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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewBlack Mountain, from Meeks Mountain2020-12-292019-12-08 aBlack MountainUSA-CA6149
ViewMeeks Mountain on a snowy December day2020-12-292020-12-29 cMeeks MountainUSA-CA6277
ViewA snowy Mineral Mountain, from Meeks Mountain2020-12-292020-06-12 aMineral MountainUSA-CA7238
ViewLuna Mountain, from nearby Deer Mountain2020-12-272019-10-06 bLuna MountainUSA-CA5967
ViewBrush Mountain on the left and San Emigdio Mountai. . .2020-12-192020-06-10 aBrush MountainUSA-CA7048
ViewSan Emigdio Mountain on the right with Brush Mount. . .2020-12-192020-06-10 bSan Emigdio MountainUSA-CA7492
ViewBlack Mountain, taken from east ridge of Snowy Pea. . .2020-12-132020-12-13 cBlack MountainUSA-CA6202
ViewSewart Mountain from White Mountain, 12-12-20.2020-12-122020-12-12 aSewart MountainUSA-CA6841
ViewWhite Mountain on the left, Cobblestone Mountain o. . .2020-12-122020-12-12 cWhite MountainUSA-CA6250
ViewSnowy Peak, taken from Buck Creek Trail.2020-12-12 Snowy PeakUSA-CA6532
ViewSplit Mountain, taken from Split Mountain Trail.2020-11-292020-11-29 aSplit MountainUSA-CA6835
ViewBlack Mountain, from Split Mountain Trail.2020-11-292020-11-29 bBlack MountainUSA-CA7438
ViewBohna Peak, from nearby Black Mountain2020-11-292020-07-03 aBohna PeakUSA-CA6788
ViewSunday Peak, from Black Mountain2020-11-292020-07-03 bSunday PeakUSA-CA8295
ViewScodie Mountain, from the top of Mount Jenkins2020-11-282020-10-25 bScodie MountainUSA-CA7294
ViewOnyx Peak, taken from near Short Canyon Well.2020-11-272020-11-27 bOnyx PeakUSA-CA5244
ViewButterbredt Peak, from the approach on SW ridge2020-11-262020-11-26 aButterbredt PeakUSA-CA5997
ViewMayan Peak, taken from Kelso Valley Road.2020-11-262020-11-26 bMayan PeakUSA-CA6108
ViewSkinner Peak, taken from Butterbredt Peak.2020-11-262020-11-27 aSkinner PeakUSA-CA7120
ViewSorrell Peak, from Mayan Peak with Kelso Valley in. . .2020-11-262020-07-05 aSorrell PeakUSA-CA7704
ViewWhite Mountain and South Peak, taken from Grays Pe. . .2020-11-242020-11-24White MountainUSA-CA7727
ViewLittle Bear Peak, taken from Little Bear Peak Trai. . .2020-11-242020-11-24 cLittle Bear PeakUSA-CA7621
ViewGrays Peak (left), Butler Peak (center), and Craft. . .2020-11-242020-11-24 dGrays PeakUSA-CA7920
ViewSouth Peak, taken from White Mountain2020-11-242020-11-24South PeakUSA-CA7736
ViewBuck Point, with Cucamonga and Etiwanda Peaks behi. . .2020-11-222020-11-22Buck PointUSA-CA6433
ViewThe remains of the fire lookout atop San Sevaine2020-11-222020-11-22 aSan SevaineUSA-CA5240
ViewArctic Point, taken from Bertha Peak2020-11-012020-11-01 cArctic PointUSA-CA8336
ViewSilver Peak, taken from East Peak/Granite Peaks.2020-10-312020-10-31 aSilver PeakUSA-CA6756
ViewPinyon Peak, from Walker Pass Campground2020-10-242020-10-24 aPinyon PeakUSA-CA6805
ViewWeldon Peak, from PCT2020-07-052020-07-05 bWeldon PeakUSA-CA6320
ViewBald Eagle Peak, from Saddle Spring Road2020-07-042020-07-04 bBald Eagle PeakUSA-CA6181
ViewSan Guillermo Mountain, from ridge to the south2020-06-082020-06-08 aSan Guillermo MountainUSA-CA6606
ViewMonte Arido2020-02-292020-02-29 aMonte AridoUSA-CA6010
ViewSan Ysidro Mountain2020-02-232020-02-23San Ysidro MountainUSA-CA6147
ViewRosa Point, center of photo.2020-02-222020-02-22Rosa PointUSA-CA5000
ViewSheephead Mountain2020-02-152020-02-15 aSheephead MountainUSA-CA5896
ViewLittle Shay Mountain from Shay Mountain2020-02-122020-02-12 bLittle Shay MountainUSA-CA6635
ViewShay Mountain2020-02-122020-02-12 aShay MountainUSA-CA6714
ViewHawes Peak and Little Shay Mountain2020-02-122020-02-12 dHawes PeakUSA-CA6751
ViewRabbit Peak2020-01-052020-01-05 dRabbit PeakUSA-CA5307
ViewIron Mountain2020-01-052020-01-05 aIron MountainUSA-CA5040
ViewRoundtop2020-01-052020-01-05 bRound TopUSA-CA6316
ViewGranite Mountain2020-01-052020-01-05 cGranite MountainUSA-CA6600
ViewFox and Condor2020-01-052020-01-01 aFox MountainUSA-CA5033
ViewBeartrap Bluff, taken from the Gene Marshall/Piedr. . .2019-12-242019-12-24Beartrap BluffUSA-CA6160
ViewLost Horse Valley in the rain2019-12-072019-12-07Ryan MountainUSA-CA5457
ViewApproach to Bernard Peak 2019-11-212019-11-21 aBernard PeakUSA-CA5430

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