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The vertical fall from the top of this 14er is like no other (2018-07-07). Photo by William Musser.
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Many great views from this prominence gem Thorodin ; and plenty of scrambles (2018-05-29). Photo by William Musser.
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After successful summit, preparing to descend through the gate as the morning sun reflects the peak of the volcano above onto the clouds below (2011-06-09). Photo by William Musser.
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From the summit of Monte Jayuya there is a nice view of the tallest mountain in Puerto Rico, Cerro de Punta (foreground) (2010-12-05). Photo by William Musser.
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The pinnacle formation just before the summit of Kings Peak makes for nice views and photos (2011-08-11). Photo by William Musser.
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A 300-foot rappel while canyoneering in the Escalante country of Utah (2007-05-24). Photo by William Musser.
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Scramblers carefully make their way along an exposed ridge near the summit of Static Peak, Wyoming (2005-09-04). Photo by William Musser.
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Contact me at CO, FL, and ME are my home states. I enjoy teaming to pursue obscure summits with bushwhacking and complex route finding.

"Peakbagging" distinguished from "highpointing" in that peaks pursued have lists requiring a threshold of prominence. In highpointing, goals are reaching the highest point in some geographic area. I favor destinations maximizing exercise and outdoor experience over private land issues. Peakbagging is my passion, thus use of this website.

Current Summary (last updated Sept. 27,2022):

Record year (at age 59) I climbed:
546 peakbagging points; 186 new peaks;378,149 feet of vertical during the year; and 1,278 miles hiked

> Total Miles Hiked = 8,459 mi. (Earth dia. 7,918 miles; Circumference 24,901 miles)
<100% complete diameter/ 34% complete circum.>(Moon dia. 2,159 miles; Circumference 6,786 miles)
> Comparison of common great cross country trails : AT=2,189; CDT=3,100; CT=483; FT=1000; MST=1000; PCT=2,654

Total Life Vertical Gain = 2,325,472 feet (Earth ends and outer space starts at the Kármán line, some 62 miles above the planet's surface (327,360 feet) thus, total climbing gain is like starting at sea level and climbing past earth's atmosphere by more than 7 times into space.
Total Ascents 3,564 of any peaks or highpoints
Total Ascents 1,858 of "unique peaks/points"

> Total unique HPs/Peaks; total Ascents Over 14k.............= 60/74
> Total unique HPs/Peaks; total Ascents over 13k.............= 170/196
> Total unique HPs/Peaks; total Ascents Over 12k.............= 264/314
> Total unique HPs/Peaks; total Ascents Over 11k.............= 319/381
> Total unique HPs/Peaks; total Ascents Over 10k.............= 382/461
Ascents with over 100 ft prominence = 2,386.....(peaks =1,224) favorite scrambling climbs do not have much rise
Ascents with over 300 ft prominence = 1,294.....(peaks =713)
Ascents with over 1000 ft prominence = 255.......(peaks =222)
Ascents with over 2000 ft prominence = 122.......(peaks =102)
Ascents with over 3000 ft prominence = 61........(peaks =47)
Ascents with over 4000 ft prominence = 45........(peaks =33)
Ascents with over 5000 ft prominence = 22........(peaks =20)
Ascents with over 6000 ft prominence = 17........(peaks =16)
Ascents with over 7000 ft prominence = 12........(peaks =12)
Ascents with over 8000 ft prominence = 8.........(peaks =8)
Ascents with over 10000 ft prominence= 5.........(peaks =5)

Most frequently climbed peaks where you might find me:

1) Mount Kineo, Moosehead Lake, ME = 183 times
2) The Brother, Evergreen, CO = 189 times
3) Alderfer Hill, Evergreen, CO = 107 times
4) Mount Bailey Bailey, CO = 92 times
5) Green Mountain Lakewood, CO = 66 times
6) M Sister, Evergreen, CO = 72 times
7) N Sister, Evergreen, CO = 57 times
8) S Sister, Evergreen, CO = 36 times
9) Evergreen Mtn, Evergreen, CO = 32 times
10) Hobbs Peak, Conifer, CO = 57 times
11) Kennesaw, Marietta, GA = 19 times
12) Peak 8080 Fillius Park, CO = 42 times
13) Dinosaur Ridge, Lakewood,CO = 23 times
14) Peak 8565 ANF, Evergreen, CO = 30 times
15) Castle Rock, Golden, CO = 21 times
16) Castle Rock, Castle Rock, CO = 7 times
17) Elephant Butte, Evergreen, CO = 22 times
18) Wekiva SP HP, Apopka, FL = 14 times
19) Spruce Creek Pr. HP, NSB, FL = 19 times
20) Mount Morrison, Morrison, CO = 11 times
21) Stone Mountain, Stone Mtn. GA = 6 times
22) Little Mtn, Breckenridge, CO = 6 times
23) Shaw Mtn, Moosehead Lk, ME = 8 times
24) Mount Kathadin, Baxter SP = 6 times
25) Turkey Mountain, Tulsa, OK = 8 times
26) Genesee Park Hill 7920, CO = 7 times
27) Maxwell Falls Peak 8563, CO = 8 times
28) Pine Mountain, GA = 8 times
29) Borestone Mtn, W. Peak, ME = 6 times
30) Pico El Yunque, Puerto Rico = 5 times
31) French Hill, Irvine, CA = 8 times
32) Enchanted Rock, TX = 9 times

