North America UN Member High Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 23

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Mantle, Doug28.70UnknownMount Logan Complete ListPoints
Terwilliger, Robert28.70UnknownPico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Brunner, David 28.70UnknownPico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Carnie, Grant28.70UnknownPico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Massad, Serge1669.572022-04-27Blue Mountain Peak Complete ListPoints
Knitl, Michal417.392022-04-21Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
W, Michel1043.482022-04-16Mount Saint Catherine Complete ListPoints
Graham, Mike626.092022-04-10Pico Turquino Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam417.392022-03-23 aCerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Rich, Kathy313.042022-03-23 aCerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Bjørstad, Petter730.432022-03-23Cerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Wilner, Joel28.702022-03-15Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Winkler, Christoph417.392022-03-09Cerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Dougherty, Matt28.702022-03-06Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Hansen, MB28.702022-02-14 bCerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Silberbauer, Noelle28.702022-01-22Mount Hillaby Complete ListPoints
Vedros, Jared28.702022-01-19Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Bellows, Dana28.702022-01-05Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Hart, David730.432021-12-16 aCerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Fruhwirth, Michael626.092021-12-16Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Mantle, Doug521.742021-12-14Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Bergsammlung, Markus 939.132021-12-10 aVolcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Barber, Jake28.702021-12-05 hPico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Lazutin, Sergey28.702021-12-04Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Ehrlich, Ted28.702021-11-08Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Lawson, Craig28.702021-10-28Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Rockinstraw, Rockinstraw626.092021-06-21Denali Complete ListPoints
Darby, David313.042021-06-21Denali Complete ListPoints
Westlake, Lucy28.702021-06-20Denali Complete ListPoints
Harris, Douglas313.042021-06-12Denali Complete ListPoints
Harris, Arthur28.702021-06-12Denali Complete ListPoints
Greiman, Travis939.132021-06-08Mount Gimie Complete ListPoints
Alcorn, John28.702021-06-06Denali Complete ListPoints
Hubbuch, Austin28.702021-06-02Denali Complete ListPoints
Magill, Nick28.702021-05-30Denali Complete ListPoints
Chaneles, Samuel28.702021-05-25Denali Complete ListPoints
Casserly, Sean313.042021-02-27 aCerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Evans, Zak28.702020-11-05Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Becker, J28.702020-03-05Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee28.702020-02-07Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Mulvey, Thomas28.702020-01-25Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Grant, Sam313.042020-01-20Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Climber, Mountain417.392020-01-17Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
O'Conor, Daniel521.742019-12-19Cerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Shen, Rey28.702019-12-05Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Lampert, Sheryl28.702019-09-09Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Milliard, Tom626.092019-08-08Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Viñals, Jaime1252.172019-07-11 bPic la Selle Complete ListPoints
Schulz, Alexander28.702019-06-28Denali Complete ListPoints
Kincaid, Margaret28.702019-06-22Denali Complete ListPoints
Wittmier, Dustin28.702019-06-09Denali Complete ListPoints
Clark, Eric28.702019-06-08Denali Complete ListPoints
Skorepa, Bradley28.702019-06-04Mount Logan Complete ListPoints
SEMBA, TAKAYASU28.702019-05-21Mount Logan Complete ListPoints
Fidorra, Jason313.042019-05-05Aripo Peak Complete ListPoints
Svensson, Emma834.782019-03-27Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Barbet, Jake28.702019-02-14Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee730.432019-02-12Mount Obama Complete ListPoints
Kothe, Eric28.702019-02-08Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Murray, Robert28.702019-02-07Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Nuernberger, Josef417.392019-01-24Blue Mountain Peak Complete ListPoints
Oliver, Ronald417.392019-01-23Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
van Denzen, Arjan313.042019-01-21Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Pete28.702019-01-07Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Genna, Deborah28.702018-12-17Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Elms, Lindsay313.042018-11-24Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Stone, James28.702018-11-21Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Marra, Anthony28.702018-06-08Denali Complete ListPoints
Takahashi, Asaka28.702018-03-16Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Irvine, Ryder28.702018-01-24Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Malik, Jeff28.702018-01-16Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Kelley, Scott28.702018-01-03Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Aitchison, Rob28.702017-12-28Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
McEleney, Ian28.702017-10-25Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Larson, Scott313.042017-06-26Denali Complete ListPoints
Zalokar, Fred†939.132017-06-24Pico Duarte Complete ListPoints
R, Nick28.702017-06-13Denali Complete ListPoints
/, N28.702017-04-27Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Daniel, Nicholas313.042017-04-06 aVolcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Patterson, Scott1043.482017-03-23Blue Mountain Peak Complete ListPoints
Larson, Reid521.742017-03-11Pico Mogotón Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura28.702017-03-09Mount Hillaby Complete ListPoints
Briscoe, Georgia417.392017-02-17Pico Duarte Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg417.392017-02-03 aCerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Bargo , Branndon 1147.832017-02Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John313.042017-01-23Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan28.702017-01-13Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Burch, Catalina28.702017-01-08Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Tucker, Matthew28.702017-01-01Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob417.392016-12-26Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Rayner, Adrian313.042016-12-26Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Connors, Ryan313.042016-12-09Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard417.392016-12-07Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Messing, Stefan313.042016-12-03Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Radwan, Marcin28.702016-11-30Pico Turquino Complete ListPoints
