Peaks Entered by Robert Levy

Provisional Peaks not yet promoted to main database

This table shows provisional peaks that Robert Levy has entered using the Add Peak to DB page.

Note: Periodically, provisional peaks are "promoted" to the main, permanent database. Once this happens, the promoted peaks can no longer be edited. Many errors are corrected during the promotion process, but if you see mistakes in a promoted peak, e-mail the webmaster.

Peak NameEditElev-FtElev-MCountryState/ProvinceProm-FtProm-M
Red RockEdit863263Saint Martin 827252
Île Tintamarre High PointEdit10532Saint Martin 10532
North Anguillita High PointEdit103Anguilla 103
South Anguillita High PointEdit72Anguilla 72
Southwest Anguilla High PointEdit103Anguilla 103
North HillEdit20362Anguilla 134
North Scrub Island High PointEdit309Anguilla 309
Sandy Island High PointEdit134Anguilla 134
Scrub Island High PointEdit7924Anguilla 7924
West Seal Island High PointEdit31Anguilla 31
Seal Island High PointEdit103Anguilla 103
West Prickly Pear Cay High PointEdit309Anguilla 309
East Prickly Pear Cay High PointEdit4614Anguilla 4614
West Dog Island High PointEdit134Anguilla 134
East Dog Island High PointEdit206Anguilla 206
North Dog Island High PointEdit103Anguilla 103
Dog Island High PointEdit12137Anguilla 12137
Wilson TopEdit1803550United StatesAlabama  
UN 11653Edit116533552United StatesColorado4514
UN 13454Edit134544101United StatesColorado5216
Little Red MountainEdit120143662United StatesColorado  
East North Star ParkEdit134924112United StatesColorado  
UN 11573Edit115733527United StatesColorado  
North Keller MountainEdit130593980United StatesColorado  
Silver Plume Cemetery High PointEdit92442818United StatesColorado  
Baker MountainEdit124513795United StatesColorado  
West Porcupine PeakEdit116973565United StatesColorado175
UN 12818Edit128183907United StatesColorado  
Southwest Saxton MountainEdit113783468United StatesColorado  
UN 9290Edit92902832United StatesColorado  
UN 12283Edit122833744United StatesColorado  
Ragged PeakEdit126543857United StatesColorado  
Mount RicheyEdit124633799United StatesColorado  
Mount DalyEdit126113844United StatesColorado  
UN 13976Edit139764260United StatesColorado  
UN 12547Edit125473824United StatesColorado  
Sugarloaf Peak-North SlopeEdit119003627United StatesColorado  
UN 12219Edit122193724United StatesColorado  
Leavenworth MountainEdit109723344United StatesColorado  
UN 10339Edit103393151United StatesColorado  
UN 13015Edit130153967United StatesColorado  
UN 12262Edit122623737United StatesColorado  
UN 12539Edit125393822United StatesColorado  
Woodchuck PeakEdit111333393United StatesColorado  
Navesink HillEdit25578United StatesNew Jersey13541
Hill 5Edit52United StatesNew York10
Gardiners Island High PointEdit12237United StatesNew York12237
Little Gull Island High PointEdit155United StatesNew York155
Great Gull Island High PointEdit247United StatesNew York247
Hill 6Edit62United StatesNew York  
Hill 28Edit289United StatesNew York  
Surebridge MountainEdit1284391United StatesNew York  
Peak 251Edit25177United StatesNew York  
Hill 137Edit13742United StatesNew York  
Seamans Neck Park High PointEdit144United StatesNew York  
Philip B. Healey Beach High PointEdit72United StatesNew York  
Hill 144Edit14444United StatesNew York  
Peak 284Edit28487United StatesNew York  
Peak 284Edit28487United StatesNew York  
Peak 247Edit24775United StatesNew York  
Peak 223Edit22368United StatesNew York  
Peak 3303Edit33031007United StatesNew York  
Peak 287Edit28787United StatesNew York  
Nassau County High PointEdit367112United StatesNew York  
Alhambra Rd HillEdit41United StatesNew York  
Anchor Park High PointEdit72United StatesNew York  
Garfield Place HillEdit62United StatesNew York10
Forest Ave HillEdit72United StatesNew York  
Division Ave HillEdit72United StatesNew York  
Jomarr Ct HillEdit72United StatesNew York  
Ocean Ct HillEdit72United StatesNew York  
89 Ocean Ave HillEdit72United StatesNew York21
Boundary HillEdit6620United StatesNew York  
Hill 122Edit12237United StatesNew York  
Hill 143Edit14344United StatesNew York  
Hill 160Edit16049United StatesNew York  
Hill 160Edit16049United StatesNew York  
Hill 156Edit15648United StatesNew York  
Hill 154Edit15447United StatesNew York  
Hill 149Edit14945United StatesNew York  
Laurel HillEdit24173United StatesNew York5015
Pine HillEdit28888United StatesNew York9128
Peak 305Edit30593United StatesNew York165
Peak 323Edit32398United StatesNew York196
