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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewGravy Train 46er finish2020-11-142020-11-14Mount RedfieldUSA-NY4606
ViewCatskill #26/392018-09-202018-09-20Halcott MountainUSA-NY3520
ViewIroquois for #46! for both me and Madison the Pit. . .2017-06-012017-06-01Iroquois PeakUSA-NY4843
ViewColden #452017-06-012017-06-01Mount ColdenUSA-NY4715
ViewSaddleback 4/9/17 #43!2017-04-092017-04-09Saddleback MountainUSA-NY4528
ViewADK FT Challenge #16/232016-10-032016-10-03Kane MountainUSA-NY2180
ViewSeymour #37/462016-07-252016-07-25Seymour MountainUSA-NY4091
ViewSeward #34/462016-07-242016-07-24Seward MountainUSA-NY4331
ViewDonaldson #35/462016-07-242016-07-24Donaldson MountainUSA-NY4108
ViewEmmons #36/462016-07-242016-07-24Mount EmmonsUSA-NY4039
ViewHunter Mountain Fire Tower, Catskill FT #1/52016-07-192016-07-19Hunter MountainUSA-NY4040
ViewSantanoni #31/462016-06-302016-06-30Santanoni PeakUSA-NY4606
ViewPather #33/46 2016-06-302016-06-30Panther PeakUSA-NY4442
ViewStreet #30/462016-06-212016-06-21Street MountainUSA-NY4134
ViewNye #29/302016-06-212016-06-21Nye MountainUSA-NY3839
ViewBelfry FT #10/182016-06-212016-06-21Belfry MountainUSA-NY1864
ViewSnowy, Day 2 Hamilton County FT #42016-05-242016-05-24Snowy MountainUSA-NY3898
ViewWakely, Day 2 Hamilton County FT #5!2016-05-242016-05-24Wakely MountainUSA-NY3766
ViewOwl's Head, Day 1 Hamilton County FT #12016-05-232016-05-23Owls Head MountainUSA-NY2812
ViewBlue Mountain, Day 1 Hamilton County FT #22016-05-232016-05-23Blue MountainUSA-NY3740
ViewPillsbury, Day 1 Hamilton County FT #32016-05-232016-05-23Pillsbury MountainUSA-NY3602
View6/6 Saranac 6er2016-05-092016-05-09Baker MountainUSA-NY2457
ViewTupper Lake Triad - Arab, Fire Tower #2 in Challen. . .2016-05-092016-05-09Arab MountainUSA-NY2539
View"Billy Goodman 1936" - Tupper Lake Triad 2/32016-05-092016-05-09Goodman MountainUSA-NY2178
ViewConey - Tupper Lake Triad 3/32016-05-092016-05-09Coney MountainUSA-NY2280
ViewSawteeth, High Peak #262016-04-172016-04-17SawteethUSA-NY4134
ViewSt Regis 1/1/16 - 5/6 Saranac 6er2016-01-012016-01-01Saint Regis MountainUSA-NY2881
ViewMcKenzie Mountain2015-11-032015-11-03McKenzie MountainUSA-NY3832
ViewHaystack Summit Rock2015-11-032015-11-03Haystack MountainUSA-NY2874
ViewScarface Summit2015-11-032015-11-03Scarface MountainUSA-NY3058
ViewAmpersand Mountain Summit2015-11-032015-11-03Ampersand MountainUSA-NY3314
ViewMacomb #21/462015-08-172015-08-17Macomb MountainUSA-NY4370
ViewSouth Dix #22/462015-08-172015-08-17South DixUSA-NY4068
ViewEast Dix #23/46, halfway there!2015-08-172015-08-17Grace MountainUSA-NY4026
ViewHough #24/462015-08-172015-08-17Hough PeakUSA-NY4409
ViewPeak #17/462015-05-242015-05-24Mount RedfieldUSA-NY4606
ViewPeak #18/462015-05-242015-05-24Cliff MountainUSA-NY3944
View16/46 high peaks for us2015-05-042015-05-04Esther MountainUSA-NY4239
ViewPeak #14/46 for me & dog. First high peak for bro. . .2014-10-142014-10-14Table Top MountainUSA-NY4413
ViewPeak #15/462014-10-142014-10-14Phelps MountainUSA-NY4160

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