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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewSouthwest aspect of Reconnaissance Peak2018-10-27 Reconnaissance PeakUSA-CA7629
ViewView northwest from the summit cairn of Keddie Pea. . .2018-07-16 Keddie PeakUSA-CA7499
ViewView up south slope of Mt. Wilson.2018-07-01 Mount WilsonUSA-NV6778
ViewThe highpoint of Crater Mountain.2018-06-30 Crater MountainUSA-CA9172
ViewSouth side of Granite Mountain viewed from Hwy. 12. . .2018-06-29 Granite MountainUSA-CA8920
ViewView of ENE side of Brown Mountain volcano2018-06-11 Brown MountainUSA-OR7340
ViewThe NNW aspect of Aspen Butte.2018-06-10 Aspen ButteUSA-OR8208
ViewEast slope of Sand Springs Range highpoint2018-05-27 Sand Springs Range High PointUSA-NV7467
ViewView of the southwest slope of Fredonyer Peak from. . .2018-05-03 Fredonyer PeakUSA-CA7943
ViewLooking up the southwest slope toward the summit o. . .2018-05-01 State Line PeakUSA-NV7990
ViewNorthwest slopes of Black Rock2018-04-13 Black RockUSA-NV7209
ViewView of the north side of the highpoint of the Hot. . .2018-03-30 Rocky 2 BenchmarkUSA-NV5512
ViewSouth slopes of Spanish Springs Peak from Shinn Mo. . .2018-01-31 Spanish Springs PeakUSA-CA7620
ViewView along ridge route to Mt. Perry.2018-01-17 Mount PerryUSA-CA5716
ViewPinto Peak above Towne Pass.2018-01-14 Pinto PeakUSA-CA7508
ViewAlong the route to Towne BM from ridge above Towne. . .2018-01-14 Towne BenchmarkUSA-CA7287
ViewSummit marker atop N. Shoshone Pk.2017-10-25 North Shoshone PeakUSA-NV10313
ViewAlong the access road to New Pass Peak.2017-10-23 New Pass PeakUSA-NV9002
ViewSE aspect of summit area of Petersen Mtns. HP.2017-09-22 Petersen Mountains High PointUSA-NV7841
ViewView towards Cleaver Peak (center) from the SW slo. . .2017-09-10 Cleaver PeakUSA-NV6711
ViewNE aspect of Smith Peak above Lake Davis.2017-08-16 Smith PeakUSA-CA7693
ViewView of Dogskin Mtn. (L) and Dogskin Benchmark (R). . .2017-08-13 Dogskin MountainUSA-NV7487
ViewNorthern aspect of Mt. Harkness rising above Junip. . .2017-07-18 Mount HarknessUSA-CA8046
ViewThe final stretch below the summit of Butt Mountai. . .2017-07-17 Butt MountainUSA-CA7870
ViewSouthern aspect of Sugarloaf Peak (foreground righ. . .2017-07-06 Sugarloaf PeakUSA-CA6552
ViewThe summit of Potato Peak as seen from Bodie Mtn.2017-06-12 Potato PeakUSA-CA10237
ViewNorth side of Shaffer Mtn. as seen from Karlo Rd. . . .2017-06-01 Shaffer MountainUSA-CA6735
ViewNW side of Observation Peak- Road 20611 runs up th. . .2017-05-29 Observation PeakUSA-CA7964
ViewSouth face of Chalk Mtn. as seen from the Earthqua. . .2017-05-09 Chalk MountainUSA-NV5423
ViewNW aspect of Selenite Peak.2017-04-29 Selenite PeakUSA-NV7115
ViewSW aspect of Fox Mtn. from near Hwy. 4472017-04-29 Fox MountainUSA-NV8182
ViewView of the east side of Old Razorback Mtn.2017-04-27 Old Razorback MountainUSA-NV5640
ViewView of Mt. Shasta from Orr Mountain.2017-03-13 Orr MountainUSA-CA5823
ViewNorth slope of Sheepy Peak2017-03-13 Sheepy PeakUSA-CA5258
ViewView of the SSE aspect of (L to R) O'Leary Peak, O. . .2017-02-16 O'Leary PeakUSA-AZ8938
ViewSSW side of Cochrane Hill.2017-02-15 Cochrane HillUSA-AZ6954
ViewView southeast toward summit of Arnot Peak from no. . .2016-09-18 Arnot PeakUSA-CA10054
View'Mt. Thoreau' Peak is highpoint on left. Generall. . .2016-08-28 Mount ThoreauUSA-CA12691
