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High Point Lists: These lists show highest points in a collection of related geographic areas. Click here for more information.
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
Continent High Point Lists
       The Seven SummitsWorldFRL7228.57Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
       Seven Summits - Continental Landmass High PointsWorldFRL7228.57Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
       The Volcanic Seven SummitsWorldFRL7114.29Pico de Orizaba1996-11-30Multi 
Country High Point Lists
       World Country High PointsWorldFRL253145.53Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi6
       North America Country High PointsN.A.FRL44613.64Cerro El Pital2012-12-30Multi 
           Central America Country High PointsN.A.FRL7342.86Cerro El Pital2012-12-30Multi 
           Caribbean Area Country High PointsN.A.FRL3213.13Pico Duarte2005-01-28 12Multi 
       South America Country High PointsS.A.FRL15320.00Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
       Country High Points of the AmericasWorldFRL59915.25Cerro El Pital2012-12-30Multi 
       Europe Country High PointsEuropeFRL5359.43Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
           Core Europe Country High PointsEuropeFRL49510.20Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
           Europe High Points with Iberian SubstitutionEuropeFRL49510.20Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
           Europe High Points - Inclusive Grab BagEuropeFRL62711.29Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
       Asia Country High PointsAsiaFRL48    Multi 
           Middle East Country High PointsAsiaFRL17    Multi 
       Africa Country High PointsAfricaFRL64    Multi 
       Australia/Oceania Country High PointsOceaniaFRL28    Multi 
       UN Member State High Point Lists
       UN Member State High PointsWorldFRL193147.25Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
           North America UN Member High PointsN.A.FRL23626.09Cerro El Pital2012-12-30Multi 
           South America UN Member High PointsS.A.FRL12325.00Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
           Europe UN Member High PointsEuropeFRL46510.87Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
           Asia UN Member High PointsAsiaFRL43    Multi 
           Africa UN Member High PointsAfricaFRL54    Multi 
           Australia/Oceania UN Member High PointsOceaniaFRL15    Multi 
State/Province High Point Lists
   North America State/Province High Point Lists
           Canada Province/Territory High PointsN.A.-CanadaFRL1317.69Saskatchewan High Point2011-05-21Multi 
           U.S. State High PointsN.A.-USAFRL504386.00Mount Sunflower2011-11-02 15Multi8
               United States State/Territory High PointsWorldFRL564376.79Mount Sunflower2011-11-02 15Multi 
           United States State High Points (plus DC)N.A.-USAFRL514384.31Mount Sunflower2011-11-02 15Multi 
           Contiguous 48 U.S. State High PointsN.A.-USAFRL484185.42Mount Sunflower2011-11-02 15Multi 
           Combined USA-Canada-Mexico State/Province High PointsN.A.FRL964850.00Mount Sunflower2011-11-02 15Multi 
           Mexico State High PointsN.A.-MexicoFRL32412.50Sierra La Laguna High Point2009-02-13 10Multi 
           Guatemala Department High PointsN.A.-GuatemalaFRL22418.18Volcán Acatenango2012-12-31Multi 
           Honduras Department High PointsN.A.-HondurasFRL1815.56Cerro El Pital2012-12-30Multi 
           El Salvador Department High PointsN.A.-El SalvadorFRL1417.14Cerro El Pital2012-12-30Multi 
           Nicaragua Department High PointsN.A.-NicaraguaFRL17    Multi 
           Costa Rica Province High PointsN.A.-Costa RicaFRL7457.14Volcán Poás2002-03-02Multi 
           Panama Province High PointsN.A.-PanamaFRL13    Multi 
       Caribbean Area State/Province High Points
               Puerto Rico Municipio High PointsN.A.-Puerto RicoFRL78    Multi 
               U.S. Virgin Islands Island High PointsN.A.-U.S. Virgin IslandsFRL3    Multi 
   South America State/Province High Point Lists
           Colombia Department High PointsS.A.-ColombiaFRL33    Multi 
           Venezuela State High PointsS.A.-VenezuelaFRL2514.00Pico Bolívar2004-01-28Multi 
           Ecuador Province High PointsS.A.-EcuadorFRL2428.33Volcán Chimborazo2003-02-12Multi 
           Peru Region High PointsS.A.-PeruFRL26    Multi 
           Bolivia Department High PointsS.A.-BoliviaFRL9    Multi 
           Brazil State High PointsS.A.-BrazilFRL27    Multi 
           Chile Region High PointsS.A.-ChileFRL16    Multi 
           Argentina Province High PointsS.A.-ArgentinaFRL2414.17Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
   Europe State/Province High Point Lists
           Iceland Region High PointsEurope-IcelandFRL8112.50Hvannadalshnúkur2013-06-22Multi 
           Norway County High PointsEurope-NorwayFRL1119.09Galdhøpiggen1999-08-01Multi 
           Finland Region High PointsEurope-FinlandFRL19    Multi 
           Sweden County High PointsEurope-SwedenFRL21    Multi 
           Denmark Region High PointsEurope-DenmarkFRL5    Multi 
           U.K. Constituent Country High PointsEurope-UKFRL4375.00Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
               British Country/Dependency High PointsWorldFRL19315.79Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
           Ireland County High PointsEurope-IrelandFRL26    Multi 
           Portugal District/Region High PointsEurope-PortugalFRL20    Multi 
           Spain Autonomous Community High PointsEurope-SpainFRL19    Multi 
           Andorra Parish High PointsEurope-AndorraFRL7    Multi 
           France Region High PointsEurope-FranceFRL13    Multi 
               French Region/Territory High PointsWorldFRL26    Multi 
           Belgium Region High PointsEurope-BelgiumFRL3    Multi 
           Netherlands Province High PointsEurope-NetherlandsFRL12    Multi 
           Luxembourg Canton High PointsEurope-LuxembourgFRL12    Multi 
           Germany State High PointsEurope-GermanyFRL1616.25Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
           Switzerland Canton High PointsEurope-SwitzerlandFRL26    Multi 
           Austria State High PointsEurope-AustriaFRL9222.22Großglockner2005-08-10Multi 
           Czech Republic Region High PointsEurope-Czech RepublicFRL14    Multi 
           Slovakia Region High PointsEurope-SlovakiaFRL8    Multi 
           Poland Province High PointsEurope-PolandFRL16    Multi 
           Italy Region High PointsEurope-ItalyFRL20    Multi 
           Slovenia Statistical Region High PointsEurope-SloveniaFRL12    Multi 
           Croatia Province High PointsEurope-CroatiaFRL21    Multi 
           Greece Region High PointsEurope-GreeceFRL14    Multi 
   Asia State/Province High Point Lists
           Pakistan Province High PointsAsia-PakistanFRL8    Multi 
           India State High PointsAsia-IndiaFRL36    Multi 
           China Province High PointsAsia-ChinaFRL31    Multi 
           Taiwan County High PointsAsia-TaiwanFRL22    Multi 
           Japan Prefecture High PointsAsia-JapanFRL47    Multi 
           South Korea Province/City HighpointsAsia-South KoreaFRL17    Multi 
           Philippines Region High PointsAsia-PhilippinesFRL17    Multi 
           Indonesia Province High PointsAsia-IndonesiaFRL34    Multi 
   Africa State/Province High Point Lists
           South Africa Province High PointsAfrica-South AfricaFRL9    Multi 
   Australia/Oceania State/Province High Point Lists
           Australia State/Territory High PointsOceania-AustraliaFRL9    Multi 
           New Zealand Region High PointsOceania-New ZealandFRL17    Multi 
County/Second Level High Points
   Canada County/Census Division High Point Lists
       All Canada County/Census Division High PointsN.A.-CanadaFRL29941.34Saskatchewan High Point2011-05-21Multi 
           Nunavut Region High PointsN.A.-Canada-NUFRL3    Multi 
           Northwest Territories Region High PointsN.A.-Canada-NWTFRL5    Multi 
           British Columbia Regional District High PointsN.A.-Canada-BCFRL2913.45Wedge Mountain-Southeast Slope2009-06-14 11Multi 
           Alberta Census Division High PointsN.A.-Canada-ABFRL1915.26Cypress Hills High Point2011-05-20 19Multi 
           Saskatchewan Census Division High PointsN.A.-Canada-SKFRL1815.56Saskatchewan High Point2011-05-21Multi 
           Manitoba Census Division High PointsN.A.-Canada-MBFRL2314.35Boundary Butte2008-04-28 13Multi 
           Ontario County High PointsN.A.-Canada-ONFRL51    Multi 
           Quebec MRCG High PointsN.A.-Canada-QCFRL103    Multi 
           New Brunswick County High PointsN.A.-Canada-NBFRL15    Multi 
           Prince Edward Island County High PointsN.A.-Canada-PEIFRL3    Multi 
           Nova Scotia County High PointsN.A.-Canada-NSFRL18    Multi 
           Newfoundland and Labrador Census Division High PointsN.A.-Canada-NLFRL11    Multi 
   United States County High Point Lists
           U.S. County High Points over 13,000 feetN.A.-USAFRL604066.67Crestone Peak-East Peak2010-07-30 09Multi 
           U.S. County High Points over 13,000 feet - 48 StatesN.A.-USAFRL533871.70Crestone Peak-East Peak2010-07-30 09Multi 
           Eastern U.S. County High Points over 4500 feetN.A.-USAFRL423685.71Beartown Mountain2015-04-21 12Multi 
   Western United States County High Point Lists
           Alaska Borough/Census Area High PointsN.A.-USA-AKFRL30413.33Mount Osborn2014-08-10Multi 
           Hawaii County High PointsN.A.-USA-HIFRL5240.00Haleakala1998-04-25Multi 
           Washington County High PointsN.A.-USA-WAFRL3939100Huckleberry Ridge2008-11-15Multi 
           Oregon County High PointsN.A.-USA-ORFRL3636100Buck Peak2010-09-05Multi 
           California County High PointsN.A.-USA-CAFRL5858100Mount Baldy-West Ridge2009-08-21Multi 
           Nevada County High PointsN.A.-USA-NVFRL1717100Ruby Dome2002-09-02Multi 
           Idaho County High PointsN.A.-USA-IDFRL443272.73Meade Peak2014-08-29Multi 
           Montana County High PointsN.A.-USA-MTFRL563766.07Treasure County High Point2015-05-22 10Multi 
           Wyoming County High PointsN.A.-USA-WYFRL2323100Platte County High Point2012-07-30 13Multi 
           Utah County High PointsN.A.-USA-UTFRL2929100Thurston Peak2003-07-20Multi 
           Colorado County High PointsN.A.-USA-COFRL643046.88Clark Peak2014-09-01Multi 
           Arizona County High PointsN.A.-USA-AZFRL1515100Chiricahua Peak2001-09-09 08Multi 
           New Mexico County High PointsN.A.-USA-NMFRL3333100Sierra Grande2006-09-23Multi 
   Northeastern United States County High Point Lists
           Maine County High PointsN.A.-USA-MEFRL16850.00Peaked Mountain2013-07-19Multi 
           New Hampshire County High PointsN.A.-USA-NHFRL10770.00Croydon Peak2013-07-15Multi 
           Vermont County High PointsN.A.-USA-VTFRL14857.14Mount Ellen2013-07-14 11Multi 
           Massachusetts County High PointsN.A.-USA-MAFRL14428.57Sunrise Hill2011-08-27 13Multi 
           Rhode Island Pseudo-County High PointsN.A.-USA-RIFRL5240.00Washington County High Point2011-08-28 12Multi 
           Connecticut Pseudo-County High PointsN.A.-USA-CTFRL8675.00Gates Hill2011-08-26 13Multi 
               Connecticut Planning RegionsN.A.-USA-CTFRL9555.56Gates Hill2011-08-26 13Multi 
