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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewHochkogel is only 2 minutes of walk away from Gams. . .2023-03-252023-03-25 aHochkogelAustria5820
ViewThe summit of Schwarzkogel is not a big highlight . . .2023-03-252023-03-25 bSchwarzkogelAustria4764
ViewThe summit of Hohe Rannach lies deep in the forest. . .2023-03-192023-03-19Hohe RannachAustria3340
ViewGeierhaupt in winter is a quite popular ski tourin. . .2023-03-042023-03-04 bGeierhauptAustria7930
ViewKerschkern(kogel) as seen from nearby Schrimpfkoge. . .2023-03-042023-03-04 dKerschkernAustria7300
ViewThe Sattelberg summit is located in a fairly flat . . .2023-01-02 SattelbergAustria3570
ViewThe cross near the summit of Erste Grebenzenhöhe. . . .2022-12-292022-12-29 bErste GrebenzenhöheAustria6135
ViewGrmada, highest point of Slovenske Gorice. There i. . .2022-12-282022-12-28GrmadaSlovenia1499
ViewThe highest point of Ham is marked with a sign on . . .2022-12-232022-12-23HamCroatia2224
ViewSleme (left) and Kukova špica (right) in winter.2022-11-262022-11-26 cKukova špicaSlovenia7963
ViewHochstadl (in the middle) as seen from the nearby . . .2022-11-122022-11-12 aHochstadlAustria6296
ViewMonte Isola from small docks of Sulzano, from whic. . .2022-11-042022-11-04Monte IsolaItaly1969
ViewEven though the highest ground on Monte Misone is . . .2022-11-022022-11-02Monte MisoneItaly5915
ViewThe grassy summit of Messnerin offers great views . . .2022-10-232022-10-23MessnerinAustria6020
ViewSouth face of Torkofel from Jaukenalm. The trail t. . .2022-10-082022-10-08 bTorkofelAustria7467
ViewSummit cross on Rappoldkogel.2022-09-112022-09-11RappoldkogelAustria6325
ViewA transmitter on the summit of Paljenik, highest p. . .2022-08-282022-08-28PaljenikBosnia6342
ViewGrassy, pretty flat summit of Rosseck.2022-07-242022-07-24 aRoßeckAustria5459
ViewView on Wetterkogel from nearby Herrenkogel, which. . .2022-07-242022-07-24 cWetterkogelAustria5390
ViewAt summit cross of Madereck.2022-07-242022-07-24 eMadereckAustria3445
ViewOn top of grassy summit of Hochschlag - in summer . . .2022-07-172022-07-17HochschlagAustria5184
ViewEven though there is (still) a sign on Mohokos, wh. . .2022-06-052022-06-05 bCimermanov bregCroatia1132
ViewTop of Velebit is marked with a cross and offers n. . .2022-05-262022-05-26 cVaganski vrhCroatia5768
ViewBelow the last climb to the top of Biokovo - Sveti. . .2022-05-242022-05-24 bSveti JureCroatia5781
ViewA chapel and a monastery on the summit of Stavrovo. . .2022-05-032022-05-03StavrovouniCyprus2146
ViewThe grassy summit of Jelenk offers nice views towa. . .2022-04-162022-04-16 aJelenkSlovenia3632
ViewTrigonometric point on Mrzovec.2022-04-162022-04-16 bMrzovecSlovenia4626
ViewThe summit of Brezovica has a stamp in the rock.2022-04-102022-04-10BrezovicaCroatia1906
ViewThe summit of Japica with an antenna.2022-04-102022-04-10 bJapicaCroatia1670
ViewBeneath the summit of Goldachnock with Prankerhöhe. . .2022-03-192022-03-19GoldachnockAustria7123
ViewThe summit of Osser with a big cross offers nice v. . .2022-03-122022-03-12OsserAustria5079
ViewThe summit of Bricnik lies in a forest but it is w. . .2022-03-052022-03-05BricnikSlovenia3337
ViewThe lookout tower on Reber summit is unfortunately. . .2022-02-262022-02-26 bReberSlovenia2881
ViewOn top of Jasovnik. The summit stamp and registrat. . .2022-02-262022-02-26 dJasovnikSlovenia2510
