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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewViewed from the southeast.2018-10-22 Spring MountainUSA-OR5998
ViewFrom Tennessee Mountain 2018-09-27 Glass HillUSA-ID6843
ViewN. Chilco Mountain from Prospect Peak.2018-09-05 North Chilco MountainUSA-ID5635
ViewBernard Peak viewed from N. Chilco Mountain 2018-09-05 Bernard PeakUSA-ID5143
ViewFrom the north.2018-06-20 Archie MountainUSA-ID7665
ViewSouth slopes.2017-11-21 Cold Springs MountainUSA-NV8104
ViewRound Peak2017-10-05 Round PeakUSA-OR5820
ViewParsnip Peak2017-10-05 Parsnip PeakUSA-OR6121
ViewThe bald summit of Dominion Peak.2017-08-04 Dominion PeakUSA-ID/MT6032
ViewKellog Peak2017-08-04 Kellogg PeakUSA-ID6297
ViewThe summit is located to the left of the building . . .2017-08-01 Cottonwood ButteUSA-ID5730
ViewLooking toward the summit from the south.2017-05-03 Prospect PeakUSA-NV9573
ViewFederal Butte from Peak 5591.2017-03-11 Federal ButteUSA-ID4901
ViewWardner Peak from Kellog Peak.2017 Wardner PeakUSA-ID6200
ViewBurnt Knob.2017 Burnt KnobUSA-ID8196
ViewKimama Butte2016-07-282016-07-28Kimama ButteUSA-ID5074
ViewCabin Mountain from North Cabin Mountain.2014-11-02 Cabin MountainUSA-ID11224
ViewLucky Peak/Shaw Mountain from the lower western su. . .2014-09-25 Shaw MountainUSA-ID5904
ViewRooster Comb Peak from the north.2014-05-05 Rooster Comb PeakUSA-ID6336
ViewFrom the west.2014-05-05 Mount SevyUSA-ID10480
ViewSteele Mountain 2013-06-092013-06-09Steel MountainUSA-ID9730
ViewTriple Peak from the south.2003-07-192003-07-19Triple PeakUSA-ID11280
ViewCabin Creek Peak from the north.1988-08-271988-08-27Cabin Creek PeakUSA-ID9968
ViewThe summit of Massacre Mountain viewed from North . . .1988-05-14 Massacre MountainUSA-ID10924
ViewThe summit of Buck Mountain. Buck MountainUSA-ID4629
ViewFrom the northeast. War Eagle MountainUSA-ID8213
ViewFrom Fishhook Creek. Horstmann PeakUSA-ID10470
ViewBraxon Peak. Braxon PeakUSA-ID10353
ViewMerrit Peak from Thompson Peak. The true summit is. . . Merritt PeakUSA-ID10312
ViewThe Riddler. The RiddlerUSA-ID11560
ViewWalking up the road to the summit. Dietrich ButteUSA-ID4632
ViewLooking south across the summit plateau to the roc. . . Sid ButteUSA-ID4771
ViewUmpleby from the east. Umpleby PeakUSA-ID10713
ViewNorth Cabin Mountain from Lime Mountain. Cabin Mountain-North PeakUSA-ID11163
ViewPeak 11240 (Lorenzo Peak) from Silver Peak. Peak 11240USA-ID11240
ViewPeak 11260 aka 11240 from near Pass Creek Summit. Peak 11240USA-ID11240
ViewSquaw Butte from the west. Squaw ButteUSA-ID6740
ViewPeak 5303. Peak 5303USA-ID5303
ViewFrom the Williams-Donaldson Col. Williams PeakUSA-ID10720
ViewClimbing the south ridge. Sheep MountainUSA-ID10865
ViewCobb viewed from Old Hyndman. Cobb PeakUSA-ID11650
ViewLooking to the summit while climbing the north rid. . . Peak 11210USA-ID11210
ViewBig Creek Peak Big Creek PeakUSA-ID11350
ViewPeak 11272 from WCP-8. Peak 11272USA-ID11272