           New York County High PointsN.A.-USA-NYFRL62812.90Todt Hill2011-08-30 07Multi 
           New Jersey County High PointsN.A.-USA-NJFRL21419.05Morris County High Point2011-08-30 11Multi 
           Pennsylvania County High PointsN.A.-USA-PAFRL6711.49Mount Davis1997-04-11Multi 
           Delaware County High PointsN.A.-USA-DEFRL3    Multi 
           Maryland County High PointsN.A.-USA-MDFRL2414.17Backbone Mountain1997-04-11Multi 
           District of Columbia High PointN.A.-USA-DCFRL1    Multi 
   Midwestern United States County High Point Lists
           Ohio County High PointsN.A.-USA-OHFRL88    Multi 
           Michigan County High PointsN.A.-USA-MIFRL83    Multi 
           Indiana County High PointsN.A.-USA-INFRL92    Multi 
           Illinois County High PointsN.A.-USA-ILFRL10287.84Jackson County High Point2011-10-30 10Multi 
           Wisconsin County High PointsN.A.-USA-WIFRL72    Multi 
           Minnesota County High PointsN.A.-USA-MNFRL8722.30Eagle Mountain2001-02-18Multi 
           Iowa County High PointsN.A.-USA-IAFRL9977.07Hawkeye Point2001-06-24 12Multi 
           Missouri County High PointsN.A.-USA-MOFRL11543.48Clark Mountain2011-10-31 15Multi 
           Kansas County High PointsN.A.-USA-KSFRL10543.81Mount Sunflower2011-11-02 15Multi 
           Nebraska County High PointsN.A.-USA-NEFRL9366.45Dawes County High Point2012-07-31 18Multi 
           South Dakota County High PointsN.A.-USA-SDFRL66710.61Harding Peak2012-08-01 17Multi 
           North Dakota County High PointsN.A.-USA-NDFRL53713.21Medicine Pole Hills2008-04-29 21Multi 
   Southern United States County High Point Lists
           Virginia County/Ind. City High PointsN.A.-USA-VAFRL1332115.79Beartown Mountain2015-04-21 12Multi 
           West Virginia County High PointsN.A.-USA-WVFRL5511.82Spruce Knob1997-04-12Multi 
           Kentucky County High PointsN.A.-USA-KYFRL12032.50Pilot Rock-West Slope2011-10-29 11Multi 
           Tennessee County High PointsN.A.-USA-TNFRL951313.68Gravel Knob2015-04-18 10Multi 
           North Carolina County High PointsN.A.-USA-NCFRL1002626.00High Rock Mountain2015-04-27 12Multi 
           South Carolina County High PointsN.A.-USA-SCFRL461226.09McCormick County High Point2008-01-12 15Multi 
           Georgia County High PointsN.A.-USA-GAFRL159159.43Cowpen Mountain2012-10-24 16Multi 
           Florida County High PointsN.A.-USA-FLFRL67    Multi 
           Alabama County High PointsN.A.-USA-ALFRL6745.97Hernandez Peak2008-01-14 16Multi 
           Mississippi County High PointsN.A.-USA-MSFRL8244.88Winston County High Point2008-01-15 15Multi 
           Louisiana Parish High PointsN.A.-USA-LAFRL6469.38Sabine Parish High Point2008-01-17Multi 
           Arkansas County High PointsN.A.-USA-ARFRL7579.33Buffalo Lookout2007-12-21 14Multi 
           Oklahoma County High PointsN.A.-USA-OKFRL7745.19Rich Mountain2007-12-19 16Multi 
           Texas County High PointsN.A.-USA-TXFRL254114.33Oldham County High Point2006-09-24 17Multi 
   Europe County/Second Level High Points
           France Department High PointsEurope-FranceFRL9711.03Puy de Sancy2005-08-16Multi 
           Spain Province High PointsEurope-SpainFRL52    Multi 
           Italy Province High PointsEurope-ItalyFRL121    Multi 
           U.K. County/Unitary Authority High PointsEurope-UKFRL18463.26Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
               Scotland County/Unitary Authority High PointsEurope-UK-ScotlandFRL32412.50Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
               Wales County/Unitary Authority High PointsEurope-UK-WalesFRL2214.55Snowdon2013-07-01 09Multi 
               England County/Unitary Authority High PointsEurope-UK-EnglandFRL11910.84Scafell Pike2013-07-02Multi 
               Northern Ireland District High PointsEurope-UK-N IrelandFRL11    Multi 
Border High Point Lists
   Country Border High Point Lists
       World Country Border High Points
       North America Country Border High PointsN.A.FRL14214.29Cerro El Pital2012-12-30Multi 
   State/Province Border High Point Lists
       Canada Province/Territory Border High PointsN.A.-CanadaFRL1218.33Boundary Butte2008-04-28 13Multi 
       USA State Border High PointsN.A.-USAFRL50510.00Mount Frissell-South Slope2011-08-24 14Multi 
Island High Point Lists
   Island High Points of the World and Continents
           World Island High Points above 2000 metersWorldFRL7245.56Hvannadalshnúkur2013-06-22Multi 
           North America Island High Points above 1000 metersN.A.FRL7811.28Pico Duarte2005-01-28 12Multi 
           South America Island High Points above 1000 metersS.A.FRL19    Multi 
           Europe Island High Points above 1000 metersEuropeFRL4137.32Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
           Asia Island High Points above 1000 metersAsiaFRL71    Multi 
           Africa Island High Points above 1000 metersAfricaFRL27    Multi 
           Oceania Island High Points above 1000 metersOceaniaFRL5024.00Haleakala1998-04-25Multi 
   Other Island High Points
           Canada Island High PointsN.A.-CanadaFRL121    Multi 
           United States Island High Points above 4000 feetN.A.-USAFRL2428.33Haleakala1998-04-25Multi 
               USA 48-States Island High Points above 500 feetN.A.-USAFRL251664.00Tiptop Hill2014-02-01 13Multi 
               Alaska Island High Points above 1500 feetN.A.-USA-AKFRL123    Multi 
               Washington State Island High PointsN.A.-USA-WAFRL441534.09Tiptop Hill2014-02-01 13Multi 
               Pacific Ocean U.S. Island High Points above 300 feetN.A.-USAFRL381744.74Tiptop Hill2014-02-01 13Multi 
               Hawaii Island High Points above 500 feetN.A.-USA-HIFRL11218.18Haleakala1998-04-25Multi 
               Atlantic Ocean U.S. Island High Points above 150 feetN.A.-USAFRL5135.88Cadillac Mountain2013-07-18 16Multi 
           Island High Points of the Caribbean RegionN.A.FRL6511.54Pico Duarte2005-01-28 12Multi 
           Island High Points of the BahamasN.A.-BahamasFRL20    Multi 
           United Kingdom Island High PointsEurope-UKFRL5935.08Sgurr Alasdair2013-07-09Multi 
           Ireland Island High PointsEurope-IrelandFRL17    Multi 
           Japan Island High Points over 500 metersAsia-JapanFRL40    Multi 
           Malay-Indonesian Archipelago Island High PointsAsiaFRL79    Multi 
           Lake Island High PointsWorldFRL4112.44Veigh Benchmark2010-11-09Multi 
Mountain Range High Point Lists
   North America Mountain Range High Point Lists
           North America Range3 High PointsN.A.FRL602643.33Volcán Tajumulco2012-12-27Multi 
           USA/Canada Range4 High PointsN.A.FRL2029547.03Ferris Peak2014-09-05Multi 
           USA Lower 48 Range3 High PointsN.A.-USAFRL212095.24Icy Knob2012-10-28 12Multi 
           USA Lower 48 Range4 High PointsN.A.-USAFRL1068983.96Ferris Peak2014-09-05Multi 
           USA Lower 48 Range5 High PointsN.A.-USAFRL61733754.62Pores Knob2015-04-23 12Multi 
           Great Basin Range5 High PointsN.A.-USAFRL784760.26Indian Peak2014-04-11Multi 
           Rocky Mountain Range4 High PointsN.A.-USAFRL352571.43Ferris Peak2014-09-05Multi 
           Appalachian Mountain Range4 High PointsN.A.-USAFRL261453.85Icy Knob2012-10-28 12Multi 
       USA State Range High Points
               Idaho Range HighpointsN.A.-USA-IDFRL792632.91Meade Peak2014-08-29Multi 
   South America Range High Points
           South America Range3 High PointsS.A.FRL3339.09Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
   Europe Range High Points
           Europe Range3 High PointsEuropeFRL4548.89Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
           Europe Range4 High Points
           Alps Range4 High PointsEuropeFRL2827.14Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
   Asia Range High Points
           Asia Range3 High PointsAsiaFRL112    Multi 
   Africa Range High Points
           Africa Range3 High PointsAfricaFRL42    Multi 
   Australia/Oceania Range High Points
           Australia/Oceania Range3 High PointsOceaniaFRL2913.45Mauna Kea1998-04-19Multi 
   Antarctica Range High Points
           Antarctica Range3 High PointsAntarcticaFRL14    Multi 
           Antarctica Range4 High PointsAntarcticaFRL82    Multi 
Drainage Basin High Point and Triple Divide Lists
   World Drainage Basin High Point Lists
       Ocean Drainage Basin High PointsWorldFRL4125.00Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
       Largest-Area Drainage Basin High PointsWorldFRL27311.11Mount Marcy2008-09-23Multi 
       World Drainage Basin High Points over 5000 m highWorldFRL4037.50Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
   North America Drainage Basin High Points
       USA Lower 48 Drainage Basin High PointsN.A.-USAFRL674059.70Ferris Peak2014-09-05Multi 
       Washington State Drainage Basin High PointsN.A.-USA-WAFRL181161.11Meadow Mountain2012-09-08 12Multi 
       Northeast USA Drainage Basin High PointsN.A.-USAFRL171164.71Mount Everett2011-08-24 18Multi 
   World Triple Divide Points
       Ocean Triple Divide PointsWorldFRL2150.00Snow Dome-South Slope2012-04-09Multi 
   North America Triple Divide Points
       USA Lower 48 Triple Divide PointsN.A.-USAFRL5635.36Mount Washington2005-08-18Multi 
       Washington State Triple Divide PointsN.A.-USA-WAFRL1119.09Meadow Mountain-Northeast Peak2012-09-08 13Multi 
       Northeast USA Triple Divide PointsN.A.-USAFRL16212.50Morris County High Point2011-08-30 11Multi 
Land High Point Lists
   North America Land High Point Lists
       U.S. National Park High PointsN.A.-USAFRL633047.62Mount Angayukaqsraq2014-08-03Multi 
       U.S. National Forest High PointsN.A.-USAFRL1107568.18Mount Richthofen2014-09-02Multi 
       BLM High Points by StateN.A.-USAFRL12650.00Elk Mountain2012-07-28Multi 
       U.S. National Monument High PointsN.A.-USAFRL127118.66Chadwick Hill2013-11-29 16Multi 
       U.S. Indian Reservation High Points over 8000 feetN.A.-USAFRL20945.00Big Horn County High Point2014-07-10 16Multi 
               Arizona Indian Reservation High PointsN.A.-USA-AZFRL18211.11Baboquivari Peak2006-11-24Multi 
       U.S. State Park High PointsN.A.-USAFRL431841.86Mount Pilchuck2012-07-04Multi 
           California State Park High PointsN.A.-USA-CAFRL28382.83Bald Mountain2004-11Multi 
       Canada National Park High PointsN.A.-CanadaFRL42    Multi 
           Quebec Provincial Park High PointsN.A.-Canada-QCFRL27    Multi 
   U.S. Wilderness Area High Points
           Alaska Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-AKFRL4812.08Denali2004-06-04Multi 
           Hawaii Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-HIFRL2    Multi 
           Washington State Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-WAFRL311754.84Sloan Peak2014-07-27Multi 
           Oregon Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-ORFRL451328.89Mount Washington2014-09-28 12Multi 
           California Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-CAFRL1524730.92Pyramid Peak2009-08-20Multi 
           Nevada Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-NVFRL691521.74Duffer Peak2011-09-08Multi 
           Idaho Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-IDFRL14214.29Castle Peak2012-07-18Multi 
           Montana Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-MTFRL16743.75Red Mountain2012-08-14Multi 
