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Ascent Subset Results

About the Ascent Subset Page

  • This page generates a list of a climber's ascents, subsetted or filtered by the selected criteria.
  • Enter your subset filter values using the form above, and click the "Run" button to see the results.
  • All criteria are combined using a logical "AND".  You cannot create any "OR"-based queries.
  • Note that the results do not necessarily have a column for all the criteria.
  • This page works best if the climber has entered details about their ascents.  If they are just checking off peaks, only the peak location and statistics will work as criteria.
  • In general, the most interesting lists use between 1 and 4 criteria.  Entering values for many different criteria will often result in zero results.  Entering just one value (e.g. Elevation above 10 feet) might yield a huge list, but could also be interesting (e.g. Ascents with Ice Axe).
  • To "zero out" or unselect an item, delete the contents of a text box, or choose the empty first row of a drop-down menu.  If the box is blank, that item is not used in the query.
  • The mountain range text box is an auto-select; you must choose an item that appears from the drop down after you type in a few characters.
  • The Grade Text, Trailhead, Person Text, and Weather Text values will do partial text matches, so there is no need to be exact with those fields.
  • The Person 1 and Person 2 drop-downs will only work if the climber has added registered "buddies" to his ascents.  Conversely, the Person Text box will not match registered users, only free-form text for others along on an ascent.
  • Currently, queries cannot be saved or linked to; they must be re-generated every time.  In the future the ability to save Ascent Subsets may be added.

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