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Peak List for Carson Guy

Distinct Summits Climbed

This list shows the peaks climbed by Carson Guy, with one entry for every summit attained, by whatever means. Attempts and simple hikes are not shown. Only the first ascent date is listed for peaks climbed more than once. Sortable columns of information about each peak are also provided, including elevation, location, prominence, isolation, and high point status.

The "Pol HP" column shows a triangle for country, state/province, and county/etc. high points. The "Range HP" column shows 6 range highpoints based on the Peakbagger Mountain Range Classification Scheme. The "Isl HP" column shows island/landmass high points.

The "Pers Iso" column shows the distance of a peak to the nearest higher peak also climbed. Sorting by this column will highlight the geographical diversity of the list, with peaks furthest from other higher climbed peaks showing up at the top.

Peak NameAscent Date Elev-M Location Prom-M   Isol-Km  Pol HPRange HPIsl HP Pers Isol-Km 
Mount Rainier2011-07-064392USA-WA40371176.72.ΔΔ..ΔΔΔΔ.Undefined
Mount Baker2013-05-043286USA-WA2686211.66..Δ...ΔΔΔ.213.96
Mount Stuart2011-06-012870USA-WA163271.61.......ΔΔ.94.84
Mount Adams2012-06-173742USA-WA247473.63..Δ....Δ..75.21
Eldorado Peak2011-05-252703USA-WA6678.63........Δ.56.6
Colchuck Peak2012-04-102653USA-WA2030.79..........4.22
Forbidden Peak2012-08-242687USA-WA3222.43..........6.28

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