks" report page.
2020-11-13Code update: fixed some bugs in the site's code, and updated the data privacy features of the site that allow users to hide their accounts or individual ascents. This functionality now works much more robustly that it did previously.
2020-06-05New database deployed with new data, updates, and bug fixes. Most of the emails sent reporting various data issues over the past four months should be addressed. Thousands of provisional peaks were promoted, and data for Switzerland is now much more complete due to help from dedicated volunteers. New or updated lists include a new category of highest border points, ones for the ACT in Australia, a new Japanese Island HP list, and others.
2020-04-16Code update: Added a "Prominence Summary" page that shows climber peak counts by year and prominence cutoff; the climber's home page now shows their totals and overall ranks by several metrics; and the "Add a Peak" page has some new fields that can be populated when adding a new peak.
2020-01-24New database depolyed with new data, updates, and bug fixes. Most of the emails sent reporting various data issues over the past four months should be addressed. Many behind-the-scenes data quality infrastructure improvements were made to make the site's interconnected and pre-calculated data features more efficient and reliable going forward.
2019-10-25Competed moving the site's hosting to a new provider with bigger and faster machines. This followed a period where different hosting solutions were evaluated for cost and performance. With any luck, the new platform will be stable and serve the needs of the community going forward.
2019-09-02New database depolyed with new data, updates, and bug fixes. Most of the emails sent reporting various data issues over the past three months should be addressed.

Apologies for Site Outage: On Friday, August 23, was down for about 24 hours. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. This was due to issues at the site's hosting company. We have been using the current web hosting provider for over seven years, and this is the first serious outage. Still, downtime of this duration is 100% unacceptable, and we will be seriously investigating new hosting or cloud services that might offer more reliability.

Users of can rest assured that there is a very strong commitment to keeping it running far into the future. Thanks to everyone for their support.

2019-07-07Due to storage issues, the photo uploading capability of was not working for the past few days. A new and better photo management system is now in place and photos can now once again be uploaded. Apologies for the downtime. If you tried to upload photos recently and it did not work, then you can now try again.
2019-06-04Database update--nothing major, just a bunch of random bug fixes and other corrections. Three new lists for USA county highpoints for the top 100 in various areas were added, and a new Arizona lookout List.
2019-05-17Some minor code updates--the most noticeable is that all peak lists now show the number of ascents logged for peaks on the list, allowing one to quickly see which peaks are the most popular. Also, the way ascents and trip reports are displayed on the peak pages has been cleaned up, and a few other small tweaks were made.
2019-04-19Database update. New lists include California fire lookouts, Croatia and Puerto Rico subdivision high points, and a couple others. Some peaks were promoted, and many bugs fixed. Thanks to everyone who submitted issues, you are a big help!
2019-03-08New database update deployed. Many bugs were fixed, and several new lists were added. Special areas where work was done include Taiwan and Slovenia. Thank you to everyone who submitted a data issue over the past few months--please contact the webmaster if a particular bug is still not addressed.

A database update was deployed, with over 1000 provisional peaks promoted, numerous bugs fixed, and several new lists added (US Interstate Highway Regions, Olympic Rain Forest Court, UIAA Alpine 4000m Peaks, etc.). Many major peaks in the Americas now have full “ridgewalks” to higher ground, accessible from the key col pages for the relevant mountains.

Also, a minor code update that adds two new clickable icons for ascents: a “Mud/Swamp” route icon, and a “Headlamp” gear icon you can use if your hike involved night hiking. is now using the HTTPS protocol for a more secure web experience. This will also remove any annoying "Site is not secure" warnings from browsers. And, of course, the super-important ascent log data entered by site users is now less vulernable to evil hackers.
2018-12-14Updated the algorithms for calculating vertical gain for an ascent. Now the numbers displayed on the ascent list, the ascent details page, and the ascent editor page will all be consistent and correct. Hikes where the start point are higher than the destination (for example, hiking into the Grand Canyon) are also handled correctly. If you are a peakbagger user and do not log your gain yet, now is a good time to start!
2018-11-09Major database update deployed, with virtually all bugs submitted in the past few months addressed and many provisional peaks promoted to the main database. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, bugs, and suggestions for database improvements. A major update was made to Canadian county high point lists, with 26 updated points (sorry to those who had been to the old points!). Also, several new lists added: 2 new Southwest BC lists; 2 new Vancouver Island lists; The Zdon desert peaks guidebook list, and others.

