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About the List Search Page

There are two main categories of lists on

  • Main Lists: These appear on the main Lists of Lists page, and represent many of the common, popular, and official peak lists used around the world. There are over 600 of them listed, and they have all been carefully reviewed for accuracy against maps and other sources. There are still some errors, and the lists can change over time, but overall these lists are stable and well-researched.
  • Personal Lists: These have been created by users, either by running queries against the site database, or else by picking and choosing certain peaks, perhaps with no strict criteria. These lists can be updated or deleted at any time by their creator. They are not verified by staff, even though many of them may be accurate or based on solid reseach.

This page will allow you to search across both the Main and Personal lists on the site at the same time. The main “List of Lists” page is huge and can be hard to scroll and digest, and, prior to the deployment of this page, there was no way to search for user-created lists.

The search criteria you can use are:

  • List Name: Enter a phrase, word or characters that can match any part of the list name.
  • List Type: There are eight sub-categories of Main Lists, and two kinds of Personal Lists. You can limit your search to any of these list types.
  • Peak on List: If you want to see all lists that feature a certain peak, type in the peak name here. You must select the peak you want from the auto-complete dropdown that appears as you type.
  • Continent, Nation, State/Province: Select values from these drop-downs to constrain the returned lists so that all the peaks on them will be in the area you select.

The “List of Lists” page always shows all Main Lists, and, in addition, the Personal Lists you created. If you find a Personal List created by someone else that you like, you can add it to your “List of Lists” page (and the short lists on your climber home page) by selecting a priority for it. Follow these steps:

  • Use this List Search page to find a list you might be interested in.
  • Navigate to the page for that list, and see if the peaks on it are to your liking.
  • Then, in the upper left-hand corner of the page, thee is a little control where you can select a Priority value and click “Update”. The lower the number, the more important it is to you.
  • Now that list will appear in your “List of Lists” page (at the bottom using the default sort). It may also show up on your home page, if it meets the top 10 criteria for inclusion there.
  • Do be aware that this list may change or disappear at any time, if the list’s creator so decides.

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