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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewNear from the summit2020-03-29 Mont Claude-PoulinCanada-QC2448
ViewView near the summit.2019-11-17 Mont du lac BellemareCanada-QC3327
ViewView from the summit2019-08-20 Mont Owl's HeadCanada-QC2451
Viewview from the summit2019-08-15 Montagne à LiguoriCanada-QC2703
ViewView near the summit2019-07-21 Mont ChagnonCanada-QC1969
ViewView near the summit2019-07-20 Colline du Lac LaroucheCanada-QC1083
ViewView from the summit2019-06-08 Mont du lac MéthotCanada-QC3576
ViewView from the summit2019-01-19 Colline de l'Anse des PharesCanada-QC262
ViewNear the summit2018-12-27 Les TourellesCanada-QC2051
ViewView from the summit2018-12-09 Montagne Saint-Jean-Sommet nord-estCanada-QC2343
ViewView from the summmit2018-12-09 Montagne Saint-JeanCanada-QC2280
ViewView near the summit2018-11-18 Mont du lac VestaCanada-QC3314
Viewview near the summit2018-10-16 Mont du lac ArconetCanada-QC3488
ViewView from the summit2018-08-24 Mont du Lac ArthabaskaCanada-QC2854
View20 m east of the true summit (east view)2018-08-14 Mont du Lac BenCanada-QC3556
ViewView from the summit2018-08-10 Mont du Loup-GarouCanada-QC1644
ViewOld tower on the summit2018-06-10 Mont du lac PapinCanada-QC3333
Viewview near the summit2018-06-09 Mont du lac GastonguayCanada-QC3314
ViewView from the summit2018-05-19 Mont ApicaCanada-QC2900
ViewView near the summit2018-05-06 Mont des Graines RougesCanada-QC3133
Viewview from the summit2018-05-06 Mont des Graines Rouges-Sommet NordCanada-QC3068
Viewview near the summit2018-05-06 Mont du Lac MichtaCanada-QC2795
ViewView from the summmit 2018-04-27 Mont du Lac MyelCanada-QC3491
Viewnear the summit area #22018-03-25 Mont du Petit Lac à l'ÉpauleCanada-QC3281
ViewView from the summit2018-03-11 Mont du lac HermineCanada-QC3445
ViewView near the summit2018-03-11 Mont du lac ConqueCanada-QC3392
ViewView from the summit2018-02-11 Mont du lac des Loups-CerviersCanada-QC3366
ViewView from the summit2018-02-11 Mont du lac ChénardCanada-QC3333
ViewView from the summit2018-02-11 Mont du lac Chénard-Sommet estCanada-QC3314
ViewView from the summit2018-01-21 Mont du Lac SérénitéCanada-QC3356
Viewnear the summit2017-09-23 Mont AlliouxCanada-QC3802
ViewView from the summit2017-09-23 Mont du lac RenaudCanada-QC3445
ViewNear the summit2017-09-23 Mont du lac LilyCanada-QC3488
Viewnear (west) the summmit2017-08-26 Mont du lac des MartresCanada-QC3533
ViewView to the summit2017-08-26 Mont du lac du BouchonCanada-QC3281
Viewview Mount lac Robbé from mount lac des martres.2017-08-26 Mont du lac RobbéCanada-QC3445
Viewwest view2017-06-11 Mont du ParadisCanada-QC3576
Vieweast view2017-06-11 Mont du lac du StyxCanada-QC3576
Viewsouth view2017-06-10 Sommet de DakarCanada-QC3350
ViewEast view from sommet de cotonou2017-06-10 Sommet de CotonouCanada-QC3182
ViewView from the top (south view)2017-03-31 Mont Camille-Pouliot - Sommet OuestCanada-QC3514
ViewView near the summit2017-03-20 Mont Saint-LouisCanada-QC1749
ViewView from the summit.2017-01-31 Mont René-Richard - Sommet NordCanada-QC3301
ViewSouth view, near the summit (20 meter)2016-11-19 Mont du lac des NeigesCanada-QC3314
ViewView from the summit2016-10-07 Mont de la Rivière NoireCanada-QC3422
ViewView near the summit2016-10-07 Montagne du MalinCanada-QC3642
Viewview from "pic de l'aurore"2016-07-31 Pic de l'AuroreCanada-QC2740
Viewview from the summit.2016-07-30 Mont AdstockCanada-QC2336
ViewView from the summit2016-07-30 Le Grand MorneCanada-QC1995
ViewView from the summit.2016-07-24 Sandy Bay MountainUSA/Canada3100
ViewView near the summit2014-05-05 Montagne à TremblayCanada-QC1890
Viewsummit view2010-08-06 Mont FosterCanada-QC2339
ViewView near the summit2005-07-10 La NoyéeCanada-QC2950
Viewview Mont Oak-Sommet SudCanada-QC1404
ViewView near the summit (west view) Mont ÉchoCanada-QC1211
ViewView near the summit Mont BrassardCanada-QC2149
ViewView near the summit Mont BarrièreCanada-QC2021
ViewView from the summit. Morne de Saint-SébastienCanada-QC2703
ViewView from the summit Mont du lac à l'AlouetteCanada-QC3478
ViewView from the summit (Est view) Mont du lac la FlippeCanada-QC2733
ViewView from the summit Mont du lac aux AlevinsCanada-QC3507
ViewView from de summit Mont du lac TourbeuxCanada-QC3507
ViewView from the summit Mont François-de-Laval-Sommet sudCanada-QC3478

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