ViewCross at the summit of Masenberg.2022-02-132022-02-13 bMasenbergAustria4137
ViewView from the summit of Wöllaner Nock towards sout. . .2022-02-062022-02-06 aWöllaner NockAustria7037
ViewFlat summit of Gerlitzen with several chairlift st. . .2022-02-062022-02-06 bGerlitzenAustria6263
ViewThe summit of Pleschaitz is above tree line and it. . .2022-01-302022-01-30PleschaitzAustria5896
ViewThe summit of Schiffall lies in the forest and is . . .2022-01-232022-01-23 aSchiffallAustria4006
ViewThe summit of Kreuzkogel offers better views than . . .2022-01-232022-01-23 bKreuzkogelAustria3875
ViewThe summit of Hochtrötsch with a cross, a sitting . . .2022-01-232022-01-23 cHochtrötschAustria4065
ViewSummit of Ferlacher Horn in winter. As always it o. . .2021-12-302021-12-30Ferlacher HornAustria6037
ViewMonte Mia / Mija in deep snow. In winter the summi. . .2021-12-112021-12-11Monte MiaItaly4058
ViewThe summit of Setiče offers amazing views in all d. . .2021-11-202021-11-20FreibergAustria6309
ViewThe summit of Visoka peč offers fantastic views on. . .2021-10-172021-10-17 cVisoka pečSlovenia5738
ViewThe summit of Slivna (also Pivkelj) does not offer. . .2021-10-092021-10-09SlivnaSlovenia2887
ViewThe summit does not offer any views, but within 15. . .2021-09-142021-09-14Szent Mihály-hegyHungary1588
ViewZagelkogel (left) and Hochwart (right) as seen fro. . .2021-09-042021-09-04 cG'hacktkogelAustria7264
ViewFantastic views from Buchbergkogel towards Hochsch. . .2021-09-042021-09-04 eBuchbergkogelAustria5577
ViewThe summit cross on Monte Antelao.2021-08-102021-08-10Monte AntelaoItaly10709
ViewRocky Aragnascu summit offers nice 360-degrees vie. . .2021-07-272021-07-27AragnascuFrance2913
ViewBeautiful views on nearby mountains and Mediterran. . .2021-07-192021-07-19Monte San PetroneFrance5797
ViewThe summit of Graslitzen offers fantastic views.2021-07-062021-07-06 aGraslitzenAustria6706
ViewOn Vellacher Egel high above Pressegger lake.2021-07-062021-07-06 bVellacher EgelAustria6916
ViewA beautiful day on Spitzegel.2021-07-062021-07-06 cSpitzegelAustria6952
ViewGrassy summit of Möschacher Wipfel (in front) and . . .2021-07-062021-07-06 dMöschacher WipfelAustria6270
ViewWell deserved relaxation on the summit of Golz. In. . .2021-07-062021-07-06 eLatschurAustria7336
ViewOn Boskovec, the highest peak of Golte.2021-06-202021-06-20BoskovecSlovenia5207
ViewSv. Mohor with a church on the summit.2021-06-052021-06-05Sv. MohorSlovenia3123
ViewKislica has a limited view (in early spring and la. . .2021-05-012021-05-01KislicaSlovenia3261
ViewOn the highest point of county Leibnitz.2021-04-082021-04-08Großwalz - GrenzkogelAustria/Slovenia2900
ViewBrezovo polje, the highest summit of Slavonija and. . .2021-03-032021-03-03Brezovo poljeCroatia3232
ViewA war monument on Humka summit.2021-02-282021-02-28HumkaCroatia1598
ViewThe summit of Petelinjek does not offer any views;. . .2021-02-202021-02-20 aPetelinjekSlovenia3976
ViewA metal box, a stamp and a bench with a view on Tu. . .2021-02-202021-02-20 bTurnSlovenia4114
ViewA metal box and a verse on top of Rančka.2020-10-252020-10-25 aRančkaSlovenia2018
ViewMany visitors on the top of Donačka gora.2020-10-252020-10-25 dDonačka goraSlovenia2900
ViewThe summit of Srednja gora is not marked, but has . . .2020-10-182020-10-18Srednja goraSlovenia4183
ViewIn good weather it is possible to see the whole Is. . .2020-10-172020-10-17ŽbevnicaCroatia3327
ViewThe view from the top of Polhograjska gora.2020-10-032020-10-03Polhograjska goraSlovenia2703
