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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewThe imposing north face of Marsh Peak. All other a. . .2022-10-07 Marsh PeakUSA-UT12240
ViewLooking north from Fish Lake Peak at Leidy's grass. . .2022-10-07 Leidy PeakUSA-UT12028
ViewMount Untermann appears in the center-right. To it. . .2022-10-07 Mount UntermannUSA-UT12074
ViewMarsh Peak TH. To arrive here, one must travel a v. . .2022-10-072022-10-07 a   
ViewAfter about 1/2 mile of nice forest trail from the. . .2022-10-072022-10-07 a   
ViewThe Uinta Highline Trail bends left at the Leidy P. . .2022-10-072022-10-07 dLeidy PeakUSA-UT12028
ViewThe upper portion of Borah, above the infamous COR. . .2022-09-022022-09-02Borah PeakUSA-ID12662
ViewTH for the "ruta normal" on Delano. Shoulda been o. . .2022-08-252022-08-25 a   
ViewAn older sign is near this one that reads "Mt Bald. . .2022-08-242022-08-24   
ViewThe Sentinel - a 9 ft. tall memorial to local skie. . .2021-07-08 James PeakUSA-UT9421
ViewThe masked marauders on the summit of Sardine Peak. . .2021-03-062021-03-06   
ViewFrom the "Golden Age" of mountain biking, that's a. . .2020-04-092020-04-09 aLittle KnollUSA-UT5414
ViewOn the approach to Flat Bottom Hill.2020-02-17 Flat Bottom HillUSA-UT7107
ViewNew BC ski setup. Really nice!2019-12-312019-12-31Little KnollUSA-UT5414
ViewThe nice little summit sign is back! Where have yo. . .2019-10-18 Lewis PeakUSA-UT8030
ViewWell-travelled rock.2019-10-12 Ben LomondUSA-UT9712
ViewAccidentally came across this about 1/4 mile from . . .2019-09-14 Naomi PeakUSA-UT9979
ViewGreat day of jeeping.2019-09-022019-09-02 a   
ViewWhere the jeep road ends and the footpath begins.2019-07-27 Mount AnteroUSA-CO14269
ViewThe upper Missouri Gulch is a wonderful place to b. . .2019-07-26 Missouri MountainUSA-CO14067
ViewSoutheast approach to Princeton (center right), as. . .2019-07-25 Mount PrincetonUSA-CO14197
ViewGazing upon Bob Stewart Peak from the northern rid. . .2019-07-13 Bob Stewart PeakUSA-UT8626
ViewElmer is no fuddy-duddy.2019-07-06 Mount ElmerUSA-UT9676
ViewJust off the paved path to the Visitor's Center, n. . .2019-06-30 LadyfingerUSA-UT4348
ViewFrom the southwest ridge approach.2019-06-22 Beirdneau PeakUSA-UT8914
ViewLook for this just a few feet below the summit.2019-06-22 Beirdneau PeakUSA-UT8914
ViewFrom the archaeological site looking up to Cerro M. . .2019-05-03 Cerro Machu PicchuPeru10010
ViewFrom the Little Knoll looking southwest. Hazy Blac. . .2018-10-26 Little KnollUSA-UT5414
ViewYup, this one's worth a photo on James PeakUSA-UT9421
ViewJames Peak, also known as Wolf Creek Peak.2018-10-06 James PeakUSA-UT9421
ViewNice memorial for Amy Armstrong, Powder Mountain S. . .2018-10-06 James PeakUSA-UT9421
ViewSki ascent up the Little Knoll. Gray, overcast Feb. . .2018-02-242018-02-24Little KnollUSA-UT5414
ViewThe Triangulation Station Marker on Mt. Waas. Re. . .2017-11-03 Mount WaasUSA-UT12331
ViewReference Marker #1 that points south to Waas's TS. . .2017-11-03 Mount WaasUSA-UT12331