States with the most "ascents" (both peaks and HPs):
North Carolina...91
Alabama .........32
Hawaii ..........30
South Carolina...16
Montana .........15

Canada, Quebec...8

Ascents with Family Members:

Willy (dog)- 638
Karen Musser- 516
Daniel Musser- 154
David Musser- 109
Sarah Musser- 42
Ben Musser- 33
Katie Martin (Musser)- 21
Teddy Musser- 5
Heidi Rhodes - 16
Eric Rhodes - 7
Emily Gonzales Musser- 5
Patrick Lynn- 5
Justine Dutil- 7
Betsy Dasse - 5
Frank Dasse - 1
Dale Musser (father)- 3
Frank Musser (brother)- 2
Kiki Fissell - 3
Jack Fissell - 6
Elaine Fissell - 5
Palen Rhodes - 3
Makena Rhodes - 1?
Gwen Rhodes - 1

Ascents with Friends:

Dan Connors- 119
HC Liang- 42
Andy Woodcock - 26
Wayne Lundberg- 20
Nate Lundberg- 10
Chuck Drake- 19
Tim Hall- 12
Chris Coleman- 18
Marc Holder- 13
Jorge Hinojos - 12
Hernan Lopez- 11
Brinson Willis- 9
Mike Saxton- 9
Trey Hamilton- 7
Sarah McManus - 7
Miguel Garcia- 4
Bryan Nelson- 5
Chuck Holden - 12
Martha Holden - 6
Tim Vanderwalker- 6
Jason Warren- 6
Will Elliot- 1

Summits obtained with notable members of peakbagging/highpointing community using,, and/or

Glen Mizenko (97): James Peak, Mount Tweto, London Mountain, Mount Parnassus, Grizzly Peak, Ouray, Chipeta, Logan, Jacque (CO), Charleston (NV)
Dave Covill (15): East Turner Mtn (ME); Peaked Mountain (ME) ;Long Scraggy Peak (CO)
Becky Covill (2): East Turner Mountain (ME); Peaked Mountain (ME)
John Mitchler (5): East Turner Mountain (ME); Peaked Mountain (ME); Old Black & Mount Guyot (TN)
Cliff Young (5): Old Black (TN); Mount Guyot (TN); Mount Kineo (ME); Baker Mountain (ME)
John Guin (8): Morrison; 8565; Zephyr (CO)
Dan Hildebrand (1): La Plata Peak (CO)
Dennis Stewart (2): Flat Top Mountain (CO); Rio Blanco CHP (CO)
Josh Carlson (2): Froze to Death Plateau (MT); Tempest Mountain (MT)
Dennis Dean (1): East Turner Mountain (ME)
Edward Earl (2): East Turner Mountain (ME); Peaked Mountain (ME)
John Hasch (1): Peaked Mountain (ME)
Ken Oeser (5): East Turner Mountain (ME); Peaked Mtn (ME); Old Black, & Mount Guyot (TN)
Annette Oeser (3): Old Black (TN); Inadu Knob (TN); Mount Guyot (TN)
Tom Owen (3): Old Black (TN); Inadu Knob (TN); Mount Guyot (TN)
Mike Waltz (2): Froze to Death Plateau (MT); Tempest Mountain (MT)
Lanny Wexler (2): East Turner Mountain (ME); Peaked Mountain (ME)
Mike Cusick (1): Buffalo Peak Jefco CHP (CO)
Ted Ehrlich (1): Hogback
Dan Suitor (3): Casco and French (CO)
Walter Blume (5): Hoosier Ridge (CO)

Peakbagging summits in every month of the year!