ViewOn the top of Monte Peralba, this time unfortunate. . .2020-09-062020-09-06Monte PeralbaItaly8839
ViewPerfect day on the summit of Monte Creta Forata.2020-09-052020-09-05Monte Creta ForataItaly8077
ViewNorth face of Monte Coglians with via ferrata Weg . . .2020-09-042020-09-04 bMonte CogliansItaly/Austria9121
ViewMighty Seekopf above Wolayer See.2020-09-04 SeekopfItaly/Austria8379
ViewRauchkofel from the way to Monte Coglians.2020-09-042020-09-04 aRauchkofelAustria8071
ViewView from Rauchofel: Gamskofel (left), Polinik (ri. . .2020-09-04 ReißkofelAustria7779
ViewThe summit of Šija as seen from the trail coming f. . .2020-08-152020-08-15 aŠijaSlovenia6168
ViewOn top of Veliki Raskovec - trying to reach Trigla. . .2020-08-152020-08-15 cVeliki RaskovecSlovenia6453
ViewSatisfaction on the summit of Javorov vrh.2020-08-122020-08-12Javorov vrhSlovenia4862
ViewMassive Tosc with its famous smiley face.2020-08-11 ToscSlovenia7457
ViewOn the summit of Porezen.2020-08-102020-08-10PorezenSlovenia5348
ViewFinal ascent to Mišelj vrh via its east ridge.2020-08-072020-08-07Mišelj vrhSlovenia7710
ViewVernar from Planina pod Mišelj vrhom.2020-08-07 VernarSlovenia7287
ViewJezerski Stog (left) and Prevalski Stog (right) fr. . .2020-08-07 Jezerski StogSlovenia6696
ViewDebeli vrh (highest peak in the centre of the phot. . .2020-08-07 Debeli vrhSlovenia7841
ViewRjavec in the sun on the left; Dom Planika hut is . . .2020-08-07 RjavecSlovenia8432
ViewMali Draški vrh (left) and Viševnik (right) from S. . .2020-08-07 ViševnikSlovenia6726
ViewVršaki, Mišeljski Konec and Kanjavec from Mišelj v. . .2020-08-07 Kanjavec – vzhodni vrhSlovenia8425
ViewGrassy slopes of Šavnik.2020-08-062020-08-06 bŠavnikSlovenia5164
ViewGrassy slopes of Golica. The alpine hut is also vi. . .2020-07-272020-07-26 cKahlkogelAustria/Slovenia6024
ViewThe summit of Klek from the east.2020-07-272020-07-27 aKlekAustria/Slovenia5755
ViewDovška Baba (left) and Kepa (right) from Klek.2020-07-272020-07-27 bMittagskogelAustria/Slovenia7031
ViewBeautiful view from the summit.2020-07-272020-07-27 cMittagskogelAustria/Slovenia7031
ViewOn top of Vajnež.2020-07-262020-07-26 aVajnežAustria/Slovenia6896
ViewStruška as seen from the east.2020-07-262020-07-26 bStruškaAustria/Slovenia6378
ViewGiant ice-axe on top of Vrtača.2020-07-252020-07-25 aVrtačaAustria/Slovenia7156
ViewSteep slopes of Svačica.2020-07-252020-07-25 bBielschitzaAustria/Slovenia6414
ViewStol from the way to Vrtača.2020-07-252020-07-25 cStolAustria/Slovenia7336
ViewGrassy Kosiak with Klagenfurter hut from Svačica.2020-07-25 KosiakAustria6640
ViewEvening view from Prešernova koča on Mali Stol: Vr. . .2020-07-252020-07-25 dBegunjščicaSlovenia6759
ViewBeautiful views from Jerebica summit on Lago del P. . .2020-07-182020-07-18JerebicaItaly/Slovenia6975
ViewThe summit offers beautiful views on Balaton lake.. . .2020-07-162020-07-16Szent György-hegyHungary1362
ViewLookout tower on Badacsony summit just above Balat. . .2020-07-162020-07-16 bBadacsonyHungary1434
ViewGulács as seen from the lookout tower on Badacsony. . .2020-07-162020-07-16 cGulácsHungary1289
ViewBeautiful views from the modern lookout tower (ent. . .2020-07-152020-07-15Galya-tetőHungary3166
ViewLookout tower on Karanč.2020-07-142020-07-14KarančSlovakia/Hungary2379
ViewThe summit is not a big highlight on Purga.2020-07-142020-07-14 bPurgaHungary1886