           Wyoming Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-WYFRL15533.33Trout Peak2014-09-07Multi 
           Utah Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-UTFRL49918.37Box Elder Peak2011-07-23Multi 
           Colorado Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-COFRL431330.23Clark Peak2014-09-01Multi 
           Arizona Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USA-AZFRL891516.85Bassett Peak2008-01-19Multi 
           New Mexico Wilderness Area High PointsN.A.-USA-NMFRL39717.95Open Hollow North2006-03-26 09Multi 
           Midwestern Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USAFRL3525.71Black Elk Peak2009-05-21 10Multi 
           Northeastern Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USAFRL4848.33Slide Mountain2011-08-23 10Multi 
           Southeastern Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USAFRL641015.63Rich Mountain2012-10-24 10Multi 
           South-Central Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USAFRL3825.26Petit Jean Mountain2007-12-20 16Multi 
   Europe Land High Point Lists
       Ireland National Park High PointsEurope-IrelandFRL6    Multi 
       United Kingdom National Park High PointsEurope-UKFRL15320.00Scafell Pike2013-07-02Multi 
       France (and Dependencies) National Park High PointsEurope-FranceFRL10    Multi 
City High Point Lists
   Selected World City High PointsWorldFRL6116.67Todt Hill2011-08-30 07Multi 
   Selected U.S. City High PointsN.A.-USAFRL30516.67Todt Hill2011-08-30 07Multi 
           King County, WA City High PointsN.A.-USA-WAFRL38410.53Kirkland High Point2013-09-11Multi 
           London Borough High PointsEurope-UK-EnglandFRL33    Multi 

Elevation Lists: These lists show all peaks in an area above a certain elevation threshold. Click Here for more info.
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
World Elevation Lists
   World 8000-meter PeaksWorldFRL14    Multi 
   World 7200-meter PeaksWorldFRL106    Multi 
North America Elevation Lists
       North America 14,000-foot PeaksN.A.FRL1042423.08Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
   Canada Elevation Lists
           Canada 4000-meter PeaksN.A.-CanadaFRL28    Multi 
           British Columbia 11,000-foot PeaksN.A.-Canada-BCFRL57    Multi 
           Canadian Rocky Mountain 11,000-foot PeaksN.A.-CanadaFRL50    Multi 
           High Peaks of Southwest British ColumbiaN.A.-Canada-BCFRL5311.89Wedge Mountain2009-06-14 10Multi 
           Ontario 630-Meter PeaksN.A.-Canada-ONFRL36    Multi 
           Torngat Mountains 4000-foot PeaksN.A.-CanadaFRL56    Multi 
           Kaumajet Mountains 2500-foot PeaksN.A.-Canada-NLFRL7    Multi 
           Kiglapait Mountains 2500-foot PeaksN.A.-Canada-NLFRL19    Multi 
           Quebec 1000-meter PeaksN.A.-Canada-QCFRL286    Multi 
   United States Elevation Lists
           United States 14,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL892325.84Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
           United States 13,750-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL1832614.21Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
   Western United States Elevation Lists
           USA 48-States 14,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL642234.38Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
           Alaska 13,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-AKFRL4212.38Denali2004-06-04Multi 
           Western Chugach 7000-foot Peaks - Clean ListN.A.-USA-AKFRL19    Multi 
           Washington State Top 100 PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL1001616.00Black Peak2014-09-21Multi 
               Washington State Top 200 PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL2002110.50Black Peak2014-09-21Multi 
           Olympic Mountain 6500-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL4948.16Mount Deception2009-07-04Multi 
               Olympic Mountains Rain Shadow CourtN.A.-USA-WAFRL10044.00Mount Deception2009-07-04Multi 
               Olympic Mountains Rain Forest CourtN.A.-USA-WAFRL10022.00Mount Muller2009-04-27Multi 
           Alpine Lakes "Home Court" Top 100N.A.-USA-WAFRL10077.00Kaleetan Peak2015-06-06 12Multi 
           Wenatchee Mountains "Back Court" Top 100N.A.-USA-WAFRL10044.00Big Chiwaukum2012-10-06Multi 
           Mid-State MilersN.A.-USA-WAFRL215167.44Kaleetan Peak2015-06-06 12Multi 
           Oregon 9000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-ORFRL311548.39Mount Bachelor2012-09-29Multi 
           Oregon Top 100 PeaksN.A.-USA-ORFRL1002727.00Three Fingered Jack2014-09-27Multi 
           Cascade Range 9000-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL342264.71Goode Mountain2013-08-12Multi 
           California 14,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-CAFRL11545.45North Palisade2000-08-18Multi 
           California 13,500-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-CAFRL54611.11Mount Morgan2007-07-06Multi 
           Non-Sierra California 10,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-CAFRL611422.95Potato Peak2007-07-02 18Multi 
           Nevada 11,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-NVFRL611321.31Currant Mountain2009-09-14Multi 
           Idaho 11,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-IDFRL11265.36Castle Peak2012-07-18Multi 
           Montana 11,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-MTFRL8367.23Tweedy Mountain2014-07-17Multi 
           Glacier National Park 10,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-MTFRL6350.00Kintla Peak2010-08-18Multi 
           Glacier National Park 9,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-MTFRL5935.08Kintla Peak2010-08-18Multi 
           Wyoming 13,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-WYFRL32515.63Francs Peak2006-08-11Multi 
           Teton Range 11,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-WYFRL2328.70Grand Teton1986-07-24Multi 
           Utah 13,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-UTFRL19421.05Gilbert Peak1991-09-16Multi 
           Utah 12,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-UTFRL112108.93Ibapah Peak2002-08-31Multi 
           Non-Uinta Utah 12,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-UTFRL15426.67Ibapah Peak2002-08-31Multi 
           Utah-Salt Lake County 10,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-UTFRL31929.03Clayton Peak2010-07-18Multi 
           Colorado 14,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-COFRL531732.08Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
           Colorado 13,700-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-COFRL1441711.81Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
           Colorado 13,500 foot PeaksN.A.-USA-COFRL254187.09Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
           Colorado Centennial Peaks (Top 100)N.A.-USA-COFRL1001717.00Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
           Arizona 10,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-AZFRL17423.53Escudilla Mountain2005-05-29Multi 
           New Mexico 12,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-NMFRL36411.11Little Costilla Peak2006-09-22Multi 
           New Mexico 11,000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-NMFRL851011.76Little Costilla Peak2006-09-22Multi 
           Texas 7000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-TXFRL40615.00Baldy Peak2005-04-17Multi 
           Black Hills 6500-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL24729.17Black Elk Peak2009-05-21 10Multi 
   Eastern United States Elevation Lists
           Eastern USA 5000-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL2073315.94Whitetop Mountain2015-04-20 17Multi 
           Northeast USA 4000-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL1091513.76Bigelow Mountain2013-07-16 09Multi 
           New England 4000-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL681217.65Bigelow Mountain2013-07-16 09Multi 
           New England 3700-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL1251512.00The Horns2013-07-16 10Multi 
           Maine 3,500-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-MEFRL6469.38The Horns2013-07-16 10Multi 
           New Hampshire 4000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-NHFRL4836.25Mount Moosilauke2013-07-13 14Multi 
           New Hampshire 3500-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-NHFRL10243.92Mount Moosilauke2013-07-13 14Multi 
           Vermont 3500-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-VTFRL29517.24Mount Ellen2013-07-14 11Multi 
           Adirondack Mountains 3700-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-NYFRL7422.70Mount Marcy2008-09-23Multi 
           Catskill 3500-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-NYFRL3512.86Slide Mountain2011-08-23 10Multi 
           Catskill Top 102N.A.-USA-NYFRL10210.98Slide Mountain2011-08-23 10Multi 
           New Jersey 1000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-NJFRL6569.23Morris County High Point2011-08-30 11Multi 
           Virginia 4500-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-VAFRL13430.77Beartown Mountain2015-04-21 12Multi 
           Virginia 4000-foot peaksN.A.-USA-VAFRL1101917.27Beartown Mountain2015-04-21 12Multi 
           West Virginia 4500-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-WVFRL4312.33Spruce Knob1997-04-12Multi 
           Southern Appalachian 6000-foot PeaksN.A.-USAFRL351234.29Old Black2011-10-24Multi 
           North Carolina 5000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-NCFRL1852614.05Yellow Mountain2012-10-31 11Multi 
           South Carolina 3000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-SCFRL28621.43Pinnacle Mountain2012-10-31 16Multi 
           Tennessee 4500-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-TNFRL601016.67Gravel Knob2015-04-18 10Multi 
           Georgia 4000-foot PeaksN.A.-USA-GAFRL28725.00Cowpen Mountain2012-10-24 16Multi 
South America Elevation Lists
       Andes 6000-meter PeaksS.A.FRL9822.04Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
       Cordillera Blanca 5500 meter PeaksS.A.-PeruFRL43    Multi 
Europe Elevation Lists
       Europe 4500-meter PeaksEuropeFRL22    Multi 
       Caucasus 4500-meter PeaksEuropeFRL17    Multi 
       Alpine 4000-meter PeaksEuropeFRL50    Multi 
       Pyrenees 3000m PeaksEuropeFRL35    Multi 
       Pyrenees 2500m Peaks
       Tatra 2400-meter PeaksEuropeFRL20    Multi 
       Slovenia 2000-meter PeaksEurope-SloveniaFRL95    Multi 
Asia Elevation Lists
       Japan 3000-meter PeaksAsia-JapanFRL19    Multi 
       South Korea 1500-meter PeaksAsia-South KoreaFRL14    Multi 
Africa Elevation Lists
       Africa 4000-meter PeaksAfricaFRL2813.57Mount Meru2007-01-14Multi 
       Southern Africa 3300 Meter PeaksAfricaFRL38    Multi 
Australia/Oceania Elevation Lists
       Australia 2000-meter PeaksOceania-Australia-NSWFRL21    Multi 
       Australia Capital Territory 1500-meter PeaksOceania-Australia-ACTFRL30    Multi 
       New Zealand 3000-meter PeaksOceania-New ZealandFRL14    Multi 

Isolation Lists: These lists rank peaks by isolation, the distance from a given peak to the nearest higher land or peak.