Some code updates:

  • Various minor updates to the map windows. The changes earlier this month (due to the Google price increase) were a bit rushed under a deadline, so some much-needed clean-up and bug fixing were done. All previous data and functionality (minus Google terrain and road layers) should now be present. In particular, the MyTopo maps are now back for USA/Canada.
  • New special web topo maps are now available for Brazil, Costa Rica, Portugal, Finland, and Victoria (Australia).
  • The “Add a Peak” page and Its map interface was totally redesigned due to the mapping changes, and this experience should now be better than it was.
  • The Ascent Subset page now allows selection a single peak, so climbers can see all their repeat climbs of just one peak at once.
  • The Front Runner’s List page now allows hiding of all completers—this is useful for lists with hundreds of finishers clogging up the top spots.
  • “E-Index”, a measure of how many high-elevation peaks a person has been climbed, has been added to the site. While not as interesting as P-Index and I-Index, it does complete the triad of major peak measures.

All of the mapping windows on the site have all been completely re-engineered due to a policy change by Google Maps. Their usage threshold has been lowered to a level where substatial payments must be made by sites such as this one that use the Google Maps platform. To avoid these fees, the map windows on now use an open source platform and mostly non-Google data layers.

This was a big change and most users of the map windows will notice some differences. There are undoubledly bugs and other issues with these new maps, please email the webmaster if you see any problems. Thanks for understanding.

2018-06-09Major database update deployed, with virtually all bugs submitted in the past few months addressed and many provisional peaks promoted to the main database. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, bugs, and suggestions for database improvements. Several new lists added, including a new set of lists showing the world's "Ultras" (1500m prominence peaks), and the Southern Arizona Hiking Club lists.

Several new code and functionality features released:

  • New List Search page that allows users to search for a list on the site by matching text, list type, peaks on the list, and location. This searches all “main” lists as well as all personal lists added by users. You can also add other climber’s personal lists to your home page by assigning a priority to those lists.
  • A new “Multiple Ascents Grid” is now available for every list, showing up to 10 separate ascents for each peak on the list. This will be useful for people doing multiple “rounds” or “laps” of a favorite list.
  • Performance and usability improvements to the Climber Compare tool.
  • The “go back to referring page” links after adding an ascent work much better now.
  • All users can now see a climber’s lists of provisional peaks and uploaded photos from a climber’s home page.
  • A climber can now see a list of their “hidden” peaks from their home page, and there is more explanation for this feature.
  • Removed “Logout” button from the site banner, which was being hit accidentally. You can still log out from the “Login” page.
2018-01-01Major database update deployed, with virtually all bugs submitted in the past six months addressed. Sorry for the delay in getting this data update out, in the future these should be more frequent. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, bugs, and suggestions for database improvements.
2017-10-20New features released:
  • Winter Ascents: Peak Lists with a climber's ascent dates now have an option to see only winter ascents, and Front Runner Lists (FRLs) also have a linked version that shows who has the most winter climbs. Click here for more info.
  • Days with Ascents Grid: From a climber's home page, there is now a link that shows how many calendar days (across all years) have an ascent logged, for those pursuing that kind of goal.
  • List of climbers and buddies now have a quick link to an ascent list sorted in descending order, allowing a quick way to see what someone has been up to recently.
  • Other bug fixes and minor updates to the code base.