vennum, walt417.392016-11-10Cerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Charest, Nicolas313.042016-09-15Pico Mogotón Complete ListPoints
Loeberbauer, Wolfgang313.042016-08Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Stock, Curtis28.702016-06-27Denali Complete ListPoints
Wunrow, Jonathan1252.172016-05-28Pic la Selle Complete ListPoints
Cerney, Anji28.702016-03-25Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Kamholz, Collin28.702016-03-25Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Eckardt, Annett730.432016-03-20Blue Mountain Peak Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick28.702016-03-18Mount Hillaby Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, J1460.872016-03-16Morne Diablotins Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry939.132016-02-03Cerro Las Minas Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham417.392015-12-30Pico Turquino Complete ListPoints
Aitken, Mark313.042015-12-30Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Stinis, Phil28.702015-12-30Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Hayward, Josh28.702015-12-17Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
C, Sean521.742015-11-06Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Batt, Morgan2086.962015-09-09Pico Turquino Complete ListPoints
Giuliano, Dean313.042015-07-29Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Heyerick, Andreas28.702015-07-18Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Curtis, Ken313.042015-06-15Denali Complete ListPoints
Gilbertson, Matthew23Complete!2015-06-11Pico Turquino Complete ListPoints
Gilbertson, Eric23Complete!2015-06-11Pico Turquino Complete ListPoints
Garneau, Robert28.702015-05-01Mount Hillaby Complete ListPoints
Winkler, Geri1252.172015-03-31Pico Duarte Complete ListPoints
U, Alex417.392015-02-28Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Brace, Mark28.702015-01-19Pico Duarte Complete ListPoints
L, Evan417.392015-01-05Morne Diablotins Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken626.092014-12-14Cerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen417.392014-12-14Cerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Richard521.742014-12-04Cerro Las Minas Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Denise417.392014-12-04Cerro Las Minas Complete ListPoints
Mattingly, Ben28.702014-11-08Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Karu, Andres834.782014-04-26Pico Turquino Complete ListPoints
Musser, William 28.702014-03-24 APico Duarte Complete ListPoints
Musser, Daniel28.702014-03-24Pico Duarte Complete ListPoints
Howells, David521.742014-03-16Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Gergen, Teresa417.392014-02-28Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Luca28.702014-02-28Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Ephrat28.702014-02-28Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob730.432014-02-14Pico Turquino Complete ListPoints
Gerard, Sebastien28.702014-02-04Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Graham, James28.702014-01-14Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Knezek, Darren28.702013-12-11Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
De Las Torres, Chiky28.702013-11-29Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
De Las Torres, Alexa28.702013-11-29Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Skrede, Lyngve730.432013-05-14Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Myers, Nick28.702013-02-18Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Jurskis, Arnas1773.912013-01-27Aripo Peak1Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward†626.092012-12-30Cerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane417.392012-12-30Cerro El Pital Complete ListPoints
Murphy, Colleen28.702012-11-17Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Wabnig, Dagmar28.702012-11-15Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave28.702012-06-29Denali Complete ListPoints
Christensen, Keith28.702012-06-22Denali Complete ListPoints
holder, scott28.702012-05-27Denali Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Craig28.702012-03-02Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Peterson, Rick417.392011-12Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Garry, Paul28.702011-06-06Denali Complete ListPoints
Duffy, Sean 28.702011-03-10Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Tibatong, Habakuk626.092011-02-25Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam†417.392011-02-13Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
Alfery, Sylvia521.742011-01-18Volcán Tajumulco Complete ListPoints
STANGL, CHRISTIAN313.042010-12-16Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Doronin, Vladimir28.702010-11-05Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
VanderBilt, Monty28.702010-03-02Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Hirschfeld, Daniella28.702009-10-19Pico Duarte Complete ListPoints
Pellegrini, Dave28.702009-07-01Denali Complete ListPoints
Harrington, Garry417.392009-03-15Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Rodriguez, Christian834.782008-06-24Doyle's Delight Complete ListPoints
Gram, Peter28.702008-05-30Denali Complete ListPoints
Koehne, Klaas28.702008-03-24Pico Duarte Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey 28.702007-06-10Denali Complete ListPoints
Knob, Thomas313.042007Cerro Chirripó Complete ListPoints
Shetter, Martin28.702006-07-08Denali Complete ListPoints
Myklebust, Jan-Frode28.702006-06-14Denali Complete ListPoints
Fuller, Corey28.702006-01-04Volcán Barú Complete ListPoints
Spencer, Mark28.702004-06-22Denali Complete ListPoints
Rasmussen, Robert28.702004-06-06Denali Complete ListPoints
Kuk, Klaus28.702004-04-20Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben28.702004-02-06Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Miller, Michael28.702003-06-12Denali Complete ListPoints
Skorupa, Bartek28.702002-03-28Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Yore, Gene28.702000-06-01Denali Complete ListPoints
Wagner, Van28.701999-06-04Denali Complete ListPoints
Starbuck, John28.701999-05-22Mount Logan Complete ListPoints
Jamail, Dahr28.701999Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Ashworth, Kevin28.701998-07-13Mount Logan Complete ListPoints
Tynan, Jeff28.701997-05-27Denali Complete ListPoints
Pair, Jason28.701997Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
McClellan, Paul28.701996-06-23Denali Complete ListPoints
Bennett, Jack28.701992-06-19Mount Logan Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie28.701986-12-24Pico de Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick28.701984-06-08Denali Complete ListPoints
Hancock, Jeffrey28.701983-06-20Denali Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Jim†28.701976-07-06Denali Complete ListPoints
Crawford, Sharon28.701974-06-25Denali Complete ListPoints
Lilley, Barbara313.041971-07-17Mount Logan Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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