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
World Isolation Lists
   World Peaks with 1000 km of IsolationWorldFRL861011.63Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
   World Peaks with 300 km of IsolationWorldFRL455275.93Mount Osborn2014-08-10Multi 
North America Isolation Lists
   North America Peaks with 200 km of IsolationN.A.FRL1323728.03Mount Osborn2014-08-10Multi 
   Canada Isolation Lists
       Canada Peaks with 200 km of IsolationN.A.-CanadaFRL47    Multi 
       Most Isolated Peaks of Canada ProvincesN.A.-CanadaFRL13    Multi 
   United States Isolation Lists
           United States Peaks with 100 miles of IsolationN.A.-USAFRL683551.47Mount Osborn2014-08-10Multi 
           USA Lower 48 Peaks with 100 miles of IsolationN.A.-USAFRL393282.05Taum Sauk Mountain2011-10-31 12Multi 
           Most Isolated Peaks of the U.S. StatesN.A.-USAFRL513976.47Morton Hill2012-07-31 13Multi 
   Western United States Isolation Lists
       Western USA Peaks with 25 miles of IsolationN.A.-USAFRL31821467.30Rosebud County High Point2015-05-22 07Multi 
           Alaska Peaks with 100 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-AKFRL2129.52Mount Osborn2014-08-10Multi 
           Washington State Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-WAFRL1818100Jump Off Joe2011-07-26 19Multi 
           Oregon Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-ORFRL272281.48Paulina Peak2011-09-14 08Multi 
           California Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-CAFRL373286.49Piute Peak2005-10-02Multi 
           Nevada Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-NVFRL432558.14Kumiva Peak2012-09-22 10Multi 
           Idaho Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-IDFRL161062.50Castle Peak2012-07-18Multi 
           Montana Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-MTFRL422559.52Rosebud County High Point2015-05-22 07Multi 
           Wyoming Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-WYFRL191157.89Trout Peak2014-09-07Multi 
           Utah Peaks with 25 miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-UTFRL262284.62Indian Peak2014-04-11Multi 
           Colorado Peaks with 25 miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-COFRL191368.42Diamond Peak2014-08-30 12Multi 
           Arizona Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-AZFRL402255.00Mount Wilson2007-04-14Multi 
           New Mexico Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-NMFRL311445.16Luciano Mesa2006-03-24 10Multi 
           Hawaii Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USA-HIFRL13215.38Haleakala1998-04-25Multi 
   Eastern United States Isolation Lists
           Northeast U.S. Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USAFRL431330.23Mars Hill2013-07-20Multi 
               New England Peaks with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USAFRL251144.00Mars Hill2013-07-20Multi 
               Mid-Atlantic with 25 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USAFRL18211.11Slide Mountain2011-08-23 10Multi 
           Southeast U.S. Peaks with 50 Miles of IsolationN.A.-USAFRL17741.18Driskill Mountain2008-01-16 09Multi 
           Midwest U.S. Peaks with 50 Miles of Isolation
South America Isolation Lists
   South America Peaks with 200 km of IsolationS.A.FRL6734.48Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
Europe Isolation Lists
   Europe Peaks with 200 km of IsolationEuropeFRL6158.20Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
   Most Isolated Peak of Europe CountriesEuropeFRL5747.02Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
Asia Isolation Lists
   Asia Peaks with 300 km of IsolationAsiaFRL117    Multi 
Africa Isolation Lists
   Africa Peaks with 300 km of IsolationAfricaFRL87    Multi 
Australia/Oceania Isolation Lists
   Australia/New Zealand Peaks with 200 km of IsolationOceaniaFRL43    Multi 
       Most Isolated Peaks of Australia StatesOceania-AustraliaFRL9    Multi 
Antarctica Isolation Lists
   Antarctica Peaks with 300 km of IsolationAntarcticaFRL22    Multi 

Prominence Lists: These lists rank peaks by prominence, how high they ride above the lowest col connecting the peak to a higher peak.
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
World Prominence Lists
   World Peaks with 4000 meters of ProminenceWorldFRL22627.27Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
   World Top 50 by ProminenceWorldFRL50918.00Volcán Tajumulco2012-12-27Multi1
   World Top 100 by ProminenceWorldFRL1001414.00Volcán Tajumulco2012-12-27Multi 
North America Prominence Lists
       North America Peaks with 2000 meters of ProminenceN.A.FRL962425.00Mount Torbert2013-05-26Multi 
       USA/Canada Peaks with 7000 feet of ProminenceN.A.FRL672131.34Mount Torbert2013-05-26Multi 
   Canada Prominence Lists
           Canada Peaks with over 7000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-CanadaFRL3013.33Wedge Mountain2009-06-14 10Multi 
           British Columbia Peaks with over 1500 meters of ProminenceN.A.-Canada-BCFRL10066.00Silvertip Mountain2011-08-06Multi 
           Prominent Peaks of Southwest British ColumbiaN.A.-Canada-BCFRL5123.92Silvertip Mountain2011-08-06Multi 
           Eastern Canada Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-CanadaFRL84    Multi 
           Labrador Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-CanadaFRL70    Multi 
           Most Prominent Peaks of Canadian ProvincesN.A.-CanadaFRL13    Multi 
           Canada Second Lap ListN.A.-CanadaFRL13    Multi 
   United States Prominence Lists
           USA Peaks with 6000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL643046.88Mount Torbert2013-05-26Multi 
           USA Lower 48 Peaks with 5000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL5757100Arc Dome2008-08-01Multi9
           USA Lower 48 Top 100 Peaks by ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL100100100Mount Spickard2011-09-03Multi 
           USA Lower 48 Peaks with 4000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL142142100Mount Prophet2013-08-18Multi4
           USA Lower 48 Top 400 Peaks by ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL40030977.25Black Peak2014-09-21Multi 
           Most Prominent Peaks of the U.S. StatesN.A.-USAFRL514078.43Pottawatomie County High Point2011-11-01 18Multi 
           Most Prominent Peaks of US National ParksN.A.-USAFRL592847.46Mount Angayukaqsraq2014-08-03Multi 
           The USA Second Lap ListN.A.-USAFRL503876.00Little Black Mountain-Chunklick Benchmark2015-04-19Multi 
   Western United States Prominence Lists
           Alaska Peaks with 5000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-AKFRL6423.13Mount Torbert2013-05-26Multi 
               Southeast Alaska Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-AKFRL41810.24Skagway High Point2008-06-17Multi 
           Brooks Range Peaks with 3000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-AKFRL7011.43Mount Angayukaqsraq2014-08-03Multi 
           Hawaii Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-HIFRL11218.18Haleakala1998-04-25Multi 
           Washington State Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-WAFRL1449767.36Black Peak2014-09-21Multi 
           Washington State Top 200 by ProminenceN.A.-USA-WAFRL20011155.50Kaleetan Peak2015-06-06 12Multi 
           Oregon Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-ORFRL744256.76Bachelor Mountain2014-09-28 17Multi 
           Oregon Top 100 by ProminenceN.A.-USA-ORFRL1004343.00Bachelor Mountain2014-09-28 17Multi 
           California Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-CAFRL16410966.46The Whaleback2012-09-25Multi 
           Nevada Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-NVFRL1703822.35Kumiva Peak2012-09-22 10Multi 
           Idaho Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-IDFRL983131.63Blacktail Mountain2015-05-17Multi 
           Montana Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-MTFRL1433423.78Stark Mountain2014-09-14Multi 
           Wyoming Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-WYFRL351440.00Mount Washburn2014-09-08Multi 
           Utah Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-UTFRL814049.38West Mountain Peak2014-04-13Multi 
           Colorado Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-COFRL802227.50Mount Richthofen2014-09-02Multi 
           Arizona Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-AZFRL732838.36Bassett Peak2008-01-19Multi 
           New Mexico Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-NMFRL461839.13Little Costilla Peak2006-09-22Multi 
           Texas Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USA-TXFRL12650.00Baldy Peak2005-04-17Multi 
   Eastern United States Prominence Lists
           Eastern USA Peaks with 2500 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL302376.67Bigelow Mountain2013-07-16 09Multi 
           Eastern USA Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL784456.41Bigelow Mountain2013-07-16 09Multi 
           Northeast USA Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL542037.04Bigelow Mountain2013-07-16 09Multi 
               New England Top 50 by ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL501632.00Bigelow Mountain2013-07-16 09Multi 
           Southeast/Ozark USA Peaks with 2000 feet of ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL2525100English Mountain2011-10-25Multi 
           Southeast USA Top 50 by ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL503366.00Phoenix Mountain2015-04-22 12Multi 
           Midwest USA Top 25 by ProminenceN.A.-USAFRL251352.00Northeast Cicero Peak2012-08-01 08Multi 
   West USA Most Prominent Peak by County Lists
           Alaska Borough/Census Area Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-AKFRL3026.67Mount Osborn2014-08-10Multi 
           Hawaii County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-HIFRL5240.00Haleakala1998-04-25Multi 
           Washington County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL3939100Round Mountain2009-06-30Multi 
           Oregon County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-ORFRL363597.22Ironside Mountain2010-07-11Multi 
           California County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-CAFRL5858100Mount Hoffmann2007-07-01 10Multi 
           Nevada County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-NVFRL1717100Quinn Peak2009-08-18Multi 
           Idaho County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-IDFRL443068.18Meade Peak2014-08-29Multi 