ViewDecaying monument close to the summit of Veliki Pe. . .2020-07-082020-07-08 bVeliki PetrovacCroatia1680
ViewOn Žamboh, close to Kleviška špica.2020-07-072020-07-07Kleviška špicaSlovenia2595
ViewSpielmäuer offers both nice hiking paths and also . . .2020-07-042020-07-04SpielmäuerAustria4462
ViewNice views from the summit of Heiggerkogel.2020-06-202020-06-20 aHeiggerkogelAustria3602
ViewPlabutsch offers fine views on the city of Graz.2020-06-202020-06-20 bPlabutschAustria2503
ViewLookout point on Lašček summit.2020-06-142020-06-14LaščekSlovenia3514
ViewWell deserved award on top of Plešivec.2020-06-072020-06-07PlešivecSlovenia2251
ViewNice view from the hotel on top of Šmarjetna gora.. . .2020-06-062020-06-06Šmarjetna goraSlovenia2119
ViewA table near Veliki vrh is promising beautiful vie. . .2020-06-042020-06-04Veliki vrhSlovenia4409
ViewA modest shelter on Kamnik summit.2020-05-212020-05-21KamnikSlovenia2812
ViewThe highest point of Maceljska gora.2020-05-072020-05-07 aMaceljska goraSlovenia/Croatia2356
ViewThe sign on Jelovice summit - the highest point of. . .2020-05-072020-05-07 bJeloviceSlovenia2044
ViewOn the summit of Kozji vrh.2020-05-032020-05-03Kozji vrhSlovenia5341
ViewThe view from Kaufmanov breg.2020-04-282020-04-28Kaufmanov bregSlovenia1473
ViewThe summit of Tojzlov vrh is hidden in the forest.. . .2020-04-262020-04-26Tojzlov vrhSlovenia2306
ViewThe summit of Veliki Javornik is well marked.2020-03-292020-03-29 aVeliki JavornikSlovenia3356
ViewOn Veliki Koprivnik.2020-03-292020-03-29 bVeliki KoprivnikSlovenia3222
ViewThe highest point of Kolarjev vrh in winter.2020-03-252020-03-25Kolarjev vrhSlovenia3268
ViewOn rocky summit of Razsušica.2020-03-212020-03-21 aRazsušicaSlovenia/Croatia3553
ViewThe summit of Debeli vrh is not so easy to find.2020-03-212020-03-21 bDebeli vrhSlovenia4177
ViewSlivnica, the mountain of witches above the field . . .2020-03-21 SlivnicaSlovenia3655
ViewThe top of Janževski vrh.2020-03-072020-03-07Janževski vrhSlovenia3002
ViewA sign and a metal box with the registration book . . .2020-03-032020-03-03VodenicaCroatia1762
ViewThe summit of Ravna gora is clearly marked and off. . .2020-02-292020-02-29Ravna goraCroatia2251
ViewThe highest point on Lobnikov vrh.2020-02-232020-02-23Lobnikov vrhSlovenia2313
ViewThe summit of Iskranjca with benches has nice view. . .2020-02-162020-02-16 aIskranjcaSlovenia2224
ViewOld castle ruins on Rifnik.2020-02-162020-02-16 bRifnikSlovenia1864
ViewSchöckl is a popular "city mountain" of Graz with . . .2020-02-152020-02-15SchöcklAustria4741
ViewLong summit ridge of Kulm with chapels and nice vi. . .2020-02-082020-02-08KulmAustria3199
ViewThis pole represents the highest point of Kömmelgu. . .2020-01-262020-01-26KömmelgupfAustria3494
ViewThe summit of Latschur in winter.2020-01-042020-01-04 aLatschurAustria7336
ViewView from snowy summit of Eckwand. Goldeck is visi. . .2020-01-042020-01-04 bGoldeckAustria7028
ViewOn the summit of Staff with Eckwand and Latschur i. . .2020-01-042020-01-04 cLatschurAustria7336
ViewKomen is a very nice lookout point for nearby peak. . .2020-01-022020-01-02KordeschkopfAustria/Slovenia6975
ViewSunny winter day on Kranjska reber.2019-12-292019-12-29Kranjska reberSlovenia4708
ViewView from Kranjska reber to Veliki Rogatec (the hi. . .2019-12-292019-12-29Kranjska reberSlovenia4708
ViewBeautiful views from Šentanski vrh towards Stol an. . .2019-12-282019-12-28Šentanski vrhSlovenia5364
ViewOn top of Rzenik in winter.2019-12-272019-12-27 aRzenikSlovenia6014
