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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewThe peak's class 3 southwest ridge, as viewed 0.20. . .2021-06-19 Basin Mountain-Southwest PeakUSA-CA13240
ViewKnob Benchmark from the west.2019-03-29 Knob BenchmarkUSA-CA3431
ViewTwin Peaks and the John Muir Trail from Upper Basi. . .2018-07-21 Twin PeaksUSA-CA13061
ViewVennacher Needle from the southeast. 2018-07-20 Vennacher NeedleUSA-CA12995
ViewTable Top from the southwest.2018-03-20 Table Top MountainUSA-AZ4373
ViewGranite Mountain from the south. 2017-11-25 Granite MountainUSA-CA6600
ViewView of the south side of Mount Baxter from the Ba. . .2017-09-07 Mount BaxterUSA-CA13136
ViewView of the south side of Acrodectes Peak from the. . .2017-09-07 Acrodectes PeakUSA-CA13182
ViewLily Rock from the south. This photo was taken fro. . .2017-06-21 Lily RockUSA-CA8000
ViewLaura Newman down climbing the 3rd class summit bl. . .2017-06-05 Liebel PeakUSA-CA8035
ViewSlate Mountain from the northeast.2017-06-03 Slate MountainUSA-CA9302
ViewGranite Peaks from the southwest.2017-05-20 Granite PeaksUSA-CA7527
ViewKing Peak from the northeast.2017-05-10 King PeakUSA-CA4088
ViewSnow Mountain from the south.2017-05-07 Snow MountainUSA-CA7056
ViewCone Peak from the south.2017-05-03 Cone PeakUSA-CA6800
ViewBob Burd on top of the Merriam Mountains High Poin. . .2017-04-14 Merriam Mountains High PointUSA-CA1752
ViewA close up view of Mount Tipton from the peak's no. . .2017-04-09 Mount TiptonUSA-AZ7148
ViewPoppy Hill from the southeast.2017-03-21 Poppy HillUSA-CA1979
ViewMark Butski and Miriam Khamis on their way to Smit. . .2017-03-19 Smith MountainUSA-CA5913
ViewTin Mountain from the southwest.2017-03-18 Tin MountainUSA-CA8953
ViewPike Benchmark Summit from the east.2017-03-11 Pike Benchmark SummitUSA-CA5640
ViewAlice Benchmark from the west.2017-03-08 Alice BenchmarkUSA-CA3594
ViewCrab Benchmark from the west. The Salton Sea can b. . .2017-03-08 Crab BenchmarkUSA-CA4485
ViewVillager Peak from Zosel Benchmark, which is north. . .2017-03-08 Villager PeakUSA-CA5756
ViewSplit Mountain East from the southwest. 2017-03-02 Split Mountain EastUSA-CA1690
ViewRuth Benchmark from the north. The Salton Sea can . . .2017-02-11 Ruth BenchmarkUSA-CA5070
ViewStage Benchmark from the Inner Pasture, which is w. . .2017-02-01 Stage BenchmarkUSA-CA2816
ViewElder Benchmark from the southwest. 2017-01-28 Elder BenchmarkUSA-CA3433
ViewCollins Benchmark from Knob Benchmark, which is so. . .2017-01-28 Collins BenchmarkUSA-CA4559
ViewGrapevine Mountain from the south.2017-01-25 Grapevine MountainUSA-CA3955
ViewPeak 3640 from the north. The peak is on the San D. . .2017-01-18 Peak 3640USA-CA3640
ViewSunset Mountain from the Pinyon Wash jeep trail, w. . .2017-01-15 Sunset MountainUSA-CA3657
ViewSlip Benchmark from the west. The Salton Sea can b. . .2017-01-08 Slip BenchmarkUSA-CA832
ViewMount Wilson from its west ridge.2016-11-26 Mount WilsonUSA-AZ5445
ViewVirgin Peak from its south ridge.2016-11-12 Virgin PeakUSA-NV8071
ViewSchell Creek Peak 3595 from the southwest.2016-10-13 Schell Creek Peak 3595USA-NV11795
ViewSchell Creek Peak 3379 from the south.2016-10-13 Schell Creek Peak 3379USA-NV11086
ViewTunemah Peak from the southwest.2016-09-25 Tunemah PeakUSA-CA11894
ViewBloody Mountain from the northeast.2016-08-26 Bloody MountainUSA-CA12552