           Montana County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-MTFRL563867.86Southwest Beaver Butte2015-05-23 08Multi 
           Wyoming County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-WYFRL2323100Laramie Peak2012-07-29Multi 
           Utah County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-UTFRL2929100Fiftymile Mountain2014-04-10Multi 
           Colorado County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-COFRL642640.63Hyland Hill2014-09-03Multi 
           Arizona County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-AZFRL1515100Guthrie Peak2005-05-27 12Multi 
           New Mexico County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-NMFRL332884.85Hat Mesa2008-01-18Multi 
   Northeast USA County Prominence Peak Lists
           Maine County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-MEFRL16850.00Mount Chase2013-07-21Multi 
           New Hampshire County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-NHFRL10770.00Croydon Peak2013-07-15Multi 
           Vermont County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-VTFRL14535.71Mount Ascutney2008-09-28Multi 
           Massachusetts County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-MAFRL14428.57Copicut Hill2011-08-27 18Multi 
           Rhode Island County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-RIFRL5120.00Beacon Pole Hill2011-08-26 18Multi 
           Connecticut County Prominence PeaksN.A.-USA-CTFRL8675.00Hearthstone Hill2011-08-28 15Multi 
           New York State County Prominence Peaks
   South USA Most Prominent Peak by County Lists
           West Virginia County Prominence Peaks
Europe Prominence Lists
   Core Europe 50 Most Prominent PeaksEuropeFRL5036.00Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
   Core Europe Peaks with 1500 meters of ProminenceEuropeFRL9977.07Snøhetta2007-06-09Multi 
   Europe 600 meter Prominence Lists
       Britain and Ireland Peaks with 600 meters of ProminenceEuropeFRL11975.88Sgurr Alasdair2013-07-09Multi 
       France Peaks with 600 meters of ProminenceEurope-FranceFRL15810.63Puy de Sancy2005-08-16Multi 
       Scandinavia 600 meter Prominence Lists
           Norway Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-NorwayFRL55850.90Snøhetta2007-06-09Multi 
               Svalbard Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-SvalbardFRL36    Multi 
               Jan Mayen Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-Jan MayenFRL2    Multi 
           Sweden Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-SwedenFRL8611.16Sarektjåhkkå2007-05-28Multi 
           Iceland Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-IcelandFRL4336.98Grjótskálarhnjúkur2013-06-25 10Multi 
           Faroe Islands Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-Faroe IslandsFRL14    Multi 
       Germany Top 100 by ProminenceEurope-GermanyFRL10011.00Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
       Switzerland Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-SwitzerlandFRL116    Multi 
       Spain/Portugal Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEuropeFRL186    Multi 
       Italy Peaks with 600 m of Prominence
       Eastern Europe Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEuropeFRL28    Multi 
       Slovenia Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-SloveniaFRL27    Multi 
       Greater Balkan Area 600 meter Prominence Lists
           Romania Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-RomaniaFRL35    Multi 
           Bulgaria Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-BulgariaFRL24    Multi 
           Croatia Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceEurope-CroatiaFRL22    Multi 
           Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro P600 m Peaks
           Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia P600 m Peaks
           Greece Peaks with 600 m of Prominence
   Alps Prominence Lists
       Alpine Peaks with 2000 meters of ProminenceEuropeFRL1317.69Großglockner2005-08-10Multi 
       Alpine Peaks with 1000 meters of ProminenceEuropeFRL18321.09Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
       Alps Top 50 by ProminenceEuropeFRL5024.00Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
       France Alps Peaks with 600 meters of ProminenceEurope-FranceFRL111    Multi 
       Germany Alps Peaks with 600 meters of ProminenceEurope-GermanyFRL3912.56Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
       Switzerland Alps Peaks with 600 meters of ProminenceEurope-SwitzerlandFRL114    Multi 
       Italy Alps Peaks with 600 meters of ProminenceEurope-ItalyFRL192    Multi 
       Austria Alps Peaks with 600 meters of ProminenceEurope-AustriaFRL19121.05Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
       France Alps Top 50 by ProminenceEurope-FranceFRL50    Multi 
       Germany Alps Top 50 by ProminenceEurope-GermanyFRL5012.00Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
       Switzerland Alps Top 50 by ProminenceEurope-SwitzerlandFRL50    Multi 
       Italy Alps Top 50 by ProminenceEurope-ItalyFRL50    Multi 
       Austria Alps Top 50 by ProminenceEurope-AustriaFRL5024.00Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
   Other European Prominence Lists
       Pyrenees Top 50 by ProminenceEuropeFRL50    Multi 
   Europe Most Prominent Peak Lists
       Europe Country Most Prominent PeaksEuropeFRL5459.26Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
           Most Prominent Peaks of Ireland CountiesEurope-IrelandFRL26    Multi 
           Most Prominent Peaks of France RegionsEurope-FranceFRL13    Multi 
           Most Prominent Peaks of Luxembourg CantonsEurope-LuxembourgFRL12    Multi 
           Most Prominent Peaks of Switzerland CantonsEurope-SwitzerlandFRL26    Multi 
           Most Prominent Peaks of Austria StatesEurope-AustriaFRL9222.22Großglockner2005-08-10Multi 
           Most Prominent Peaks of Italy RegionsEurope-ItalyFRL20    Multi 
Asia Prominence Lists
       Taiwan Peaks with 600m of ProminenceAsia-TaiwanFRL30    Multi 
   The Ribus - Indonesia Peaks with 1000 meters of ProminenceAsia-IndonesiaFRL240    Multi 
Australia/Oceania Prominence Lists
   Australia/Oceania P600m Lists
       Mainland Australia Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceOceania-AustraliaFRL87    Multi 
       Tasmania Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceOceania-Australia-TASFRL43    Multi 
       New Zealand Peaks with 600 m of ProminenceOceania-New ZealandFRL322    Multi 
Ultras of the World
   Ultras of North AmericaN.A.FRL3548022.60Mount Torbert2013-05-26Multi 
       Ultras of GreenlandN.A.FRL41    Multi 
       Ultras of AlaskaN.A.-USAFRL6523.08Mount Torbert2013-05-26Multi 
       Ultras of Canada TerritoriesN.A.-CanadaFRL33    Multi 
       Ultras of British Columbia and AlbertaN.A.-CanadaFRL10665.66Silvertip Mountain2011-08-06Multi 
           Ultras of Canadian Rockies and Columbia MountainsN.A.-CanadaFRL4249.52Upper Saddle Mountain2010-08-23Multi 
           Ultras of the B.C. Coast RangeN.A.-CanadaFRL6423.13Silvertip Mountain2011-08-06Multi 
       Ultras of the Contiguous United StatesN.A.-USAFRL5757100Arc Dome2008-08-01Multi 
       Ultras of MexicoN.A.-MexicoFRL27518.52Sierra La Laguna High Point2009-02-13 10Multi 
       Ultras of Central America and the CaribbeanN.A.FRL311032.26Volcán Acatenango2012-12-31Multi 
           Ultras of Central AmericaN.A.FRL24937.50Volcán Acatenango2012-12-31Multi 
           Ultras of the the Caribbean IslandsN.A.FRL7114.29Pico Duarte2005-01-28 12Multi 
   Ultras of South AmericaS.A.FRL20952.39Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
       Ultras of Colombia and the Venezuela AndesS.A.FRL2514.00Pico Bolívar2004-01-28Multi 
       Ultras of Ecuador and PeruS.A.FRL3438.82Volcán Chimborazo2003-02-12Multi 
       Ultras of Bolivia and the AtacamaS.A.FRL47    Multi 
       Ultras of the Central Chile-Argentina AndesS.A.FRL2713.70Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
       Ultras of the Patagonian AndesS.A.FRL57    Multi 
       Ultras of the Guiana and Brazilian HighlandsS.A.FRL20    Multi 
   Ultras of EuropeEuropeFRL11076.36Snøhetta2007-06-09Multi 
       Ultras of Core EuropeEuropeFRL9977.07Snøhetta2007-06-09Multi 
           Ultras of the AlpsEuropeFRL4424.55Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
           Ultras of non-Alpine Western EuropeEuropeFRL19526.32Snøhetta2007-06-09Multi 
           Ultras of Eastern Europe and the BalkansEuropeFRL36    Multi 
       Ultras of the Caucasus and UralsEuropeFRL11    Multi 
   Ultras of AsiaAsiaFRL654    Multi 
       Ultras of the Middle EastAsiaFRL91    Multi 
           Ultras of Anatolia, Levant, and ArabiaAsiaFRL36    Multi 
           Ultras of IranAsia-IranFRL55    Multi 
       Ultras of SiberiaAsia-RussiaFRL53    Multi 
       Ultras of Central AsiaAsiaFRL221    Multi 
           Ultras of the Altai and MongoliaAsiaFRL22    Multi 
           Ultras of the Greater Tien ShanAsiaFRL27    Multi 
           Ultras of the Pamir/Hindu Kush RegionAsiaFRL57    Multi 
           Ultras of the KarakoramAsiaFRL32    Multi 
           Ultras of the Tibetan Plateau and Central ChinaAsia-ChinaFRL83    Multi 
       Ultras of the HimalayaAsiaFRL80    Multi 
       Ultras of East AsiaAsiaFRL61    Multi 
           Ultras of Eastern China and KoreaAsiaFRL40    Multi 
           Ultras of JapanAsia-JapanFRL21    Multi 
       Ultras of Southeast AsiaAsiaFRL148    Multi 
           Ultras of Mainland Southeast AsiaAsiaFRL38    Multi 
           Ultras of the Malay ArchipelagoAsiaFRL81    Multi 
           Ultras of the PhilippinesAsia-PhilippinesFRL29    Multi 
   Ultras of AfricaAfricaFRL7611.32Mount Meru2007-01-14Multi 
       Ultras of North, West, and Southern AfricaAfricaFRL27    Multi 
       Ultras of East AfricaAfricaFRL4912.04Mount Meru2007-01-14Multi 
   Ultras of Australia-OceaniaOceaniaFRL6922.90Haleakala1998-04-25Multi 
       Ultras of New GuineaOceaniaFRL29    Multi 
       Ultras of Australia and the PacificOceaniaFRL4025.00Haleakala1998-04-25Multi 
           Ultras of New ZealandOceania-New ZealandFRL10    Multi 
   Ultras of AntarcticaAntarctica-AntarcticaFRL41    Multi 
   Ultras of the Atlantic/Arctic/Indian OceansWorldFRL2414.17Hvannadalshnúkur2013-06-22Multi 

Hiking/Climbing Club Lists: These lists are the offical lists maintained by hiking or climbing clubs, or listed in guidebooks. Often similar to threshold lists, but often not as rigorously constrained.