1) Green Mountain, Lakewood, CO....6,855....Complete all 12 months
2) Mount Bailey, Bailey, CO.........9,089....Complete all 12 months
3) The Brother, Evergreen, CO......7,833....Complete all 12 months
4) Middle Sister, Evergreen, CO....7,840....Complete all 12 months
5) North Sister, Evergreen, CO.....7,760....Complete all 12 months
6) Alderfer Hill, Evergreen, CO....7,902....Complete all 12 months
7) South Sister, Evergreen, CO....7,800.....Complete all 12 months
8) Gilligan's Island, Evgrn, CO...7,740.....Complete all 12 months
9) Fillius Park 8080, CO ........ 8,080 ....Complete all 12 months
10) Peak 8565, ANF, CO ...........8,565.....Complete all 12 months

11) Hobbs Peak, Marshdale, CO 8,200 11/12 missing 8
12) Evergreen Mtn, Evergreen,CO 8,536 10/12 missing 1 and 8
13) Kineo Mountain, Kineo, ME 1,789 5/12 missing 1,3,4,5,10,11,12
14) Elephant Butte, Evergreen, CO 8,405 11/12 missing 8
15) Castle Rock, Golden, CO 6,319 11/12 missing 11
16) Spruce CrP, NSB, FL 0,041 8/12 missing 6,7,8,9
17) Kennesaw Mtn, Marietta, GA 1,808 6/12 missing 3,6,7,8,9,10
18) Mount Morrison, Morrison, CO 7,881 6/12 missing 1,5,6,7,8,11

World Country HPs

1) Panama, Central America
2) Dominican Republic, Carribean
3) England, Europe
4) Aruba, Carribean
5) Puerto Rico, Carribean
6) American Virgin Islands, Carribean
7) British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
8) Jersey, Europe
9) Tanzania, Africa


Quick Top 10 Lists/Peaks

Highest Priority Lists
ListPriority% Done
Contiguous USA 14ers with Over 2k Prominence184
Maine's - 2,000 foot Prominence Peaks193.3
WDM-CO-Evergreen Hiking 300 ft Prom152.8
Contiguous 48 U.S. State High Points195.8
Colorado's Top 100 Most Prominent Peaks237.6
Colorado County High Points251.6
USA 48-States 14,000-foot Peaks268.8
Colorado 14,000-foot Peaks281.1
Colorado Centennial Peaks (Top 100)256 Colorado Fourteeners279.3
Most Complete Lists
List# Done% Done
William Musser's Life List93100
Maine County Prominence Peaks16100
Maine County High Points16100
Contiguous 48 U.S. State High Points4695.8
U.S. State High Points4794
WDM-CO-Big Prom Near Fairplay1593.8
Maine's - 2,000 foot Prominence Peaks1493.3
United States State/Territory High Points5089.3
Contiguous USA 14ers with Over 2k Prominence2184
Colorado 14,000-foot Peaks4381.1
Highest Peaks Climbed
PeakElev-ftLocationAscent Date
Kilimanjaro19341Tanzania2022-10-08 b
Mount Whitney14498USA-CA2010-08-10
Mount Elbert14433USA-CO2008-08 b
Mount Massive14421USA-CO2018-06-23 c
Mount Harvard14420USA-CO2009-08-29 d
Mount Rainier14411USA-WA2013-08-14 a
Blanca Peak14345USA-CO2014-08-08 a
La Plata Peak14336USA-CO2017-06-24
Blanca Peak - Northeast Slope14320USA-CO2014-08-08 b
Mount Massive - Northwest Peak14320USA-CO2018-06-23 a
Most Prominent Peaks Climbed
PeakProm-ftLocationAscent Date
Kilimanjaro19308Tanzania2022-10-08 b
Mauna Kea13796USA-HI2015-03-21 b
Mount Rainier13246USA-WA2013-08-14 a
Pico Duarte10164Dom Rep2014-03-24 A
Mount Whitney10078USA-CA2010-08-10
Haleakala10023USA-HI2022-05-22 b
Mount Elbert9073USA-CO2008-08 b
San Jacinto Peak8319USA-CA2021-02-22
Charleston Peak8241USA-NV2021-07-02 b
Mount Hood7706USA-OR2011-06-09 a
Overall Statistics and Ranks  (Updated every 24 hours)
P-Index: 269  (Rank #209/21430)Link to Peak List sorted by prominence
I-Index: 64  (Rank #145/21035)Link to Peak List sorted by isolation
E-Index: 555  (Rank #188/20719)Link to Peak List sorted by elevation
Ascents: 3616  (Rank #25/24873)Count of all logged ascents
Peaks/Points: 1884  (Rank #52/24776)Count of distinct peaks/points climbed
Peaks on Lists: 756  (Rank #132/23542)Count of distinct peaks that are on lists
P100m Peaks: 676  (Rank #156/23786)Count of peaks with 100m of promienence
      (See Prominence Summary Page for more prominence breakdowns)
Vertical Gain: 2,371,962 ft  (Rank #23/6209)Sum of all vertical gain hiked
Distance: 8,596 mi  (Rank #13/24873)Sum of all distance hiked
Trip Reports: 1739  (Rank #8/10187)Count of posted trip reports
Days with Ascents: 249  (Rank #168/22941)Days with a new 100m prominence peak


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