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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewSix of the original nine hikers on Griffith Peak. . . .2021-06-192021-06-19Griffith PeakUSA-NV11060
ViewViews from Corkscrew Peak summit extend all the wa. . .2020-12-152020-12-15Corkscrew PeakUSA-CA5804
ViewCheryl and Jerry stand on top of a rock outcroppin. . .2020-12-152020-12-15Corkscrew PeakUSA-CA5804
ViewJerry begins our approach to the peak. Black Velve. . .2020-11-112020-11-11Black Velvet PeakUSA-NV6234
ViewJerry points to our steep ascent gully and Mount R. . .2020-10-312020-10-31Mount ReaganUSA-NV10187
ViewJerry descends Mummy’s Forehead on our way to the . . .2020-09-262020-09-26Mummys ChinUSA-NV11040
ViewJerry on the trail with Mount Rose in the distance. . .2020-08-112020-08-11Mount RoseUSA-NV10776
ViewJerry and Cheryl on the summit. Castle Rock in the. . .2020-07-242020-07-24Cache PeakUSA-ID10339
ViewCache Peak.2020-07-242020-07-24Cache PeakUSA-ID10339
ViewJerry and Cheryl on the summit. Red Mountain in th. . .2020-07-192020-07-19MatterhornUSA-NV10838
ViewJerry scrambles up to the summit2020-07-172020-07-17Liberty PeakUSA-NV11032
ViewJerry makes his way up the switchbacks as Ibapah l. . .2020-07-142020-07-14Ibapah PeakUSA-UT12087
ViewJerry and Cheryl on Montgomery Peak with Boundary . . .2020-06-302020-06-30Montgomery PeakUSA-CA13441
ViewJerry looks on as horses graze below Hosebag Peak . . .2020-06-302020-06-30Boundary PeakUSA-NV13140
ViewJerry and Cheryl on Boundary Peak with Montgomery . . .2020-06-302020-06-30Boundary PeakUSA-NV13140
ViewJerry hikes on the ridge toward the summit in the . . .2020-06-102020-06-10Toiyabe DomeUSA-NV11361
ViewJerry starts down the long talus slope2020-06-102020-06-10Toiyabe DomeUSA-NV11361
ViewLovell Canyon as seen from Griffith Peak. 2020-05-082020-05-08Griffith PeakUSA-NV11060
ViewJerry and Cheryl on the summit with Red Rock below. . .2020-04-242020-04-24La Madre MountainUSA-NV8154
ViewNaked Peak. We climbed up the southeast gully (cen. . .2020-04-092020-04-09Naked PeakUSA-NV5425
ViewJerry approaches the summit2020-04-042020-04-04Dull MountainUSA-NV4800
ViewJerry scrambles toward Mount Pumpkin in the distan. . .2020-03-292020-03-29Mount PumpkinUSA-NV4563
ViewLucky Strike Peak in the distance. (as seen from M. . .2020-03-292020-03-28Lucky Strike PeakUSA-NV5040
ViewJerry approaching the summit2020-03-272020-03-27Mount Golden EagleUSA-NV3704
ViewJerry and Cheryl at the summit2020-03-052020-03-05Virgin PeakUSA-NV8071
ViewJerry prepares to straddle the sharp knife edge. S. . .2019-10-252019-10-25Moapa PeakUSA-NV6471
ViewJerry scrambling on the knife edge near the summit. . .2019-10-252019-10-25Moapa PeakUSA-NV6471
ViewCheryl on the knife edge2019-10-252019-10-25Moapa PeakUSA-NV6471
ViewJerry and Cheryl on the summit2019-10-252019-10-25Moapa PeakUSA-NV6471
ViewJerry makes his way up the trail with Delano in th. . .2019-10-012019-10-01Delano PeakUSA-UT12169
ViewJerry and Cheryl at the summit2019-10-012019-10-01Delano PeakUSA-UT12169
ViewJerry makes his way to the summit which is the nex. . .2019-09-212019-09-21Bunker HillUSA-NV11473
