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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewRed Butte is one of three high points we hit in on. . .2021-06-022021-06-02Red ButteUSA-CA320
ViewSilver Benchmark is a cute little scramble from th. . .2021-05-312021-05-31Silver BenchmarkUSA-CA2758
ViewPeak 1958 is an easy climb, once you walk around t. . .2021-05-292021-05-29Peak 1958USA-CA1958
ViewRed Mountain was once home to a Forest Service Loo. . .2021-05-172021-05-17Red MountainUSA-CA1617
ViewWhen you leave the kiosk and head up the hill, Fli. . .2021-05-092021-05-09Flinn Springs PeakUSA-CA1833
ViewPeaks 1953 and 1655 can both be climbed in the sam. . .2021-04-272021-04-27Peak 1953USA-CA1953
ViewRed Mountain is marked by the Sierra Rojo Benchmar. . .2021-03-292021-03-29Red MountainUSA-CA1812
ViewWeaver Mountain is surrounded by private land.2021-03-272021-03-27Weaver MountainUSA-CA1593
ViewDitch Benchmark is the higher bump on the left. Vi. . .2021-01-092021-01-09Ditch BenchmarkUSA-CA3127
ViewPeak 1976 is a minor bump on the ridge on the way . . .2021-01-062021-01-06Peak 1976USA-CA1976
ViewGarnet Benchmark VABM 5669 is not the highest poin. . .2020-12-092020-12-09Garnet BenchmarkUSA-CA5669
ViewSage Hill at 840 feet is a short hike from Questha. . .2020-10-172020-10-17Sage HillUSA-CA840
ViewFrom the Highland Valley Staging Area, the peak lo. . .2020-08-172020-08-17Battle MountainUSA-CA803
ViewAt 822 feet, Soledad Mountain is the highest of th. . .2020-08-042020-08-04Soledad MountainUSA-CA822
ViewWhat is shown on the toposheet as the Easter Cross. . .2020-08-042020-08-04Easter CrossUSA-CA811
ViewSanta Ysabel Benchmark stands on a rock formation . . .2020-06-072020-06-07Santa Ysabel BenchmarkUSA-CA3680
ViewDouble Peak is a well-maintained and family-friend. . .2020-06-052020-06-05Double PeakUSA-CA1644
ViewThis turtleback structure is called the Chula Vist. . .2020-05-272020-05-27Lightning Ridge High PointUSA-CA5800
ViewFoster Point is a detour off the Pacific Crest Tra. . .2020-05-272020-05-27Foster PointUSA-CA5640
ViewThis cistern is close to the peak of Lightning Rid. . .2020-05-272018-09-29Peak 5680USA-CA5680
ViewMt. Nebo can be seen from the from door of the Von. . .2020-05-232020-05-23Mount NeboUSA-CA800
ViewSan Carlos Hill 688 is at the corner of Navajo Roa. . .2020-04-172020-04-17   
ViewFletcher Hills High Point is marked by a yellow ci. . .2020-04-132020-04-13Fletcher Hills High PointUSA-CA820
ViewBenchmark 131 is in a gully to the west of Father . . .2020-04-132018-10-22   
ViewBenchmark 131 is in a gully to the west of Father . . .2020-04-132018-10-22   
ViewHill 815 is near the intersection of Regner Road a. . .2020-04-112020-04-11   
ViewHill 815 is near the intersection of Regner Road a. . .2020-04-112020-04-11   
ViewHill 799 can be easily accessed from Morning Mist . . .2020-04-112020-04-11   
ViewThis trailhead is near the intersection of Conesto. . .2020-04-05    
ViewThis trailhead is near the intersection of Conesto. . .2020-04-05    
ViewHill 593 rests in a residential cul-de-sac. It sho. . .2020-04-05    
ViewHill 593 is in a residential neighborhood of San C. . .2020-04-05    
ViewHill 144 is near the intersection of Conestoga Way. . .2020-04-05    
ViewHill 824 is the highest point in the residential a. . .2020-04-032020-04-03   
ViewBenchmark 332 is buried under some brush in a gull. . .2020-04-03    
ViewHill 591 is located on Dicenza Lane, a residential. . .2020-04-03    
ViewHill 644 is at the corner of Navajo Road and Cowle. . .2020-04-032020-04-11   
ViewHill 658 is the parking lot and trailhead for Cowl. . .2020-04-03    
ViewThis is the highest hill indicated in the resident. . .2020-04-032020-04-03   
ViewBenchmark 332 is in a gully to the west of Juniper. . .2020-04-03    
ViewThis benchmark is down a gully to the west of Juni. . .2020-04-03    
ViewDarth Vader Memorial Church is across the street f. . .2020-04-032020-04-11   
ViewHill 658 is the parking lot for Cowles Mountain. A. . .2020-04-01    
ViewA number of false peaks obscure your view of Head . . .2020-03-072020-03-07Head BenchmarkUSA-CA3822
ViewPeak 3794 is to the right, or south of the transmi. . .2020-03-052020-03-05Peak 3794USA-CA3794
ViewDexter Peak is on private land and the owner doesn. . .2020-02-262020-02-26Dexter PeakUSA-CA3800
ViewKitchen Benchmark is to the left of that oak tree.. . .2020-02-242020-02-24Kitchen BenchmarkUSA-CA3443