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
United States Club Lists
   Western United States Club Lists
       California Fire LookoutsN.A.-USA-CAFRL504448.73Dixie Mountain2012-09-22 17Multi 
       Arizona Fire LookoutsN.A.-USA-AZFRL120108.33Baboquivari Peak2006-11-24Multi 
       Washington Bulger ListN.A.-USA-WAFRL1001616.00Black Peak2014-09-21Multi 
           Washington Difficult TenN.A.-USA-WAFRL10    Multi 
       Washington State Fire LookoutsN.A.-USA-WAFRL931516.13Whitmore Mountain2013-09-15 12Multi 
       Smoot's "Climbing Washington's Mountains" 100 PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL1003434.00Kaleetan Peak2015-06-06 12Multi 
           Goldman's Washington Scramble Peaks
           Olympic Mountain ProjectN.A.-USA-WAFRL30310.00Mount Deception2009-07-04Multi 
       Nevada Peaks Club ListN.A.-USA-NVFRL733243.84Kumiva Peak2012-09-22 10Multi 
           Las Vegas Mountaineers ClassicsN.A.-USA-NVFRL502040.00Currant Mountain2009-09-14Multi 
           Nevada Peaks Club Emblem PeaksN.A.-USA-NVFRL77100Matterhorn2010-07-13Multi 
       Select Peaks of Greater YellowstoneN.A.-USAFRL1071312.15Trout Peak2014-09-07Multi 
           Greater Yellowstone Range High PointsN.A.-USAFRL221359.09Mount Washburn2014-09-08Multi 
       Colorado Mountain Club FourteenersN.A.-USA-COFRL541731.48Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
  Colorado FourteenersN.A.-USA-COFRL581831.03Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
           Porcella/Burns California FourteenersN.A.-USA-CAFRL15533.33North Palisade2000-08-18Multi 
           Customary Western USA FourteenersN.A.-USAFRL742432.43Crestone Peak2010-07-30 08Multi 
       Western States Climbers ListN.A.-USAFRL2837325.80Mount Washington2014-09-28 12Multi 
           Western States Climbers Star PeaksN.A.-USAFRL1184739.83Mount Washington2014-09-28 12Multi 
           Western States Climbers Emblem PeaksN.A.-USAFRL1291713.18Duffer Peak2011-09-08Multi 
       Everest by the Bay San Francisco Area PeaksN.A.-USA-CAFRL9333.33Loma Prieta2003-05-10 12Multi 
       Peakbagging Montana List of 53 PeaksN.A.-USA-MTFRL533362.26Quartz Benchmark2014-07-18Multi 
       Chemeketan Eighteen Northwest Peaks AwardN.A.-USAFRL1818100Mount Washington2014-09-28 12Multi 
       Glacier National Park Technical PeaksN.A.-USA-MTFRL5    Multi 
       Chico Hiking Association Peak ListN.A.-USA-CAFRL15640.00Butt Mountain2005-07-09Multi 
       Arizona 20-20 Challenge PeaksN.A.-USA-AZFRL20840.00Escudilla Mountain2005-05-29Multi 
       San Bernardino Nine Peak ChallengeN.A.-USA-CAFRL9222.22Jepson Peak1995-10-14Multi 
       California Coastal Peak ListN.A.-USA-CAFRL3014414.62Mount Johnson2006-04-16Multi 
       Desert Summits Book-Peak ListN.A.-USAFRL3345014.97Mormon Peak2008-04-15Multi 
           Bartell's Death Valley National Park ListN.A.-USA-CAFRL9966.06Grapevine Peak2007-11-23Multi 
       Southern Arizona Hiking Club ListN.A.-USA-AZFRL439143.19Bassett Peak2008-01-19Multi 
           Southern Arizona Hiking Club Emblem PeaksN.A.-USA-AZFRL45817.78Bassett Peak2008-01-19Multi 
           Southern Arizona Hiking Club Coronado 12N.A.-USA-AZFRL12650.00Bassett Peak2008-01-19Multi 
   Alaska Lists
       Chugach State Park PeaksN.A.-USA-AKFRL12021.67Rendezvous Peak2014-08-16 13Multi 
       Western Chugach 7000-foot Peaks - Official ListN.A.-USA-AKFRL21    Multi 
   Mountaineers (WA) Club Lists
       Mountaineers 6-Peak Pin - New VersionN.A.-USA-WAFRL66100Mount Saint Helens2009-05-09Multi 
           Mountaineers 6-Peak Pin [Historic]N.A.-USA-WAFRL6583.33Glacier Peak2006-07-26Multi 
       Mountaineers 5-Peak PinN.A.-USA-WAFRL55100Glacier Peak2006-07-26Multi 
       Mountaineers Cascade Classic Peak PinN.A.-USA-WAFRL18950.00Black Peak2014-09-21Multi 
       Mountaineers Snoqualmie Peak Pin-AllN.A.-USA-WAFRL20315.00Kaleetan Peak2015-06-06 12Multi 
           Mountaineers Snoqualmie Peak Pin-First TenN.A.-USA-WAFRL10220.00Kaleetan Peak2015-06-06 12Multi 
           Mountaineers Snoqualmie Peak Pin-Second TenN.A.-USA-WAFRL10110.00Tinkham Peak2008-10-26 14Multi 
       Mountaineers Baker's DozenN.A.-USA-WAFRL18316.67South Twin2012-08-25Multi 
       Mountaineers Everett PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL21838.10Sloan Peak2014-07-27Multi 
       Mountaineers Irish Cabin PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL24    Multi 
       Mountaineers Tahoma PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL3239.38Mount Wow2011-08-18Multi 
       Mountaineers Seattle Clubhouse PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL10    Multi 
       Mountaineers Olympia PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL15320.00Mount Deception2009-07-04Multi 
       Mountaineers Olympia Scramble PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL48    Multi 
       Cascade Volcanoes Peak PinN.A.-USAFRL201995.00Mount Garibaldi2015-05-31Multi 
       Mountaineers 100 Peaks at Mount Rainier N.P.N.A.-USA-WAFRL10033.00Mount Wow2011-08-18Multi 
           Hiking Peaks at Mount Rainier N.P.N.A.-USA-WAFRL15    Multi 
           Scramble Peaks at Mount Rainier N.P.N.A.-USA-WAFRL7622.63Mount Wow2011-08-18Multi 
           Climbing Peaks at Mount Rainier N.P.N.A.-USA-WAFRL9111.11Unicorn Peak2008-06-29Multi 
       Mountaineers Teanaway Twenty PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL20    Multi 
           Mountaineers Teanaway PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL10    Multi 
           Mountaineers Teanaway Second Ten PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL10    Multi 
       Mountaineers Everett Classic EightN.A.-USA-WAFRL8225.00Goode Mountain2013-08-12Multi 
       Mountaineers Everett Lookout PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL20210.00Mount Pilchuck2012-07-04Multi 
       Mountaineers Olympia Lookout Hiking PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL40615.00Kelly Butte2013-09-08 12Multi 
           Olympia Branch Paul Wiseman Memorial Bench PeaksN.A.-USA-WAFRL11    Multi 
   Sierra Club (CA) Lists
       Comprehensive Combo Angeles Chapter ListN.A.FRL70412117.19Pyramid Peak2009-08-20Multi 
       Sierra Club Sierra Peaks SectionN.A.-USA-CAFRL247228.91Pyramid Peak2009-08-20Multi 
           Sierra Peaks Section Emblem PeaksN.A.-USA-CAFRL15533.33Mount Lyell2001-08-18Multi 
           Sierra Peaks Section Mountaineers PeaksN.A.-USA-CAFRL3512.86Red Slate Mountain1995-09-03Multi 
           Sierra Sampler ListN.A.-USA-CAFRL1001919.00Pyramid Peak2009-08-20Multi 
       Sierra Club Hundred Peaks SectionN.A.-USA-CAFRL2805118.21Owens Peak2007-04-01Multi 
           Hundred Peaks Section Star Emblem PeaksN.A.-USA-CAFRL502346.00Owens Peak2007-04-01Multi 
       Sierra Club Desert Peaks SectionN.A.-USAFRL944244.68Arc Dome2008-08-01Multi 
           Desert Peaks Section Emblem PeaksN.A.-USAFRL7685.71Mount Inyo2004-08-08Multi 
       Sierra Club Lower Peaks CommitteeN.A.-USA-CAFRL8489.52Agua Tibia Mountain2006-11-11Multi 
       Tahoe-Ogul Peaks ListN.A.-USAFRL631117.46Pyramid Peak2009-08-20Multi 
       Great Basin Peaks ListN.A.-USAFRL1155043.48Indian Peak2014-04-11Multi 
           Great Basin Peaks List-Star PeaksN.A.-USAFRL11872.73Arc Dome2008-08-01Multi 
       Vagmarken Sierra Crest ListN.A.-USA-CAFRL1001313.00Mammoth Mountain2007-07-05Multi 
       San Diego 100 Peaks ListN.A.-USA-CAFRL1004646.00Vallecito Mountains High Point2007-11-10Multi 
       San Francisco Bay Area Nifty NinetyN.A.-USA-CAFRL901011.11Berryessa Peak2005-02-27Multi 
   Mazamas (OR) Peak Lists
       Mazamas Guardian Peaks AwardN.A.-USAFRL33100Mount Saint Helens2009-05-09Multi 
       Mazamas Cascades AwardN.A.-USAFRL77100Mount Washington2014-09-28 12Multi 
       Mazamas Sixteen Northwest Peaks AwardN.A.-USAFRL1616100Mount Washington2014-09-28 12Multi 
Eastern U.S. Club Lists
   Northeast "115" 4000-footersN.A.-USAFRL1151513.04Bigelow Mountain2013-07-16 09Multi 
   New York State Lists
       Adirondack 46ersN.A.-USA-NYFRL4624.35Mount Marcy2008-09-23Multi 
       Adirondack Hundred HighestN.A.-USA-NYFRL10022.00Mount Marcy2008-09-23Multi 
       Fire Tower Challenge (Adirondack/Catskill)N.A.-USA-NYFRL3013.33Black Mountain2008-09-24 08Multi 
       Saranac Lake 6N.A.-USA-NYFRL6    Multi 
       Tupper Lake TriadN.A.-USA-NYFRL3    Multi 
       Lake George 12ster Hiking ChallengeN.A.-USA-NYFRL1218.33Black Mountain2008-09-24 08Multi 
       Fulton Chain TrifectaN.A.-USA-NYFRL3    Multi 
       Lake Placid 9er ListN.A.-USA-NYFRL9    Multi 
       Adirondack 29er ChallengeN.A.-USA-NYFRL4012.50Black Mountain2008-09-24 08Multi 
           Adirondack 29er Junior PeaksN.A.-USA-NYFRL40    Multi 
