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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewThe XVIII-century church on the hilltop2020-11-242020-11-24SupergaItaly2205
ViewMonte Salancia (Cottian Alps): E ridge2020-10-082020-10-08 aMonte SalanciaItaly6850
ViewPunta Costabruna as seen from Monte Salancia2020-10-08 Punta CostabrunaItaly7877
ViewMonte Giusalet from Alpe Fumavecchia (on the S sid. . .2020-10-08 Mont GiusaletFrance10866
ViewPunta Violetta: W ridge2020-08-052020-08-05Punta ViolettaItaly9944
ViewPunta del Leynir as seen from Punta Violetta2020-08-05 Punta del LeynirItaly10614
ViewMonte Seguret: North ridge2020-07-162020-07-16 aMonte SeguretItaly9600
ViewPunta Founset as seen from the Germanasca Valley2020-07-062020-07-06Punta FounsetItaly9180
ViewThe summit as seen from the dividing ridge between. . .2020-06-051998-11-20Rocca PatanuaItaly7907
ViewMonte Sapei as seen from the grassland of Alpe For. . .2020-06-051997-10-11 bMonte SapeiItaly5299
ViewMonte Pirchiriano as seen from National Road nr.24. . .2020-05-24 Monte PirchirianoItaly3156
ViewMonte Ciabergia from the foothpath leading to the . . .2020-05-20 Monte CiabergiaItaly3865
ViewMonte Muretto as seen from Monte Fusero2020-05-20 Monte MurettoItaly5600
ViewBric della Maddalena (Torino, Italy) with its colo. . .2020-05-042020-05-04Bric della MaddalenaItaly2346
ViewPunta di Quinseina as seen from the "Bric di Muria. . .2020-03-041989-03-25Punta di QuinseinaItaly7690
ViewMonte Rognoso as seen from Monte Druina2019-12-26 Monte RognosoItaly6427
ViewSommet de Château-Jouan as seen from Fort Janus2019-09-122019-09-12 cSommet de Chateau-JouanFrance8415
ViewThe Mount Ida as seen from the Agathias2019-08-302019-08-30 aMount IdaGreece8058
ViewThe Mount Agathias as seen from Mount Ida slopes2019-08-302019-08-30 bPsiloritis-AgathiasGreece7953
ViewPic de Rochebrune as seen from Pic Lombard2019-08-081987-08-15Pic de RochebruneFrance10892
ViewThe Brich Ghinivert as seen from Monte Peolioso2019-07-311997-09-28Bric GhinivertItaly9964
ViewMonte Pinerol from Testa della Pennazza (Cottian A. . .2019-07-31 Monte PinerolItaly9436
ViewM.Ricordone as seen from north2019-05-212019-05-21 bMonte RicordoneItaly5787
ViewMonte Bracco (Cottian Alps) as seen from Monte Sco. . .2019-03-141991-12-01Monte BraccoItaly4288
ViewThe statue on the summit of Monte Arpon (Graian Al. . .2019-03-082019-03-08Monte ArponItaly4055
ViewRocce Rosse (Avigliana), in the background Rocca S. . .2019-02-242019-02-24 aRocce RosseItaly1545
ViewMount Chaberton (Cottian Alps) from the valley of . . .2019-02-221987-09-19Mont ChabertonFrance10272
ViewCima Saurel (Cottian Alps): northern slopes2019-02-222019-02-22Cima SaurelFrance/Italy8041
ViewMonte Bernard (Graian Alps) from Costa Crest2019-01-182019-01-18Monte BernardItaly3537
ViewMonte Freidour (Cottian Alps): eastern face of the. . .2018-12-072018-11-07 bMonte Freidour-Punta SperinoItaly4760
ViewMonte Sette Confini (Cottian Alps) as seen from Co. . .2018-12-072018-11-07 aMonte dei Sette ConfiniItaly4455
ViewConic Hill (Scotland): the subsummit at 358 m as s. . .2018-10-272018-10-27Conic HillUK-Scotland1184
ViewNorth Berwick Law (East Lothian, Scotland) from th. . .2018-08-312018-08-31North Berwick LawUK-Scotland614