A major data upgrade was deployed. This includes the customary bug fixes and improvements from user feedback, and, most imporantly, a major improvement to the prominence data coverage courtesy of Andrew Kirmse. His massive project of calculating prominences of every peak worldwide has allowed this site to add key col elevations and locations to thousands of peaks in the database, as well as add new high-prominence peaks. Over a dozen new "Ultra" summits have been added, plus hundreds of P600m peaks in New Zealand, British Columbia, and other places. A big thank you to Andrew for making this happen. More information can be found at this link and in the site glossary.

2017-05-30Added a new detailed Isolation page, linked from the peak pages, showing isolation statistics and a map of the peak's isolation circle. Also added other minor features: cleaned up the map links sections and added Open Street Map to the list of available map styles; most prominent peak lists for geographies now have a flag indicating if peak is a high point or not; topo maps for Tasmania added; some help pages are now easier to read, and other little fixes.

Database update that includes a massive new set of Isolation data for thousands of peaks, courtesy of Andrew Kirmse with database help from Jonathan de Ferranti. Several new Isolation lists are now present for continents and other areas of the world, all based on "true isolation" to nearest higher ground, not nearest peak in the database.

Also, this update reflects over a hundred minor bug fixes, tweaks, and other updates, as well as promotion of many provisional peaks.

2017-01-20Another database update. New list created: EPIC (Elevation, Prominence, and Isolation Combo) for the US states; and one list (US Atlantic Islands) formalized and revamped. Many peaks were promoted, and scores of bug fixes were made.
2016-12-08Database update. Virtually all errors, corrections, and updates submitted to the webmaster in the past few months have been addressed. Several new lists, including some state/province high points lists for nations in Central America and Asia. Over 1000 provisional peaks have been promoted, too.
2016-11-30Code Updates: Added several new tweaks and updates to existing features. Included are the following: Trip reports are now cross-referenced when done by a buddy on the same ascent; Isolation Index (I-Index) is now available as a complement to P-Index; Performance updates to Ascent Subset page; and the +, -, and * characters can now be used to annotate your climbing partner's roles on your trips. Other behind-the-scenes improvements, too.

Also, a climber's P-Index is now calculated using clean prominence to better align with the default used throughout the site. This may lower some individual numbers but have little to no effect on anyone's relative standing.
  • An Ascent Subset page that allows filtering of an ascent list by dozens of critera. If you have been logging ascent details, you can now answer burning questions like "what peaks did I use an ice axe on?" and "on what climbs did I do the most vertical gain?".
  • Also, the database now supports historical peaks like the pre-eruption Mount Saint Helens. More info can be found here.
  • New detailed topographic maps for Eastern Europe
  • The Ascent List now has a prominence columns for those interested in that metric.
  • And, finally, a database update with fixes to scores of data bugs.
2016-08-05Major database update. Virtually all data bugs submitted in 2016 have been addressed in some way or fixed. A couple thousand provisional peaks have been promoted. New lists: Country high points of just UN member nation-states.
2016-07-21Updated the GPS track features. Tracks will now preserve elevation and date/time information on upload and download. Also, GPS tracks will now draw using client-side JavaScript (i.e. on your computer) instead of on the server via overlays. This should make most tracks draw faster--let the webmaster know if you see a performance decline for GPS track maps. And, finally, enabled GPS upload for eventual use by mobile apps.
2016-06-23Several new features added:
  • The “Climbers” page has been completely updated and is now much faster and easier to use, while still maintaining the ability to search for registered site users and view “hall of fame” lists as before.
  • There is a new setting in the “Edit Account” page where users can specify a prominence threshold to filter out minor peaks from the various maps on the site. This can help reduce clutter of red circles on the peak maps.
  • A new "Site Statistics” page, accessed from the main Help Page, reports on interesting site metrics such as the numbers of peaks, climbers, photos, etc. in the main database.
  • P-Index is a new metric that is now calculated on climber home pages and has a “hall of fame” listing, too. See the Glossary help page for more information.
  • The site now has an official "Terms of Service” page.
  • Other bug fixes and tweaks, too.
2016-04-12New database update, with hundreds of fixes to the peaks in the database, many based on user feedback. Includes a promotion of a couple thousand provisional peaks.

