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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewA view of Peak 11821 from the east (side of Peak 1. . .2020-09-05 Peak 11821USA-NM11821
ViewCerro de Corazon. Land ownership. Blue is NM Sta. . .2020-07-23 Cerro de CorazonUSA-NM6251
ViewBig Mountain summit. Summit log is in a jar on to. . .2020-07-18 Big MountainUSA-NM9240
ViewEast side of D-Cross Mtn.2020-04-26 D Cross MountainUSA-NM8495
ViewTrailhead-access gate to Pelona Mountain. Pelona . . .2020-03-31 Pelona MountainUSA-NM9212
ViewVanderbilt Peak - looking north from Carlisle Road. . .2020-03-20 Vanderbilt PeakUSA-NM6773
ViewDoyle Peak viewed from CR-19, west of the peak. 2020-02-07 Doyle PeakUSA-NM5464
ViewLook west at Steins Peak from Braidfoot Road (A015. . .2020-02-07 Steins PeakUSA-NM5861
ViewStart of the national forest trail to Cloverdale B. . .2019-12-22 Cloverdale BenchmarkUSA-NM6441
ViewAnimas Mountains HP from Cloverdale Road (C001).2019-12-22 Animas Mountains High PointUSA-NM8565
ViewBlue Mountain on the right and the steep top of Gr. . .2019-12-17 Blue MountainUSA-NM5775
ViewAccess road to Gillespie Mtn (center) as seen from. . .2019-12-11 Gillespie MountainUSA-NM7324
ViewNM State Land Trust sign marking the entrance to t. . .2019-11-05 Luera PeakUSA-NM9482
ViewThe final section of the M Mountain Run, an annual. . .2019-10-18 Socorro Peak NorthwestUSA-NM7284
ViewUrraca Wildlife Management Area signs as you turn . . .2019-10-02 Peak 10417USA-NM10417
ViewRoad 7530 crossing an underground pipeline. Note . . .2019-08-13 Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness High PointUSA-NM6800
ViewOsha Mountain Trailhead. Trail 164 noted on the s. . .2019-07-16 Osha MountainUSA-NM10885
ViewTrail 164 about half mile from the trailhead. Not. . .2019-07-162019-07-16 aOsha MountainUSA-NM10885
ViewLooking north at Van Diest Peak. Note the road. . . .2019-07-09 Van Diest PeakUSA-NM11223
ViewSign posted on the side of FR-289 near its junctio. . .2019-06-08 Saint Peters DomeUSA-NM8463
ViewBoundary Peak.2019-06-08 Boundary PeakUSA-NM8160
ViewA small herd of Big Horn Sheep on the slope of Bou. . .2019-06-08 Boundary PeakUSA-NM8160
ViewSouth side of Peak 10406. 2019-06-04 Peak 10406USA-NM10406
ViewA view of the Monjeau Lookout from the parking lot. . .2019-05-29 Monjeau PeakUSA-NM9841
ViewView of White Horse Hill from the Crest Trail. If. . .2019-05-28 White Horse HillUSA-NM10255
ViewView of Argentina Peak (the rock outcropping) take. . .2019-05-28 Argentina PeakUSA-NM9198
ViewEastside of Colorado Peak.2019-05-18 Colorado PeakUSA-NM7305
ViewWestside of Peak 7472, also known as Caja del Rio . . .2019-05-18 Peak 7472USA-NM7472
ViewNorthside of Twin Hills - North.2019-05-18 Twin Hills-North PeakUSA-NM7372
ViewView of Red Mountain from the North. 2019-05-13 Red MountainUSA-NM5422
ViewView of Victorio Mountain HP from a saddle located. . .2019-05-13 Victorio Mountains High PointUSA-NM5382
ViewLaughlin Peak from the junction of NM-193 and Laug. . .2019-05-06 Laughlin PeakUSA-NM8818
ViewLaughlin Peak survey marker.2019-05-06 Laughlin PeakUSA-NM8818
ViewSummit of Laughlin Peak. 2019-05-06 Laughlin PeakUSA-NM8818
ViewThe north side of Palo Blanco from NM-193.2019-05-06 Palo Blanco MountainUSA-NM8383
ViewGreen Mountain from NM-193.2019-05-06 Green MountainUSA-NM7878
ViewMill Ridge highpoint from FR-5575.2019-05-01 Mill RidgeUSA-NM5965
ViewBaxter Mountain from NM-349.2019-04-30 Baxter MountainUSA-NM7288
ViewAncho Peak as viewed from a saddle SW of the peak.. . .2019-04-19 Ancho PeakUSA-NM7825
ViewThe view to the west from the saddle. Monument Pe. . .2019-04-19 Ancho PeakUSA-NM7825
ViewMonument Peak from FR-617. 2019-04-19 Peak 7810USA-NM7810
ViewMonument Peak and FR-617 from Ancho Peak.2019-04-19 Peak 7810USA-NM7810
ViewCerro Chafo as viewed from Cerro de Guadalupe.2019-04-16 Cerro ChafoUSA-NM6652
ViewLooking at Cerro de Santa Clara as viewed from the. . .2019-04-16 Cerro de Santa ClaraUSA-NM6858
ViewLooking east from the side of Cerro de Santa Clara. . .2019-04-16 Cerro de GuadalupeUSA-NM6844
ViewMangas Lookout.2019-04-08 Mangas MountainUSA-NM9694
ViewMangas Comm site from Mangas Lookout tower.2019-04-08 Mangas Communication SiteUSA-NM9695
ViewDavenport Lookout.2019-04-07 Davenport LookoutUSA-NM9354