ViewBenton Point from the west.2016-08-24 Benton PointUSA-CA11512
ViewPeak 3075 meters from the north.2016-08-10 Peak 3075USA-CA10089
ViewPeak 10120' from the north.2016-08-09 Peak 10120USA-CA10120
ViewPeak 10400' from the east.2016-08-09 Peak 10400USA-CA10400
ViewPeak 11440' from the west.2016-08-08 Peak 11440USA-CA11440
ViewTres Plumas from the west.2016-08-07 Tres Plumas PeakUSA-CA10592
ViewStation Peak from the west.2016-08-06 Station PeakUSA-CA10316
ViewPeak 10440' from the north.2016-08-06 Peak 10440USA-CA10440
ViewWhite Mountain Peak 13615 from the south.2016-07-24 White Mountains Peak 13615USA-CA13615
ViewWhite Mountain Peak 13908 from the north.2016-07-24 White Mountains Peak 13908USA-CA13908
ViewPeak 9080 from the north.2016-07-06 Peak 9080USA-CA9080
ViewPeak 10320 from the west.2016-07-06 Peak 10320USA-CA10320
ViewPeak 10800 from Crooked Creek.2016-07-06 Peak 10800USA-CA10800
ViewPeak 10760 from Crooked Creek.2016-07-06 Peak 10760USA-CA10760
ViewCold Benchmark from the north.2016-07-05 Clem Nelson PeakUSA-CA11040
ViewDeer Horn Summit from the north.2016-06-18 Deer Horn SummitUSA-CA9829
ViewPeak 3198 from the south.2016-06-18 Peak 3198USA-CA10492
ViewPeak 3146 from the south.2016-06-18 Peak 3146USA-CA10322
ViewInyo Peak 10307 from the Inyo Crest.2016-06-16 Inyo Peak 10307USA-CA10327
ViewInyo Peak 10414 from the south.2016-06-16 Inyo Peak 10414USA-CA10414
ViewDry Mountain from the east (DPS Route A)at about 7. . .2016-04-19 Dry MountainUSA-CA8674
ViewPorter Peak from Sentinel Peak.2016-04-17 Porter PeakUSA-CA9101
ViewWahguyhe Peak from northeast ridge. 2016-03-222016-03-22Wahguyhe PeakUSA-NV8628
ViewJohn Bregar repelling off of the class 4 summit bl. . .2016-03-192016-03-19 2xManly PeakUSA-CA7195
ViewNeedle Peak from the west.2016-03-182016-03-18 2xNeedle PeakUSA-CA5801
ViewAvawatz Mountains high point from the north.2016-03-15 Avawatz PeakUSA-CA6155
ViewKingston Peak from the north.2015-11-21 Kingston PeakUSA-CA7336
ViewMitchel Point from the south.2015-11-05 Mitchell PointUSA-CA7047
ViewCanyon Point from the east.2013-03-30 Canyon PointUSA-CA5890
ViewOn the summit of Norman Clyde Peak.2009-08-012009-08-01   
ViewCenter Peak from Center Basin.1990-09-021990-09-02Center PeakUSA-CA12730
ViewMount Ruskin from the east.1990-08-14 Mount RuskinUSA-CA12920
ViewCardinal Mountain from the Bench Lake trail, which. . .1990-08-12 Cardinal MountainUSA-CA13396
ViewMount Cotter from the south near Sixty Lakes Col.1988-08-19 Mount CotterUSA-CA12713
ViewOn the summit of North Palisade, one of California. . .1984-08-231984-08-23   
ViewMount Bago and Bullfrog Lake from the east.1984-07-20 Mount BagoUSA-CA11870
ViewRockhouse Dome from the south.1983-11-05 Rockhouse PeakUSA-CA8360
ViewFrom left, Al Craun and Dick Negri on the summit o. . .1983-11-04 Sirretta PeakUSA-CA9977
ViewTaylor Dome's summit pinnacle from the west.1983-11-04 Taylor DomeUSA-CA8802
ViewState Peak from the State Lakes.1982-08-10 State PeakUSA-CA12620
ViewDougherty Peak (center) from the States Lakes. 1982-08-10 Dougherty PeakUSA-CA12241
ViewMount Carillon from the summit of Thor Peak.1982-07-03 Mount CarillonUSA-CA13553
ViewThor Peak from the west.1982-07-03 Thor PeakUSA-CA12306
ViewMount Sheridan from the east near Beaver Creek.1977-09-11 Mount SheridanUSA-WY10308

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