ViewBen A'an (Scotland) 2018-08-252018-08-25Ben A'anUK-Scotland1512
ViewPunta Cialancia (Cottian Alps) as seen from the Ca. . .2018-08-102018-08-10 aPunta CialanciaItaly9367
ViewPunta Cornour (Cottian Alps) as seen from Lago dei. . .2018-08-102018-08-10 bPunta CornourItaly9409
ViewMonte Grammondo from Monte Pozzo2018-07-152018-07-19Monte GrammondoItaly4521
ViewPunta Marguareis from Cime de Pertegue (Ligurian A. . .2017-10-252017-10-25 bPunta MarguareisFrance/Italy8698
ViewCima di Capezzone (Pennine Alps) from the Strona V. . .2017-09-072017-09-07 bCima di CapezzoneItaly7943
ViewMonte Mars (Alpi Biellesi in the Pennine Alps) as . . .2017-08-162017-08-16Monte MarsItaly8530
ViewThe Stolemberg as seen from Corno Camoscio2017-08-13 StolembergItaly10505
ViewRocca Ciarva from Pian Ciamarella2017-06-212017-06-21Rocca CiarvaItaly7756
ViewPunta Sulè (Graian Alps): West face2016-09-062012-09-14Punta SulèItaly11102
ViewView of the summit pillar2016-08-222016-08-22TonelageeIreland2680
ViewRocca Turo from Pian della Mussa2016-07-132016-07-13Rocca TuroItaly9052
ViewMonte Colombano: summit cairn2016-06-302016-06-30Monte ColombanoItaly5440
ViewMonte Colombo (Graian Alps)2015-08-252015-08-25Monte ColomboItaly9344
ViewPunta Golai as seen from Punta Chiavesso2015-07-282014-07-23Punta GolaiItaly9249
ViewPunta Chiavesso from the Ala Valley2015-07-282015-07-28Cima ChiavessoItaly9265
ViewMonte Saccarello (Ligurian Alps, French/Italian bo. . .2015-06-112015-06-11 cMonte SaccarelloFrance/Italy7218
ViewCarn Llidi (Pembrokeshire, Wales)2014-08-092014-08-09 bCarn LlidiUK-Wales594
ViewPicws Du (Carmarthenshire, Wales)2014-08-062014-08-06Picws DuUK-Wales2457
ViewMonta Armetta (Ligurian Prealps): summit cairn2014-06-302014-06-30 eMonte ArmettaItaly5705
ViewMonte Galero (Ligurian Prealps)as seen from its su. . .2014-06-302014-06-30 aMonte GaleroItaly5604
ViewCima di Bo (Alpi Biellesi)2013-08-161999-08-21Cima di BoItaly8383
ViewPunta Rossa di Sea: view from the Colle della Croc. . .2013-07-30 Punta Rossa di SeaItaly9541
ViewPunta del Vallone from Cima Rosta (Graian ALps)2012-08-202012-08-20 aPunta del ValloneItaly8133
ViewCima Rosta (Graian Alps)2012-08-202012-08-20 bCima RostaItaly7129
ViewThe Uja di Mondrone as seen from the Punta Rossa d. . .2011-10-21 Uia di MondroneItaly9724
ViewMonte Chabrière: summit cairn and cross2011-08-092011-08-09Monte ChabrièreItaly7874
ViewCima del Vallonetto (right) and Truc Peyrous (left. . .2010-09-10 Cima del VallonettoItaly10554
ViewPunta Galambra as seen from the Fourneaux-Sommeill. . .2010-09-102010-09-10 aPunta GalambraItaly10240
ViewSignal du Lamet 2010-08-312010-08-31 aSignal du LametFrance11427
ViewPointe du Lamet as seen from Signal du Lamet2010-08-312010-08-31 bPointe du LametFrance11496
ViewSignal du Petit Mont Cenis (foregroud: Fort de Var. . .2009-09-012009-09-01 aSignal du Petit Mont CenisFrance10374
ViewMonte Arpone: summit cairn in winter2009-01-302009-01-30Monte ArponeItaly5259
ViewCivrari as seen from the slopes of the Monte Arpon. . .2009-01-30 Monte Civrari-Punta ImperatoriaItaly7552
ViewMonte Castello: view from an olive grove2008-09-162008-09-22Monte CastelloItaly869
ViewThe mountain as seen from Val Chisone2006-09-19 Monte PelvoItaly9088

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