Evidence has surfaced that shows that the West Peak of Mount Tamalpias in California is about two feet higher than the traditionally higher East Peak. This means that many California county list completions are suddenly off the books. By rules of the county highpointers, these prior completions should be "grandfathered" in. Therefore, "ghost" ascents of the West Peak have been added for completers to preserve their status. Ideally, eventually most of these climbers will tag the West Peak and then the ghost ascent can be removed. This feature will evolve over time and could be used for other list change situations.
2016-03-02Added a new report on the climber's home page for "Unique Peak and Peak Pairs"; Peak pages now have map source information shown; new features created for mobile apps to use; other tweaks to site code.
2015-12-19A new database has been deployed with over one hundred fixes, updates, and other improvements. Most of the email requests from users over the past few months have been addressed, and many provisional peaks have been promoted.

A few very minor user-interface changes were made (the ascents by peak page now paginates by year by default for frequently-climbed peaks; the home page peak photo now has a location shown; the zoom level on the peak maps is no longer way out for some peaks, etc.) but the main update is that the site was moved to new servers on upgraded software versions. This helps keep the technology of the site current, its performance acceptable, and its future more secure, all behind the scenes.

This upgrade has also removed the "site may be hacked" warning from Google--be assured that at no point was any user in danger in any way from using this site. The issue was some spam marketing content that happened to be on the same old hosting server the site was on.

2015-10-02A new database has been deployed with over one hundred fixes, updates, and other improvements. Most of the email requests from users have been addressed. Many provisional peaks have been promoted. Overall, just a broad data quality update.
2015-05-15The Front Runner's List (FRL) page now has an option to filter the climbers to those in a "Buddy List". If you are logged in to the site, and you have created a list of other users in a personal Buddy List, then there will be a link in the upper-right corner of the FRL page that will quickly subset the FRL to just your buddies. This can make a big FRL more manageable, and, perhaps, stir up more friendly competition among friends.
2015-05-11A new database deployment, featuring the usual mix of provisional peak promotions, bug fixes, new lists, and overall database quality and scope upgrades. New lists are for diverse places including Ohio, Canada, Peru, and South Africa. Most issues submitted by users should be now fixed. Thanks for the help!
2015-03-10Added a new "Progressive Lists" feature in the reports section of a climber's home page, which shows eight lists tracking progress over time for highest peak climbed, most prominent peak climbed, furthest north peak, etc. for the climber. Also, some minor code bug fixes.
2015-02-10A new database update was deployed--scores of corrections, bug fixes, updates, and other miscellaneous work done to the core peak data. If you sent an email with an issue needing attention in the past few months, it should now be fixed--due to volume of requests, individual notifications are no longer being sent in most cases. Do contact the webmaster if something was not fixed correctly or is still a problem.
2014-12-20Advertisements – you may now notice that certain pages on have banner ads at the top. This is an experiment to see what kind of revenue can be generated, and is part of an effort to make the site more sustainable in the long run. Ads will not be served if you are a registered user and you are currently logged in, so most loyal site users should not see any ads. If you have questions about this policy, feel free to email the webmaster using the contact link.
2014-11-10Finally-a new mobile phone app that works with has been released for Android devices. Scroll down for details about this exciting new way to access your Peakbagger account.
2014-10-04Added a new "Pick-and-Choose" list capability that allows users to create a peak list by selecting any peaks they desire to make their list. This supplements the "Query List" functionality which only allowed for objective criteria-based lists. Other various site improvemetns, too, including prominence type flavors of Front Runner's Lists, and some new topo map backgrounds for new countries.
2014-09-03Added some behind-the-scenes peformance updates to fix time-out issues when loading large pages of information. This involved turning the Ascent-Peak map view into a table in the database, allowing for quicker indexed retrieval of climber statistics.
2014-08-07Database update, with peak promotions, bug fixes, and overall quality upgrades.
2014-06-21After ten years of existence as a 100% free and non-commercial web site, will be experimenting with advertisements over the next few months. While all the very kind and generous donations over the years have been helpful and greatly appreciated, the site has grown to the extent where it makes sense to determine if there is a small revenue stream out there to help out with site infrastructure. Click here for more info about this topic.
2014-06-13Database update--got caught up on bugs, fixes, corrections, typos, etc. Most user emails should be addressed--contact the webmaster if this is not the case. New lists: Europe most prominent by country list, Netherlands province high points, Eastern USA 5000 foot peaks, Iceland P600m peaks, a few others.
2014-03-21Added a photo upload page that registered users can use to upload a limited number of mountain photos--it can be accessed from a climber's home page. Also added a new "List progress by year" report that summarizes the year-by-year number or peaks you have done on your top priority lists.
Also, the usual database update that fixed a myriad of bugs and promoted some provisional peaks. New lists include a few silly graticule-based lists and a couple for South Korea, based on good survey data for that country.
2014-02-07Another database update. About 10 news lists were added: UK County/Unitary Authority Lists, Philippines Province High Points, a new Usage list, Appennine 2000 meter peaks, and a few others. Over 1000 provisional peaks were promoted, and, as usual, many bug fixes from user input were addressed.
2013-11-01New database with scores of bug fixes and updates, mainly from user input. A few new lists (Bolivia and Venezuela Province HPs, New England 50 most prominent, etc.) were added. From a user's home page, new year-by-place grids report your significant ascents in a new and interesting format. Finally, updated site database to SQL Server 2012 to try and help some performance issues.
2013-09-06Added new "Usage Lists" where peaks are ranked based on site usage, such as peaks with the most ascents, most page views, highest user-designated quality, etc. These are located in the Random Other Lists section of the master list page. Also, added a new Geography article about the most remote places in US wilderness areas.