ViewKonj is a very nice lookout point for main peaks o. . .2019-12-272019-12-27 bKonjSlovenia5965
ViewThe summit of Gradišče with nice views on Velika p. . .2019-12-262019-12-26GradiščeSlovenia5466
ViewLookout tower on Japetić.2019-12-232019-12-23JapetićCroatia2884
ViewArtificially flat summit of Pasja ravan is a resul. . .2019-12-072019-12-07Pasja ravanSlovenia3346
ViewMagnificent view from Mirnock summit.2019-11-302019-11-30MirnockAustria6923
ViewFrom the summit of Kum you can see all over Sloven. . .2019-11-242019-11-24KumSlovenia4003
ViewThe summit of Veliki vrh with monument, dedicated . . .2019-11-092019-11-09Veliki vrhSlovenia2300
ViewGeodetic tower on Gerecse, however it is not safe . . .2019-10-152019-10-15GerecseHungary2080
ViewBeautiful view from the 30-meter high lookout towe. . .2019-10-142019-10-14RoglaSlovenia4977
ViewLookout tower on the summit of Hármashatár-hegy.2019-10-072019-10-07Hármashatár-hegyHungary1624
ViewSunset from the summit of Nagy-Kevély.2019-10-012019-10-01Nagy-KevélyHungary1752
ViewOn the summit of Velika Kopa.2019-09-152019-09-15Velika KopaSlovenia5059
ViewThe summit of Kremžarjev vrh in the middle of the . . .2019-09-152019-09-15Kremžarjev vrhSlovenia3819
ViewMagnificent Zadnjiški Ozebnik rising high above Za. . .2019-08-312019-08-31 aZadnjiški OzebnikSlovenia6834
ViewGrassy slopes of Pihavec left above the saddle Luk. . .2019-08-312019-09-01PihavecSlovenia7936
ViewZasavska koča na Prehodavcih with Vodnikov Vršac r. . .2019-08-312019-08-31 cVodnikov VršacSlovenia7185
ViewOn our way to Malo Špičje from Zasavski dom na Pre. . .2019-08-312019-08-31 bMalo ŠpičjeSlovenia7585
ViewZengő summit with lookout tower in poor condition.. . .2019-08-232019-08-23ZengőHungary2238
ViewLookout tower on top of Naszály.2019-08-222019-08-22NaszályHungary2139
ViewOn top of Csóványos - next to lookout tower.2019-08-212019-08-21CsóványosHungary3077
ViewOn top of Kojca.2019-08-152019-08-15 aKojcaSlovenia4275
ViewThe view from lookout tower on Črvov vrh towards l. . .2019-08-152019-08-15 bČrvov vrhSlovenia3196
ViewHard to reach summit of Znojilski vrh without any . . .2019-08-152019-08-15 cZnojilski vrhSlovenia3753
ViewViewpoint on top of Galetovec.2019-08-132019-08-13 aGaletovecSlovenia4150
ViewView from Vodnikov razglednik towards Bohinj lake.. . .2019-08-132019-08-13 bVodnikov razglednikSlovenia3291
ViewOn the summit of Altemaver.2019-08-092019-08-09 aAltemaverSlovenia5509
ViewGladki vrh with Krekova koča na Ratitovcu.2019-08-092019-08-09 bGladki vrhSlovenia5469
ViewOn the way to Rudnica summit.2019-08-072019-08-07RudnicaSlovenia3104
ViewNice views from the summit of Roviškovec.2019-07-302019-07-30RoviškovecSlovenia3051
ViewFantastic views from Afentis Stavromenos.2019-07-212019-07-21Afentis StavromenosGreece4843
ViewEven in summer it may get cold on Spathi summit.2019-07-192019-07-19SpathiGreece7047
ViewLookout point with a big cross on the way to Tolst. . .2019-07-012019-07-01Tolsti vrhSlovenia3533
ViewSzilvási-kő has less visit than nearby, a few mete. . .2019-06-252019-06-25 bSzilvási-kőHungary3153
ViewHappy team on Parrotspitze summit - successful acc. . .2019-06-162019-06-16 aLiskammItaly/Switzerland14872
ViewOn the summit of Piramide Vincent. Corno Nero and . . .2019-06-162019-06-16 eLudwigshöheItaly/Switzerland14242
ViewOn Punta Giordani, the last (sixth) 4000-m peak of. . .2019-06-162019-06-16 fPunta GiordaniItaly13274
