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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewGroßer Krottenkopf, highest peak of the Allgäu Alp. . .2020-09-042020-09-04Grosser KrottenkopfAustria8714
ViewGroßer Widderstein, in all its rocky splendor, tow. . .2020-09-032020-09-03Grosser WiddersteinAustria8310
ViewView tower and restaurant on the summit of Hohes G. . .2020-05-302020-05-30 cHohes GrasGermany-HE2018
ViewHistoric triangulation pillar on Kasseler Kuppe's . . .2020-05-302020-05-30 aKasseler KuppeGermany-HE2474
ViewBosruck as seen from a point near Pyhrgasgatterl, . . .2018-10-232018-10-23BosruckAustria6535
ViewGroßer Priel, undisputed ruler of the Totes Gebirg. . .2018-10-19 Großer PrielAustria8251
ViewKremsmauer's near vertical eastern cliffs left of . . .2018-10-18 KremsmauerAustria5246
ViewThe final steps to the summit of Hochgolling, high. . .2018-09-20 HochgollingAustria9390
ViewGroße Sandspitze, highpoint of the Lienzer Dolomit. . .2018-09-18 Grosse SandspitzeAustria9088
ViewGetting close to the truly majestic summit of Reiß. . .2018-09-15 ReißkofelAustria7779
ViewSummit cross and border marker proving Stadelhorn'. . .2018-09-13 StadelhornGermany/Austria7500
ViewCrux time. Riffler's summit blocks and the notch t. . .2018-08-29 Hoher RifflerAustria10394
ViewKnittelkarspitze summit as seen from the NE ridge.. . .2018-08-28 KnittelkarspitzeAustria7795
ViewRosennock summit on a beautiful winter day.2017-12-25 RosennockAustria8005
ViewStraßburger Spitz, highest point of Feldkirchen co. . .2017-12-24 Straßburger SpitzAustria7887
ViewSummit cairn on Vordere Kesselschneid, at 2001m hi. . .2017-10-15 Vorderer KesselschneidAustria6565
ViewWhen October feels like summer: Approaching the up. . .2017-10-02 HochissAustria7543
ViewGuffert east ridge: almost there.2017-09-30 GuffertspitzeAustria7198
ViewThe sensationally located Tegernseer Hütte with Bu. . .2017-09-22 BuchsteinGermany-BY5581
ViewIt has been said that if you fall on the final scr. . .2017-09-22 BuchsteinGermany-BY5581
ViewThe loftiest stretch of the 20km long rock barrier. . .2017-08-07 Jôf di MontasioItaly9032
ViewSchesaplana's SW face, as seen from the Schafköpfe. . .2016-08-142016-08-14SchesaplanaSwitzerland/Austria9728
ViewThe ultimate vision of gravity-defying courage and. . .2016-07-15 Weisse SpitzeAustria9718
ViewRingelspitz: a true 'Spitz in every sense of the w. . .2016-06-07 RingelspitzSwitzerland10653
ViewHinteres Hörnle: Approaching the summit via its br. . .2016-03-272016-03-27 bHinteres HörnleGermany-BY5079
ViewNice view on Staffel and its snowcapped summit fro. . .2016-03-26 StaffelGermany-BY5026
ViewA busy day on Hochlantsch's rocky summit.2016-01-022016-01-02HochlantschAustria5643
ViewHochschwab's impressive south face, as seen from t. . .2015-12-30 HochschwabAustria7470
ViewOrtstock's impressive east face towering over Alp . . .2015-07-122015-07-12OrtstockSwitzerland8914
ViewLooking from Säuling's true summit to its lower an. . .2015-07-032015-07-03SäulingGermany/Austria6716
ViewBös Fulen's most spectacular view, as seen from Gl. . .2015-06-222015-07-13Bös FulenSwitzerland9190
ViewMajestic Tödi, undisputed ruler of the Glarus Alps. . .2015-06-222015-05-17TödiSwitzerland11854
ViewVrenelisgärtli, most spectacular peak of the Glärn. . .2015-06-222015-06-22 aVrenelisgärtliSwitzerland9528
ViewA rare glimpse of Dobratsch's summit area on an ot. . .2015-06-192015-06-19DobratschAustria7106
ViewThe calm following the thunderstorm. Perfect summi. . .2015-05-072015-05-07HochveitschAustria6499
ViewPreiner Wand as seen from Waxriegelsteig2015-05-05 Preiner WandAustria5850
ViewHeukuppe (2,007m), highest peak of the mighty Rax . . .2015-05-04 RaxAustria6585
ViewView from Windberg's highest ground to the summit . . .2015-05-042015-05-04WindbergAustria6243
ViewHochstaff as seen from Reisalpe's north-eastern sl. . .2015-05-03 HochstaffAustria4281
ViewThey serve beers with a view here: Reisalpenhaus, . . .2015-05-03 ReisalpeAustria4590
ViewView tower on the summit. The Austrian-Hungarian b. . .2015-05-02 GeschriebensteinAustria/Hungary2900
ViewEdelweißhütte (1,235m) in front of Schneeberg's ro. . .2015-04-30 SchneebergAustria6811
ViewThe summit cross on Handlesberg. Its slighty highe. . .2015-04-30 HandlesbergAustria4495
ViewApproaching Piz Buin's bulky summit pyramid on a c. . .2015-03-062015-03-06Piz BuinSwitzerland/Austria10866
ViewA beautiful winter day on Großer Feldberg's spacio. . .2015-01-05 Großer FeldbergGermany-HE2884
ViewFrom left to right: Inzeller Kienberg, Rauschberg,. . .2014-10-132014-10-13Hinterer RauschbergGermany-BY5482
ViewEibe is the German word for Taxus baccata (aka yew. . .2014-10-082014-10-08EibenbergAustria5243
ViewFelsberg summit with Ohly tower.2014-04-05 FelsbergGermany-HE1690
ViewDarmstadt-Dieburg county's impossible-to-miss high. . .2014-03-01 Darmstadt-Dieburg County High PointGermany-HE1942
ViewMühlprachkopf's apex and what must be the tiniest . . .2013-12-262013-12-26MühlprachkopfGermany-BY4370
ViewHochgern summit in winter. Left of the cross you c. . .2013-12-242013-12-24HochgernGermany-BY5735
ViewThe two highest peaks of the Chiemgau Alps (left t. . .2013-12-222013-12-22 aSonntagshornGermany/Austria6434
ViewOn top of Cerro Chequesani, highest point of Isla . . .2013-08-092013-08-09Cerro ChequesaniBolivia13373
ViewHuayna Potosí as seen from the high plains north o. . .2013-07-30 Huayna PotosíBolivia19974
ViewThe Chacaltaya massif as seen from the high plains. . .2013-07-242013-07-24ChacaltayaBolivia17700
ViewCerro Ilalo as seen from the upper slopes of Pasoc. . .2013-06-212013-06-20Cerro IlaloEcuador10479
ViewWhat you see on Mark Hansen's photo (taken, like t. . .2013-06-212013-06-21PasochoaEcuador13776
ViewAtacazo's north ridge. You need to overcome raging. . .2013-06-172013-06-17AtacazoEcuador14623
ViewOn the crater rim, approaching Guagua Pichincha's . . .2013-06-152013-06-15Volcán PichinchaEcuador15696

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