ViewA low-power peak, Monte Cristo sports a marker.2017-08-06 Monte Cristo PeakUSA-UT9148
ViewIf you find this, you will have thoroughly earned . . .2017-04-20 Mount Porte CrayonUSA-WV4770
ViewChili con cornice. Hmm hmm. If only there were som. . .2017-03-04 Chilly PeakUSA-UT8600
ViewThe tastiest Sardine you'll ever encounter, viewed. . .2017-02-14 Sardine PeakUSA-UT7485
ViewThe world renowned "Little Knoll" of Mantua, Utah.. . .2017-01-16 Little KnollUSA-UT5414
ViewOxkiller Peak. If you're going to attempt it, you . . .2017-01-16 Oxkiller PeakUSA-UT6873
ViewBlack Mountain is seen from the Mantua Valley, loo. . .2017-01-16 Black MountainUSA-UT8187
ViewSardine Canyon road curves around the west side of. . .2017-01-16 Round HillUSA-UT6061
ViewView of Mantua from the Little Knoll.2017-01-16 Little KnollUSA-UT5414
ViewWeber County's highest point, Willard Peak. Viewed. . .2016-11-10 Willard PeakUSA-UT9763
ViewTriangulation Station Marker upon Willard's rocky . . .2016-11-10 Willard PeakUSA-UT9763
ViewThe iconic pedestal summit box. There was a lid wi. . .2016-11-10 Ben LomondUSA-UT9712
ViewHere's Willard, from the summit of Ben Lomond.2016-11-10 Willard PeakUSA-UT9763
ViewSome misguided trophy hunter made off with the nic. . .2016-11-05 Lewis PeakUSA-UT8030
ViewCounty survey marker on top of Lewis.2016-11-05 Lewis PeakUSA-UT8030
ViewThe USGS marker on Pakaoao is worn down from the e. . .2016-10-26 PakaoaoUSA-HI9880
ViewThe lunaresque landscape of Haleakala.2016-10-26 HaleakalaUSA-HI10023
ViewAzimuth mark on Haleakala points to the satellite . . .2016-10-26 HaleakalaUSA-HI10023
ViewUSGS Reference Marker for Bountiful Peak. Note the. . .2016-10-01 Bountiful PeakUSA-UT9259
ViewThe sweet old wooden Forest Service sign has been . . .2016-09-04 Bluebell KnollUSA-UT11320
ViewFor those who care. Vintage 1958.2016-09-03 The HorseshoeUSA-UT10988
ViewBenchmark for Sanpete 2 - toot!2016-09-03 Sanpete 2 BenchmarkUSA-UT11078
ViewUSGS Earthquake Research marker found next to the . . .2016-07-25 Bumpass MountainUSA-CA8753
ViewSummit of Shastina viewed from the crater rim just. . .2016-07-22 ShastinaUSA-CA12330
ViewShastina (left) and Cascade Gulch (center) from th. . .2016-07-22 ShastinaUSA-CA12330
ViewThe rooftop of Central America, Volcán Tajumulco, . . .2016-02-05 Volcán TajumulcoGuatemala13845
ViewClouds flow from the Guatemalan volcano range down. . .2016-02-05 Volcán TajumulcoGuatemala13845
ViewAn autumn dusting of powdered sugar. From the uppe. . .2015-11-07 Ben LomondUSA-UT9712
ViewBlack Butte, near Mt. Shasta. Taken from the front. . .2015-07-16 Black ButteUSA-CA6358
ViewEyrie Peak, an often-ignored Utah prominence peak.. . .2014-12-23 Eyrie PeakUSA-UT8136
ViewOn Cotopaxi.2014-01-062014-01-06   
ViewCrater rim of Pasochoa, with Rumiñahui centered in. . .2013-12-31 PasochoaEcuador13776
ViewBen Lomond, as seen from Chilly Peak, with rocky W. . .2012-04-21 Ben LomondUSA-UT9712
ViewFrom Rattler, looking out over Maple Grove.  Rattler PeakUSA-UT6875

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