ViewMadre Mtn as viewed from Davenport Lookout.2019-04-07 Madre MountainUSA-NM9556
ViewA view of Horse Peak from the trail in the saddle . . .2019-04-07 Horse PeakUSA-NM9450
ViewNogal Peak as viewed from the west side of the pea. . .2019-04-03 Nogal BenchmarkUSA-NM5667
ViewEast side of Peak 5627.2019-04-03 Peak 5627USA-NM5627
ViewLooking south at Peak 5960.2019-04-03 Peak 5960USA-NM5960
ViewView of Sun Mtn from the Sun Mountain Trail.2019-03-10 Sun MountainUSA-NM7955
ViewSun Mountain trailhead with a view of Sun Mtn in t. . .2019-03-10 Sun MountainUSA-NM7955
ViewView of Monte Luna from Sun Mountain.2019-03-10 Monte LunaUSA-NM8086
ViewView of Organ Needle taken from the summit of Orga. . .2019-03-05 Organ NeedleUSA-NM8980
ViewThe three sisters (Tres Hermanas) as viewed from N. . .2019-02-26 Tres Hermanas MountainsUSA-NM5802
ViewView of Cedar Mountain from the access road north . . .2019-02-25 Cedar MountainUSA-NM6215
ViewView of Flying W Mountain from the NW.2019-02-25 Flying W MountainUSA-NM6225
ViewView looking up at the summit of Dragon Ridge. Th. . .2019-02-24 Dragon RidgeUSA-NM5788
ViewView of Dona Ana Peak from Peak 5833.2019-01-31 Doña Ana PeakUSA-NM5835
ViewEast face of Peak 5833. Photo taken at the juncti. . .2019-01-31 Peak 5833USA-NM5833
ViewSouth side of Peak 4840 as viewed from a 4WD road . . .2019-01-31 Peak 4840USA-NM4840
ViewChupadera Mountains High Point. Photo was taken f. . .2019-01-24 Chupadera Mountains High PointUSA-NM6500
ViewLooking east at Peak 6280. Peak is typically acce. . .2019-01-24 Peak 6280USA-NM6280
ViewLooking North toward Summerford Mountain.2019-01-15 Summerford MountainUSA-NM5835
ViewSummit of East Potrillo Mtn High Point. Cox Peak . . .2019-01-14 East Potrillo Mountains High PointUSA-NM5360
ViewSummit of Mt Riley looking West.2019-01-14 Mount RileyUSA-NM5905
ViewSummit of Baylor Peak.2019-01-04 Baylor PeakUSA-NM7721
ViewView of mountain from the SW taken from the Picach. . .2019-01-04 Picacho MountainUSA-NM4959
ViewRobledo Mtn from Lookout Peak. Easiest summit acc. . .2019-01-03 Robledo MountainUSA-NM5890
ViewWhiteface Mountain from the Southeast.2018-12-16 Whiteface MountainUSA-NM7530
ViewSummit of Whiteface Mtn looking west.2018-12-16 Whiteface MountainUSA-NM7530
ViewHIGH Benchmark. There are two survey markers in a. . .2018-12-16 Whiteface MountainUSA-NM7530
ViewCerro Montoso (7259'). View from the east.2018-12-12 Cerro MontosoUSA-NM7259
ViewSummit view of Cerro Montoso. 2018-12-12 Cerro MontosoUSA-NM7259
ViewPARKER Benchmark located at the summit of Cerro Mo. . .2018-12-12 Cerro MontosoUSA-NM7259
ViewCairn Benchmark. View from the east.2018-12-12 Cairn BenchmarkUSA-NM7066
ViewSummit of Cairn Benchmark. View looking south. P. . .2018-12-12 Cairn BenchmarkUSA-NM7066
ViewMagdalena Peak - view from the Southeast. 2018-12-09 Magdalena PeakUSA-NM8152
ViewTop of Magdalena Peak looking southeast.2018-12-09 Magdalena PeakUSA-NM8152
ViewFRIO Benchmark on Magdalena Peak.2018-12-09 Magdalena PeakUSA-NM8152
ViewGranite Mountain - view from the north (Trailhead . . .2018-12-09 Granite MountainUSA-NM7244
ViewTop of Granite Mountain - looking south.2018-12-09 Granite MountainUSA-NM7244
ViewGRANITE Benchmarker located on Granite Mountain.2018-12-09 Granite MountainUSA-NM7244
ViewSilver Hill - view from the south.2018-12-09 Silver HillUSA-NM7119
ViewTop of Silver Hill, looking north.2018-12-09 Silver HillUSA-NM7119
ViewBlack Butte - Northwest View2018-12-04 Black ButteUSA-NM5478
ViewBlack Butte Highpoint2018-12-04 Black ButteUSA-NM5478
ViewTURUTUTU Bench mark.2018-12-04 Black ButteUSA-NM5478
ViewMangan Benchmark peak as seen from Peak 6040.2018-12-04 Mangan BenchmarkUSA-NM6196
ViewTop of Hillsboro Peak. The cabin in the backgroun. . .2018-11-19 Hillsboro PeakUSA-NM10000
ViewPenasco Amarillo2018-11-11 Penasco AmarilloUSA-NM10712
ViewSign on the El Salto - Canoncito Trail near the tr. . .2018-09-132018-09-13 aPeak 11912USA-NM11912
ViewEl Salto Land Grant access rules. 2018-09-13 South Fork PeakUSA-NM11978
ViewEl Salto pay station.2018-09-132018-09-13 bSouth Fork PeakUSA-NM11978
ViewSign posted on the El Salto Canoncito Trail near t. . .2018-09-132018-09-13 bSouth Fork PeakUSA-NM11978

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