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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewSecond rib from right up, rib above saguaro down2018-11-182018-11-18Peak 2683USA-AZ2683
ViewIsosceles and Columbine2018-11-022018-11-02 bColumbine PeakUSA-CA12662
ViewWhite Mtn left, Mt Conness Right2018-10-282018-10-28 bMount ConnessUSA-CA12590
ViewTable, North Twin and South Twin2017-11-212017-11-22 aTable TopUSA-CA6178
ViewTriplets with Lost Peak far right.2017-11-112017-11-09 bThe TripletsUSA-UT6351
ViewNorth Ridge route of Lost Peak2017-11-092017-11-09 aLost PeakUSA-UT6460
ViewLooking up at Manastash Summit with Rainier grande. . .2017-09-272017-09-27Manastash RidgeUSA-WA6335
ViewPk 5320 "Procession Point" from Pk 5360 "Little Pr. . .2017-04-192017-04-19 bProcession PointUSA-UT5320
ViewFrom Pk 5320 "Procession Point"2017-04-192017-04-19 cLittle Procession PointUSA-UT5360
ViewFrom JJ Freakel2016-11-092016-11-09 aMeadow Valley Mountains High PointUSA-NV5772
ViewFrom Cathedral2016-11-092016-11-09 bJ. J. Freakel PeakUSA-NV5678
ViewSnow BM keeps watch over Snow Canyon2016-11-05 Snow BenchmarkUSA-UT5570
ViewHuckleberry over Joe Lake2016-08-28 Huckleberry MountainUSA-WA6320
ViewCone Mountain and Polallie Ridge below the Snoqual. . .2016-08-202018-09-23 bCone MountainUSA-WA5295
ViewHigh Dune taken from north dune2016-05-062016-05-06 bBruneau Dunes High PointUSA-ID2925
ViewFrom North Guardian Angel, West Northgate with Pin. . .2016-05-022016-05-02 bRed ButteUSA-UT7400
ViewEast Northgate from West Northgate with storm appr. . .2016-05-022016-05-03 bEast Northgate PeakUSA-UT7159
ViewCinder Cone rises over wash2015-11-292015-11-29Cinder Cone Peak 3894USA-CA3894
ViewFrom the east along Woods Wash...the backside of t. . .2015-11-282015-11-28Woods Mountains High PointUSA-CA5591
ViewTurtlehead (left) rises over Red Cap Tank.2015-11-272015-11-27 aTurtlehead MountainUSA-NV6323
ViewFrom the north beyond Fracture Ridge2015-11-252015-11-25 aNorth McCullough Wilderness High PointUSA-NV5058
ViewFrom along Fracture Ridge's west ridge2015-11-252015-11-25 dBlack MountainUSA-NV5092
ViewBlack Hill and Railroad Peak from North McCullough. . .2015-11-25 Railroad PeakUSA-NV4142
ViewFrom the south near Wildhorse Wash2015-11-142015-11-15Barber PeakUSA-CA5505
ViewFrom Boulder Wash2015-11-112015-11-12 cThe SentinelUSA-NV3209
ViewRiv er Mountain BM (Center Left)from Falls Peak 25. . .2015-11-092015-11-09 bRiver MountainUSA-NV3789
ViewFrom down in Secret Canyon, view of fun south scra. . .2015-11-082015-11-08 aSugarloaf MountainUSA-AZ1954
ViewLoBox at the left end of a rising Box Ridge with M. . .2015-08-16 Lobox MountainUSA-WA6032
ViewHiBox from west 2015-08-101998-05-17Hibox MountainUSA-WA6547
ViewBurntboot Peak left of center, Big Snow behind.2015-08-01 Big Snow MountainUSA-WA6680
ViewFrom NW2015-08-012002-07-31Three QueensUSA-WA6687
ViewFour Brothers dramatic above lake.2015-08-012005-07-24 bFour BrothersUSA-WA6485
ViewLemah 1 from southeast2015-08-012015-08-01Lemah OneUSA-WA6960