Jones Beach Island High PointEdit4514United StatesNew York4514
Southern State-Bethpage Intersection High PointEdit5517United StatesNew York206
Hill 161Edit16149United StatesNew York175
Hill 150Edit15046United StatesNew York72
Hill 149Edit14945United StatesNew York175
Hill 144Edit14444United StatesNew York278
Harbor Hill Southwest PeakEdit361110United StatesNew York247
Peak 241Edit24173United StatesNew York3812
Peak 225Edit22569United StatesNew York8626
Hill 128Edit12839United StatesNew York319
Signal HillEdit29189United StatesNew York11234
Peak 384Edit384117United StatesNew York7423
Peak 369Edit369112United StatesNew York12137
Hill 9Edit93United StatesNew York  
Hill 20Edit206United StatesNew York  
Hill 17Edit175United StatesNew York  
Peak 950Edit950290United StatesNew York  
Hill 18Edit185United StatesNew York  
Hill 8Edit82United StatesNew York  
Hill 10Edit103United StatesNew York  
Hill 29Edit299United StatesNew York  
Amadine MountainEdit1541470United StatesNew York14143
Peak 1303Edit1303397United StatesNew York  
Squirrel MountainEdit1246380United StatesNew York  
Peak 1223Edit1223373United StatesNew York  
Pollepel HillEdit8225United StatesNew York  
Hill 13Edit134United StatesNew York  
Hill 13Edit134United StatesNew York  
Exeter HillEdit41United StatesNew York  
Hill 6Edit62United StatesNew York  
Hill 5Edit52United StatesNew York21
Hill 9Edit93United StatesNew York  
Hill 134Edit13441United StatesNew York  
Hill 134Edit13441United StatesNew York  
Hill 136Edit13641United StatesNew York  
Hill 145Edit14544United StatesNew York  
Hill 142Edit14243United StatesNew York  
Hill 142Edit14243United StatesNew York  
Hill 136Edit13641United StatesNew York  
Hill 134Edit13441United StatesNew York  
Hill 132Edit13240United StatesNew York  
Hill 140Edit14043United StatesNew York  
Peak 225Edit22569United StatesNew York  
Peak 220Edit22067United StatesNew York  
Hill 199Edit19961United StatesNew York  
Hill 9Edit93United StatesNew York31
Hill 29Edit299United StatesNew York  
Plover HillEdit15547United StatesRhode Island  
Peak 10532Edit105323210United StatesUtah  
Peak 10440Edit104403182United StatesUtah00
Peak 7528Edit75282295United StatesUtah  
Peak 6588Edit65882008United StatesUtah  
UN 12783Edit127833896United StatesUtah  
Peak 5608Edit56081709United StatesUtah  
Sundance Ski Resort SummitEdit82482514United StatesUtah9429
Ray's SummitEdit71762187United StatesUtah31
Indian Trail Road Hill NorthEdit74122259United StatesUtah258
Cascade Drive Water TankEdit51011555United StatesUtah165
Dry Canyon Road SummitEdit54861672United StatesUtah196
Peak 5174Edit51741577United StatesUtah12538
Peak 5299Edit52991615United StatesUtah25979
Peak 5474Edit54741668United StatesUtah23471
Peak 4673Edit46731424United StatesUtah9529
Peak 7640Edit76402329United StatesUtah17955
Peak 7585Edit75852312United StatesUtah9027
Strawberry RidgeEdit94672886United StatesUtah6520
Peak 4493Edit44931369United StatesUtah62
Peak 4603Edit46031403United StatesUtah165
Peak 4489Edit44891368United StatesUtah  
The BowlEdit48871490United StatesUtah  
Peak 4644Edit46441415United StatesUtah  
Peak 4718Edit47181438United StatesUtah  
Utah Lake State Park High PointEdit44941370United StatesUtah  
Peak 4797Edit47971462United StatesUtah  
BYU High PointEdit46521418United StatesUtah  
Peak 4769Edit47691454United StatesUtah82
UN 12749Edit127493886CanadaYukon Territory  
Koh-i Marco PoloEdit204566235AfghanistanUnclaimed Antarctica  
Pulau Salanger High PointEdit8225IndonesiaNusa Tenggara Barat8225
Pulau Kamara High PointEdit1207368IndonesiaNusa Tenggara Barat1207368
Pubu Solor High PointEdit2802854IndonesiaNusa Tenggara Timur2802854
Peak 6189Edit203056189NepalGandaki  
Surkhang PeakEdit200526112NepalGandaki  
Nuptse Nup IIIEdit252627700NepalKoshi  
Peak 6266Edit205586266NepalSudurpashchim43311320
Peak 6632Edit217596632NepalBagmati2031619
Peak 6658Edit218446658NepalKarnali  
Saipal IIEdit227206925NepalKarnali14845
Kanjiroba IIEdit213296501NepalKarnali  
Peak 6067Edit199056067PakistanGilgit-Baltistan2671814
Peak 5497Edit180355497PakistanGilgit-Baltistan712217
Unei Island High PointEdit72Papua New GuineaEast Sepik72
Keresau Island High PointEdit3912Papua New GuineaEast Sepik3912
Yuo Island High PointEdit4313Papua New GuineaEast Sepik4313
Mushu Island High PointEdit427130Papua New GuineaEast Sepik427130
Kairiru Island High PointEdit2411735Papua New GuineaEast Sepik2411735

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