Personal Lists Created by Powen Ru

Showing Powen Ru's Ascents

This table shows queries/lists that Powen Ru has created and saved using the Query Tool or the "Pick and Choose" list building capability. Use the List Search page to search for lists created by other climbers.

TypeList/Query NameLocationWish List FRL #PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDatePrio
Query  CA_SJ_Goal915miN.A. FRL199157.54South Sister2020-07-051
Query  CA_SJ1000m120miN.A.-USA-CA FRL391743.59Alder Peak2019-12-141
Query  CA_SJ1000mP100m136miN.A.-USA-CA FRL193178.81Lightning Mountain2020-06-20 
Query  CA_SJ3000m461miN.A.-USA FRL1996934.67Mount Dubois2020-11-011
Query  CA_SJ3000mP100m174miN.A.-USA FRL1983316.67Robinson Peak2020-10-31 
Query  CA_SJi50kP907ft1577miN.A.-USA FRL199168.04South Sister2020-07-05 
Query  CA_SJp1km753miN.A.-USA FRL1982010.1Mount Ritter2020-08-023
Query  CA_SJp400m211miN.A.-USA FRL1986934.85Castle Peak2020-11-212
Query  Ca1000mP300mN.A.-USA-CA FRL1321612.12Alder Peak2019-12-145
Query  Ca1429mP300mN.A.-USA-CA FRL192105.21Goat Mountain2020-11-074
Query  Ca1988mP300mN.A.-USA-CA FRL19984.02Mount Fillmore2020-11-143
Query  Ca2594mP300mN.A.-USA-CA FRL1998542.71Castle Peak2020-11-212
Query  Ca3000mP362mN.A.-USA-CA FRL1005959Mount Dubois2020-11-011
Query  Ca4000mP100mN.A.-USA FRL1061615.09Mount Dubois2020-11-01 
Query  CaDeathValley1000mP100m323miN.A.-USA FRL13410.75Telescope Peak2002-11-175
Query  CaJoshuaTree1000mP100mN.A.-USA-CA FRL4012.5Ryan Mountain1993-07-235
Query  CaKingsCyn1000mP100m203miN.A.-USA-CA FRL132107.58Goat Mountain2020-08-223
Query  CaLassen1000mP100m221miN.A.-USA-CA FRL20525Prospect Peak2018-10-063
P & C  CaNationalN.A.-USA-CA FRL402357.5Mount Pinos2019-12-212
Query  CaP1710ftN.A.-USA-CA FRL1992412.06Mount Fillmore2020-11-143
P & C  CaRangeBasinN.A.-USA-CA FRL863034.88Mount Ritter2020-08-024
Query  CaSequoia1000mP100m212miN.A.-USA-CA FRL811012.35Mount Muir2019-11-033
Query  CaYosemite1000mP100m151miN.A.-USA-CA FRL1333022.56Whorl Mountain2020-07-182
P & C  DreamFirstN.A.-USA FRL88    3
P & C  DreamLaterWorld FRL71    3
Query  FL_50kmN.A.-USA-FL FRL11     
Query  MD+1000m+392miN.A.-USA FRL1976834.52Arnolds Knob2021-05-291
Query  MD+1000mP100m266miN.A.-USA FRL1995025.13Nicholson Knob2021-05-292
Query  MD+Frost250miN.A.-USA FRL845363.1Arnolds Knob2021-05-29 
P & C  MD+FrostPickN.A.-USA FRL963637.5Picea Benchmark2021-05-22 
Query  MD+Goal1910miN.A. FRL199189.05Buffalo Mountain2021-05-151
Query  MD+i50k1580miN.A.-USA FRL1992311.56Buffalo Mountain2021-05-15 
P & C  MD+National+OtherHPN.A.-USA FRL552850.91Buffalo Mountain2021-05-15 
Query  MD+NE+1000m527miN.A. FRL1994120.6Black Dome2021-04-24 
Query  MD+P400m(643mi)N.A.-USA FRL1984321.72Buffalo Mountain2021-05-152
Query  MD+SE+1000m295miN.A.-USA FRL1995628.14Arnolds Knob2021-05-292
Query  MdGreatSmoky1000mP100m441miN.A.-USA FRL39717.95Mount Sterling2021-05-167
Query  StAz1792mN.A.-USA-AZ FRL19910.5Sunset Crater2005-04-03 
Query  StCo2386mP400mN.A.-USA-CO FRL19910.5Park Point Lookout1992-08-21 
Query  StGa1000m(P100m)N.A.-USA-GA FRL1417.14Brasstown Bald2019-12-28 
Query  StId1996mP400mN.A.-USA-ID FRL199     
Query  StKs1000mN.A.-USA-KS FRL18     
Query  StKy1000m(P100m)N.A.-USA-KY FRL8337.5Potato Hill2020-05-25 
Query  StMe1000m(P100m)N.A.-USA-ME FRL33    2
Query  StMt2375mP400mN.A.-USA-ID FRL199     
Query  StNc1000m(P560)N.A.-USA-NC FRL8144.94Mount Guyot2020-06-07 
Query  StNd1000mP100mN.A.-USA-ND FRL6     
Query  StNe1000mP100mN.A.-USA-NE FRL8112.5Scotts Bluff1994-08-07 
Query  StNh1000m(P100m)N.A.-USA-NH FRL3213.13Mount Washington1993-09-032
Query  StNm1000mN.A.-USA-NM FRL176     
Query  StNv2461mP400mN.A.-USA-MT FRL199     
Query  StNy1000m(P100m)425miN.A.-USA-NY FRL132118.33Black Dome2021-04-242
Query  StOk1000mN.A.-USA-OK FRL12     
Query  StOr1179mP400mN.A.-USA-OR FRL19931.51South Sister2020-07-05 
Query  StSc1000mP100mN.A.-USA-SC FRL6116.67Sassafras Mountain2019-12-28 
Query  StSd1000m(P100m)N.A.-USA-SD FRL4     
Query  StTn1000m(P100m)492miN.A.-USA-TN FRL8666.98Laurel Top2021-04-11 
Query  StTx1000m(P710)N.A.-USA-TX FRL5711.75Guadalupe Peak1994-12-24 
Query  StUt2484mN.A.-USA-UT FRL199     
Query  StVa1000m(P403)380miN.A.-USA-VA FRL674465.67Arnolds Knob2021-05-292
Query  StVt1000m(P100m)N.A.-USA-VT FRL26311.54Stratton Mountain2020-10-112
Query  StWa1793mP400mN.A.-USA-WA FRL198     
Query  StWv1000m(P100m)250miN.A.-USA-WV FRL291862.07Arnolds Knob2021-05-292
Query  StWy1000mN.A.-USA-WY FRL18710.53Mount Washburn2009-06-12 
Query  TurkeyIstanbulWorld FRL9     
Query  UK1000mEurope-UK FRL74     
Query  US_1000mP400mI53kR2500kN.A.-USA FRL1973115.74Buffalo Mountain2021-05-152
Query  US_13120ftP855ftN.A.-USA FRL199126.03Mount Dubois2020-11-01 
Query  US_i72kmR3000kmN.A.-USA FRL1962713.78Mount Marcy2020-09-063
Query  US_P1114mN.A.-USA FRL1992110.55Mount Marcy2020-09-06 
P & C  WishN.A.-USAWish ListFRL18773.74North Mountain2021-05-011