ViewTaken from the trailhead access road.2015-02-122015-02-12Fortification HillUSA-AZ3717
ViewFrom lower north Point 4192'2015-02-102015-02-10 aBridge Canyon Wilderness High PointUSA-NV4282
ViewCenter left with much higher Spirit Mountain above. . .2015-02-102015-02-10 bPeak 4192USA-NV4192
ViewMiddle high summit from near the end of the hiking. . .2015-02-072015-02-07 bTeutonia PeakUSA-CA5755
ViewThe Kelso Dunes2015-02-072015-02-07 aKelso Dunes High PointUSA-CA3114
ViewMuddy Benchmark with the East route from Muddy Pea. . .2015-02-052015-02-05 aMuddy BenchmarkUSA-NV5433
ViewDramatic limestone NW Ridge of Muddy Peak.2015-02-052015-02-05 bMuddy PeakUSA-NV5387
ViewRedstone peak behind hiker, taken from Tall Cairn . . .2015-02-032015-02-03 aRedstone PeakUSA-NV3524
ViewPoint 1062m to left and Point 1060m+ to the right . . .2015-02-032015-02-03 eVista PeakUSA-NV3484
ViewSummit block from the eastern false summit.2015-02-022015-02-02Northshore PeakUSA-NV3330
ViewTamanos above Owyhigh Lakes2014-10-192014-06-30Tamanos MountainUSA-WA6790
ViewWest ridge walk to the top2014-10-192014-10-19 aBuell PeakUSA-WA5756
ViewGovernors Ridge from Barrier Peak2014-10-192014-10-19 bGovernors RidgeUSA-WA6600
ViewBarrier Peak from East ridge with Governor's Ridge. . .2014-10-192014-10-19 cBarrier PeakUSA-WA6521
ViewDege from the Sourdough Ridge Trail2014-10-182014-10-18 bDege PeakUSA-WA7006
Viewfrom the west above Easy Pass. Traverse under pinn. . .2014-10-072014-10-07 dNew Morning PeakUSA-WA7230
ViewViewed from Cub peak east ridge.2014-10-072014-10-07 aKitling PeakUSA-WA8003
ViewCub Pk on left, Mesahchie Col, Kitling on right2014-10-072014-10-07 bCub PeakUSA-WA7985
ViewHoneymoon Hump in front rightcenter, Mesahchie Pk . . .2014-10-072014-10-07 cKitling PeakUSA-WA8003
ViewCutthroat Benchmark N. Face with Bomber Buttress d. . .2014-10-062014-10-06 bCutthorat BenchmarkUSA-WA7046
ViewViewed from west near Cutthroat BM on traverse.2014-10-062014-10-06 aHinkhouse PeakUSA-WA7560
ViewIce Creek ridge with Ice Box at right.2014-10-022014-10-02 cIce BoxUSA-WA8112
Viewa great route up west face slabs. Center-right al. . .2014-10-022014-10-02 dChilly PeakUSA-WA7960
ViewRight, with old lookout site center-right, Old Gib. . .2014-10-022014-10-01 bCarne MountainUSA-WA7080
ViewLookout site from Carne Mountain, with Old Gib beh. . .2014-10-012014-10-01 aOld Gib MountainUSA-WA7071
ViewEast ridge route.2014-09-072014-09-07Terrace MountainUSA-WA6361
ViewThorp Lookout2014-08-082014-08-08Thorp MountainUSA-WA5854
ViewRed Top Lookout2014-08-042014-08-04Red Top MountainUSA-WA5361
ViewThe grass knoll below Summit Chief (high left) is . . .2014-07-262014-07-26Summit Chief MountainUSA-WA7464
ViewThe great East Slabs of Bears Breast2014-07-09 Bears Breast MountainUSA-WA7197
ViewGoat Pk LO with the Gardners behind2013-10-242013-10-24Goat PeakUSA-WA7001
ViewBlue Lake Pk in sun above Blue Lake2013-10-232013-10-23 bBlue Lake PeakUSA-WA7800
ViewLooking to the South face route 2013-09-302013-09-30 aTuolumne PeakUSA-CA10845
