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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewCougar Pass Fire Lookout2015-11-23 Cougar PassUSA-OR1920
ViewWildhorse Fire Lookout2015-11-22 Wildhorse LookoutUSA-OR3778
ViewLittle Grayback Fire Lookout2015-11-21 Little Grayback MountainUSA-OR5083
ViewOnion Mountain Fire Lookout2015-11-21 Onion MountainUSA-OR4439
ViewPig Iron Fire Lookout2015-09-23 Pig Iron Fire LookoutUSA-OR4881
ViewRound Mountain Fire Lookout2015-09-22 Round MountainUSA-OR5900
ViewBear Butte Fire Lookout2015-09-22 Bear ButteUSA-OR5537
ViewFox Butte Fire Lookout2015-09-21 Fox ButteUSA-OR6109
ViewGreen Mountain Fire Lookout2015-09-21 Green MountainUSA-OR5190
ViewSpring Butte Fire Lookout2015-09-21 Spring ButteUSA-OR5462
ViewChase Mountain Fire Lookout2015-09-20 Chase MountainUSA-OR6380
ViewBald Butte Fire Lookout2015-09-20 Bald ButteUSA-OR7536
ViewMorgan Butte Fire Lookout2015-09-20 Morgan ButteUSA-OR7234
ViewBly Fire Lookout2015-08-23 Bly Fire LookoutUSA-OR4340
ViewP Ranch Fire Lookout2015-08-22 P Ranch Fire LookoutUSA-OR4180
ViewMcGraw Fire Lookout2015-08-20 McGraw LookoutUSA-OR6000
ViewRussell Mtn Fire Lookout2015-08-20 Russel MountainUSA-OR7508
ViewHarl Butte Fire Lookout2015-08-20 Harl ButteUSA-OR6073
ViewSummit Point Fire Lookout2015-08-19 Summit PointUSA-OR7008
ViewTrout Creek Butte Fire Lookout2015-08-18 Trout Creek ButteUSA-OR5546
ViewHenkle Butte Fire Lookout2015-08-18 Henkle ButteUSA-OR3409
ViewCalamity Butte Fire Lookouts2015-07-17 Calamity ButteUSA-OR6695
ViewKing Mountain Fire Lookout2015-07-17 King MountainUSA-OR6678
ViewFlagtail Mountain Fire Lookout2015-06-10 Flagtail MountainUSA-OR6582
ViewAldrich Mountain Fire Lookout2015-06-10 Aldrich MountainUSA-OR6987
ViewBlack Butte 6235 Fire Lookout2015-06-09 Black ButteUSA-OR6235
ViewRitter Butte Fire Lookout2015-06-08 Ritter ButteUSA-OR4200
ViewHigh Ridge Fire Lookout2015-06-08 High RidgeUSA-OR5303
ViewJohnson Rock Fire Lookout2015-06-08 Johnson RockUSA-OR2714
ViewDesolation Butte2015-06-08 Desolation ButteUSA-OR7028
ViewTamarack Fire Lookout2015-06-07 Tamarack MountainUSA-OR4960
ViewHershberger Fire Lookout2015-06-02 Hershberger MountainUSA-OR6285
ViewHager Mountain Fire Lookout2015-05-27 Hager MountainUSA-OR7185
ViewMontezuma Peak on the left, Carroll Peak on the ri. . .2015-04-07 Montezuma PeakUSA-NV8373
ViewAlamo Hueco. The route we took was through the lo. . .2015-03-13 Alamo Hueco MountainsUSA-NM6851
ViewIbex Peak, the high point of the Ibex Wilderness2015-02-18 Ibex PeakUSA-CA4751
ViewSaddleblanket Mountain Fire Lookout2014-08-19 Saddleblanket MountainUSA-OR4969
ViewIndian Ridge Fire Lookout2014-08-19 Indian RidgeUSA-OR5405
ViewSisi Butte Fire Lookout2014-08-18 Sisi Butte LookoutUSA-OR5617
ViewDevils Peak Fire Lookout2014-08-16 Devils PeakUSA-OR5045
ViewEast Butte Fire Lookout2013-11-20 East ButteUSA-OR6401
ViewPoint Prominence Fire Lookout2013-07-26 Point ProminenceUSA-OR6745
ViewMount Harris Fire Lookout2013-07-25 Mount HarrisUSA-OR5357
ViewEdson Butte Fire Lookout2013-06-29 Edson ButteUSA-OR2786
ViewSnow Camp Mountain Fire Lookout2012-09-27 Snow Camp MountainUSA-OR4220
ViewWagontire Mountain Fire Lookout2012-08-27 Wagontire MountainUSA-OR6513