ViewView toward eastern slope of Ski Mountaineers Peak. . .2016-08-26 Ski Mountaineers PeakUSA-CA13280
ViewPyramid Peak's SW aspect. Johnson Lake below.2016-08-15 Pyramid PeakUSA-NV11926
ViewLooking north from Peak 11,775 with Baker, Wheeler. . .2016-08-15 Johnson PeakUSA-NV11775
ViewView from along trail leading to summit.2016-08-12 Santaquin PeakUSA-UT10685
ViewThe northeast aspect of Mt. Moriah's summit. 2016-08-10 Mount MoriahUSA-NV12067
ViewBaker Peak East Summit as seen from near Baker Pea. . .2016-08-08 Baker PeakUSA-NV12305
ViewView east toward Matterhorn Peak from Slide Mounta. . .2016-07-25 Slide MountainUSA-CA11084
ViewView north to the summit of White Mountain from po. . .2016-07-24 White MountainUSA-CA11398
ViewEastern talus slope to Rafferty Peak.2016-07-13 Rafferty PeakUSA-CA11110
ViewPK11105's northern aspect from Johnson. Rafferty . . .2016-07-12 Peak 11105USA-CA11105
ViewView of Johnson Peak's western aspect from PK11105. . .2016-07-12 Johnson PeakUSA-CA11040
ViewView NNW toward summit and fire watch lookout atop. . .2016-07-10 Dixie MountainUSA-CA8327
ViewNNW slope of Quasimodo Peak as seen from the Hunch. . .2016-06-29 Quasimodo PeakUSA-CA12362
ViewSSE slope of the Hunchback as viewed from Quasimod. . .2016-06-29 The HunchbackUSA-CA12311
ViewView of Lake Tahoe from the summit of Rubicon Peak. . .2015-08-13 Rubicon PeakUSA-CA9183
ViewEastern aspect of Needle Peak as seen on way from . . .2015-07-16 Needle PeakUSA-CA8971
ViewView NE toward Eagle Peak from summit of Victoria . . .2015-07-04 Victoria PeakUSA-CA11732
ViewSE aspect of Eagle Peak.2015-07-03 Eagle PeakUSA-CA11847
ViewSW aspect of Twin Peaks2015-06-25 Twin PeaksUSA-CA8878
ViewView of the ENE aspect of Walker Mtn. from the Han. . .2014-10-12 Walker MountainUSA-CA11563
ViewNE aspect of Devils Peak.2014-10-05 Devils PeakUSA-CA7704
ViewView of SE aspect of Shepherd Crest HP.2014-08-23 Shepherd CrestUSA-CA12040
ViewView north from Four Gables SW Peak.2014-08-01 Four Gables-Southwest PeakUSA-CA12760
ViewSouth slope of Mt. Warren (Warren Fin to left)2014-06-27 Mount WarrenUSA-CA12327
ViewView up toward the summit of Mt. McLoughlin2013-10-25 Mount McLoughlinUSA-OR9495
ViewView west from the Crater Crest.2013-10-06 Crater CrestUSA-CA11400
ViewView north toward south ridge of Mt. Grafton (nort. . .2013-07-22 Mount GraftonUSA-NV10990
ViewEastern aspect of Pilot Knob.2012-09-30 Pilot KnobUSA-CA12245
ViewEastern highpoint of Tioga Crest / Dore Cliffs.2012-08-10 Tioga CrestUSA-CA11911
ViewWNW Slope of Duck Lake Peak.2012-08-08 Duck Lake PeakUSA-CA12051
ViewView south along the crest of the Schell Creek Ran. . .2011-08-11 North Schell PeakUSA-NV11883
ViewSW aspect of Big Spring Butte.2011-06-13 Big Spring ButteUSA-NV6547
ViewWestern aspect of Sheep Mtn.2011-05-11 Sheep MountainUSA-WY11239
ViewSSE slope up Mt. Lamarck.2009-09-07 Mount LamarckUSA-CA13417
ViewSE aspect of Royce Peak.2009-09-05 Royce PeakUSA-CA13280
ViewSE aspect of the interesting summit of 'Lost World. . .2009-08-03 Lost World PeakUSA-CA11353
ViewThe upper reaches of Disaster Peak.2007-09-05 Disaster PeakUSA-CA10047
ViewTable Mountain.2006-08-28 Table MountainUSA-WY11106
ViewNorthwest ridge of Mt. Yale.2006-08-16 Mount YaleUSA-CO14196
ViewUpper reaches of La Plata Peak.2006-08-15 La Plata PeakUSA-CO14336
ViewMt. Emmons southern aspect.2006-08-13 Mount EmmonsUSA-UT13440

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