Updated the USA topo maps on the site to use the superior CalMaps service for hi-res USGS maps.

Also, for prominence geeks, added Key Col web pages for selected peaks that provide detailed information about key cols (prominence saddles). This includes parentage information and a map showing the prominence ridgewalk from peak to key col to line parent. Click on the "Key Col Page" link in the Prominence section of a Peak Page. This feature is not 100% complete and is currently only available for a few thousand peaks in the USA and Canada.

Finally, another incremental database update that incorporates many bug fixes.

2013-07-17Database update: promoted some provisional peaks, fixed scores of minor user-submitted bugs, updated accuracy of lat-longs and elevations in South Africa and Eastern Europe, and added 3 new lists: The Colorado Centennial Peaks, and region high point lists for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
2013-05-19Update to site infrastructure--not much visible to the end-user, but the database that runs the site is now more logical and consistent, and new features and maintenance will be easier going forward. Many peaks in the USA now have a city/town, where appropriate. Also promoted some provisional peaks, and added a few new lists, mainly for Europe and for sub-continent country high points.
2013-02-19Another database update, fixing user submitted bugs and making many small improvements to the overall database. Added 3 new "Club Lists".
2012-12-09Database update. Fixed scores of minor data bugs and issues. Added new formal lists:
  • USA Lower 48 Top 400 Peaks by Prominence
  • Mountaineers 100 Peaks at Mount Rainer N.P.
  • Southeast Alaska Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence
  • France Peaks with 600 meters of Prominence
  • Europe High Points with Iberian Substituion
2012-11-25Added a List Priority feature that allows registered site users to assign a priority value from 1 to 100 for lists they are actively pursuing. Sorting the large "List of Lists" and FRLs by Priority can highlight lists of special interest and who is most serious about certain lists. Also added summaries of key lists and peaks to the home pages of users to highlight their key accomplishments, and added a user's query lists to the main "List of Lists" page.
2012-09-25New Features: A personal "Master Peak Map" showing all peaks a climber has climbed worldwide; new "Personal Isolation" column on a climber's peak list; and site now supports export of your ascent list to CSV/Excel so you can store a back up copy of your climb data.