ViewJerry nearing the final push 2019-09-202019-09-20Mount JeffersonUSA-NV11941
ViewJerry and Cheryl at the summit2019-09-202019-09-20Mount JeffersonUSA-NV11941
ViewMaking our way on the trail and scree. Moriah loo. . .2019-09-092019-09-09Mount MoriahUSA-NV12067
ViewJerry and Cheryl on the summit2019-09-092019-09-09Mount MoriahUSA-NV12067
ViewJerry and Cheryl on the summit. Wheeler and Jeff D. . .2019-09-072019-09-07North Schell PeakUSA-NV11883
ViewJerry and Cheryl on the summit2019-09-062019-09-06South Schell PeakUSA-NV11736
ViewJerry approaches the summit2019-09-062019-09-06South Schell PeakUSA-NV11736
ViewSummit with Whitney and Langley behind2019-08-282019-08-28Mount WilliamsonUSA-CA14373
ViewJerry climbs up the 4th class chute. There are a f. . .2019-08-282019-08-28Mount WilliamsonUSA-CA14373
ViewSummit2019-08-152019-08-15Ruby DomeUSA-NV11387
ViewJerry on the summit of Lincoln Peak with Wheeler P. . .2019-08-122019-08-12Lincoln PeakUSA-NV11560
ViewGranite Peak in the distance. This hike had many p. . .2019-08-122019-08-12Granite PeakUSA-NV11218
ViewJerry looks at the summit.2019-08-012019-08-01Currant MountainUSA-NV11513
ViewApproaching Pyramid Peak. There’s a trail from Bak. . .2019-07-302019-07-30Pyramid PeakUSA-NV11926
ViewJerry and Cheryl at the summit2019-07-302019-07-30Pyramid PeakUSA-NV11926
ViewAfter hiking nearly six miles to Baker Lake you st. . .2019-07-292019-07-29Baker PeakUSA-NV12305
ViewWe went down on a nearby couloir using one pole as. . .2019-07-292019-07-29Baker PeakUSA-NV12305
ViewJerry going down over slippery scree2019-07-262019-07-26Duckwater PeakUSA-NV11175
ViewGreat view of Mount Jefferson from the summit of T. . .2019-07-012019-07-01Table MountainUSA-NV10888
ViewSummit2019-06-292019-06-29Doso DoyabiUSA-NV12771
ViewAt the summit. Behind us is Badwater, the lowest p. . .2019-06-182019-06-18Telescope PeakUSA-CA11048
ViewAt the summit2019-05-252019-05-25Griffith PeakUSA-NV11060
ViewOur turn around spot. Wheeler behind on our right . . .2019-05-022019-05-02Doso DoyabiUSA-NV12771
ViewSummit. Great views2019-04-212019-04-21Mount BangsUSA-AZ8012
ViewSummit2019-04-202019-04-20Mount TrumbullUSA-AZ8029
ViewJerry approaches the fourth class summit block2019-02-012019-02-01Muddy PeakUSA-NV5387
ViewNegotiating a fun 4th class spot2018-11-132018-11-13Mount WilsonUSA-AZ5445
ViewGreat view 2018-11-042018-11-04Potosi MountainUSA-NV8514
ViewCheryl negotiates a 4th class spot2018-11-042018-11-04Potosi MountainUSA-NV8514
ViewJerry hikes through stunning Fall colors2018-10-292018-10-29Signal PeakUSA-UT10365
ViewOn top of Rainbow Wall2018-10-242018-10-24Rainbow WallUSA-NV6924
ViewJerry and me at the summit2018-09-222018-09-22Mount LangleyUSA-CA14026
ViewSummit 2018-09-042018-09-04White Mountain PeakUSA-CA14246
ViewHumphreys 2018-08-292018-08-29Humphreys PeakUSA-AZ12633
ViewThere are many crumbling structures on the summit.. . .2018-08-132018-08-13Ben NevisUK-Scotland4413
ViewEnjoying a stop on the trail 2018-06-252018-06-25Mount WhitneyUSA-CA14498
ViewSummit!2018-06-252018-06-25Mount WhitneyUSA-CA14498

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