ViewHoffmann from NE2013-09-302013-09-30 bMount HoffmannUSA-CA10850
ViewNorth Ridge scramble, Echo #3 behind2013-09-292013-09-29 bEcho Peak #2USA-CA10880
ViewEcho #3 is highpoint2013-09-292013-09-25 cEcho Peak #3USA-CA10960
ViewGaylor from north with Gaylor Lakes2013-09-282013-09-28 bGaylor PeakUSA-CA11004
ViewEcho Ridge with Echo Peaks below2013-09-242013-09-24 aEcho RidgeUSA-CA11168
ViewS. Toiyabe from Crest Trail2013-09-162013-09-16South Toiyabe PeakUSA-NV10895
ViewNorth Arc Dome from Arc Dome trail2013-09-152013-09-15 bNorth Arc DomeUSA-NV11406
ViewDicks Peak over Dicks Lake2013-09-082013-09-08 bDicks PeakUSA-CA9974
ViewJacks in front of Crystal Range2013-09-082013-09-08 cJacks PeakUSA-CA9856
ViewSummit upper right distance from South Loop Tr.2013-08-022013-08-02 bGriffith PeakUSA-NV11060
ViewPeak 10505' with the Rubies to the south2013-07-192013-07-19 cPeak 10505USA-NV10505
ViewRobinson Lake and Pk 10550'2013-07-172013-07-16 aPeak 10550USA-NV10550
ViewBrokeoff, at top of pic from Lassen trail.2013-07-062013-07-05 aBrokeoff MountainUSA-CA9235
ViewRoof from Hepworth2013-04-142013-04-14 aRoof PeakUSA-UT6553
ViewHepworth's north face2013-04-142013-04-14 bHepworthUSA-UT6548
ViewKinesava from sw2013-04-122013-04-13Mount KinesavaUSA-UT7285
ViewFrom Lichtenberg2013-03-242001-02-20Mount McCauslandUSA-WA5747
ViewWindy Knob from East face of Diamondhead2013-03-062013-03-06Windy KnobUSA-WA5920
ViewTinkham on right with twin summits2013-02-261999-10-21 aTinkham PeakUSA-WA5398
ViewMain summit left and north summit right, from west. . .2013-02-261995-04-10McClellan ButteUSA-WA5162
ViewArrowhead Mountain center and Jim Hill Mountain ri. . .2013-02-022009-03-30Jim Hill MountainUSA-WA6765
ViewTaken from Goose Prairie trail #972 with western l. . .2012-10-252007-04-27Old Scab MountainUSA-WA6608
ViewBuckskin Ridge left and Pt. 76322012-10-072012-10-07 bBuckskin RidgeUSA-WA7815
ViewPasayten Peak's granitic north face2012-10-072012-10-07 cPasayten PeakUSA-WA7850
ViewStiletto Peak from Stiletto Lookout2012-09-082012-09-08 cStiletto PeakUSA-WA7660
ViewLincoln butte from west2012-09-082012-09-09 fLincoln ButteUSA-WA7065
ViewSwitchblade Peak above Stiletto lake2012-09-082012-09-08 aSwitchblade PeakUSA-WA7805
ViewJackknife Peak from Switchblade Peak2012-09-072012-09-08 bJackknife PeakUSA-WA7680
ViewRed Mountain 5880+ behind Pt. 5722' (Red Mountain . . .2012-03-012002-03-09Red MountainUSA-WA5880
ViewTrico (left) Jungesselle (center right beneath Mac. . .2011-09-112000-08-04 cMac PeakUSA-WA6859
ViewImpressive granite east face of French Ridge West . . .2011-09-112001-08-25 cFrench Ridge-West PeakUSA-WA6748
ViewFrom East Ridge of McCausland2011-03-192002-04-20Lichtenberg MountainUSA-WA5844
ViewDeadhead Pk [Mt Jerry Garcia] (below Rainier) Cath. . .2004-09-042004-09-04Cathedral RockUSA-WA6724
ViewLynch Peak (left) Terrace Mountain (right) with i. . .2001-08-152001-08-15Terrace MountainUSA-WA6361

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