New Lists: Added/updated many Isolation lists, including the World 1000 km list and several for the USA; added a new National Forest high point list; added new threshold lists for various areas in the USA; added a Eastern Europe prominence list.
2012-07-02Added the Climber Compare feature. Also a database update that includes some new lists, many bug fixes, and some selective peak promotions. New lists include more European prominence lists, updates to US county most prominent peak lists, a new complete California Wilderness high point list, and"Colonial Empire" lists for the US, UK and France.
2012-05-05Major database update: promoted over 8000 provisional user-entered peaks to the main peak database; added over 10 new lists, including several new European prominence lists; made almost 100 fixes and upates based on user feedback; and other minor clean-up and database integrity work. Thanks to all the users who submitted corrections and bug reports, and sorry for the delay in getting the site updated.
2012-04-28Moved to a new hosting company that should dramatically increase the speed and reliability of the site, and decrease time-out errors due to slow page loading. No new features or content, but still a lot of work to migrate both the database and the web site code, and to make sure it is all working correctly at its new home.
2012-04-18Updated the map pages to use the latest and greatest version of the Google Maps API. Also added color-coded map circles to the peak and ascent map pages to show if a climber has climbed the peaks or not.
2012-01-04Added new mapping functionality, including a full screen map page, new MyTopo tiles, and new topographic map sets for British Columbia, Ontario, Spain, and Norway. Also made some other minor code and data updates, including new lists for Denmark and sacred Navajo mountains.
2011-11-25Major new feature addition of Custom Query Lists. Registered users of the site can now create custom lists by running queries against the database and saving them as lists. In addition, added the capability of viewing lists using either the Clean, Average, or Optimistic calculation method, instead of just Clean as it was formerly. Also added NAVD88 elevations for USA peaks. On the data side, added/improved a number of lists, including a worldwide island high point list, and fixed a number of data bugs.
2011-09-07Database update that fixes several user-reported bugs and does some general clean-up. New lists added for Canada and France National Parks, and the "Second Lap" List for the USA.
2011-05-27Updated and added many US Wilderness High Point lists, greatly increasing the coverage and accuracy of this category of list. Also added a California Fourteeners list, and promoted a large batch of provisional peaks to full status. Finally, also performed many other minor data fixes, updates, and tweaks.
2011-03-29Some code changes to go with the big database update a few days earlier. The climber "hall of fame" pages now rank the top 100 climbers, with rank numbers. The map links on the peak page have also been re-arranged, and some minor bug fixes were made as well.
2011-03-25Depolyed a new database with hundreds of updates--some minor, some major. New lists include a 1000m prominence list for Indonesia, a 3000m peak list for New Zealand, a couple new Sierra Club lists for California, and county prominence lists for Idaho and Montana. Many other fixes, tweaks, corrections, and improvements have also been made, including promotion of thousands of provisional peaks. Overall, the state of the behind-the-scenes peak database is at its highest quality ever--which is not really saying much, since there are still likely untold thousands of data bugs out there.
2010-11-12Reworked the master list page--it is now a sortable single-column "list of lists" with more information, instead of the old static two-column page. This same page also shows a climber's completion statistics by list. Also added the ability to upload, display, and download GPS data for ascents. Other minor code updates as well, plus a few new lists, including regional county high point lists and Argentina province high points.
2010-07-31Added complete county-equivalent high points lists for all Canadian provinces; enabled peaks that compete for the same place on a list to both be shown (some as alternates); Added a "Snapshot Grid" year-by-month report (accessed from a climber's home page) that shows a climber's significant career ascents; Made cross-water globability of CoHP maps user-controlled; other minor data and code fixes.
2010-06-06Added a Buddy List feature; added new unsuccessful ascent and multiple ascent reports to a climber's home page; added guidebook links for many lists, peaks, and ranges; added the WA lookout peaks list; increased the SE USA prominence list to a top 50; updates to the French department high point list; other code and data fixes.