ViewDry Mountain Fire Lookout2012-08-11 Dry MountainUSA-OR6283
ViewGarwood Butte Fire Lookout2012-07-20 Garwood ButteUSA-OR7024
ViewPickett Butte Fire Lookout2012-04-28 Pickett ButteUSA-OR3296
ViewDog Mountain Fire Lookout2011-10-08 Dog MountainUSA-OR6935
ViewHorsefly Mountain Fire Lookout2011-10-07 Horsefly MountainUSA-OR6467
ViewSpodue Mountain Fire Lookout2011-10-07 Spodue MountainUSA-OR6421
ViewBland Mountain Fire Lookout on a foggy day2010-11-13 Bland MountainUSA-OR2696
ViewWolf Benchmark Fire Lookout2010-11-12 Wolf BenchmarkUSA-OR2866
ViewBald Knob Fire Lookout2010-11-11 Bald KnobUSA-OR3600
ViewEden Ridge Fire Lookout2010-11-11 Eden Ridge NorthUSA-OR3485
ViewDutchman Butte Fire Lookout2010-11-11 Dutchman ButteUSA-OR3907
ViewRound Top Fire Lookout2010-10-27 Round TopUSA-OR4656
ViewMount Stella Fire Lookout2010-09-12 Mount StellaUSA-OR4715
ViewSugarpine Mountain Fire Lookout2010-09-03 Sugarpine MountainUSA-OR6393
ViewWalker Mountain Fire Lookout2010-09-03 Walker MountainUSA-OR7083
ViewCinnamon Butte Fire Lookout2010-09-01 Cinnamon ButteUSA-OR6417
ViewAbbott Butte Fire Lookout2010-08-05 Abbott ButteUSA-OR6131
ViewHat Point Fire Lookout2010-07-29 Hat PointUSA-OR6960
ViewTable Mountain Fire Lookout2010-07-21 Table MountainUSA-OR6113
ViewMount Pisgah Fire Lookout2010-06-21 Mount PisgahUSA-OR6816
ViewWolf Mountain Fire Lookout2010-06-21 Wolf MountainUSA-OR6483
ViewAcker Rock Fire Lookout2010-06-16 Acker RockUSA-OR4110
ViewHalls Point Fire Lookout2010-06-16 Halls PointUSA-OR5220
ViewWhite Point Fire Lookout2010-06-16 White PointUSA-OR5006
ViewRobinson Butte Fire Lookout2010-05-27 Robinson ButteUSA-OR5864
ViewQuail Prairie Mountain Fire Lookout2010-04-23 Quail Prairie MountainUSA-OR3200
ViewBosley Butte Fire Lookout2010-04-23 Bosley ButteUSA-OR3432
ViewKenyon Mountain Fire Lookout2010-04-22 Kenyon MountainUSA-OR3294
ViewScott Mountain Fire Lookout2010-02-28 Scott MountainUSA-OR4250
ViewYellow Butte Fire Lookout2010-02-27 Yellow ButteUSA-OR2456
ViewParker Mountain Fire Lookout2010-02-19 Parker MountainUSA-OR5206
ViewSilver Butte Fire Lookout2010-02-17 Silver ButteUSA-OR3979
ViewRed Butte Fire Lookout2009-11-05 Red ButteUSA-OR5275
ViewApplegate Butte Fire Lookout2009-10-23 Applegate ButteUSA-OR6074
ViewCalimus Butte Fire Lookout2009-10-23 Calimus ButteUSA-OR6620
ViewRustler Peak Fire Lookout2009-10-16 Rustler PeakUSA-OR6208
ViewIllahee Rock New Fire Lookout2009-09-12 Illahee RockUSA-OR5382
ViewBryant Mountain Fire Lookout2009-09-06 Bryant MountainUSA-OR6461
ViewDutchman Peak Fire Lookout2007-07-15 Dutchman PeakUSA-OR7417
ViewPearsoll Peak Fire Lookout2005-09-25 Pearsoll PeakUSA-OR5080
ViewSnow Mountain Fire Lookout2005-06-04 Snow MountainUSA-OR7163
ViewCarpenter Mountain Fire Lookout2005-03-19 Carpenter MountainUSA-OR5349
ViewLookout Rock Fire Lookout2004-08-29 Lookout RockUSA-OR6508
ViewYainax Butte Fire Lookout2004-08-22 Yainax ButteUSA-OR7222
ViewBlack Butte Fire Lookout2004-08-06 Black ButteUSA-OR6436
ViewPelican Butte Fire Lookout2004-07-31 Pelican ButteUSA-OR8036
ViewTower Mountain Fire Lookout2003-09-20 Tower MountainUSA-OR6850
ViewDixie Butte Fire Lookout Dixie ButteUSA-OR7592

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