ViewThe trailhead is past Jacumba Hot Springs and the . . .2020-02-182020-02-18Jade BenchmarkUSA-CA3587
ViewThe green circle on the map is not where you find . . .2020-02-172020-02-17   
ViewFrom Old Highway 80, look south toward the water t. . .2020-02-172020-02-17   
ViewThis is the lumpy road that leads to Tip Benchmark. . .2020-02-132020-02-13Tip BenchmarkUSA-CA3895
ViewHill 3510 is a smaller peak on the way to the Tip . . .2020-02-012020-02-01   
ViewHill 3510 is in the vicinity of Tip Benchmark and . . .2020-01-292020-02-01   
ViewHill 3510 is in the vicinity of the Tip Benchmark . . .2020-01-292020-02-01   
ViewHill 3510 is between the Tip Benchmark and the Buc. . .2020-01-292020-02-01   
ViewA view from the top of Hill 2200 Ramona looking to. . .2020-01-262020-01-26   
ViewHill 2200 is a minor bump on the trail between the. . .2020-01-262020-01-26   
ViewHill 2200 is a minor bump on the trail between the. . .2020-01-262020-01-26   
ViewA minor bump between the Iron Mountain Saddle and . . .2020-01-262020-01-26   
ViewHill 22002020-01-262020-01-26   
ViewHill 2200 is a minor bump between the Iron Mountai. . .2020-01-262020-01-26   
ViewThis is a minor bump between the Iron Mountain Sad. . .2020-01-262020-01-26   
ViewHill 2200 is a minor bump off the trail between th. . .2020-01-262020-01-26Hill 2200 RamonaUSA-CA2200
ViewCerro de Hechicerra is on private land.2020-01-202020-01-20Cerro de la HechiceraUSA-CA3788
ViewOverlooking Ramona from the Ramona Overlook.2020-01-162020-01-16Ramona OverlookUSA-CA2280
ViewProof that I was there2019-06-012019-06-01Eagle RockUSA-CA3520
ViewPeak 1770 is one of the minor peaks opposite Iron . . .2019-01-012019-01-01Peak 1770USA-CA1770
ViewOtay Mountain is a large antenna farm for microwav. . .2018-11-102018-11-10Otay Mountain-South RidgeUSA-CA3480
ViewI chased the brown dot on the map to this point ju. . .2018-11-082019-06-11Otay Mountain Wilderness High PointUSA-CA3551
ViewIt was important to get a picture of the sign.2018-11-022018-11-02Fortuna MountainUSA-CA1291
ViewPeak 1414 and Peak 1380 could very well be the sam. . .2018-10-292018-10-29Peak 1380USA-CA1380
ViewPeak 1380 is a bit of an anomaly. It is a few feet. . .2018-10-292018-02-04Peak 1380USA-CA1380
ViewThis Fickle Finger of Fate marks the peak of Del C. . .2018-10-262018-10-20Del Cerro HillUSA-CA829
ViewBenchmark for Mine Peak.2018-10-032018-10-03Mine PeakUSA-CA1850
ViewGarnet Peak is a slow, steady climb on a well-mark. . .2018-09-232018-09-23Garnet PeakUSA-CA5880
ViewAirplane Ridge is an unmarked hill off the main tr. . .2018-09-202018-09-18Airplane RidgeUSA-CA5000
ViewThe Monument commemorates an airplane crash.2018-09-202018-09-20Airplane RidgeUSA-CA5000
ViewThis is a minor peak in the general area of Oakzan. . .2018-09-022018-09-02East Mesa-Peak 5178USA-CA5178
ViewI encountered a swarm of flying ants, which meant . . .2018-07-042018-07-05Oakzanita PeakUSA-CA5054
ViewMonument Peak and Stephenson Peak can be done in o. . .2018-06-242018-06-25Monument PeakUSA-CA6271
ViewStephenson Peak is a short walk-up from a paved ro. . .2018-06-242018-06-25Stephenson PeakUSA-CA6200
ViewWooded Hill is a well-marked nature trail.2018-06-232018-06-23Wooded HillUSA-CA6223
ViewPinon Point is the high point of a nature trail th. . .2018-06-142018-06-15Pinon PointUSA-CA6000
ViewThe Fry-Koegel Trail is one of four trailheads lea. . .2018-05-292018-05-28Woodson MountainUSA-CA2894
ViewOde Benchmark is a short hike from the Anza Borreg. . .2018-04-092018-04-09Ode BenchmarkUSA-CA1510
ViewMicrowave Tower on Cuyamaca Peak.2018-03-312018-03-31Cuyamaca PeakUSA-CA6512
ViewRed Hill2018-02-282018-02-28Red HillUSA-CA1720
ViewJeffrey Swain at Red Hill.2018-02-282018-02-28Red HillUSA-CA1720
ViewView from 1380 or thereabouts.2018-02-132018-02-13Peak 1380USA-CA1380
ViewJeffrey Swain at Pyles Peak.2018-02-132018-10-29Pyles PeakUSA-CA1379
ViewJeffrey Swain at Pyles Peak.2018-02-132018-02-13Pyles PeakUSA-CA1379
ViewJeffrey Swain at Cowles Mountain 2/13/182018-02-132018-02-13Cowles MountainUSA-CA1591
ViewBlack Mountain can be seen from the nearby communi. . .2018-02-022018-02-02Black MountainUSA-CA1552
ViewA cairn marks the approximate peak of the Borrego . . .2018-01-252018-01-25Borrego MountainUSA-CA1207
ViewKwaay Paay is one of the five peaks for the Five P. . .2017-10-312018-10-22Kwaay PaayUSA-CA1194
ViewLake Hodges from the top of Bernardo Mountain.2017-09-302018-08-21Bernardo MountainUSA-CA1150

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