2010-04-23Added or updated several lists (Great Basin Peaks List, Canada Province Prom Points, Alberta CD High Points, B.C. 1500m prom peaks) and fixed some minor code bugs. Also, made cosmetic improvements to the auto-generated county high point maps and got through a fair amount of user bug reports that were minor database tweaks.
2010-03-22Promoted a large batch of user-added provisional peaks to permanent status; re-organized the island high point lists for the United States; added a new list for British National Park high points.
2010-03-08Added the ability for a user to create a personal "life list" and/or "wish list", composed of personally selected peaks. Also added automatically generated color-shaded county high point completion maps for the US county highpoints list.
2010-01-25For climbers with over 100 ascents, the default view of the Ascent List is now just the current year, with links to the other years and an (often slow) link to show all ascents. Also, added the final US county high point lists so now all states are present--thanks to the folks at for their help with this.
2009-11-25Enabled the US county highpoint lists for states in the South and Midwest; Added new "Time-Period Reports" to the climber home page that show year and month based ascent data; Now showing alternate high points on the peak map for peaks with multiple areas; Re-did the internal architecture of the list generation system to increase speed and flexibility in showing columns; Promoted a large batch of provisional peaks.
2009-11-08Updated most isolation lists to use actual isolation distance, not an approximation to the nearest higher neighbor. Rewrote the isolation help topics, too. Added the N.C. Lookout tower list, and fixed some code bugs.
2009-10-18Added new locational data fields for climber accounts. Upgraded the site to use ASP.NET 3.5 and SQL Server 2008. Fixed some bugs in the site due to the way Internet Explorer 8 displays standards-compliant web pages.
2009-10-03Updated the HTML for the site to XHTML 1.0 Transitional, mainly for better Firefox compability. Also added "Quick Login" and "Quick Search" functions to the main banner, and added this "Site History" page.
2009-08-07Database updates: promoted a batch of provisional peaks; added Las Vegas Mountaineers list; updated county prominence lists for New England.
2009-07-25Database updates: promoted a batch of provisional peaks; added the Western States Climbers and Japan 100 Famous Mountains lists; several other minor bug fixes in the data.
2009-05-11Added the ability for users to update or delete peaks they have provisionally added to the database.
2009-01-04Added Google Maps showing locations of peaks to the List pages, including color-coding that shows peaks climbed by a logged-in user.
2008-12-05Added the ability for registered users to add provisional peaks to the database.
2008-02-09Upgrade website to ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005.
2006-03-17First users sign up and start logging ascents (not counting family and friends). They had to request an account via e-mail.
2005-06-03First Paypal donation received.
2005-04Create a login system and start working on the ascent logging functionality. This turns out to be a bigger project than I anticipated. I discover that serving up peak lists and other content is one thing, but when user input is in the picture, the issues multiply greatly. is turned on in its current form as an ASP.NET-driven site. The old Mountain Explorer site is now gone. The new site has over 100 data-driven peak lists and many other of the current features, but no ascent logging.
2004-05-02Deploy first test site to my IP address at the new hosting company. still points to the old Mountain Explorer site.
2004-03-09Arrange for hosting of an ASP.NET site and start actively developing a completely re-written site that access a database of thousands of peaks.
2003-08-08I met Edward Earl, noted prominence researcher. He had some valuable suggestions for the database, including adding the contour interval to peaks and saddles where exact elevations were not known.
2002During this year, I spent a great deal of time drawing the range boundary polygons for the Peakbagger Range Classification Scheme. My goal was to have a set of shapes that could be used to assign any peak in the world to its correct ranges.
2001-07For the next few months did a great deal of updates to the peak database in Europe and other parts of the world outside of North America, adding lat-longs and checking elevations against map sources. Records indicate updates were done for Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Antarctica, Mexico, Brazil, and Greenland, including many country-by-state high point lists.
2001At some point during 2001 the main peak list is moved from an Excel spreadsheet to a Microsoft SQL Server database. I toyed with MS-Access for a bit before discarding that platform and deciding to go all-out for a serious database solution. The transition took some time, with many schema updates and interim data migrations, but at end of the process the database was in the physical form that it remains in today.