ViewSv. Trojica is a great lookout point.2019-06-112019-06-11Sv. TrojicaSlovenia2792
ViewThe summit of Mrzli vrh is hard to find in the mid. . .2019-06-022019-06-02 aMrzli vrhSlovenia1936
ViewBeautiful views from Kuk towards Soča valley and t. . .2019-06-022019-06-02 bStolSlovenia5489
ViewKrasji vrh with Drežniške Ravne beneath it.2019-06-012019-06-01Krasji vrhSlovenia5817
ViewMagnificent peak with amazing views.2019-05-012019-05-01 cMonte BondoneItaly7152
ViewBeautiful landscape with fresh April snow on Monte. . .2019-04-282019-04-28 aMonte BiaenaItaly5308
ViewThere are two mountain huts and even a playground . . .2019-04-222019-04-22LiscaSlovenia3110
ViewMožičev vrh successfully found!2019-04-072019-04-07Možičev vrhSlovenia3038
ViewThe summit of Pilis-tető with a lookout tower and . . .2019-04-032019-04-03Pilis-tetőHungary2480
ViewOn top of lookout tower on Stolpnik, highest peak . . .2019-03-312019-03-31StolpnikSlovenia3320
ViewSušec, the highest summit on Strahinščica is in th. . .2019-03-242019-03-24SušecCroatia2776
ViewLookout tower on top of Demmerkogel.2019-03-222019-03-22DemmerkogelAustria2201
ViewWell marked summit of Gruberjev vrh.2019-03-092019-03-09Gruberjev vrhSlovenia2904
ViewBeautiful view from Lubnik summit towards Kamnik-S. . .2019-03-032019-03-03LubnikSlovenia3363
ViewSigns on Tošč summit, which has a beautiful view t. . .2019-02-232019-02-23 cToščSlovenia3350
ViewWinter summit of Suhi vrh, highest peak of Nanos -. . .2019-02-192019-02-19Suhi vrhSlovenia4308
ViewMagnificent view from winter Sonnblick summit.2019-02-082019-02-08Hoher SonnblickAustria10190
ViewStenica - unfortunately no views from the summit.2019-01-022019-01-02StenicaSlovenia3579
ViewEven without a tracking dog it is not too hard to . . .2018-12-312018-12-31Hlebov vrhSlovenia2995
ViewKapunar (a bit below the summit) offers panoramic . . .2018-12-162018-12-16KapunarAustria/Slovenia3451
ViewOn Jerebikovec summit - we just missed views towar. . .2018-10-312018-10-31JerebikovecSlovenia5226
ViewCojzova koča with Kalška gora and Kalški greben (o. . .2018-09-09 Kalški grebenSlovenia7297
ViewBeautiful views from Pršivec summit.2018-08-132018-08-13PršivecSlovenia5781
ViewMišelj vrh from Vodnikov dom na Velem polju.2018-08-08 Mišelj vrhSlovenia7710
ViewOgradi as seen from Slatna.2018-07-09 OgradiSlovenia6847
ViewOn flat summit of Zadnji Vogel.2018-07-092018-07-09Zadnji VogelSlovenia7635
ViewThe view from the summit of Mala Zelnarica towards. . .2018-07-092018-07-09Mala ZelnaricaSlovenia7615
ViewAmazing views to Triglav lakes from the summit of . . .2018-07-092018-07-09Velika ZelnaricaSlovenia7615
ViewGrassy Falkert with attractive via feratas in the . . .2018-07-072018-07-07FalkertAustria7572
ViewFlat summit of Rödresnock with the cross on top (i. . .2018-07-072018-07-07RödresnockAustria7579
ViewOn the summit of Pollux, my first 4000-m peak. We . . .2018-04-212018-04-21PolluxItaly/Switzerland13425
View25,9 meters high wooden lookout tower (Tower of lo. . .2018-04-082018-04-08ŽusemSlovenia2195
ViewSunny day on Tolsti vrh with Storžič in the backgr. . .2018-04-022018-04-02StoržičSlovenia6995
ViewAmazing views from Kobilja glava towards lower Boh. . .2017-12-232017-12-23Kobilja glavaSlovenia4839
ViewIn front of the hut on Krim summit.2017-11-012017-11-01KrimSlovenia3632
ViewI was quite surprised to see that some people even. . .2017-08-132017-08-13RodicaSlovenia6450
ViewVelika Baba from Kranjska koča na Ledinah.2017-07-292017-07-29Velika BabaAustria/Slovenia6978