ViewWCP-9. White Cloud Peak #9USA-ID11263
ViewPeak 6245 aka Trail Peak. Peak 6244USA-ID6244
ViewWarm Springs Point from Casner Mountain. Warm Springs PointUSA-ID6054
ViewSouth Mountain. South MountainUSA-ID7801
ViewJanuary 2015. Sunset MountainUSA-ID7869
ViewGreen Mountain. Green MountainUSA-ID7227
ViewPeak 4973’s western summit from the eastern summit. . . Peak 4973USA-ID4973
ViewThe east face of Peak 3617. Peak 3617USA-ID3617
ViewKing BM from Peak 8016. King BenchmarkUSA-NV8213
ViewWabonnett from Peak 10330. Warbonnet PeakUSA-ID10200
ViewSquaw Butte South from Squaw Butte. Squaw Butte-South PeakUSA-ID5894
ViewIron Mountain from Monroe Butte. Iron MountainUSA-ID6492
ViewMonroe Butte from the north. Monroe ButteUSA-ID6041
ViewSturgill Peak from the saddle on its south ridge. Sturgill PeakUSA-ID7589
ViewMcGown Peak. McGown PeakUSA-ID9860
ViewWhiskey Mountain from the west. Whiskey MountainUSA-ID6161
ViewWhite Mountain. White MountainUSA-NV9403
ViewFreeman Peak from Pilot Peak. Freeman PeakUSA-ID8111
ViewPilot Peak from the north. Pilot PeakUSA-ID8128
ViewBald Mountain  Bald MountainUSA-ID6301
ViewDiamond Rock Diamond RockUSA-ID8440
ViewDiamond Ridge Diamond RidgeUSA-ID8618
ViewInitial Butte from the Swan Falls Dam Road. Initial PointUSA-ID3240
ViewBilly Goat Peak viewed from the north. Billy Goat PeakUSA-NV5735
ViewDavidson Peak from the south. Davidson PeakUSA-NV5320
ViewGooseberry Peak aka Mount Darcy Mount DarcyUSA-ID11090
ViewViewed from Shafer Butte. Mores MountainUSA-ID7237
ViewBig Foot Butte from the east. Big Foot ButteUSA-ID3535
ViewWedge Butte. Wedge ButteUSA-ID5607
ViewThe summit. Timmerman HillsUSA-ID5736
ViewFrom the south.  Lone MountainUSA-NV4674
ViewThorn Creek Butte from the east. Thorn Creek ButteUSA-ID7515
ViewSteamboat viewed from the north. Steamboat BenchmarkUSA-ID8540
ViewCaribou from the west. Caribou MountainUSA-ID9803
ViewFrom the west. Peak 9165USA-ID9165
ViewFrom the south. Peak 9037USA-ID9037
ViewNorthwest side. Wolf MountainUSA-ID8876
ViewViewed from the east. Peak 8554USA-ID8554
ViewViewed from the north. Peak 8498USA-ID8498
ViewFrom the north. Peak 7561USA-ID7561
ViewFrom the southwest. Peak 7201USA-ID7201
ViewPeak 7057 from Peak 7201 wirh Shafer Butte in the . . . Peak 7057USA-ID7057
ViewFrom the west. Summit BenchmarkUSA-ID6622
ViewFrom the south. Devils Hole PeakUSA-ID5944
ViewFrom the south. Little FiddlerUSA-ID5849
ViewFrom the southeast. Peak 5444USA-ID5444
ViewThe summit. Hutton PeakUSA-ID5331
ViewFrom the south. Peak 5268USA-ID5268
ViewFrom the west. Teapot DomeUSA-ID4713
ViewViewed from Little Bear Peak. Bear MountainUSA-ID10744
ViewFrom the north. Gilmore PeakUSA-ID10748
ViewFrom the east. Big Windy PeakUSA-ID10360
ViewFrom the west. Flattop ButteUSA-ID5828
ViewFrom the northeast. Pole Creek TopUSA-ID5147
ViewFrom the north. Peak 5016USA-ID5016
ViewFrom the south. CBI BenchmarkUSA-ID4850

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