About Personal Lists

Registered users of can create their own lists. The site hosts hundreds of well-known and popular lists on the Peak Lists page, but many users will want to create a collections of peaks that speaks to their climbing interests or goals.

There are two kinds of Personal List a user can create:

  • Query List: Create one on this page. These lists are the results of a query against the peak database, and include peaks based on strict criteria, such as elevation, location, prominence, and other metrics. To create one, you can use the query tool to input your criteria, run the query, tweak the criteria until you get results you are happy with, and then save the results as a list.
  • Pick-and-Choose List: Create one on this page. These lists are created by selecting peaks from the database. There are no limitations on which peaks you can choose--these lists can be a grab-bag of whatever random peaks you want to group together. To create one, set up the name and other information on the List Edit page, set that list to be your "active" list, and then navigate to peak pages on the site. On each peak page there is a button in the upper right corner what will allow you to add that peak to your active list. Click for More Info

The table on this page shows both kinds of lists. The "Query Edit" button for a list is only present for Query Lists, and will allow you to change the query criteria that generated that list. The "List Edit" link allows you to change the List title, description, columns, and other properties of the list, and will work for both kinds of lists.

Wish List: Your "Wish List" is a special kind of Pick-and-Choose List. When selecting peaks to add to it, you can only add peaks you have not yet climbed. And once you climb a peak on your Wish List, it is automatically removed from your Wish List. The Wish List also lets others know your upcoming plans, and is used for map shading. It is a good idea to give your Wish List a name that reflects it special status, for example, "John Smith's Wish List".

To make a Pick-and-Choose list your Wish List, click the "List Edit" link for a list, and check the Wish List checkbox on the page. This will set that list to be your Wish List. If you have a current wish list, it will not be deleted, it will remain as a regular Pick-and-Choose list.

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