       ADK-9 ChallengeN.A.-USA-NYFRL9    Multi 
       Catskill 3500 Club ListN.A.-USA-NYFRL3313.03Slide Mountain2011-08-23 10Multi 
   Appalachian Mountain Club Lists
       AMC New England 4000-footersN.A.-USAFRL671217.91Bigelow Mountain2013-07-16 09Multi 
       AMC New England Hundred HighestN.A.-USAFRL1001515.00The Horns2013-07-16 10Multi 
       AMC New Hampshire 4000-footersN.A.-USA-NHFRL4836.25Mount Moosilauke2013-07-13 14Multi 
   Other New England Lists
       New Hampshire 52 with a ViewN.A.-USA-NHFRL5259.62Jennings Peak2013-07-12 11Multi 
       New Hampshire Fire TowersN.A.-USA-NHFRL15213.33Pack Monadnock Mountain2005-08-21Multi 
       Belknap Range SummitsN.A.-USA-NHFRL12    Multi 
       Trailwright New Hampshire 4000 footersN.A.-USA-NHFRL7256.94Mount Moosilauke2013-07-13 14Multi 
       YMCA Alpine Club List (NH)N.A.-USA-NHFRL10088.00Mount Moosilauke2013-07-13 14Multi 
       The Ossipee 10N.A.-USA-NHFRL10220.00Black Snout2013-07-11 18Multi 
       Northeast Kingdom Mountain ChallengeN.A.-USA-VTFRL20    Multi 
   Southern USA Club Lists
       South Beyond 6000N.A.-USAFRL401332.50Old Black2011-10-24Multi 
       Carolina Lookout Tower ChallengeN.A.-USA-NCFRL22418.18Yellow Mountain2012-10-31 11Multi 
   Midwest USA Club Lists
           Ohio Fire LookoutsN.A.-USA-OHFRL16    Multi 
North America Club Lists
       Fred Beckey's Great Peaks of the ContinentN.A.FRL352365.71Mount Shuksan2010-10-01Multi 
   Canada Club Lists
       Principal Heights of CanadaN.A.-CanadaFRL10610.94Saskatchewan High Point2011-05-21Multi 
       Canada Sampler ListN.A.-CanadaFRL5024.00Mount Garibaldi2015-05-31Multi 
       Canadian Rockies 11,000ersN.A.-CanadaFRL54    Multi 
       Vancouver Island Club Lists
           Island QualifiersN.A.-Canada-BCFRL9    Multi 
           Ramblers Lifetime ObjectivesN.A.-Canada-BCFRL20    Multi 
Europe Club Lists
       UIAA Alpine 4000-meter PeaksEuropeFRL82    Multi 
   Italian Club Lists
       Apennine Club 2000 PeaksEurope-ItalyFRL241    Multi 
       The Seven Hills of RomeEurope-ItalyFRL7    Multi 
United Kingdom / Ireland Lists
       Marilyns of Great Britain and IrelandEuropeFRL2010120.60Sgurr Alasdair2013-07-09Multi 
       HewittsEuropeFRL52530.57Scafell Pike2013-07-02Multi 
   Great Britain Lists
       Marilyns of Great BritainEurope-UKFRL1556120.77Sgurr Alasdair2013-07-09Multi 
       Nuttalls of England and WalesEuropeFRL44340.90Scafell Pike2013-07-02Multi 
   Scotland Lists
       Marilyns of ScotlandEurope-UK-ScotlandFRL121990.74Sgurr Alasdair2013-07-09Multi 
       MunrosEurope-UK-ScotlandFRL28272.48Sgurr Alasdair2013-07-09Multi 
           Munro TopsEurope-UK-ScotlandFRL22841.75Sgurr na Lapaich2013-07-07 19Multi 
       CorbettsEurope-UK-ScotlandFRL222    Multi 
       GrahamsEurope-UK-ScotlandFRL219    Multi 
       DonaldsEurope-UK-ScotlandFRL89    Multi 
           Donald TopsEurope-UK-ScotlandFRL51    Multi 
   England Lists
       Marilyns of EnglandEurope-UK-EnglandFRL17510.57Scafell Pike2013-07-02Multi 
       Hewitts of EnglandEurope-UK-EnglandFRL18110.55Scafell Pike2013-07-02Multi 
       Nuttalls of EnglandEurope-UK-EnglandFRL25610.39Scafell Pike2013-07-02Multi 
       WainwrightsEurope-UK-EnglandFRL21410.47Scafell Pike2013-07-02Multi 
   Wales Lists
       Marilyns of WalesEurope-UK-WalesFRL15821.27Snowdon2013-07-01 09Multi 
       Hewitts of WalesEurope-UK-WalesFRL13821.45Snowdon2013-07-01 09Multi 
       Nuttalls of WalesEurope-UK-WalesFRL18931.59Snowdon2013-07-01 09Multi 
   Ireland Lists
       Marilyns of IrelandEuropeFRL454    Multi 
       Hewitts of IrelandEuropeFRL209    Multi 
       Twelve Pins of ConnemaraEurope-IrelandFRL12    Multi 
   Other British Lists
       Trail 100-Britain's Greatest MountainsEurope-UKFRL10077.00Sgurr Alasdair2013-07-09Multi 
Asia Lists
   Central Asia/Himalaya Lists
       Snow Leopard CIS AwardAsiaFRL5    Multi 
       Nepal "Trekking Peaks"Asia-NepalFRL28    Multi 
   China/Taiwan Peak Lists
       Nine Sacred Mountains of ChinaAsia-ChinaFRL9    Multi 
       Five Great Mountains of Taoism in ChinaAsia-ChinaFRL5    Multi 
       Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism in ChinaAsia-ChinaFRL4    Multi 
       Baiyue-the 100 Peaks of TaiwanAsia-TaiwanFRL100    Multi 
           Taiwan Peaks-the High ThreeAsia-TaiwanFRL3    Multi 
           Taiwan Peaks-the Four BeautiesAsia-TaiwanFRL4    Multi 
           Taiwan Peaks-the Seven Heroes of TarokoAsia-TaiwanFRL7    Multi 
   Japan Peak Lists
       100 Famous Japanese MountainsAsia-JapanFRL100    Multi 
           200 Famous Japanese MountainsAsia-JapanFRL200    Multi 
           300 Famous Japanese MountainsAsia-JapanFRL300    Multi 
Africa Club Lists
       Mulanje 59 Peaks - MalawiAfrica-MalawiFRL59    Multi 
           Frank Eastwood's Mulanje 15Africa-MalawiFRL15    Multi 
Australia/Oceania Club Lists
   Australia Club Lists
       The AbelsOceania-Australia-TASFRL158    Multi 
       The Percys - ACTOceania-Australia-ACTFRL68    Multi 

Random Other Lists: This section is for other random, miscellaneous lists that do not fit elsewhere.
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
Grab Bag Lists
   The Second Seven SummitsWorldFRL7    Multi 
       Real (Toughest) Seven SummitsWorldFRL7    Multi 
   Famous Peaks that are not High PointsWorldFRL27518.52Mars Hill2013-07-20Multi 
   Aetherius Society Holy MountainsWorldFRL1915.26Mount San Antonio1991-07-16Multi 
   Sacred Navajo MountainsN.A.-USAFRL44100Hesperus Mountain2006-09-04Multi 
   Peaks on US State QuartersN.A.-USAFRL12325.00Mount Rainier1995-07-17Multi 
   Peaks on "America the Beautiful" QuartersN.A.-USAFRL13323.08Denali2004-06-04Multi 
   Interstate Highway Bounded Regions of the USAN.A.-USAFRL854249.41High Rock Mountain2015-04-27 12Multi 
   Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" PeaksN.A.-USAFRL8787.50Mount Marcy2008-09-23Multi 
   Decade VolcanoesWorldFRL1616.25Mount Rainier1995-07-17Multi 
EPIC (Elevation, Prominence, Isolation Combo) Lists
       EPIC List - Provinces/Territories of CanadaN.A.-CanadaFRL2015.00Saskatchewan High Point2011-05-21Multi 
       EPIC List - States of the USAN.A.-USAFRL957376.84Morton Hill2012-07-31 13Multi 
Historic Lists Info
       Pre-2019 Europe Country High Points [Historic]EuropeFRL5359.43Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
       Pre-2019 Europe UN Member High Points [Historic]EuropeFRL46510.87Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
       Pre-2019 Core Europe Country High Points [Historic]EuropeFRL49510.20Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
       Pre-2019 Core Europe Peaks with 1500m of Prominence [Historic]EuropeFRL9988.08Snøhetta2007-06-09Multi 
       Pre-1980 Washington County High Points [Historic]N.A.-USA-WAFRL393897.44Huckleberry Ridge2008-11-15Multi 
       Pre-1815 World Island High Points above 2000m [Historic]WorldFRL7145.63Hvannadalshnúkur2013-06-22Multi 
       Pre-1815 World Top 50 by Prominence [Historic]WorldFRL50918.00Volcán Tajumulco2012-12-27Multi 
       Pre-1980 USA Lower 48 Peaks with 5000' of Prominence [Historic]N.A.-USAFRL585798.28Arc Dome2008-08-01Multi 
Graticule-Based Lists
   High Points of Named Parallels/MeridiansWorldFRL7    Multi 
       High Points of the ArcticWorldFRL10    Multi 
   Hemisphere High PointsWorldFRL2150.00Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
   Quadrant High PointsWorldFRL4250.00Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
   Octant High PointsWorldFRL8225.00Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
   Quarter-Octant High Points
Usage Lists
   Peaks with Most Individual SummitersWorldFRL502244.00Mount Moosilauke2013-07-13 14Multi 
   Peaks with Most Individual Summiters-Outside USAWorldFRL50510.00Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
   Most Ascended PeaksWorldFRL502346.00Mailbox Peak2014-04-20 12Multi 
   Most Ascended Peaks-Outside USAWorldFRL50510.00Ben Nevis2013-07-03Multi 
   Peaks with most Unsuccessful AttemptsWorldFRL252288.00McClellan Butte2013-10-20Multi 
   Peaks with Highest Ascent Quality RatingsWorldFRL25624.00Kintla Peak2010-08-18Multi 
   Peaks with Lowest Ascent Quality RatingsWorldFRL25520.00Beacon Pole Hill2011-08-26 18Multi 
   Peaks with Most Ascents Using a RopeWorldFRL251456.00Mount Washington2014-09-28 12Multi 
   1500-meter Prominence Peak with AscentsWorldFRL6819714.24Hvannadalshnúkur2013-06-22Multi 
   Peaks with Most Page Views on SiteWorldFRL503876.00Mount Si2012-05-06Multi 

Big Lists: These are lists of over 1000 peaks that climbers may be working on as long-term projects. If you are logged in, you can see the peaks you have climbed on these lists.