2000The latitude/longitude columns of the master peak spreadsheet were a major project about this time, as were most of the US county high points in the west and northeast.
1999I started adding huge numbers of peaks to my master Excel spreadsheet, including many from the GNIS for the USA and the BGN gazetter for the rest of the world.
1997-10-16I met John Roper and Jeff Howbert, noted Washington-based list compilers, and we compared our lists of Cascade Range peaks. John was impressed that I had found a new, correct prominence saddle for Mount Adams. My Excel spreadsheet was pretty well developed for Washington, and I was now adding lots of prominence information.
1997-10-09Get the domain switched to Hiway Technologies after registration snafu. Then I move all the old "Mountain Explorer" content to the new domain, and the web site is now branded as "The Mountain Explorer at". It's still the same lame old site, mainly my trip reports.
1997-09-30Registered the domain
1997-08-18Posted a journal of my climb of Mount McKinley (Denali) to the Moutain Explorer site.
1997-07-26At a US State Highpointer's convention in Colorado, I met Andy Martin, who sold me his "County High Points" book and got me hooked on a whole new level of peakbagging obsession.
1996-05The "Mountain Explorer" web site goes live at\~gregsl\ . Most of the site's content is trip reports from my mountain hikes and climbs--with no database technology, there is only one peak list (8000 meter peaks). Although pretty lame, the site generates some interest, due mainly to the lack of other mountaineering sites at the time.
1996-04-22Sign up for new internet service with Accessone ISP and start working on first web site.
1995-04Get on the internet for the first time with a fly-by-night ISP that folded after a couple months, after I had pre-paid for a year.
1994-11Finally recognizing the drawbacks of large text files for database tasks, the master peak list is moved to an Excel spreadsheet. I also started adding latitude-longitude information to peaks at this time, starting with peaks in the Southern Taconics in Connecticut. I was using a digitizing tablet and the USGS topographic map.
1994-03Following through on my idea in Bali, I concatenate all my random text files of peak lists into a single large text file with one line per peak. This file is still full of errors and poorly formatted, but it does represent the real genesis of the database.
1993-10-08While watching a dance performance on vacation in Bali, I had the sudden idea that I should combine all my random peak lists into one master file that had all significant peaks together in one place. My idea was to limit the list to peaks such as country, state, and mountain range high points, and peaks on famous lists such as the Colorado fourteeners, New Hampshire 4000-footers, or 8000 meter peaks. I even started listing the peaks that might be included in such a list.
1992-11Spent time trying to write a book tenatively called "An Insider's Guide to US Mountains" that never really got anywhere. As part of this project, I created a huge mountain range taxonomy that is the ultimate source of the US part of the Peakbagger Mountain Range Classification Scheme. Also, some of the peak and range descriptions on this site come from stuff written for this proposed book.
1991-1993Around this time I was working on several large text files of lists of mountains from around the world. This includes several poorly-researched lists of world country high points, US county high points, and major world summits. One of my key early sources was Michael Kelsey's "Hikers and Climber's Guide to the World's Mountains", an endlessly fascinating tome but hardy an authoritative reference. Also, world atlases were pretty much all I has for most of the world.
1987I start work on a master computer text-file list of all the 3700-foot peaks of the Northeastern USA. Although this is a classic "threshold" list, I was very aware of the need for a rigorous prominence cutoff. So I thoroughly researched the "vertical rise" for all peaks with less than 1000 feet of prominence--above that, its status as a separate peak seemed beyond doubt. The "W" in "Mount Washington" that was typed in for this list has survived many transformations and is still in the master database.
1984-06My initial peakbagging obsession was the New Hampshire 4000-footers, and by mid-1984 I had hiked to 42 of the 48 summits. Almost done with that list, I transferred my obsession to the US State high points, and by the fall of 1984 I had visited 20 of those summits.
1969-08-10A few years after my real birth, the peakbagger in me is born. My father took me on a hike up Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire, but we had to turn back short of the summit, perhaps because he had to carry me part way up. I recall being very disappointed at not reaching our goal.

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