ViewBeautiful Košuta ridge with Veliki vrh (left) and . . .2017-07-062017-07-06 fKladivoAustria/Slovenia6870
ViewKošutnikov turn, the highest peak of long Košuta r. . .2017-07-062017-07-06 bKoschutnikturmAustria/Slovenia6998
ViewNear the summit of Basališče, the highest peak of . . .2017-03-252017-03-25BasališčeSlovenia4173
ViewEvening on the flat summit of Kredarica just above. . .2016-09-112016-09-11TriglavSlovenia9396
ViewOn the summit of Rž.2016-09-112016-09-11Slovenia8327
ViewThe summit of Škrlatica with Triglav and Kredarica. . .2016-08-252016-08-25ŠkrlaticaSlovenia8990
ViewOn the summit of Dovški Gamsovec with Dolkova špic. . .2016-08-252016-08-25Dovški GamsovecSlovenia8002
ViewDolkova špica from Rogljica – with Triglav in the . . .2016-08-252016-08-25TriglavSlovenia9396
ViewOn Križ summit with Stenar in the back.2016-08-242016-08-24StenarSlovenia8205
ViewOn the summit of Bovški Gamsovec with Triglav and . . .2016-08-242016-08-24Bovški GamsovecSlovenia7851
ViewOn the summit of Razor with Špik (left) and Škrlat. . .2016-08-232016-08-23ŠkrlaticaSlovenia8990
ViewUpper part of via ferrata Hanzova pot on Prisojnik. . .2016-08-232016-08-23PrisojnikSlovenia8356
ViewVeliki Oltar with the easiest route to the summit.. . .2016-08-072016-08-07Veliki OltarSlovenia8622
ViewDovški križ (right peak in the center of the photo. . .2016-08-072016-08-07Dovški križSlovenia8340
ViewVelika (Martuljška) Ponca from Veliki Oltar.2016-08-07 Velika PoncaSlovenia8537
ViewVisoki Rokav (left) and Škrlatica (right) from Vel. . .2016-08-07 ŠkrlaticaSlovenia8990
ViewSatisfaction on the summit.2016-05-202016-05-20Stene Sv. AneSlovenia3163
ViewVast grassy summit of Blegoš.2016-04-162016-04-16BlegošSlovenia5125
ViewOn top of windy Slavnik with Snežnik in the backgr. . .2016-02-212016-02-21SnežnikSlovenia5896
ViewOn the summit of Hochobir.2015-12-282015-12-28HochobirAustria7018
ViewOn the way to Veliki Draški vrh.2015-10-252015-10-25 cVeliki Draški vrhSlovenia7349
ViewPointy Ablanca.2015-10-252015-10-25 eAblancaSlovenia6575
ViewBivouac on the summit of steep Gozdnik.2015-10-242015-10-24GozdnikSlovenia3576
ViewOn the foggy summit of Cimone del Montasio.2015-08-232015-08-23Cimone del MontasioItaly7805
ViewThe view from Jôf di Montasio: the ridge of wester. . .2015-08-22 Grande NaboisItaly7589
ViewWe reached the summit despite of the rain.2015-08-212015-08-21 cJôf di MiezegnòtItaly6847
ViewThe two peaks of Due Pizzi; Cima Alta is the left . . .2015-08-212015-08-21 aCima Alta-Due PizziItaly6713
ViewMonte Piper (left peak) as seen from Jôf di Miezeg. . .2015-08-212015-08-21 bMonte PiperItaly6788
ViewOn the summit of Trupejevo poldne with a view on t. . .2015-06-032015-06-03 aTrupejevo poldneAustria/Slovenia6335
ViewOn the summit.2015-05-282015-05-28Kärntner StorschitzAustria5771
ViewThe summit of Mrzlica with Planinski dom na Mrzlic. . .2015-03-212015-03-21MrzlicaSlovenia3681
ViewPrestreljenik with the alpine hut (Dom Petra Skala. . .2015-01-04 PrestreljenikItaly/Slovenia8199
ViewSouth-west face of Krn with via ferrata as seen fr. . .2015-01-04 KrnSlovenia7362
ViewKošutica (left) and Veliki vrh v Košuti (right) fr. . .2014-12-272014-12-27KošuticaAustria/Slovenia6460
ViewAt the church on the summit of Sv. Socerb.2014-10-292014-10-29Sv. SocerbSlovenia2680
ViewFantastic views from Matajur towards very long rid. . .2014-10-252014-10-25MatajurItaly/Slovenia5387