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
   World 1500 m (4921 ft) Prominence PeaksWorldFRL1541976.29Hvannadalshnúkur2013-06-22Multi2
   World 600 m (1969 ft) Prominence PeaksWorldFRL320005891.84Mount Garibaldi2015-05-31Multi3
   USA 2000 ft Prominence PeaksN.A.-USAFRL225353123.57Blacktail Mountain2015-05-17Multi 
   USA 48 States 2000 ft Prominence PeaksN.A.-USAFRL119952443.70Blacktail Mountain2015-05-17Multi 
   USA County High PointsN.A.-USAFRL314357618.33Treasure County High Point2015-05-22 10Multi7
   USA Wilderness High PointsN.A.-USAFRL79716921.20Mount Washington2014-09-28 12Multi 
   Core Europe 600m Prominence PeaksEuropeFRL2265190.84Sgurr Alasdair2013-07-09Multi 
   Alps 600m Prominence PeaksEuropeFRL61820.32Zugspitze2005-08-12Multi 
   World Island High PointsWorldFRL32000320.10Tiptop Hill2014-02-01 13Multi 

US County High Point Lists: These are lists tracking various US County High Point accomplishments. See for more information.
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
Height-Based CoHP Lists
   Fifty Highest CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL503264.00Crestone Peak-East Peak2010-07-30 09Multi 
   Fifty Highest CoHPs in Lower 48N.A.-USAFRL503774.00Clark Peak2014-09-01Multi 
   Fifty Highest Eastern CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL504080.00Beartown Mountain2015-04-21 12Multi 
   Highest 5 CoHPs in all States
   100 Highest CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL1007878.00Clark Peak2014-09-01Multi 
   100 Highest CoHPs in Lower 48N.A.-USAFRL1008282.00Clark Peak2014-09-01Multi 
   100 Highest Eastern CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL1006666.00Catherine Knob2015-04-22 16Multi 
Difficulty CoHP Lists
   Apex (Toughest) CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL201995.00Big Horn2008-09-13 10Multi 
   5000 foot gain CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL493571.43Mount Wood2012-08-05 09Multi 
   Triple Crown CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL1010100Mount Jefferson2006-07-30Multi 
   5000 foot gain CoHPs - 48 StatesN.A.-USAFRL393487.18Mount Wood2012-08-05 09Multi 
Prominence CoHP Lists
   5000 foot Prominence CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL635079.37Mount Torbert2013-05-26Multi 
   2000-foot Prominence CoHPs - 48 StatesN.A.-USAFRL24322291.36Clark Peak2014-09-01Multi 
   5000 foot Prominence CoHPs - 48 StatesN.A.-USAFRL4646100Snowshoe Peak2008-07-14Multi 
Regional County Groupings
   Western USA CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL44935579.06Treasure County High Point2015-05-22 10Multi 
       Western Contiguous USA CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL41434984.30Treasure County High Point2015-05-22 10Multi 
   Northeastern USA CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL3005016.67Peaked Mountain2013-07-19Multi 
       New England CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL673552.24Peaked Mountain2013-07-19Multi 
       Mid-Atlantic CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL178147.87Morris County High Point2011-08-30 11Multi 
   Southern USA CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL13391269.41High Rock Mountain2015-04-27 12Multi 
   Midwest USA CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL1055454.27Harding Peak2012-08-01 17Multi 
   Pacific Coast CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL483062.50Mount Osborn2014-08-10Multi 
   Atlantic Coast CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL731317.81Cadillac Mountain2013-07-18 16Multi 
   Gulf Coast CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL49    Multi 
   Great Lakes CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL8211.22Eagle Mountain2001-02-18Multi 
   Canadian Border CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL532343.40Peaked Mountain2013-07-19Multi 
   Mexico Border CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL221359.09Chinati Peak2005-04-16Multi 
Other CoHP Lists
   Counties with Largest AreaN.A.-USAFRL504896.00Tweedy Mountain2014-07-17Multi 
   CoHP High Five ListN.A.-USAFRL25615761.33Beartown Mountain2015-04-21 12Multi 
   High Points of Counties Crossed by the Pacific Crest TrailN.A.-USAFRL4545100Buck Peak2010-09-05Multi 
   High Points of Counties Crossed by the Continental DivideN.A.-USAFRL533769.81Clark Peak2014-09-01Multi 
   High Points of Counties Crossed by the Appalachian TrailN.A.-USAFRL885764.77Comers Rock2015-04-20 21Multi 
   Geographic Extreme CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL4250.00Pleasant Mountain2013-07-18 12Multi 
   Island CoHPsN.A.-USAFRL26934.62Cadillac Mountain2013-07-18 16Multi 
   "Helman Counties"-Greatest Elevation DifferentialN.A.-USAFRL503876.00Whitetop Mountain2015-04-20 17Multi 
   State Grouping County High Point Lists
       High Points of Counties in 13 Original StatesN.A.-USAFRL65210716.41High Rock Mountain2015-04-27 12Multi 

Grid Lists: These pages are special grids listing the top peaks in key U.S. states and regions, all on one page.
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
United States Summary Grids
   Top 10 Elevation Grid for U.S. StatesN.A.-USAFRL1606842.50Goode Mountain2013-08-12Multi 
   Top 10 Prominence Grid for U.S. StatesN.A.-USAFRL16014389.38Trout Peak2014-09-07Multi 
   Top 10 Isolation Grid for U.S. StatesN.A.-USAFRL16012276.25Ferris Peak2014-09-05Multi 
   Top 10 County High Points Grid for U.S. StatesN.A.-USAFRL15513687.74Tweedy Mountain2014-07-17Multi 

Personal Lists: Lists created by Edward Earl (or by other climbers and have a priority assigned).
ListLocationFRL#PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDateMultiPrio
Pick-and-Choose Lists
   Edward Earl's Life ListWorldFRL15533.33Aconcagua2006-01-28Multi 
   Edward Earl's Wish ListWorldFRL37    Multi 
   MT bucketN.A.-USA-MTFRL61    Multi 
   ID bucketN.A.-USA-IDFRL3326.06Blacktail Mountain2015-05-17Multi 
   SE bucketN.A.-USAFRL58    Multi 
   Mid-Atlantic bucketN.A.-USAFRL42    Multi 
   New England bucketN.A.-USAFRL53    Multi 
   Connor McEntee's Life ListN.A.-USAFRL63    Multi 
   Edward Earl's proposed state HPsN.A.-USAFRL452555.56Slide Mountain2011-08-23 10Multi 
   Great Plains bucketN.A.-USAFRL26    Multi 
   Canada bucketN.A.-CanadaFRL37    Multi 
   British Isles bucketEuropeFRL11    Multi 
Query Lists
   King WA 1000' prominenceN.A.-USA-WAFRL542240.74Kaleetan Peak2015-06-06 12Multi 
   Snohomish WA P1KN.A.-USA-WAFRL681927.94Excelsior Mountain2014-11-08Multi 
   OR 50 FinestN.A.-USA-ORFRL524076.92Bachelor Mountain2014-09-28 17Multi 
   Alberta UltrasN.A.-Canada-ABFRL10    Multi 
   MT 50 FinestN.A.-USA-MTFRL513058.82Tweedy Mountain2014-07-17Multi 
   WA 50 FinestN.A.-USA-WAFRL524586.54Black Peak2014-09-21Multi 
   ID 50 FinestN.A.-USA-IDFRL502652.00Blacktail Mountain2015-05-17Multi 
   UT 50 FinestN.A.-USA-UTFRL513772.55West Mountain Peak2014-04-13Multi 
   San Diego CA P1KN.A.-USA-CAFRL333296.97Flinn Peak2005-06Multi 
   San Diego CA 50 FinestN.A.-USA-CAFRL535196.23Vallecito Mountains High Point2007-11-10Multi 
   CA 50 FinestN.A.-USA-CAFRL5252100Piute Peak2005-10-02Multi5
   NV 3600' prominenceN.A.-USA-NVFRL393282.05Kumiva Peak2012-09-22 10Multi 
   Yukon UltrasN.A.-Canada-YTFRL17    Multi 
   Northwest Territories P1000mN.A.-Canada-NWTFRL4    Multi 
   Nunavut UltrasN.A.-Canada-NUFRL16    Multi 
   CONUS 200 FinestN.A.-USAFRL20018994.50Trout Peak2014-09-07Multi 
   CONUS 50 mile isolationN.A.-USAFRL16610865.06Ferris Peak2014-09-05Multi 
   Eastern Canada, Non-Torngat P2KN.A.-CanadaFRL13    Multi 
   Finland PeaksEurope-FinlandFRL13    Multi 
   P2K BulgersN.A.-USA-WAFRL281657.14Black Peak2014-09-21Multi 
   South Korea P600mAsia-South KoreaFRL10    Multi 
   San Juan Islands P500N.A.-USA-WAFRL231669.57Tiptop Hill2014-02-01 13Multi 
   Uinta P1KN.A.-USA-UTFRL19526.32Mount Agassiz1991-10-13Multi 
   Gulf Islands P500N.A.-Canada-BCFRL9    Multi 
   Tanzania 1000mAfrica-TanzaniaFRL1119.09Mount Meru2007-01-14Multi 
   SE 100 FinestN.A.-USAFRL1114540.54Phoenix Mountain2015-04-22 12Multi 

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