ViewJoy on the summit of Visoka Ponca.2014-08-252014-08-25 fVisoka PoncaItaly/Slovenia7464
ViewOne of the most common motives in Slovenian Alps: . . .2014-08-07 JalovecSlovenia8678
ViewBeautiful view from Goli vrh to main ridge of Kamn. . .2014-06-042014-06-04 bGoli vrhSlovenia5863
ViewThere used to be a geodetic tower on the summit of. . .2014-04-062014-04-06Žigartov vrhSlovenia4419
ViewTolsti vrh above Celjska koča as seen from Grmada . . .2014-03-22 Tolsti vrhSlovenia2736
ViewHuge TV tower on Sljeme disappearing in the fog.2013-12-232013-12-23SljemeCroatia3386
ViewMassive Lučki Dedec above Korošica.2013-09-08 Lučki DedecSlovenia6637
ViewView from Jalovec: highest peak on the right is Br. . .2013-07-18 BriceljkSlovenia7697
ViewOn the summit of Bavški Grintavec.2013-07-172013-07-17Bavški GrintavecSlovenia7700
ViewSimple wooden lookout tower on the summit of Velik. . .2012-09-042012-09-04Veliki RogSlovenia3606
ViewRjavina and Mala Rjavina from Cmir.2012-07-232012-07-23 cRjavinaSlovenia8307
ViewCmir from the way to Begunjski vrh.2012-07-232012-07-23 eCmirSlovenia7844
ViewOn top of Begunjski vrh.2012-07-222012-07-22 bBegunjski vrhSlovenia8074
ViewIn the kingdom of Soriška planina.2012-04-272012-04-27 aSlatnikSlovenia5279
ViewJoy on the top of lookout tower on Boč.2012-01-072012-01-07BočSlovenia3212
ViewA perfect day on Virnikov Grintovec.2011-08-112011-08-11Virnikov GrintovecAustria/Slovenia5427
ViewView from Rombon towards Bovec.2011-07-102011-07-10 eRombonSlovenia7244
ViewSteep slopes of Lopa.2011-07-10 LopaItaly/Slovenia7881
ViewOn the summit of Kanin.2011-07-102011-07-10 bKaninItaly/Slovenia8488
ViewView from Petelinjek towards west.2011-04-232011-04-23 aPetelinjekAustria/Slovenia5092
ViewBrana (left) and Turska gora (right) from Mrzla go. . .2010-08-012010-08-01Mrzla goraAustria/Slovenia7228
ViewOn the summit of Mali Golak.2009-07-182009-07-18Mali GolakSlovenia4905
ViewBevkov vrh is in the middle of the forest.2009-07-172009-07-17 aBevkov vrhSlovenia3448
ViewMonument on Sivka summit.2009-07-172009-07-17 bSivkaSlovenia3307
ViewDebela peč from summit of Brda.2008-08-092008-08-09 aDebela pečSlovenia6608
ViewSharp ridge of Jezerska Kočna as seen from Kokrska. . .2007-07-282007-07-28 bKokrska KočnaSlovenia8268
ViewOn top of Skuta with Krofička, Ojstrica and Planja. . .2007-07-272007-07-27 dOjstricaSlovenia7710
ViewOn the summit of Piz Nair high above St. Moritz.2004-08-012004-08-01Piz NairSwitzerland10023
ViewOn the summit of Veliko Špičje.2001-08-162001-08-16 aVeliko ŠpičjeSlovenia7861
ViewBeautiful views from the summit of Mahavšček.2001-08-152001-08-15 bMahavščekSlovenia6588
ViewOn the flat, grassy summit of Ladinger Spitz, high. . .2001-07-292001-07-29Ladinger SpitzAustria6821
ViewOn the summit of Velika Baba.2000-07-062000-07-06Velika BabaSlovenia6604
ViewOn the summit of Klomnock after easy hike from the. . .1999-10-021999-10-02 aKlomnockAustria7648
ViewIron cross on the summit of Königstuhl.1999-10-021999-10-02 bKönigstuhlAustria7664
ViewYou can't go any higher than this on Trstelj.1999-04-281999-04-28TrsteljSlovenia2110
ViewNice views from the grassy summit of Vremščica.1999-04-041999-04-04VremščicaSlovenia3369
ViewOn the summit of Kopitnik.1999-01-171999-01-17KopitnikSlovenia3015
ViewA lot of buildings on the summit of Speikkogel.1998-07-221998-07-22Großer SpeikkogelAustria7021
ViewIn front of the hut on Gora Oljka.1998-01-011998-01-01Gora OljkaSlovenia2405

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